Yinka Shonibare CBE

To do so he transforms episodes from art and history whose effects influence our present-day lives. The volume takes up the traces of colonialism and its consequences for role models, worldviews and body images in the works of Shonibare.

Author: Marc-Aeilko Aris


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Yinka Shonibare CBE

The volume takes up the traces of colonialism and its consequences for role models, worldviews and body images in the works of Shonibare. Exhibition: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Austria (13.03. - 04.07.2021).

Author: Thorsten Sadowsky


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Yinka Shonibare Cbe at the Driehaus

"This exhibition features the artist's earlier work, from photography series to sculpture installations.

Author: Richard P. Townsend

Publisher: Driehaus Museum

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Elaborate costumes, intricate patterns, and striking figural forms fill the work of Yinka Shonibare, a world-renowned artist who has roots in both London and Lagos, Nigeria. Shonibare's works reflect aesthetic features of the Victorian age, while undertaking a deep exploration and interrogation of issues tied to colonialism and its aftermath. Within the contemporary context of globalization, his work looks to history and provokes concerns of our present moment. Presenting Shonibare's rich work, this exhibition holds particular significance as the Driehaus Museum's first to feature a contemporary artist. Displayed in the context of a Gilded Age house museum, the exhibition includes a range of Shonibare's photographs, sculptures, and installations. Composed by the seasoned museum director and curator Richard P. Townsend, the catalog offers readers critical commentary on how Shonibare's work weaves together themes of the Gilded Age with today's conversations on society, race, and economic issues.

Revisiting the Past in Museums and at Historic Sites

“Se ing the Stage: Yinka Shonibare MBE in Conversation with Anthony Downey.” In Yinka Shonibare MBE. ... “Yinka Shonibare: Of Hedonism, Masquerade, Carnivalesque and Power. ... “Fabricating History in the Work of Yinka Shonibare CBE.

Author: Anca I. Lasc

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000466560

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Revisiting the Past in Museums and at Historic Sites demonstrates that museums and historic spaces are increasingly becoming "backdrops" for all sorts of appropriations and interventions that throw new light upon the objects they comprise and the pasts they reference. Rooted in new scholarship that expands established notions of art installations, museums, period rooms, and historic sites, the book brings together contributions from scholars from intersecting disciplines. Arguing that we are witnessing a paradigm shift concerning the place of historic spaces and museums in the contemporary imaginary, the volume shows that such institutions are merging traditional scholarly activities tied to historical representation and inquiry with novel modes of display and interpretation, drawing them closer to the world of entertainment and interactive consumption. Case studies analyze how a range of interventions impact historic spaces and conceptions of the past they generate. The book concludes that museums and historic sites are reinventing themselves in order to remain meaningful and to play a role in societies aspiring to be more inclusive and open to historical and cultural debate. Revisiting the Past in Museums and at Historic Sites will be of interest to students and faculty who are engaged in the study of museums, art history, architectural and design history, social and cultural history, interior design, visual culture, and material culture.

100 Great Black Britons

Yinka Shonibare CBE RA Notes: 1 Yema Thomas, 'Race, Class and Wealth: Thomas Gainsborough's Mr and Mrs Andrews (1750) and Yinka Shonibare's Mr and Mrs Andrews Without their Heads (1998)', Georgia State University paper (2016).

Author: Patrick Vernon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472144294

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'An empowering read . . . it is refreshing to see somebody celebrate the role that black Britons have played in this island's long and complicated history' DAVID LAMMY, author of Tribes, in 'The best books of 2020', the Guardian 'Timely and so important . . . recognition is long overdue . . . I would encourage everyone to buy it!' DAWN BUTLER MP A long-overdue book honouring the remarkable achievements of key Black British individuals over many centuries, in collaboration with the 100 Great Black Britons campaign founded and run by Patrick Vernon OBE. 'Building on decades of scholarship, this book by Patrick Vernon and Dr Angelina Osborne brings the biographies of Black Britons together and vividly expands the historical backdrop against which these hundred men and women lived their lives.' From the Foreword, by DAVID OLUSOGA 'I am delighted to see the relaunch of 100 Great Black Britons. For too long the contribution of Britons of African and Caribbean heritage have been underestimated, undervalued and overlooked' SADIQ KHAN, Mayor of London Patrick Vernon's landmark 100 Great Black Britons campaign of 2003 was one of the most successful movements to focus on the role of people of African and Caribbean descent in British history. Frustrated by the widespread and continuing exclusion of the Black British community from the mainstream popular conception of 'Britishness', despite Black people having lived in Britain for over a thousand years, Vernon set up a public poll in which anyone could vote for the Black Briton they most admired. The response to this campaign was incredible. As a result, a number of Black historical figures were included on the national school curriculum and had statues and memorials erected and blue plaques put up in their honour. Mary Seacole was adopted by the Royal College of Nursing and was given the same status as Florence Nightingale. Children and young people were finally being encouraged to feel pride in their history and a sense of belonging in Britain. Now, with this book, Vernon and Osborne have relaunched the campaign with an updated list of names and accompanying portraits -- including new role models and previously little-known historical figures. Each entry explores in depth the individual's contribution to British history - a contribution that too often has been either overlooked or dismissed. In the wake of the 2018 Windrush scandal, and against the backdrop of Brexit, the rise of right-wing populism and the continuing inequality faced by Black communities across the UK, the need for this campaign is greater than ever.

Yinka Shonibare MBE

"Newly revised and updated, this authoritative book presents the exciting, ironic, and often subversive work of Yinka Shonibare MBE, one of the stars of the international art scene.

Author: Rachel Kent

Publisher: Prestel Pub

ISBN: 3791348728

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"Newly revised and updated, this authoritative book presents the exciting, ironic, and often subversive work of Yinka Shonibare MBE, one of the stars of the international art scene. Born in London and raised in Nigeria, Shonibare employs a diverse range of media--from sculpture, painting, and installation to photography and film--to probe matters of race, class, cultural identity, and history. He is perhaps best known for his signature use of a colorful "African" batik fabric that actually originated in Indonesia and was introduced to Africa in the19th century by British and Dutch colonizers. Incorporated into Victorian costumes, covering sculptures of extraterrestrials, or stretched like canvas for paintings, these vibrant textiles cleverly challenge issues of origin and authenticity. This book--the most comprehensive resource available on Shonibare--presents the best work of the London-based artist's career, including his high-profile project for the Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square and otherinnovative public sculptures. Whether lampooning Victorian propriety or commenting on what it means to be an "alien," Shonibare makes art that challenges straightforward interpretations"--

When Home Won t Let You Stay

Yinka Shonibare CBE's practice encompasses the expansive hybridity of a globalized world. His sculptures, installations, and film and video works focus not on an idyllic representation of post-colonial multiculturalism but on the ...

Author: Eva Respini

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300247480

Category: Art

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Insightful and interdisciplinary, this book considers the movement of people around the world and how contemporary artists contribute to our understanding of it In this timely volume, artists and thinkers join in conversation around the topic of global migration, examining both its cultural impact and the culture of migration itself. Individual voices shed light on the societal transformations related to migration and its representation in 21st-century art, offering diverse points of entry into this massive phenomenon and its many manifestations. The featured artworks range from painting, sculpture, and photography to installation, video, and sound art, and their makers--including Isaac Julien, Richard Mosse, Reena Saini Kallat, Yinka Shonibare MBE, and Do Ho Suh, among many others--hail from around the world. Texts by experts in political science, Latin American studies, and human rights, as well as contemporary art, expand upon the political, economic, and social contexts of migration and its representation. The book also includes three conversations in which artists discuss the complexity of making work about migration. Amid worldwide tensions surrounding refugee crises and border security, this publication provides a nuanced interpretation of the current cultural moment. Intertwining themes of memory, home, activism, and more, When Home Won't Let You Stay meditates on how art both shapes and is shaped by the public discourse on migration.