Writing the Comedy Blockbuster

Writing the Comedy Blockbuster guides the writer as they learn what goes into writing the next comedy classic.

Author: Keith Giglio


ISBN: 161593085X

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Dying is easy, comedy is hard. So keep your comedy blockbuster alive and well and buy this book. Comedy has always been the backbone of the film business. In an age of sequels and brand-name movies based on established properties, the original comedy screenplay still delivers high profits. Writing the Comedy Blockbuster guides the writer as they learn what goes into writing the next comedy classic.

Writing the Comedy Movie

Keith Giglio notes in Writing the Comedy Blockbuster (2012) that you can't be a 'soft' writer. This does not mean being offensive per se, but R and Unrated ...

Author: Marc Blake

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781628925937

Category: Performing Arts

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It is often suggested that there are 'secrets' to comedy or that it is 'lightning in a bottle', but the craft of comedy writing can be taught. While comedic tastes change, over time and from person to person, the core underpinning still depends on the comedic geniuses that have paved the way. Great comedy is built upon a strong foundation. In Writing the Comedy Movie, Marc Blake lays out – in an entertainingly readable style – the nuts and bolts of comedy screenwriting. His objective is to clarify the 'rules' of comedy: to contextualize comedy staples such as the double act, slapstick, gross-out, rom com, screwball, satire and parody and to introduce new ones such as the bromance or stoner comedy. He explains the underlying principles of comedy and comedy writing for the screen, along with providing analysis of leading examples of each subgenre.

Writing and Selling Romantic Comedy Screenplays

... D (eds) (2008) Falling in Love Again: Romantic Comedy in Contemporary Cinema, ... New York: Continuum Giglio,K (2012) Writingthe Comedy Blockbuster: The ...

Author: Craig Batty

Publisher: Oldcastle Books

ISBN: 9781843441113

Category: Performing Arts

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What happens when 'happy ever after' isn't quite so simple? Today's attitudes to love and romance are as varied and diverse as individuals, and audiences want and need more sophisticated, authentic films that show how we live and love now. So what does this mean for the screenwriter developing a romcom? And how do they write heart-warming stories for a genre that is constantly evolving, from bromcom to zomcom to famcom? Writing and Selling Romantic Comedy Screenplays offers a fresh approach to creating narratives for this ever-changing genre. Moving away from rigid and limited definitions that have evolved out of mainstream genre films, the book embraces a working definition that crosses cultural and national boundaries to give screenwriters around the world a truly international perspective on writing comedic love stories. It will be the first screenwriting guide to reflect the diversity of approaches in today's films that deal with the human need for emotional and physical intimacy using humour - the contemporary romantic comedy.

Writing Movies for Fun and Profit

The writers of Reno 911! and several other feature films trace their haphazard experiences in the movie industry, revealing the process through which they worked on script development with executives and stars, pacified exploitative ...

Author: Thomas Lennon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439186763

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The writers of Reno 911! and several other feature films trace their haphazard experiences in the movie industry, revealing the process through which they worked on script development with executives and stars, pacified exploitative decision makers and fought to be paid for their work.

The Palgrave Handbook of Screen Production

... Improvisation and Communities in Dialogue. Middletown: Wesleyan University Press. Giglio, K. (2012). Writing the Comedy Blockbuster ...

Author: Craig Batty

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030217440

Category: Performing Arts

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This handbook is an essential creative, critical and practical guide for students and educators of screen production internationally. It covers all aspects of screen production—from conceptualizing ideas and developing them, to realizing and then distributing them—across all forms and formats, including fiction and non-fiction for cinema, television, gallery spaces and the web. With chapters by practitioners, scholars and educators from around the world, the book provides a comprehensive collection of approaches for those studying and teaching the development and production of screen content. With college and university students in mind, the volume purposely combines theory and practice to offer a critically informed and intellectually rich guide to screen production, shaped by the needs of those working in education environments where ‘doing’ and ‘thinking’ must co-exist. The Palgrave Handbook of Screen Production fills an important gap in creative-critical knowledge of screen production, while also providing practical tools and approaches for future practitioners.

Blockbuster Performances

Eschewing blockbuster films before Star Wars meant that it would have been ... Although scholars have written that “comedy” is a broad category that often ...

Author: Daniel Smith-Rowsey

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137518798

Category: Performing Arts

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This book examines performances in the American film industry’s highest-earning and most influential films. Countering decades of discourse and the conventional notion that special effects are the real stars of Hollywood blockbusters, this book finds that the acting performances in these big-budget action movies are actually better, and more genre-appropriate, than reputed. It argues that while blockbusters are often edited for speed, thrills, and simplicity, and performances are sometimes tailored to this style, most major productions feature more scenes of stage-like acting than hyper-kinetic action. Knowing this, producers of the world’s highest-budgeted motion pictures usually cast strong or generically appropriate actors. With chapters offering unique readings of some of cinema’s biggest hits, such as The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Iron Man and The Hunger Games, this unprecedented study sheds new light on the importance of performance in the Hollywood blockbuster.

Writing Comedy

... Hollywood 'script doctors' on a wide range of blockbuster movies. In the USA, Conan O'Brien and Garry Shandling are just two examples of comedy writers ...

Author: John Byrne

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408151754

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 208

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Comedy has always been one of the most high-profile, glamorous and potentially lucrative markets for scriptwriters, but it is also perceived as one of the hardest. In the fourth edition of this highly regarded handbook, John Byrne breaks down the basics of writing comedy into simple steps and shows you how to make the most of your own comedy writing talent and - just as importantly - your ability to market that talent. Here is a wealth of practical advice both on how to get your career off the ground and how to keep developing it. Whether you are writing comedy routines, sketches or sitcoms, and aiming your work at the page, the stage or the ever-expanding world of broadcasting, you will find something in this book to encourage, inform and inspire you. As with any art form, the basics of good comedy never go out of fashion. While the easy steps in this book are illustrated with examples of work by classic comedians old and new, you will also find useful advice on developing and adapting your work for the twenty-first century market, whether your aim is to promote your work online or simply to keep your gags fresh and topical in a world where the news changes by the minute and gets flashed around the world in seconds.

Sit Down Comedy A Guide for Writing and Living

In the forest of writing clichés no sequoia stands taller or stouter than this ... weren't desperate for material to write an essay or the next blockbuster, ...

Author: Bret Swanson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365273445

Category: Education


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Sit Down Comedy is a personal and informal “text” written to help students and instructors with the basics of rhetorical and written discourse. It is my desire that the book be entertaining, accessible, and educational.

Writing the Blockbuster Novel

Watching a movie, the audience experiences the incidents of the drama or comedy primarily from the point of view of the camera, an outside observer rather ...

Author: Albert Zuckerman

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 9781466887596

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

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Albert Zuckerman, legendary literary agent, has worked with many bestselling authors, including Ken Follett, Olivia Goldsmith, Antoinette Van Heugten, Michael Lewis, and F. Paul Wilson. Zuckerman is a master at teaching writers the skills necessary to crack the bestseller list. For this revised edition of Writing the Blockbuster Novel, Zuckerman has added an analysis of Nora Roberts's The Witness, which he uses along with classic books like Gone With the Wind and The Godfather, to illustrate his points. Zuckerman's commentary on Ken Follett's working outlines for The Man From St. Petersburg provide a blueprint for building links between plot and character. A new introduction discusses social media and self-publishing. Writing the Blockbuster Novel is an essential tool for any aspiring author. As Dan Brown said in an interview: "Not long ago, I had an amusing experience meeting the author of a book I received as a gift nearly two decades ago a book that in many ways changed my life. I was halfway through writing my first novel when I was given a copy of Writing the Blockbuster Novel. [Zuckerman's] book helped me complete my manuscript and get it published. [When] I met Mr. Zuckerman for the first time. I gratefully told him that he had helped me. He jokingly replied that he planned to tell everyone that he had helped me write The Da Vinci Code." At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Comedy Writing

Don't fall forthis. belles lettres Fine literary writing that's usually written ... blockbuster No, not the video store, but a feature film that has huge ...

Author: James Mendrinos

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440696206

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

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Comedy is serious business - and serious money. In this guide, comedian, writer, and teacher Jim Mendrinos explains the principles of comedy and how to apply them to forms from stand-up to sitcoms- including fiction, film, speeches, articles, essays, and more. He also includes exercises designed to hone the craft, break through writer's block, and tailor a piece to its intended audience.

Writing Television Sitcoms revised

That is why attracting a mere 10 percent share of the TV audience makes a sitcom a hit, and why blockbuster comedies produced in England and Canada (similar ...

Author: Evan S. Smith

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101151624

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 352

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This new edition of Writing Television Sitcoms features the essential information every would-be teleplay writer needs to know to break into the business, including: - Updated examples from contemporary shows such as 30 Rock, The Office and South Park - Shifts in how modern stories are structured - How to recognize changes in taste and censorship - The reality of reality television - How the Internet has created series development opportunities - A refined strategy for approaching agents and managers - How pitches and e-queries work - or don't - The importance of screenwriting competitions

Bring the Funny

Precious few comedy screenplays have enough tension; oddly, some writers ... for your huge comedy blockbuster—the one I know you're gonna write—keep trying ...

Author: Greg DePaul

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317399810

Category: Art

Page: 222

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A sharp, funny book about comedy screenwriting from a successful screenwriter that uses recent – as in this century – movies you've actually seen as examples. Greg DePaul (Screenwriter, Bride Wars, Saving Silverman) has sold scripts to Miramax, Fox, Disney, New Line, Sony, MGM and Village Roadshow. He's worked with comedy stars like Jack Black, Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs and Amanda Peet. Now Greg takes everything he knows about writing comedy and breaking into the biz, tosses it into a blender and serves up this tasty, fat-free smoothie of a book that’s easy to read, brutally honest, and straight from the heart ... of Hollywood. Bring the Funny is chock full o' tricks, strategies and insider terms used by successful comedy screenwriters, including: Comic Justice Wrylies Genre-Bending Shadow Characters The BDR's The Two-Hander The Conceit Comedic Escalation Gapping A.I.C. Fish Outta Water The Idea Factory Really Important Comedy Screenwriting Rules Number 99 and 100 If you're looking to write funnier and better screenplays, you want this book. But if you're ready to pack up your car, drive out to L.A., and dive into a career as a comedy screenwriter, you need this book. Now. Buy it, jam it into your pocket, and hit the gas. Greg's got your back.

Radio Drama and Comedy Writers 1928 1962

... screenplays during the 1940s and dozens of television episodes through the 1950s and 1960s but never breaking out with a blockbuster film or series.

Author: Ryan Ellett

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476629803

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 237

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 More than 700 uncredited scriptwriters who created the memorable characters and thrilling stories of radio’s Golden Age receive due recognition in this reference work. For some, radio was a stepping stone on the way to greater achievements in film or television, on the stage or in literature. For others, it was the culmination of a life spent writing newspaper copy. Established authors dabbled in radio as a new medium, while working writers saw it as another opportunity to earn a paycheck. When these men and women came to broadcasting, they crafted a body of work still appreciated by modern listeners.

Cool Million

In blockbuster storytelling you want to do this as entertainingly as possible. ... In the same way, if you're writing a wild comedy, there better be ...

Author: Sheldon Woodbury

Publisher: M. Evans

ISBN: 9781461733812

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 244

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With in-depth interviews and revealing insights from those who have done it, this unique behind the scene information is comprehensive in its scope inspiring readers with advice, secrets and war stories from famous screenwriters.

Blockbuster TV

Some critics found this difference positively innovative; other writers found it ... wrote: This is the best tv comedy since the original “The Honeymooners.

Author: Janet Staiger

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814783511

Category: Social Science

Page: 234

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Archie Bunker. Jed. Laverne and Shirley. Cliff Huxtable. Throughout the entire history of American prime-time television only four sitcoms have been true blockbusters, with Nielsen ratings far above the second- and third-rated programs. Weekly, millions of Americans of every age were making a special effort to turn on the set to see what Archie, Jed, Laverne, and Cliff were doing that week. The wild popularity of these shows--All in the Family, The Beverly Hillbillies, Laverne & Shirley (and its partner Happy Days), and The Cosby Show--left commentators bewildered by the tastes and preferences of the American public. How do we account for the huge appeal of these sitcoms, and how does it figure into the history of network prime-time television? Janet Staiger answers these questions by detailing the myriad factors that go into the construction of mass audiences. Treating the four shows as case studies, she deftly balances factual explanations (for instance, the impact of VCRs and cable on network domination of TV) with more interpretative ones (for example, the transformation of The Beverly Hillbillies from a popular show detested by the critics, to a blockbuster after its elevation as the critics' darling), and juxtaposes industry-based reasons (for example, the ways in which TV shows derive success from placement in the weekly programming schedule) with stylistic explanations (how, for instance, certain shows create pleasure from a repetition and variation of a formula). Staiger concludes that because of changes in the industry, these shows were a phenomenon that may never be repeated. And while the western or the night-time soap has at times captured public attention, Blockbuster TV maintains that the sitcom has been THE genre to attract people to the tube, and that without understanding the sitcom, we can't properly understand the role of television in our culture.

How To Be A Comedy Writer

There are many precedents for great comic writing, from Jonathan Swift to Oscar Wilde, ... Is it a high concept blockbuster or an intimate family story?

Author: Marc Blake

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781789825107

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 112

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Think you're funny? Writing successful comedy isn't just about having a gift for gags; you need to hone your talent and polish your humour to earn a living from making people laugh. If you want to write stand-up comedy, sketches, sitcoms or even a comic novel or film, How to be a Comedy Writer tells you all you need to know and more about the business, the structure of jokes and the nuts and bolts of a craft that can be learnt. This new ebook edition has been specially formatted for today's e-readers.

Writing for Film

Writing television comedy. ... ($149)—www.writersblocks.com Truby's Blockbuster ($295)—www.truby.com Collaborator III Plus—www.collaborator.com Dramatica ...

Author: Darsie Bowden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351226684

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 318

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In this introduction to screenwriting, author Darsie Bowden provides sage, real-world advice and instruction on the process of writing film screenplays. This text will help budding screenwriters to structure their dramas, refine their characterizations, and craft their language, while also introducing them to the appropriate screenplay formats. It covers the complexities of writing for the screen and points out the contradictions to expect if readers pursue this work as a career. In addition to covering the elements of the dramatic film screenplay, Bowden discusses writing for such "alternative" markets as documentaries, independent films, experimental films, and other non-Hollywood options. Features of the text include:guidelines for working as a screenwriter;applications and exercises to enhance skills;suggested readings for further development; anda comprehensive list of resources for screenwriting.Successful writing for film lies in being able to heighten one's perceptive abilities about the world and to communicate those perceptions in a cinematic way. In this text, Bowden introduces readers to an approach to screenwriting that will help them see the world in a different way and write about it using different genres and media. This most valuable skill prepares readers for the range of possibilities they will encounter on the path to successful screenwriting.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Creative Writing 2nd edition

Before you write your script, study the hit comedies. Look at the classics—movies like ... car chases to be a blockbuster. Action movies hinge on these five ...

Author: Laurie Rozakis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781615644643

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 384

View: 212


A creative writing class in a book -REVISED. Major revisions take this popular Complete Idiot's Guide to a new level, offering readers a better way to unlock their creativity from the first page. Exercises help them explore their talents and experiment with different genres and forms of writing, including short stories, narrative fiction, memoirs, magazine articles, poetry, drama, blogging, and freewriting.

Lew Hunter s Screenwriting 434

Realistic and Nonrealistic Comedy Wecan, as often,find exact writing parallels ... comedy works 100 percent, it generally results in a blockbuster film.

Author: Lew Hunter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101007181

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

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For decades, Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434 class at UCLA has been the premier screenwriting course, launching a generation of the industry's most frequently produced writers. Here, he shares the secrets of his course on the screenwriting process by actually writing an original script, step by step, that appears in the book.

American Writers

He has had more plays adapted to film than any other playwright and has written nearly a dozen original film comedies. He helped define television comedy ...

Author: Elizabeth H. Oakes

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438108094

Category: American literature

Page: 430

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"American Writers focuses on the rich diversity of American novelists