Your Cancer Road Map

In the CSC tradition, the book ensures that people impacted by cancer can live their lives to the fullest and enables them to gain a sense of control during what can be an overwhelming and chaotic time.

Author: Kim Thiboldeaux

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 1950665917

Category: Medical

Page: 240

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No one should have to face cancer alone. Each year, 1.8 million people are diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Upon learning this difficult news, individuals also have a minefield of complex information to navigate regarding treatment plans, insurance coverage, clinical trials, and more. Your Cancer Road Map: Navigating Life with Resilience is a compassionate, comprehensive guide for cancer patients, their families, and caregivers, designed to take the guesswork out of these crucial decisions every step of the way. For more than 35 years, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) has been a trusted resource, demystifying the emotional, physical, financial, and logistical challenges related to cancer. From CSC CEO Kim Thiboldeaux, Your Cancer Road Map is a comprehensive guidebook, providing advice and comfort at every point on the cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis to survivorship and beyond. Your Cancer Road Map covers hard-to-talk-about topics such as treatment options, finances, how cancer can affect your fertility or sexuality, survivor care, hospice care, and end-of-life planning. In the CSC tradition, the book ensures that people impacted by cancer can live their lives to the fullest and enables them to gain a sense of control during what can be an overwhelming and chaotic time. Now more than ever, patients need the tools to participate fully in their healthcare, and communicate their preferences and priorities to their healthcare team so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones while living with the highest possible quality of life. Filled with incredible personal stories from people who could be your friends or neighbors, as well as celebrities and influencers, plus workbook pages, checklists, recommended resources, and more, Your Cancer Road Map will be a powerful companion for anyone with questions about cancer.

Take Control of Your Cancer

Base your decision about care on the tools available, especially the high-tech, scientifically based chemosensitivity tests. Chemosensitivity testing gives you the most accurate road map based upon your specific cancer genes and, ...

Author: James W. Forsythe

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781936661800

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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Cancer rates continue to skyrocket, and the overall survival rate for Stage IV cancer patients in the United States is a grim 2.1 percent. Clearly, the extensive use of expensive, sometimes ineffective toxins in conventional oncology protocols is a failing strategy. Even the few survivors of these harsh slash-and-burn treatments can have dismal quality of life, suffering with ailments such as nerve damage, heart muscle disease, and liver and kidney failure. And unfortunately, many conventional doctors discourage patients from exploring alternative treatment options. A featured doctor in Suzanne Somers' bestselling cancer book Knockout, forty-year oncology veteran James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D, offers a more cost-effective, personalized, and compassionate alternative to traditional cancer treatment in Take Control of Your Cancer: Integrating the Best of Alternative and Conventional Treatments. Dr. Forsythe's integrative approach has yielded an astonishing 46 percent positive response rate in a 500-patient study. In Take Control of Your Cancer, you will find information on all stages of cancer, including: • Warning signs of cancer • How to pinpoint the causes of cancer and to avoid recurrence • Preventative measures such as healthy diet and regular exercise • Overview of how to choose what drugs and supplements to use • How to take charge of your cancer treatment and maintain a positive attitude • Successful case studies of 40 of Dr. Forsythe's Stage IV cancer patients While Dr. Forsythe offers his patients conventional and alternative therapies on their own as well as an integrative option, Take Control of Your Cancer encourages cancer patients and their families to explore their treatment options and look for doctors who personalize treatment for optimal outcomes.

No Prissy Shoes Trusting God to Walk You Through Your Cancer Journey

Itwill maketheroad much easier towalk. Will you ask Him to help you follow more faithfully, wherever He leads? He is the only road map we need for life's journey, and He is the destination, too. Here are some of my favorite verses that ...

Author: Linda Grabeman

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 9781624800320

Category: Religion

Page: 115

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It is the sorority no woman wants to join—the sisterhood of women with cancer. But every day, 700 new members are inducted. If you, a friend or relative is on that journey, this book of 31-daily devotions will give a potent dose of hope, comfort and encouragement from God’s Word. Linda walks her readers through every step of the cancer journey. She shares experiences, but then brings them back to the awesome, life-changing truths in the Bible.

Cancer Survivorship How to Navigate the Turbulent Journey

Despite cancer being the most prevalent disease in the world, receiving a diagnosis is still shocking for anyone. You may show signs of anxiety, anger, ... It will teach you how to draw a case-specific road map for your survivorship.

Author: Hussam Haj Hasan

Publisher: Hussam Haj Hasan

ISBN: 9781734492118

Category: Medical


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Forget about your cancer for a moment and imagine your life without it. Now, ask yourself the question: does cancer have to consume my whole life? The answer lies dormant inside your mind and you urgently need to let it out, but you need help. Whether your hope is escaping the emotional pain, reducing the burden on your family, searching for remission, or just finding a new normal to cope peacefully, Cancer Survivorship: How to Navigate the Turbulent Journey is your roadmap. This step-by-step strategy to self-management teaches: · How to learn about your diagnosis and staging to help you make informed decisions about treatment choices · How to establish effective communication channels with your oncologist to allow for collaboration and to participate in making health decisions · How to categorize your health status at any moment on the cancer continuum and how to proceed with progress from that point forward · How to adapt to new lifestyle adjustments to help you find your new normal and what to do to reduce the chances of recurrence and the emergence of second primary cancers · How to navigate your survivorship journey during and after cancer to minimize side and late effects of treatment and sustain a healthy mind and body In this book, Hasan dives into what it means to enact a follow-up survivorship plan, why you should implement it, and then deeply explains how this can be done. If you think that cancer is treatable and can be controlled as a chronic condition, or you can’t find a reason not to hope and wish for remission or recovery, this is the book for you. Cancer is a complex system of complex diseases making the road to recovery or remission not easy, but possible. It is your turn to join the millions of cancer survivors who are living with cancer just fine. This book gives you the tools to enable you to join those millions, now get out there and use them.

Living with Hereditary Cancer Risk

Although most cancers aren't hereditary, if you or your relatives have been diagnosed, you might wonder how you can ... your road map through the maze of decisions that comes with living in a high- risk body, reducing your cancer risk, ...

Author: Kathy Steligo

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421444253

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 496

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"This book provides a comprehensive overview of hereditary cancer for a general audience, with coverage of the genetic tests available for detecting risk for heritable cancers as well as options for medical and surgical treatment"--

Everyone s Guide to Cancer Survivorship

A Road Map for Better Health Ernest Rosenbaum, Holly Gautier ... A review of your cancer treatment (drugs and radiation therapy) and family history with your healthcare provider or a cancer specialist and more frequent screening may be ...

Author: Ernest Rosenbaum

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740793264

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

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This book was written both for survivors and health professionals, some of whom are cancer survivors, too. Our goal is to provide you with a survivor's road map. --Dr. Ernest H. Rosenbaum * More than 30 medical professionals reveal insights on surviving cancer to empower cancer survivors and their caregivers, as well as the doctors who manage their continued care. The CDC's National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship estimates that there are 9.6 million persons living following a cancer diagnosis. And this number is strictly related to patients. It does not include family members, friends, or caregivers. For anyone approaching life from the perspective of remission, respected oncologist Dr. Ernest Rosenbaum leads a team of 34 oncology specialists and medical contributors--some of whom are both doctors and survivors themselves--in creating a guide specifically geared for cancer survivorship. The growing number of people approaching life post-cancer will find solace, understanding, and opportunity with information specifically geared to managing the lingering effects of cancer treatment, such as: * Lifestyle changes to improve health and longevity * What survivors need to know following anticancer therapy * How to manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy * How to set goals for the future

Get Up and Live

After putting the videos together, our Cancer Road Map Project was born while we took a few trips around Arizona and California. We were excited to be able to share this much-needed, powerful tool with the world.

Author: Chuck Keels

Publisher: Intelligent Design Press

ISBN: 9781953625168

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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If you had told Chuck and Hannah a few years ago that they would find true love after getting diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and that their journey together would impact so many peoples' lives all over the world, they would have both laughed. Get Up and Live is the play-by-play narrative of how two Stage 4 cancer thrivers connected in divine circumstances, battled through a roller-coaster ride of cancer treatments, surgeries, and pain, and learned to face each wave head-on, together. The past five years of Hannah's life have challenged her both mentally and physically. Despite experiencing major loss and several spinal fractures requiring major surgery, her dynamic spirit and big smile light up the room. For most of his life, Chuck felt spiritually lost, having experienced a church upbringing that missed the most important aspect of Christianity: a personal relationship with Jesus. He struggled for years until he experienced a Stage 4 end-of-life cancer diagnosis. Jesus showed up and touched him, and redirected Chuck's passion and purpose in life, blessing him with Hannah as his partner and wife. As co-founders of Living Hope Cancer Foundation (, Chuck and Hannah work to fill a niche that is missing in the cancer field: the healing power of a positive mindset. Their individual books, Hi...I'm Chuck and Faith Like Skin, were written before they met and have inspired so many people, with and without cancer. Get Up and Live is the sequel of sorts, telling of their miraculous meeting, and how Chuck and Hannah's faith has given them strength in their unbelievable journey. Whether through a short or long miracle, their purpose in this beautiful life is to get closer to Jesus and show everyone how to get up and live despite life's challenges.

Just Get Me Through This Revised and Updated

Following surgery, your tumor, any surrounding tissue removed, and the lymph node sampling removed will be sent to a ... It's essentially a road map with many signs that indicate the optimal treatment for you to make sure your cancer ...

Author: Deborah A. Cohen

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9780758285478

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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You Can Get Through This Your doctor told you it was breast cancer. So now what?! You'll need plenty of essential advice—the kind that only comes from someone who's been there. In Just Get Me Through This! Deborah A. Cohen and Robert M. Gelfand, M.D. help you deal with all the ups and downs of the breast cancer experience. From the shock of diagnosis to getting through treatment to getting on with your life, they pack it with plenty of straight talk and practical tips. This newly updated edition also includes advice from two prominent breast cancer surgeons. Discover: The latest data on hormonal treatments How cornstarch can help you breeze through radiation Why a calendar can help you get through chemotherapy Information on the latest drugs used as part of chemotherapy How to ease back into an intimate relationship Who might be your best ally when you're feeling blue The surefire way to beat insurance and workplace hassles What medical professionals say about everything from surgery to soy Each step of the way, this wise and witty companion will be there with unfailing inspiration and heart-to-heart support. It's also simple to use, with an accessible format—to make even the toughest days a whole lot easier. A Harvard Business School and Smith College graduate, marketing executive Deborah A. Cohen was, like so many others, going about her life as a young and healthy woman when she was unexpectedly struck with a diagnosis of breast cancer. As a result of her illness, the Wisconsin native became active in several breast cancer advocacy efforts, including "Climb Against the Odds," a Cancer Coalition's Leadership Education and Advocacy Development Program, and Peer Review Committees for the American Cancer Society's research programs. The research and writing of Just Get Me Through This! was a natural next step for Cohen in her commitment to helping others cope with and battle this disease. Robert M. Gelfand, M.D., is an oncologist with a private practice in New York City. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center and at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he also teaches. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his medical degree from the State University of New York at Brooklyn. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital and a fellowship in hematology and oncology at The New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center. Dr. Gelfand is married and has three daughters. Faith A. Menken, M.D., is a surgeon practicing at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City. She went to medical school at Cornell University Medical College and did her internship at Mount Sinai Hospital and her residency at the New York Weill-Cornell Medical Center. She lives in New York City. Eugene J. Nowak, M.D., is a surgeon practicing at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City. He went to medical school UMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School and did his internship and residency at the New York Weill-Cornell Medical Center. He lives in New York City.

Family Reunion Taking it to the Next Level

Thus, it pays to know your genetic road map and take a few simple steps to avoid road hazards (Source: AboutUs/DrLensBlog/post/2010/03/03/New-Prostate-Cancer-Screening- Guidelines.aspx, ...

Author: Regina Mason

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465334475

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 185

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Family Reunion: Taking it to the next level is a book written as a step-by-step guide to researching your family’s history and successful family reunion planning. It was written for those who desire to take their family reunion to the next level; from the backyard to the hotel courtyard, from local to national, and from one branch to multiple branches of the family tree. This book is useful for both the novice and the more experienced family historian, genealogical researcher, or reunion organizer. TOPICS COVERED • Family History Research • Family Trees and Genealogy Software • Navigating Online Genealogy Databases & Records • Genetic Genealogy and DNA Testing • Preserving and Sharing the Family History • Family Reunion Planning • 24-Month Family Reunion Timeline Planner • Reunion Invitations and Letters • Organizing Reunion Planning Committees • Responsibilities of the Reunion Planning Committees & Subcommittees • Budgeting and Financing the Reunion • Activities & Games • The Reunion Tee-shirt • The Family Reunion Souvenir Book • Creating a Family Website

One of Cancer s Roads Traveled

We also get to choose some roads such as summertime jobs and after-schooljobs. ... You know where you want to go, and you map out how to get there. ... Brief Overview inTO My BaTTle wiTh MulTiPle MyelOMa Cancer has. 10 Ron Penn.

Author: Ron Penn

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465346650

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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