The Heart of Every Marriage Real Stories by Real People

If you are in the middle of a 'messy' chapter in your life, let the words of this song speak to your heart. God's not done writing your story.

Author: Mike and Connie Gilbride


ISBN: 9780359812875


Page: 354

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From across the country and around the world, over 30 couples have opened the doors of their lives. Go behind the scenes with us to meet real people with real stories. The messy parts aren't sanitized. The joys aren't minimized. You might see them broken, bruised and yet abundantly blessed. As each page of their story is turned, you will be sure to ask how some could find hope in the middle of their circumstances. Yet, the joy they each found in their marriage will grip you. Intricately threaded through their lives is the real author of their story, Jesus. Come with us to discover how each marriage was touched with His fingerprints of hope.

Your Story

In this book she has created a menu of encouraging possibilities on how to overcome our fears and dig deep into our souls, so that our true voice can emerge.

Author: Joanne Fedler

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401954314

Category: SELF-HELP

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We either think our lives are so special that everyone should be interested in what's happened to us, or so ordinary that we can't imagine anyone would care. The truth lies somewhere in between: yes, we are all special, and no, people will notcare--unless we write with them in mind. Joanne Fedler, a beloved writing teacher and mentor, has written Your Story to help all people, even those who don't necessarily identify as writers, value their life stories and write them in such a way that they transcend the personal and speak into a universal story. This book shows how to write from your life, but for the benefit of others. Each human life is unique, and the meaning we each make from our joys and suffering can, if written with a reader in mind, be an act of generosity and sharing. Filled with practical wisdom and tools, the book tackles: -mindset issues that prevent us from writing -ways to develop trust (in yourself, the process, the mystery) -triggers or prompts to elicit our own stories -Joanne's original techniques for lifewriting developed over a decade of teaching and mentoring -and much more Joanne understands the writer's loneliness, says one such writer whose life she's touched, the award-winning Israeli author Nava Semel. In this book she has created a menu of encouraging possibilities on how to overcome our fears and dig deep into our souls, so that our true voice can emerge.

The Voice of the Muse

Write. A. GUIDED. MEDITATION. so, Allow at least 35 minutes for this ... and then surrender to that story, the call that has lain dormant in your heart for ...

Author: Mark David Gerson

Publisher: MDG Media International

ISBN: 9781950189144

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 352

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Unleash the Power of Your Creative Potential...with this New, Expanded Edition of an Award-Winning Classic! • Learn practical, fun techniques guaranteed to get your stories on paper • Weave worlds of wonder beyond your conscious imagining • Discover how to write naturally, eloquently and powerfully without struggle Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, whatever your form or genre, Mark David Gerson’s The Voice of the Muse will awaken you to new skills, new stories and a renewed confidence in your innate gifts. You’ll Never Feel the Same About Writing Again! “The words lie within you. They hover in the shadows, longing to be noticed, yearning to be heard. Together, through this book, you and I will give them voice.” The Ultimate Writer’s Guide from the Ultimate Writing Coach! "A highly recommended guide from one of the most creative people around." – William C. Reichard, author of This Album Full of Angles "Whenever I feel blocked, I open this book, read a couple of pages and feel inspired again." – Anna Blagoslavova, Moscow, Russia "Mark David Gerson's The Voice of the Muse saved my languishing novel!" – Katie Thomas, Lynchburg, VA "Mark David Gerson is the best friend a writer ever had!" – Luke Yankee, author, playwright, screenwriter; Los Angeles, CA Works well in conjunction with The Voice of the Muse Companion: Guided Meditations for Writers, a recording that includes the author's recording of ten of the guided meditations in the book. Download it today from Google Play.

Your Story

... wit, and surefire advice, Your Story by Joanne Fedler is a rich and juicy guide to writing the memoir you've been longing to liberate from your heart.

Author: Joanne Fedler

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401954321

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 264

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We either think our lives are so special that everyone should be interested in what’s happened to us, or so ordinary that we can’t imagine anyone would care. The truth lies somewhere in between: yes, we are all special, and no, people will not care —unless we write with them in mind. Joanne Fedler, a beloved writing teacher and mentor, has written Your Story to help all people, even those who don’t necessarily identify as “writers,” value their life stories and write them in such a way that they transcend the personal and speak into a universal story. She shows how to write from your life, but for the benefit of others. Filled with practical wisdom and tools, this book tackles: • mind-set issues that prevent us from writing • ways to develop trust (in yourself, the process, the mystery) • triggers or prompts to elicit our own stories • Joanne’s original techniques for “lifewriting,” developed over a decade of teaching and mentoring • and much more “Joanne understands the writer’s loneliness,” says one such writer whose life she’s touched, the award-winning author Nava Semel. “In this book she has created a menu of encouraging possibilities on how to overcome our fears and dig deep into our souls, so that our true voice can emerge.”

You Can Trust God to Write Your Story

As James puts it: At its heart, a story is about a person dealing with tension, and tension is created by unfulfilled desire. Without forces of antagonism, ...

Author: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9780802498144

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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WHAT’S GOD DOING IN YOUR STORY? Our kids beg us for stories at bedtime or while we drive; we gather around firepits and dinner tables to tell and retell our favorite tales—the more dramatic the better. But when it comes to our actual lives, we prefer something less sensational, even boring—sunny skies and smooth sailing, please and thank you. We want our own stories to be predictable, safe, controllable, and catastrophe-free. When plans fall apart, jobs are lost, kids wander off, doctors give bad reports, we often wonder, "What are you doing, God? Are you sure you have this under control? It doesn’t really seem like it right now." God is the master Storyteller. He’s writing your story and it’s a part of His bigger, grander, eternal Story. But we’re still in the middle. We haven’t gotten to the happy ending yet, and it can be hard to trust Him in the thick of our struggles. That’s why Robert and Nancy share their own story, friends’ stories, and the stories of people in the Bible who have faced life-altering challenges, but, in the end, have found God to be faithful. Learn why you really can trust God to write your story—no matter what plot twists you may encounter along the way. "This is a unique and charming book, integrating stories of God’s providence from His people and His Word. Nancy and Robert write personally and beautifully, infusing readers with a Christ-centered vision, hope, and trust for the future." -Randy Alcorn, author of Heaven, Giving is the Good Life, and Deception "You Can Trust God to Write Your Story is an amazing book whose title says it all. For if you are a follower of Jesus, every day of your life—whether you feel like it or not—is weighted with kingdom purpose, eternal significance, and a royal destiny filled with joy and contentment. Let my dear friends, Robert and Nancy, help you embrace the mysteries of the Lord’s Providence. For when it comes to happy endings, you can’t find a better Author than the God of the Bible. Happy endings are His forte—turn the page, trust Him, and discover it for yourself." -Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

Comics Experience Guide to Writing Comics

The journey is what the story is all about. It's not about the premise or the destination. Your story—the heart of it—is in the journey.

Author: Andy Schmidt

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440351884

Category: Art

Page: 176

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Unlock the secrets to comic-writing success! "You have a story tell. It's your story... These are ways to help you get your story out, to help you become the writer inside of yourself." This is the book on writing you've been waiting for, a nuts-and-bolts guide to writing fiction for comics. While it is true that there is no set way to write a comic book script, no set format, no industry standard, it is equally true that someone learning to write comics needs structure. That's where Comics Experience© Guide to Writing Comics can help. Comics veteran Andy Schmidt offers sage advice and practical instruction for everything from writing realistic dialogue to communicating your ideas to other comics professionals. Inside you'll find: • 23 exercises to help you put fundamental writing principles into practice • Sample script formats, page-by-page outlines, scene-by-scene outlines and short pitches that show you exactly how to create these important components of the writing process • Diagrams and pages from published comics to illustrate key concepts • Tips on professional development, networking and navigating the comics industry These pages include all the tools you need to write great comics, but where do you begin? Begin with yourself. You have to know--not believe--know: You can do this, and this guide will help. Now, begin with Chapter 1...

You ve Gotta Have Heart

In Your Writing James L. Brimeyer. writing , to life is using dialogue - getting your
characters to talk . Dialogue , the conversations between two or more of your
characters , adds authenticity and feeling to your story . Dialogue also allows
writers ...

Author: James L. Brimeyer

Publisher: Earthling Press

ISBN: 158749440X

Category: Education

Page: 300

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Write From the Heart

The extraordinary real life story of Glasgow's favourite novelist Margaret ... If you attempt to write a story with parts of your mind pulling and worrying ...

Author: Margaret Thomson Davis

Publisher: Black & White Publishing

ISBN: 9781845026424

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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Write from the Heart is the inspirational story of how, against all odds, Margaret Thomson Davis became a successful writer. From an early age, Margaret's father would tell her and her younger brother frightening bedtime stories like Maria Marten and the Murder in the Red Barn and Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber. And, when her brother then had nightmares, young Margaret would make up a 'nice' story to calm him down and get him off to sleep. At school, her natural storytelling instincts came to the fore and she would make sure that there was always a cliffhanger to the story she was telling just as the bell rang for class. And she also found it was a skill that kept the school bullies at bay. But it was a long way from telling playground stories to becoming a successful writer. Write from the Heart recounts Margaret's personal struggles through an unhappy childhood, the premature death of her younger brother and her difficult relationship with her mother. Often, her mother would leave her father with no warning and move out of the family home, taking her son with her but leaving Margaret at home alone. But these difficult childhood experiences, coupled with an unhappy marriage of her own, gave Margaret Thomson Davis the building blocks for her career as a writer and, after the success of The Breadmakers in 1972, she has never looked back. Write from the Heart is a personal story where the truth is often stranger than fiction and where Margaret Thomson Davis's love of Glasgow and its people shines through. A moving and hugely entertaining autobiography.

Writing for the Ear Preaching from the Heart

When writing your sermon, instead of writing out a story word for word, just write: “tell the story.” Practice telling the story by heart.

Author: Donna Giver-Johnston

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781506463247

Category: Religion

Page: 136

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Words bombard us every day. Words can be noisy and cheap. And yet, words are all preachers have. In Writing for the Ear, Preaching from the Heart, Donna Giver-Johnston addresses the question: How do you capture ears in an era of noise? Many preachers want to get away from their notes and make a more personal connection with their listeners, but they have not been mentored in methods that enable them to do that. Grounded in a theology of incarnation and articulation and coupled with an awareness of what listeners most need and want to hear, Giver-Johnston explains how preachers can communicate more effectively--how they can write sermons for the ear, with the fewest, most impactful words to craft a memorable message. She also provides guidance on how to preach sermons by heart, without notes, to communicate a message that captures the ears and hearts of listeners. In a time when attention spans are shortening and church participation is declining, this book provides a proven method for preachers to communicate in ways that are meaningful and memorable to aching ears today and that can change the world for good, and for God, one longing heart at a time.

Writing Down Your Soul

Tell them the Voice is waiting to hear them because they are your story. ... a nonprofit organization that teaches heart-based speaking and reflective ...

Author: Janet Conner

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 9781642504767

Category: Self-Help

Page: 268

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Write to Explore Your Deep Spiritual Soul “…if you think this book is not for you because you are a writer and don’t need another writing book, think again!” —Sherry Richert Belul, author of Say it Now #1 Best Seller in New Age & Spirituality, Graphology, Parapsychology “I am a writer. Today I write.” These are the opening lines in the Writing Blessing that author Janet Conner has spoken daily since 2007. Journal-writing and divine dialogue. Janet Conner is a writer, poet, and spiritual field guide, but first and always a deep spiritual soul explorer. Since she discovered how to activate a divine Voice by slipping into the theta brain wave state (the border between the conscious and the subconscious) while writing, Janet has dedicated herself to exploring and sharing what it means to live at the vibrant intersection of the visible and the invisible. Your healing inner voice. After hitting rock bottom while escaping domestic abuse, Janet’s inner voice told her to start writing. As she wrote, she gained clarity and strength, and felt an incredible connection to the divine. Miracles began to happen. Today, research scientists are providing peeks into consciousness and how it works. Their findings give intriguing clues about what is happening in and through our bodies, minds, and spirits as we roll pen across paper. Writing Down Your Soul explores this research and instructs how to access the power and beauty of our deepest selves. Life-changing power of writing. Of all the ways to get in touch with God, why take the time to write? One reason: it works. It works amazingly well. If you want to engage in a vibrant conversation with the wisdom that dwells just below your conscious awareness, write. Write every day, at approximately the same time, with passion, honesty, and the intention of speaking with and listening to the voice within. You liked Expressive Writing, Opening Up by Writing It Down, or Writing as a Path to Awakening? You’ll love Writing Down Your Soul!

How Writing Touches

317) So here I am writing about “Petra”: your story, your writing, your heart on the page, your sadness spilling over, touched, immanence, flow, ...

Author: Ken Gale

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443836722

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 195

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Five scholars met as writers at a workshop at the 2007 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry and made a commitment to write over the following year to, for and with each other. It became an experiment in the craft of autoethnography, exploring questions of intimacy and connection manifested through collaborative writing. Each year since then, the authors have returned to the Congress to read a small anthology of the year’s writing—and to decide whether or not to continue. This book covers the first two years of that writing, offering stories of how writing touches, how it writes bodies into being and in between. It is an affecting, radical work, exploring love and intimacy as scholarly, messy, complex methodology—writing that often affirms and sometimes disturbs.

TOKYO Broken Heart MAP

Your story is for reference only, so I won't write exactly the same details. I just get inspiration. Do you have any good stories?

Author: Misao Itoh

Publisher: Creek & River Co., Ltd

ISBN: PKEY:CRKJPGP0000000000769

Category: Literary Collections


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〜The story of eight Japanese women in love in Tokyo〜 The stage is "Tokyo". 8 women fallen in love and lost in Nishiazabu, Ginza, Nihonbashi, Aoyama, Asakusa, Shibuya, Roppongi, and Haneda, but they still keep dreaming. These women in various professions such as liquor sales, gallery owners, public relations company managers, editors and fortune tellers, are telling their love facing sexual harassment, LGBTQ, and stalking. You can enjoy the charm of Tokyo by introducing real places such as cafes, restaurants and popular fashion brands. The city of Tokyo is a place full of memories of the women who appear in this story, and it is a heartbreak map that is engraved on the map of their hearts forever.

Write a Story

Write a short story of at least four paragraphs . Remember to make your topic sentences ... A good heart cannot lie . 2. The eye lets in love . 3.

Author: Linda Polon

Publisher: Good Year Books

ISBN: 0673363562

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Educational resource for teachers, parents and kids!

Writers Block Unblocked Seven Surefire Ways to Free Up Your Writing and Creative Flow

Or, “This story has already been told better by someone else. ... Remember: If you do your best to write freely and easily from your heart, what emerges ...

Author: Mark David Gerson

Publisher: MDG Media International

ISBN: 9781494761110

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 172

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You don't have to experience writer's block. Ever! You don’t have to sweat over a blank page. You don’t have to wonder where your next word is coming from. You can write -- naturally, eloquently and flowingly. Become one of Mark David's many writer's-block success stories: Free up your creative flow today! "Whatever brought you to this page, chances are that you're not writing, that you're not writing what you want to be writing, or that you're not writing with the discipline and commitment that leads to completion. It’s time to change all that. It’s time to journey into the heart of your passion and creativity. It's time write naturally, effortlessly and flowingly." Free Up Your Writing & Creative Flow Today! Working with Mark David was amazing. It broke my writer’s block! – Michele Quinn, Marlton, NJ I can’t believe how easy Mark David has made it. No more writer’s block! – Azurel Efron, Sedona, AZ

The Warrior Heart Practice

Give yourself permission to write out in great detail in your journal, or speak about your story with someone who is neutral and can help be a mirror so you ...

Author: HeatherAsh Amara

Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials

ISBN: 9781250230591

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

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A revolutionary process based on the four chambers of the heart and rooted in Toltec wisdom that brings emotional clarity, healing, and freedom The Warrior Heart Practice is a powerful new method to reconnect with our sense of authenticity and inner-knowing and realign with our true nature. Author of the bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training, HeatherAsh Amara has trained extensively in the Toltec tradition under the tutelage of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. The Warrior Heart Practice is a revolutionary system based on the four chambered structure of the human heart. Walking through each of the four chambers—Feeling, Story, Truth, and Intent—readers learn to take stock of their current emotional and mental state and reframe their situation in a new healing light. The process begins in the Feeling chamber as readers accept the emotions they are currently experiencing without fighting or judging them. It then continues into the next chamber as readers witness the Story that they are telling themselves. In the Truth chamber, they learn to thoughtfully and objectively evaluate the reality of the situation. In the final chamber, they learn to define and focus their Intent. The last phase of the practice is the most profound—taking the knowledge they have gathered from the four chambers, readers then walk backwards through each of the four chambers, refocusing their Intent, Truth, Story, and Feelings based on what they’ve learned during the process. The Warrior Heart Practice leads to deep insights as readers learn to step outside of their preconceptions to realign with their true purposes and goals.

How to Write and Publish Your Family Story in Ten Easy Steps

However, it has at its heart a challenge familiar to most writers: how to rein in and shape a coherent story out of the overabundance of collected data now ...

Author: Noeline Kyle

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 9781742240558

Category: Reference

Page: 96

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This easy-to-use reference book draws on successful professional experience writing and publishing family histories to create a universal method for novices and seasoned genealogists alike. Demystifying the process of writing and publishing a family history, this book guides future authors beyond their research using 10 basic steps to help them shape the story, develop a narrative, and establish characters. It also aids in writing biographies, constructing chapters, editing text, utilizing technology, and, ultimately, explains how to publish and promote the finished product so that it reaches the widest number of readers possible.

The Ramped Up Read Aloud

On the other hand, if you prefer to write and illustrate a story of your own, ... the importance of writing about ideas that are close to his heart.

Author: Maria Walther

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781506380056

Category: Education

Page: 304

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In this remarkable resource, Maria Walther shares two-page read-aloud experiences for 101 picture books that tune you into what to notice, say, and wonder in order to bolster students’ literacy exponentially. A first-grade teacher for decades, Maria is a master of “strategic savoring.” Her lesson design efficiently sparks instructional conversations around each book’s cover illustration, enriching vocabulary words, literary language, and the ideas and themes vital to young learners. Teachers, schools, and districts looking to energize your core reading and writing program, search no further: The Ramped-Up Read Aloud delivers a formula for literacy development and a springboard to joy in equal parts.

Write from the Heart

They gave him a fifty-dollar U.S. Savings Bond and a little bronze plaque with his name and the title of his story etched on it. Ken's story was published ...

Author: Hal Zina Bennett

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577318323

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

View: 450


In his first edition of Write from the Heart, Hal Zina Bennett presented a spiritual approach to writing that showed both beginners and seasoned authors how to overcome blocks, unleash their creative voice, and see their books in print. In this edition, he gives readers an even more interactive experience by incorporating exercises he's developed during his many years conducting workshops. An all-new chapter on supportive critiquing shows readers how to make contacts in the all-important community of writers and how to get help with the process of writing and refining. This revised edition also includes an updated section on getting published that addresses print-on-demand, electronic books, and the Internet.

Heart on a Shoestring

... a hole in the heart and handed it to Derek. “Write something on it. ... If anyone is going to be the villain in your story, don't let it be yourself.

Author: Marilyn Grey

Publisher: Winslet Press

ISBN: 9780985723545

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 156


Not sure? Take the quiz on to find out if the Unspoken Series is right for you! Books 1 - 5 of the Unspoken Series are also available as a discounted box set! A quirky romance about two broken hearts melting into one beautiful story of self-discovery and overcoming the past.... "Dreaming of the person you want to be is wasting the person you already are." Kurt Cobain The Unspoken Series is a 10 book series. Books 1-5 are available now. Best when read in order. What Readers Are Saying "Heartbreakingly beautiful story with a slightly whimsical romance." "Don't know how its possible but this series just keeps getting better! And I guess I shouldn't say better because I fall in love with every single character, so better wouldn't be the right word!" "I love how the characters from the previous books make appearances in each of the newer books keeping you updated with the happenings surrounding them and weaving their stories into the current main characters." "This book is deep and heartwarming. It is my favorite book so far [in the series] and also the most sincere and heartbreaking." These stories are so different from most of the other romance books I read. The characters always pull me in. I got this book yesterday and couldn't put it down until I was done reading it. Book 4 in the Unspoken Series Rebelling against a life of black and white, Miranda Ryan paints the world in a technicolor fever. She spends her free time on park benches, analyzing people from the outside in and creating whimsical stories about their lives. Unbridled and full of life, her ever-changing heart is a revolving door no man can figure out. And she likes it that way. But when Derek Rhodes enters her life, he stubbornly challenges her every move. As she unsuccessfully avoids this opinionated prankster her colors fade to gray and she is forced into a choice . . . to lose the self she knows or the self she has never been. Derek Rhodes wears the same shade of brown every day and avoids eye contact with strangers, until Miranda walks into his life and splashes his world with streaks of colors he swore he’d never touch. Drawn to her imaginative personality, he finds himself questioning his own cynical nature and flat-lined ideals, only to fall in love and realize the only woman he’s ever let into his heart has no plans of letting a man into hers. Follow them both as they poke and prod and test each others limits on a journey of discovery.