A Dictionary of Catch Phrases American and British from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day

See put it where.... you can say that again, orig. US, soon became also Can., and then, during the late 1920s, Brit.; it also passed to Aus. and NZ, prob, during the late 1930s and certainly not later than during the latter half of WW2.

Author: Eric Partridge

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Explains the origins and meanings of popular phrases

Objective English For Competitive Examinations

Weak at the knees: a powerful emotional reaction to something and feel that they might fall over. ... You can say that again : If you want to agree strongly with someone • It's so cold today. Kavita: You can say that again! 7.

Author: Shradha kaul

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We are proud to present Objective English which is divided into three sections: Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. The explanation makes learning of English grammar easier , especially for the students who come from the Hindi Heartland of India. This book is an useful resource for students appearing for Banking, Insurance, SSC, AFCAT, CTET, Railways , State Level Examinations , Managementm aptitude test , and other Entrance exams

Studies at the Grammar Discourse Interface

'at it being so' > 'because that is so' > 'because he is tardy again today' > 'We are saying this because he is tardy again' > 'You're right!/You can say that again!' c. Disregard for Emphasis A: [Please let me go out to play.] ...

Author: Alexander Haselow

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This book investigates phenomena at the grammar–discourse interface with a strong focus on discourse markers, whose development and concrete uses in a given language tend to be based on a close interplay of grammatical and discourse-related forces. The topics range from the transition of linguistic signs “out of” sentence grammar and “into” the domain of discourse to differences between more grammatical vs. more discourse-pragmatic expressions in terms of structural behavior and cognitive processing, and the different, intricate ways in which the usage conditions and meanings of grammatical constituents or structural units are affected by the discourse context in which they are used. The twelve studies in this book are based on fresh empirical data from languages such as English, Basque, Korean, Japanese and French and involve the study of linguistic expressions and structures such as pragmatic markers and particles, comment clauses, expletives, adverbial connectors, and expressives.

Hearings and Reports on Atomic Energy

Say that again . ... You have to get to higher magnitudes before the surface waves have that performance . ... We say at 10,000 kilometers 90 percent of the earthquakes that have a seismic signal larger than 2 kilotons with Rainier ...

Author: United States. Congress. Joint Committee on Atomic Energy


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Developments in Technical Capabilities for Detecting and Identifying Nuclear Weapons Tests

Say that again . ... You have to get to higher magnitudes before the surface waves have that performance . ... We say at 10,000 kilometers 90 percent of the earthquakes that have a seismic signal larger than 2 kilotons with Rainier ...

Author: United States. Congress. Joint Committee on Atomic Energy


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We all know there's a pretty good chance some of us won't make it back , but now's not the time for belly - aching . You all knew the deal ... You can say that again , " Rogue said , while testing several different subspace channels .



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Turbulent Tunnel

All I can say, again, from the bottom of my very being is thank you.” “Well, Michael,” the doctor chimed in, “It's one for the records.” “You can say that again. But Doctor Quinn, there is something I must tell you. I owe you an apology ...

Author: Jenn Shell

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Without any doubt, Lisa Diamond knows that she and her high school sweetheart, Johnny, share a true and eternal love. Life is a paradise filled with love, hope, and the promise of forever in Johnny’s arms. But life has different plans for her heart and her future. Driven apart by circumstances and teenage pride, she marries Michael, the new love of her life at seventeen. Inspired by the hopeful new dreams of a new bride, she looks forward to forever at Michael’s side. How quickly life can change. Due to a devastating car accident shortly after the wedding, Lisa now lingers in a nonresponsive vegetative state in a hospital bed. No one knows that within her motionless body, her mind still races in fear and pain, in love and longing, and between hope and hopelessness. Five years later, there is little reason for optimism. Lisa’s devoted husband, faced with his greatest, heartbreaking life challenge, ponders an impossible choice: Is it time to let her go? Trapped alone in the darkness, Lisa has only her memories for company. Johnny is never far from her heart, even as her husband is ironically never far from her side. Michael struggles with his own demons, doubts, and needs. His friend Annette refuses to be the reason to end his marriage, despite its current state. Life, as the grieving husband has come to learn, is complicated. Will heartbreak drive him to a decision he will forever regret? Only time will tell.

Someone Like You

I knew you weren't a thief. A royal bitch, but not a thief.” “At least you got that part right. I don't shop at Kohl's. I'm not a thief. And I am a royal bitch.” “You can say that again,” DeWitt agreed with a scowl. “I'll tell you what ...

Author: Timothy James Beck

Publisher: Kensington Books

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At the Mall of the Universe, you can get anything you want. Marc Jacobs shoes. Hugo Boss suits. Food. Drinks. Dry cleaning. A room at the five-star hotel or a lane at the bowling alley. Of course, some things are harder to come by. Just ask. . . Vienna. She's one beautiful sister who is not going to be dependent on any man ever again, thanks to her cheating, should-be-dead ex. When she's not selling overpriced mascara to rich snobs, Vienna's checking out the scenery. Not that she wants another man. Much. Good thing she can tell it all to. . . Davii. The top hairdresser at CosmicTology is fast with a wickedly funny quip and with his shears. Nobody puts one over on Davii. But what he really craves is a nice guy to come home to. A guy who makes him want to be a better person. A guy who looks an awful lot like. . . Derek. He never planned to become a kept man, but it's hard to give up Belgian waffles delivered by room service. But no more. It's time for New Derek--new life, new friends, new job. And who better to help him take those baby steps toward independence than. . . Christian. Cool and savvy, he's cornered the market on charm. His sales skills have won him a fawning clientele. There's nothing he can't do, no point he can't score, no woman he can't woo. But there's a first time for everything. . . Meeting for coffee, dishing over drinks, dealing with heinous bosses, scheming backstabbers, clueless customers, and the occasional object of desire, four new friends are about to discover the joys of shopping for love in a place where what you need most might just be where you least expect to find it.

Child Of Mist Dark Days Child Of Mist Book 2

“Fucking hell that makes him even more dangerous than we first thought. ... I'm not proud to admit to any of this, but he manipulated me and made me think for a moment that none of you cared ... “You can say that again,” Ray agrees.

Author: Lola Stvil

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There is no escape from the Hell that awaits them... There is evil everywhere Rayne turns. How will she know whom to trust as they undergo their new mission? And now they are facing the wrath of the dark Fae world, is there any hope of them surviving? With darkness lurking In every shadow one thing is clear:not everyone will make it out alive..

Ellie Pillai is Brown

You can say that again. 'I'm so sorry,' I say, looking up at him, shame flooding me at the memory of Friday. 'Sorry,' I say again, trying to tidy myself up. 'You already said that,' Ash says, looking at me closely.

Author: Christine Pillainayagam

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571366927

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The perfect coming-of-age romance by the most spectacularly funny and original debut voice. My name is Ellie. Ellie Pillai . . . And I suppose I am a little bit weird, but then, aren't we all, just a little bit? Most days, Ellie Pillai is somewhere between invisible, and not very cool - and usually she's okay with that. But suddenly, Ellie feels different. Maybe it's the new boy at school who makes her brain explode into rainbows every time she sees him (and also happens to be going out with her best friend), or maybe it's her new drama teacher, the one who seems to have noticed she exists. Suddenly, her misfit style, her skin colour, her songwriting and all that getting lost in the music in her head seem to be okay too. Because maybe standing out isn't a bad thing after all. 'I adored this.' Simon James Green, author of Alex in Wonderland 'I loved the fresh and original voice.' Bookseller, Highlights of the Season 'A hilarious and heart-warming story.' Aisha Bushby, author of A Pocketful of Stars 'Warm, funny and hopeful.' A M Dassu, author of Boy, Everywhere 'A fresh, funny, feel-good story.' Rashmi Sirdeshpande