Writing with Style APA Style for Social Work

They should be aware that this is one of sev— eral reference books that belong on their desk when they write. The exercises in Writing With Style do not ...

Author: Lenore T. Szuchman

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781111792442

Category: Education

Page: 224

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WRITING WITH STYLE: APA STYLE FOR SOCIAL WORK, Fourth Edition, applies a proven learning through modeling approach to help students master the elements of writing research papers and other professional documents in APA style. In addition to reviewing APA style basics, the text includes numerous writing exercises to help students apply what they learn and hone their skills by practicing writing professional literature. Further support is provided through resources such as sample outlines, title pages, abstracts, and numerous templates included throughout the text as references. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Writing with Style APA Style Made Easy

It is daunting for the newly declared psychology major to see the Publication Manual and realize that all writing must conform to a style set out in what ...

Author: Lenore T. Szuchman

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285500225

Category: Education

Page: 224

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This accessible and invaluable workbook-style reference guide will help you smoothly make the transition from writing for composition classes to writing for psychology classes. In WRITING WITH STYLE, Sixth Edition, author Lenore T. Szuchman quickly and succinctly provides the basics of style presented by the Sixth Edition of the APA's PUBLICATION MANUAL. Dr. Szuchman's years of experience teaching writing-intensive courses give her an inside track on the trouble spots students often encounter when writing papers and dealing with APA style. In this book, you'll learn how to avoid common errors and use the APA style with confidence. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Writing with Style

Author: Lenore T. Szuchman

Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company

ISBN: UVA:X006091097

Category: Education

Page: 110

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Szuchman provides all teh basics of APA style in this handy workbook-type reference guide written specifically for counseling professionals.

Writing with Style

Conversations on the Art of Writing John R. Trimble.

Author: John R. Trimble

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110696247

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 198

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A storehouse of practical writing tips, written in a lively, conversational style. Readers lean to develop a “writer's sense” : the book demonstrates that writing is really applied psychology since it is essentially the art of creating desired effects. Provides an explanation of what effects are desirable and how to create them. An exceptional book that works successfully on several levels simultaneously. Provides new insight into: how to generate interesting ideas and get them down on paper; how to write a critical analysis; how to write a crisp opener; how to invigorate a banal style; how to punctuate with confidence; how to handle various conventions, and much more. For anyone who needs a reference guide on writing.

Writing with Clarity and Style

A Guide to Rhetorical Devices for Contemporary Writers Robert A. Harris ... with Clarity and Style instead of A Guide to Writing with Style and Clarity.

Author: Robert A. Harris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351361859

Category: Psychology

Page: 220

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Writing with Clarity and Style, 2nd Edition, will help you to improve your writing dramatically. The book shows you how to use dozens of classical rhetorical devices to bring power, clarity, and effectiveness to your writing. You will also learn about writing styles, authorial personas, and sentence syntax as tools to make your writing interesting and persuasive. If you want to improve the appeal and persuasion of your speeches, this is also the book for you. From strategic techniques for keeping your readers engaged as you change focus, down to the choice of just the right words and phrases for maximum impact, this book will help you develop a flexible, adaptable style for all the audiences you need to address. Each chapter now includes these sections: Style Check, discussing many elements of style, including some enhanced and revised sections Define Your Terms, asking students to use their own words and examples in their definitions. It’s in the Cloud, directing students to the Web to locate and respond to various rhetorically focused items, including biographies and speeches. Salt and Pepper, spicing up the study of rhetoric by stretching students’ thinking about how their writing can be improved, sometimes by attending to details such as punctuation, and sometimes by exploring the use of unusual techniques such as stylistic fragments. Review Questions, providing an end-of-chapter quiz to help cement the chapter ideas in long-term memory. Questions for Thought and Discussion, a set of questions designed for either in-class discussion or personal response. New to the Second Edition Additional examples of each device, including from world personalities and the captains of industry More and longer exercises, with a range of difficulty Advice from classical rhetoricians including Aristotle, Horace, Longinus, Cicero, and Quintilian.

100 Ways to Improve Your Writing

The classic text on writing well, now refreshed and updated. This is the one guide that anyone who writes--whether student, businessperson, or professional writer--should keep on his or her desk.

Author: Gary Provost

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 9781984803689

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 176

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The classic text on writing well, now refreshed and updated. This is the one guide that anyone who writes--whether student, businessperson, or professional writer--should keep on his or her desk. Filled with professional tips and a wealth of instructive examples, 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing can help solve any writing problem. In this compact, easy-to-use volume you'll find the eternal building blocks of good writing--from grammar and punctuation to topic sentences--as well as advice on challenges such as writer's block and creating a strong title. It is a must-have resource--perfect for reading cover to cover, or just for keeping on hand for instant reference--now updated and refreshed for the first time.

Pity the Reader

A book devoted to Kurt Vonnegut the teacher. Here is pretty much everything Vonnegut ever said or wrote having to do with the writing art and craft

Author: Kurt Vonnegut


ISBN: 1609809629

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 432

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The art and craft of writing by one of the few grandmasters of American literature, a bonanza for writers and readers co-written by Kurt Vonnegut's former student. Here is an entirely new side of Kurt Vonnegut, Vonnegut as a teacher of writing. Of course he's given us glimpses before, with aphorisms and short essays and articles and in his speeches. But never before has an entire book been devoted to Kurt Vonnegut the teacher. Here is pretty much everything Vonnegut ever said or wrote having to do with the writing art and craft, altogether a healing, a nourishing expedition. McConnell has outfitted us for the journey, and in these 37 chapters covers the waterfront of how one American writer brought himself to the pinnacle of the writing art, and we can all benefit as a result. Kurt Vonnegut was one of the few grandmasters of American literature, whose novels continue to influence new generations about the ways in which our imaginations can help us to live. Few aspects of his contribution have not been plumbed--fourteen novels, collections of his speeches, his essays, his letters, his plays--so this fresh view of him, written by a former student, is a bonanza for writers and readers and Vonnegut fans everywhere.

The Big Book of APA Citations and References

APA made easy: Writing with style. New York, NY: Anchor Press. One Editor, No Author, No Date, Title with Subtitle Anders, J. (Ed.). (n.d.).

Author: Scott Matkovich

Publisher: You Versus The World

ISBN: 9781499152289

Category: Medical

Page: 225

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The Big Book of APA Citations and References is the definitive guide to getting every reference right. In response to dozens of websites and online APA reference generators that often lead students down the wrong path, each reference has been meticulously checked against the Sixth Edition of the APA Manual for Publication for accuracy. Included in this book are references for: - Books - Journals - Magazine - Newspapers - Media - Reviews - Social Media - Online Posts and Much More. Also included: - 250 pages packed with over 1,000 reference examples - Comprehensive information on in text citations - Quick example guides for building references and in text citations fast - Detailed instructions on creating any reference from the ground up.

Writing with Ease

Writing with Ease (Years 1–4) . ... 7 Writing with Skill (Years 5–8) . ... 10 Writing with Style (Years 9–12) .

Author: S. Wise Bauer

Publisher: Peace Hill Press

ISBN: 9781933339252

Category: Education

Page: 249

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Outlines a four-year writing program for elementary-grade students that combines traditional and alternative methods, in a guide for parents and teachers that shares specific steps for helping children to write with skill and confidence.

The Student s Guide to Writing

Points covered Addressing the reader - Tone and vocabulary Finding a style - Conclusion Writing, as we have said, is a matter of arriving at the right words ...


Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781349147502


Page: 146

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The Student s Guide to Writing

Addressing the reader Tone and vocabulary Finding a style Conclusion Writing, as we have said, is a matter of arriving attheright words in the right order.

Author: Dr John Peck

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9780230365285

Category: Education

Page: 168

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John Peck and Martin Coyle's The Student's Guide to Writing became a firm favourite amongst lecturers when it published in 1999. Aimed at students wishing to perfect their writing skills, it shows them how to construct a sentence, a paragraph and an essay and carefully explains grammar, punctuation and spelling. For this second edition, the authors have made their explanations even clearer, included a 'Spot the Mistake' section, and added an index for easier navigation.

Wiley AP English Literature and Composition

But writing with style really means writing in a way that most effectively conveys the message you want to send. Good writing is active, direct, concise, ...

Author: Geraldine Woods

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118490235

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 408

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Score your highest on exam day Relax. The fact that you're even considering taking the AP English Literature & Composition exam means you're smart, hard-working, and ambitious. All you need is to get up to speed on the exam's topics and themes and take a couple of practice tests to get comfortable with its question formats and time limits. That's where Wiley AP English Literature & Composition comes in. This user-friendly and completely reliable guide helps you get the most out of any AP English class and reviews all of the topics emphasized on the test. It also provides two full-length practice exams, complete with detailed answer explanations and scoring guides. This powerful prep guide helps you practice and perfect all of the skills you need to get your best possible score. And, as a special bonus, you'll also get a handy primer to help you prepare for the test-taking experience. A detailed overview of the test Subject reviews covering all test topics Practice questions Sample free-response questions with advice for crafting critical essays Strategies and solid test-taking advice Two full-length practice tests with detailed explanations and walk-throughs Supplemented with handy lists of test-taking tips and more, Wiley AP English Literature & Composition helps you make exam day a very good day, indeed.

APA Made Easy In Accordance with the 6th Edition APA Manual

APA made easy: Writing with style (4th ed.). New York, NY: Anchor Press. No Date, Title with Subtitle, Edition Other than First Anders, J. (n.d.).

Author: Scott Matkovich

Publisher: YouVersusTheWorld.com

ISBN: 9781477493397

Category: Education

Page: 120

View: 949


15 Minutes. That's as long as we think any student should have to spend formatting their papers. Unfortunately, students often spend hours trying to find answers from hard to follow manuals or confusing websites. Whether you want a step-by-step guide to building a title page, suggestions for writing with greater clarity, or freedom from doing internet searches every time you have a question about APA standards, APA Made Easy is the only blueprint that you will need for writing in APA style. This comprehensive writing guide includes illustrated steps for formatting an APA document in: Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac, Microsoft Word 2013, and Apple's Pages programs. You will also learn how to build an APA formatted paper from the ground up by understanding: • How to outline information you've already gathered. • How to write an essay or research paper from an outline. • How to write a solid introduction. • How to use the required headings in a research paper including Abstracts, Method, Subjects and Participants, Materials or Apparatus, Results, and Discussion sections. • Building Citations within your paper and on your Reference page. Also included in this guide: • APA examples and high resolution screen shots to help students correctly format documents within 15 minutes. • Over 150 completed Reference examples • Over 60 completed In-Text Citation examples • How to use Headings effectively in your writing • Specific examples that cover how to cite new media such as blog posts, emails, websites, online lectures, computer programs, social media and much more. • A new section on using and citing DOI's (Digital Object Identifiers) for new media. • A Short Sample paper in APA format. • For more information on APA Made Easy and downloadable APA templates visit: YouVersusTheWorld.com.

Writing With Skill Level 3 Student Workbook

The expository writing techniques taught in Writing With Skill are preparation for the study of rhetoric: the ability to argue, with style and elegance, ...

Author: Susan Wise Bauer

Publisher: Peace Hill Press

ISBN: 9781942968269

Category: Education

Page: 600

View: 943


This third volume of the groundbreaking writing series prepares students for advanced work in rhetoric and composition. Straightforward, detailed instructions lead students through brainstorming, researching, and constructing original compositions. Building on the first two levels of Writing With Skill, Level 3 reinforces skills in original composition and introduces new skills in researching, organizing, and writing expository essays. Models from great writers provide inspiration; assignments in history, science, biography and literature expand the student’s horizons. This third level is marked by a focus on writing about cause and effect, as well as more advanced instruction in literary criticism, science writing, descriptions, and paragraph construction. Time-tested classical techniques--the imitation and analysis of great writers--combine with original essay assignments. Along with the accompanying Instructor Guide, this Level Three Student Workbook provides a complete year of advanced middle-grade writing instruction.

How to Write a Thriller

Then write with style. This might be the single best piece of writing advice you will ever get. Many people write tortured, twisted, purple prose, ...

Author: Patrick Quinlan

Publisher: Patrick Quinlan


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 188

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Are you feeling frustrated with your writing? Get HOW TO WRITE A THRILLER, and you will: - Learn to write a page-turning thriller just like the pros do. - Save yourself YEARS of trial and error. - Write with confidence, because you know exactly what you’re doing. When you buy HOW TO WRITE A THRILLER, here's what you're going to get: - a process for structuring and writing a thriller, that I have used again and again to consistently write page turners, and which has guided the creation of some of the bestselling novels of the past 50 years; - a step-by-step breakdown of how this process works (with a slew of examples), and how to make it work for you; - a shortcut used widely within the publishing and film industries, and which you can use to quickly and easily brainstorm ideas for saleable novels; - how to create so much suspense, it forces the reader to keep turning pages late into the night (despite the fact that they have to work in the morning), and how you can accomplish this effect; - how to hook readers from the very first page, and never lose their attention; - how to develop realistic characters, and the traits that some of the most popular and enduring characters in history have in common; About the author: Patrick Quinlan is the author of more than 30 books and ebooks, written under his own name and (at last count) three pen names. He has been an Amazon, iTunes, Los Angeles Times, London Times and USA Today bestselling author. Books he has written have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and been translated into at least ten languages. His novel SMOKED was optioned for film three times. A spy novel he wrote under a pen name, which was given away free as part of a promotion, was the most downloaded ebook in the English language on Christmas Day, 2015. Patrick is the co-author, with legendary movie star Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, The Hitcher) of Rutger’s autobiography, ALL THOSE MOMENTS. Patrick will teach you everything he knows. Praise for Patrick Quinlan's writing: "Tarantino-esque novel about the past catching up with an ex-criminal turned children’s toymaker, and by extension with his young girlfriend Lola. Lots of villains and violent deaths plus likeable characters and some quirky humour. The first chapter – in which Lola busts her way out of a thoroughly nasty rape scenario with karate-kicking panache – would hook anyone." -- The Bookseller (UK) "Graphic action and exhilarating chases ensue as Quinlan's characters play cat-and-mouse through Portland,...makes one hope that Smoke hasn't quit the life entirely. Lola is a fierce delight." -- Publishers Weekly "A fast and furious thriller notable for a vintage collection of really rotten bad guys. Characters to care about, even the no-goods. Readers may be bearing early witness to the arrival of a major talent." -- Kirkus Reviews "SMOKED should absorb any fan of Bruckheimer blockbusters and everything else that goes boom." -- Entertainment Weekly "A fast-paced thriller...the story moves at warp speed, capped by a cinematic chase...before ending in spectacular fashion." -- Los Angeles Times