Your Essential Guide to Career Success

by looking at the opportunities that have arisen since then, and showing the range of library and information work now available. It provides guidance on managing every stage of a career, whether you are a young person considering a ...

Author: Sheila Pantry

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 9781856044912

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 209

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How ambitious are you? Do you have a career plan? Are your skills up-to-date? Where do you want to be in three, five or ten years' time? This book is an essential read for any information professional eager to prosper in the library and information environment of the 21st century. It offers guidance on managing every stage of your career, whether you are a new entrant to the profession wishing to know how to get a foot on the ladder, an information professional in mid-career wishing to progress, or a candidate for a more senior position needing a view of the current state of the profession. Since publication of the first edition there have been a number of changes in employment law, and in the range of skills - online, linguistic, negotiating and consultancy, for example - required for an information professional to be able to deliver the information services of the future. Making full use of case studies, summaries, further readings and referrals to websites and other sources of practical help, this indispensable guide offers advice on: Challenges and changes in employment for LIS professionals Acquiring new types of skills Your master career plan Starting your career in information work Applying for a job Your successful interview Going for promotion Looking sidewards. Readership: This is an essential deskbook to explore if you are an information professional in any sector and at any level wishing to learn the skills and techniques to sell yourself with confidence to current and future employers.

What Do Employers Want A Guide for Library Science Students

The New Information Professional: Your Guide to Careers in the Digital Age. New York: NealSchuman, 2010. ... The Information Professional's Guide to Career Development Online. ... Your Essential Guide to Career Success.

Author: Priscilla K. Shontz

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598848298

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 118

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A candid, comprehensive, and insightful explanation of what library school students need to do in order to maximize their chances of getting a professional position immediately after graduation.

The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student

In summary , The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student 6e is a " one - stop shop " for college and career success . First - year students who want to flourish academically and gain career readiness can meet both goals with this ...

Author: Dave Ellis

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780357792254

Category: Education

Page: 165

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A one-stop shop for college and career success, Ellis' THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT: MAKING THE CAREER CONNECTION, 6th Edition, is ideal for shorter orientation courses and first-year experience programs. Readers put new ideas into immediate action, discover their abilities and reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond. The new text is thoroughly updated with current examples and inclusive language. An emphasis on Master Student Qualities encourages students to develop the attitudes and behaviors of successful people. Numerous active learning tools help students create a foundation for academic growth and success in the workplace, including interactive features that prompt them to put new skills into practice -- in just one minute. In addition, Career Connection features teach students how to transfer skills from the classroom to the workplace. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The FT Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan

Vaughan Evans, Backing U!: A BusinessOriented Guide to Backing Your Passion and Achieving Career Success, Business and Careers Press, 2009 – how to apply the tools of business analysis to your own prospects for career development or ...

Author: Vaughan Evans

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 9781292085166

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 286

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In one engaging, outcome-oriented book, The FT Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan gives you: The essential knowledge you need to write a winning business plan – quickly and without fuss Guidance on how to focus throughout on the plan’s purpose – to win backing Samples of what a good plan looks like, so you can benchmark your own as you write it Checklists, tips, examples and milestones to ensure you’re on target Prompts to reflect on, evaluate and learn from your experience With advice that’s instantly applicable, whether your business is a start-up or a more established company looking to grow, this is the one guide you need to create a credible and persuasive plan.

Continuing Professional Development

S. Pantry and P. Griffiths (2003) Your Essential Guide to Career Success. 2nd edn. London: Facet Publishing; pp. 12–16. 2. P. Layzell Ward (ed) (1980) The Professional Development of the Librarian and Information Worker. London: Aslib.

Author: Alan Brine

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781780630724

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 192

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This book helps information professionals in their continuing professional development (CPD). The book shows them how to examine their own skills and plan their development over a period of time. It also helps them to focus on their career path and begin the acquisition of skills necessary for the route they wish to follow in information work. The book is set against the background of CPD being an essential part of the modern information professional’s career planning. Employers are certain to be able to choose between a number of qualified personnel for every available post. Those individuals that have a proven track record of skills development in both their personal and professional skills are more employable. Focuses on analysing skills and planning skills acquisition Helps the development of a portfolio for recording skills Shows how to create or find programmes for development

The Successful Academic Librarian

The Information Professional's Guide to Career Development Online . Medford , NJ : Information Today , Inc. , 2002 . This practical guide goes beyond basic online job searching to discuss online current awareness resources , networking ...

Author: Gwen Meyer Gregory

Publisher: Information Today, Inc.

ISBN: 1573872326

Category: Education

Page: 264

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The role of academic librarian is far from cut-and-dried. There are numerous job classifications and widely varying academic focuses and cultures to contend with. While every academic librarian is expected to meet the research needs of an institution's faculty and students, many are expected to assume other obligations as part of a faculty or tenure system. Given the many variants, library school alone ccannot prepare individuals for every aspect and flavor of academic librarianship, and intrepid librarians who find themselves in new places and positions face unique challenges. The Successful Academic Librarian is an antidote to the stress and burnout that almost every academic librarian experiences at one time or another. In its pages, Gwen Meyer Gregory and nearly 20 of her peers take a practical approach to a range of critical topics. Their advice, war stories, tips, techniques, and inspiration will help you thrive in your academic library career. -- from back cover.

Essential Guide to Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research

As part of the repertory grid process interviewees were asked which constructs were important for success in their ... Men had a very clear perception that it was the individual's own abilities, skills and commitment to the job that ...

Author: Catherine Cassell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761948872

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 410

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This text covers an array of methods needed for undertaking qualitative data collection & analysis. It includes 30 chapters, each focusing on a specific technique including chapters on traditional methods, analysis techniques, intervention methods & the latest developments in research methods.

Building Your Library Career with Web 2 0

(2007) Sharing, privacy and trust in our networked world: A Report to the OCLC membership. Dublin, OH: OCLC. Pantry, S. and Griffiths, P. (2003) Your essential guide to career success (2nd edn). London: Facet Publishing. Park, J-H.

Author: Julia Gross

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781780632896

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 236

View: 560


Many professionals in the Library and Information Services (LIS) area are using Web 2.0 to deliver content and reaching out to connect with library users. This book applies these technologies to help shape your own career development plan. Increased online connectivity has opened up new opportunities for professionals to network, learn and grow in their careers; in an online world, where many of us have a digital footprint already, new rules apply. This readable guide builds on the solid foundation of previous library career books. The social networking tools described will supplement the traditional methods of career development. Chapters provide advice and practical examples, showing how to use Web 2.0 technologies in our careers including: ways to enhance your skills; building professional networks; developing a positive online presence. Provides fresh ideas on building networks to survive and thrive in the digital career space Covers the risks and opportunities of having an online presence Provides a Web 2.0 toolkit for independent learning

Library and Information Science

A Guide to Key Literature and Sources Michael F. Bemis ... Straight from the Virtual Stacks: A Firsthand Guide to Careers in Library and Information Science. chicago: American Library ... Your Essential Guide to Career Success. 2nd ed.

Author: Michael F. Bemis

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838911853

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 304

View: 304


This unique annotated bibliography is a complete, up-to-date guide to sources of information on library science, covering recent books, monographs, periodicals and websites, and selected works of historical importance. In addition to compiling an invaluable list of sources, Bemis digs deeper, examining the strengths and weaknesses of key works. A boon to researchers and practitioners alike, this bibliography Includes coverage of subjects as diverse and vital as the history of librarianship, its development as a profession, the ethics of information science, cataloging, reference work, and library architecture Encompasses encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, photographic surveys, statistical publications, and numerous electronic sources, all categorized by subject Offers appendixes detailing leading professional organizations and publishers of library and information science literature This comprehensive bibliography of English-language resources on librarianship, the only one of its kind, will prove invaluable to scholars, students, and anyone working in the field.

The New Professional s Toolkit

Pantry, S. and Griffiths, P. (2003) Your Essential Guide to Career Success, 2nd edn, Facet Publishing. Ruddock, B. (2011) Alternative Careers, Webinar, Shontz, P. K. (ed.) (2004) The Librarian's Career ...

Author: Bethan Ruddock

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 9781856047685

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 257

View: 788


This practical toolkit will be your guide towards career success and fulfilment as you make your way in the information sector. Each chapter captures the expert advice of rising stars in the profession and across sectors, interweaving case studies that illustrate how to thrive in the information sector, take control of your professional development and get to grips with every area of information work. A companion website provides further information, resources and links. Comprehensive coverage includes: • adapting to your new environment and assessing and developing your skills • getting involved in professional networks and promoting yourself • project planning and management • meeting your users needs and measuring success • using online and social media tools • marketing your service • developing technical skills • information ethics and IP • working with stakeholders • how to generate funding for your service • writing and speaking, conferences and professional organisations • further qualifications, mentoring and moving on. Readership: This is the ultimate resource for all new professionals across the information disciplines, and internationally, whether in archives, academic, public or special libraries. It’s also an ideal introduction to information work for LIS students who want to be prepared for the world of work.