Diachronic Perspectives on Address Term Systems

Fathers in the seventeenth century do not , however , differ much from those in the previous periods , since they also address their children as son and daughter and end your loving father or your everloving father .

Author: Irma Taavitsainen

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 1588113108

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Topics covered in this volume include: the system of Czech bound address forms until 1700; Spanish forms of address in the 16th century; and pronominal usage in Shakespeare.

Liberal Hearts and Coronets

HH, Box 1/25, “Your ever loving Johnnie” to “My very dear mama,” 8 Feb., no year, Clandown parsonage. Donald P. Leinster-Mackay, The Rise of the English Prep School (Barcombe, UK: Falmer, 1984), 42. HH, Box 8/15, “Your ever affectionate ...

Author: Veronica Strong-Boag

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

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Superbly written and informed by decades of research, Liberal Hearts and Coronets is the first biography to treat John Campbell Gordon as seriously as his better-known wife, Ishbel Marjoribanks Gordon.


A creative husband wrote a letter to his wife, probably as a means of restraining himself from an unholy union with another woman. He began the letter with such tenderness and humour as to melt any heart. My ever loving wife, ...

Author: Dr. Steve Ogan

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Crucial issues are discussed here which will improve and save any marriage. Issues such as: understanding spiritual foundations in marriage, what a wife must do to win back an unfaithful husband, what a wife must do to rekindle the love of a husband who treats her with contempt.

Women Letter Writers in Tudor England

Endearing or affectionate concluding expressions were adopted by 13 per cent of wives: 'ever thine', 'thine and no one else's', and 'your everloving wife'. Moreover, Stone's claim that wives habitually signed letters to their husbands ...

Author: James Daybell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192566683

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Women Letter-Writers in Tudor England represents one of the most comprehensive study of women's letters and letter-writing during the early modern period to be undertaken, and acts as an important corrective to traditional ways of reading and discussing letters as private, elite, male, and non-political. Based on over 3,000 manuscript letters, it shows that letter-writing was a larger and more socially diversified area of female activity than has been hitherto assumed. In that letters constitute the largest body of extant sixteenth-century women's writing, the book initiates a reassessment of women's education and literacy in the period. As indicators of literacy, letters yield physical evidence of rudimentary writing activity and abilities, document 'higher' forms of female literacy, and highlight women's mastery of formal rhetorical and epistolary conventions. Women Letter-Writers in Tudor England also stresses that letters are unparalleled as intimate and immediate records of family relationships, and as media for personal and self-reflective forms of female expression. Read as documents that inscribe social and gender relations, letters shed light on the complex range of women's personal relationships, as female power and authority fluctuated, negotiated on an individual basis. Furthermore, correspondence highlights the important political roles played by early modern women. Female letter-writers were integral in cultivating and maintaining patronage and kinship networks; they were active as suitors for crown favour, and operated as political intermediaries and patrons in their own right, using letters to elicit influence. Letters thus help to locate differing forms of female power within the family, locality and occasionally on the wider political stage, and offer invaluable primary evidence from which to reconstruct the lives of early modern women.

A New Academy of Complements or the compleat English secretary To which is added The art of good breeding and behaviour with a collection of the newest play house songs

Ever loving Sister , Ince your departure , or my being absent from yon , the time seems tedious : methinks the minutes go flowly on , and the hours are tedious in coming to an end : days are weeks , and weeks are months , and months ...



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Churchill s Grandmama

grandparents was his refuge and sanctuary, and at the very end it was in the nearby village of Bladon that he chose to ... written in close succession, reveal his need to express deeper feelings: 'With best love, Your ever loving son', ...

Author: Margaret Elizabeth Forster

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752469478

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Sir Winston Churchill’s paternal grandmother and the mother of Randolph Churchill, the 7th Duchess of Marlborough, has been a minor figure in many works, yet hers is a fascinating story. Frances Anne Emily Vane-Tempest-Stewart’s family background, as well as her own life, is steeped in great historical names and occasions, from being the eldest daughter of Wellington’s second-in-command in the Napoleonic Wars to being a lifelong personal friend of Queen Victoria. Frances’ arrival at Blenheim Palace in 1843 as the bride of John Winston, 7th Marquess of Blandford, resulted in the great ancestral seat’s regeneration, and from there she gave loyal support not only to her husband and her younger son, Randolph, but also to her famous grandson, Winston Churchill, shaping his character, ambitions and later achievements. Alongside the influence she had over her family, her own crowning achievement was the part she played in averting the effects of the Irish potato famine of 1879, which threatened to repeat the extensive loss of life of the 1840s famine. Churchill’s Grandmama is an absorbing, remarkable biography that restores a most gracious woman to her proper place at Blenheim.

J dische Welten

or the influence of Romanticism at the grassroots or , most likely , a combination of all three – their greetings reflected ... The very first letter from the groom concluded with » your ever loving groom , « to which she responded with ...

Author: Marion A. Kaplan

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Einblicke in höchst unterschiedliche >Jüdische Welten

Museum of Foreign Literature Science and Art

Your ever loving husband , “ My dearest Life , I have gone through the labour of the “ W. Pitt . " corps diplomatique from ten this morning till past two , and Equally delightful are the answers of the wife .



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Littell s Spirit of the Magazines and Annuals

They were his brightest prospects and reliefs in the midst of | “ I am full of the beauties of our scenes around here . heaviest toil . " Your ever loving husband , “ My dearest Life , - I have gone through the labour of the “ W. Pitt .



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Spooky Choices

“May you forever have and hold to faith and trust in each other. “May the sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other stay forever bright and grow even brighter. ... “Howard, do you take Marianne as your ever-loving wife?” “I do.

Author: Jim Stramler

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High school students Randy Johnson and Kelli Jones come together under circumstances no one would predict. Randy, a black sophomore from a poor, single-parent family, discovers he has a unique psychic ability. Kelli, a white junior from an upper-middle-class family, has other psychic abilities. Their parents object to their being together. Then a US intelligence agency recruits Randy for his ability. What problems would they face if Kelli ran away to be with him?

The Most Unusual Quiz Book in the World Volume 1

26 December My Dearest Darling John, I went to the door today and the postman delivered a partridge in a pear tree. What a delightful gift. Thank you darling for the lovely thought. With deep love and affection. Your ever loving Agnes.


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Portrait Of Charlotte

The final words seared into his mind. 'Your ever-loving Charlotte.' His mind whirled. This just wasn't true. Charlotte couldn't have written this. She couldn't be in Whitby. Where had the boys got it? He looked up but they had vanished ...

Author: Jessica Blair

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Struggling artist Richard is persuaded by his benefactor to leave his home town for the grand salons of London. He is encouraged to paint the beautiful Charlotte's portrait, and in doing so, the couple begin to fall in love. But Charlotte is married to an older man, who cares for her deeply. How can she reconcile her passion for Richard with her loyalty to her husband? In an attempt to forget her, Richard returns home to Whitby. But when unexpected events force the Lincolnshire countryside and the London art world to become entangled, Richard and Charlotte's worlds are forced to collide once more . . .

Postcards from the Front 1914 1919

His body was taken back to Britain to lie in state at Westminster Hall and he received a state funeral at St Paul's ... From your ever loving son, Bert xxxxxxxx By March 1915, Bert had seen five months of warfare in France: 20 March ...

Author: Kate J. Cole

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

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Postcards from the Front 1914–1919 captures the essence of this medium in a unique and fascinating way, bringing to life the pathos, the trauma and the mud and the blood of Flanders and France as the embattled Tommies wrote home to their loved ones.

Stratford Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths

With fondest love and heaps ofkisses, I remain your ever loving and aflectionate lover, Nance. XXX A further forty—seven kisses filled the corner of the page. Their relationship was clearly under strain from the separation and from ...

Author: Nick Billingham

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781903425992

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Foul Deeds and Suspicious Death in Stratford and South Warwickshire is an exploration of the darker history of the area. Behind the famous tourist industry of Shakespears everyday life on farms and factories carried on just like anywhere else. Ancient superstitions and curious legends provided inspriation for the great bard and other authors but real life was punctuated by sudden death, jealousy and ruthlessness. This book examines some of the most dramatic incidents in detail. Dranw from contemporary sources, newspapers, legal documents and coroner's records; each case provides a glimpse into life and death in its historical setting. The changes in the town, both in its architecture and social values from the background to the lives and deaths of its citizens.

The Poetical Works of G H and R Heber With Memoir

you freely to me in your letters , for I am your ever loving brother , G. HERBERT . P.S. My brother is somewhat of the same temper , and perhaps a little more mild , but you will hardly perceive it . To my dear Brother , Mr Henry ...

Author: George Herbert


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Buster s Book

God bless you, my son, 86 may He bring you home soon. The sooner the better! Loads of Love 86 Kisses from your ever Loving Mother. XXXX Thurs. 9:30 p.m. Dearest Son: 11-1-45 Am writing this tonite instead of tomorrow as I have to go ...

Author: Donald Junkins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475944433

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Providing insight in a family’s history against the backdrop of major world wars, Buster’s Book offers a collection of more than a thousand letters exchanged during the twentieth century as young men provided service to their country. In this memoir, author Donald Junkins has compiled letters, diaries, interviews, recollections, and photographs of the family’s participants in both world wars and the Korean and Vietnam wars. This fascinating historical record includes the stories of a variety of escapades: from single-handedly opening an eight-year-old Nazi prison camp; to B-24 air forays from New Guinea in which an aerial gunner shot down two Japanese Zero planes; and to the rescue in Korea of wounded men stalled in a jeep in the middle of a freezing river that culminated in the awarding of the Silver Star. Buster’s Book reflects both the lives of a middle-class American family during these years and the daily activities of two generations of young American men at war.