Writing Strategies for U S History Classes

This guide provides numerous ways to incorporate multiple methods of writing in their classroom. Scott Whipple includes more than 180 types of writing activities that can be assigned in U.S. History courses.

Author: Scott Whipple


ISBN: 1578864674

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Here is an easy reference guide for teacher to utilize in order to provide students with more than 180 writing activities that can be assigned in U.S. History classes.

Rebooting Social Studies

Those facts.

Author: Greg Milo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

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Those facts. Those dates. Those four walls. Those still and petrified fossils of traditional history courses. Sure, it's history, but do we have to turn to tradition for guidance? Let's make it worth the students time. Let's give them something to take beyond their high school experience. Let's reboot history. The goal of the social studies is to provide students with the tools necessary to be active and productive citizens. History teachers need to assist their students in developing problem-solving skills for real-life scenarios, and this can be done whether we teach students about Ancient Athens or modern Akron, Ohio. The ancient Mediterranean, the Italian Renaissance, and the British East India Company are very distant concepts, far from what our students find as relevant. The same skills can be acquired by studying something nearer to the students' interests and everyday life. So, take a moment to take a step back from the history curriculum, and ask yourself: "What skills will my students need in five years?"

Games and Strategies for Teaching U S History

And , laced through it all can be an emphasis on reading and writing . An American history class can be all of these and more because it has to motivate , inform , and evaluate one of the most frustrating , apathetic , foolish ...

Author: Marvin B. Scott

Publisher: Walch Publishing

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Developed by an acclaimed history teacher in Iowa, this popular resource includes 14 simulations, debates, quiz games and strategy games. It covers key topics from the first explorers to the 2000 presidential elections. Convene a constitutional convention, re-fight the Civil War, relive the Crash of ’29, and much more. Use this ingenious text to reinvigorate your history classes.

Writing Strategies That Work

Students were using their search lenses to find articles on topics they were researching for their American History classes, saving them to a folder on the server, and then settling in to read. I noticed that Jameer had his head down.

Author: Lori G. Wilfong

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317607199

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Learn the ten keys to effective writing instruction! In this dynamic book, bestselling author Lori G. Wilfong takes you through today’s best practices for teaching writing and how to implement them in the classroom. She also points out practices that should be avoided, helping you figure out how to update your teaching so that all students can reach success. You’ll discover how to... Make sure students have enough work in a genre before you assign writing Develop thoughtful, short writing prompts that are "infinite" and not finite Have students read and learn from master authors in the genre they are writing Create a writing community so that writing is not an isolated activity Use anchor charts and minilessons, along with rubrics and checklists Implement revising strategies, not just editing strategies, taught in context Use conferencing to grow students as thoughtful, reflective writers Let narratives be personal and creative, focusing on details and imagery Let informational writing explore a topic creatively and in depth Let argument writing be situated in real-world application and not be limited to one-sided, "what-if" debates Every chapter begins with an engaging scenario, includes the "why" behind the practice and how it connects to the Common Core, and clearly describes how implement the strategy. The book also contains tons of handy templates that you can reproduce and use in your own classroom. You can photocopy these templates or download them from our website at http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9781138812444.

The Wiley International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning

Effects of historical reasoning instruction and writing strategy mastery in culturally and academically diverse middle school classrooms. ... “Fun” pedagogy curtails intellectual rigor in a U.S. history class. Journal of Social Studies ...

Author: Scott Alan Metzger

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119100775

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A comprehensive review of the research literature on history education with contributions from international experts The Wiley International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning draws on contributions from an international panel of experts. Their writings explore the growth the field has experienced in the past three decades and offer observations on challenges and opportunities for the future. The contributors represent a wide range of pioneering, established, and promising new scholars with diverse perspectives on history education. Comprehensive in scope, the contributions cover major themes and issues in history education including: policy, research, and societal contexts; conceptual constructs of history education; ideologies, identities, and group experiences in history education; practices and learning; historical literacies: texts, media, and social spaces; and consensus and dissent. This vital resource: Contains original writings by more than 40 scholars from seven countries Identifies major themes and issues shaping history education today Highlights history education as a distinct field of scholarly inquiry and academic practice Presents an authoritative survey of where the field has been and offers a view of what the future may hold Written for scholars and students of education as well as history teachers with an interest in the current issues in their field, The Wiley International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning is a comprehensive handbook that explores the increasingly global field of history education as it has evolved to the present day.

Common Core for the Not So Common Learner Grades 6 12

Using Stop-and-Process Strategies in U.S. History Class in Massachusetts Teaching Literacy Skills in Social Studies Classes at an Iowa High School Common Core Reading Standards—(Un)Common Reflection Questions Key Resources WrItIng ...

Author: Andrea Honigsfeld

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781483331515

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New hope for our students who struggle most Under the best of circumstances meeting the Common Core can be a challenge. But if you’re a teacher of academically and linguistically diverse students—and who isn’t these days—then that “challenge” may sometimes feel more like a “fantasy.” Finally, here are two expert educators who are brave enough, knowledgeable enough, and grounded enough to tackle this issue. Armed with this resource’s advice, tools, and strategies, you’ll Better understand the 32 ELA anchor standards Learn more about the specific skills “uncommon learners” need to master them Discover new research-based teaching strategies aligned to each standard

Handbook of Strategies and Strategic Processing

Disciplinary literacy in history: An exploration of the historical nature of adolescents' writing. ... Implementing a disciplinary-literacy curriculum for US history: learning from expert middle school teachers in diverse classrooms.

Author: Daniel L. Dinsmore

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429752599

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Handbook of Strategies and Strategic Processing provides a state-of-the-art synthesis of conceptual, measurement, and analytical issues regarding learning strategies and strategic processing. Contributions by educational psychology experts present the clearest-yet definition of this essential and quickly evolving component of numerous theoretical frameworks that operate across academic domains. This volume addresses the most current research and theory on the nature of strategies and performance, mechanisms for unearthing individuals’ strategic behaviors, and both long-established and emerging techniques for data analysis and interpretation.

Reading Thinking and Writing About History

The curriculum we propose for U.S. history classes involves six 3-day investigations (see Table 1.1). ... Along the way, disciplinary literacy tools offer strategies for historical reading, analysis, and argument writing.

Author: Chauncey Monte-Sano

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807755303

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This practical guide presents six research-tested historical investigations along with all corresponding teacher materials and tools that have improved the historical thinking and argumentative writing of academically diverse students.

Class in the Composition Classroom

Pedagogy and the Working Class Genesea M. Carter, William H. Thelin ... credits in liberal arts classes they take with us—eight four-credit classes: College Writing; Texts and Interpretive Strategies; Literature and Society; US History; ...

Author: Genesea M. Carter

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607326182

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Class in the Composition Classroom considers what college writing instructors should know about their working-class students—their backgrounds, experiences, identities, learning styles, and skills—in order to support them in the classroom, across campus, and beyond. In this volume, contributors explore the nuanced and complex meaning of “working class” and the particular values these college writers bring to the classroom. The real college experiences of veterans, rural Midwesterners, and trade unionists show that what it means to be working class is not obvious or easily definable. Resisting outdated characterizations of these students as underprepared and dispensing with a one-size-fits-all pedagogical approach, contributors address how region and education impact students, explore working-class pedagogy and the ways in which it can reify social class in teaching settings, and give voice to students’ lived experiences. As community colleges and universities seek more effective ways to serve working-class students, and as educators, parents, and politicians continue to emphasize the value of higher education for students of all financial and social backgrounds, conversations must take place among writing instructors and administrators about how best to serve and support working-class college writers. Class in the Composition Classroom will help writing instructors inside and outside the classroom prepare all their students for personal, academic, and professional communication. Contributors: Aaron Barlow, ​Cori Brewster, ​Patrick Corbett, ​Harry Denny, Cassandra Dulin, ​Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth, ​Mike Edwards, ​Rebecca Fraser, ​Brett Griffiths, ​Anna Knutson, ​Liberty Kohn, ​Nancy Mack, ​Holly Middleton, ​Robert Mundy, ​Missy Nieveen Phegley, ​Jacqueline Preston, ​James E. Romesburg, ​Edie-Marie Roper, Aubrey Schiavone, Christie Toth, ​Gail G. Verdi

Resources in Education

Each unit includes a brief definition and discussion of the genre under consideration , teaching strategies , and a bibliography . ... The focus of the lessons is problem solving by examining development issues in U.S. history .



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Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning 4th Edition

Brainstorm assume in their possible writing roles (see that the students Examples could of RAFT Assignments). For example, students studying the Colonial period in a U.S. history class could assume the role of a colonist upset with the ...

Author: Doug Buehl

Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers

ISBN: 9781625311702

Category: Education

Page: 260

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Educators across content areas have turned to Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning for almost two decades. This fully updated fourth edition delivers rich, practical, research-based strategies that readers have found invaluable in the context of today's classrooms. Doug has written all-new chapters that focus on the instructional shifts taking place as the Common Core State Standards are implemented across the United States. These introductory chapters will help you do the following: Understand the research base for comprehension strategies in content classrooms Learn how to tap into students' background knowledge to enhance comprehension of complex texts and build new knowledge Show learners how to question a text Teach reading and thinking through a disciplinary lens At the heart of this edition are more than forty classroom strategies, with variations and strategy indexes that identify the instructional focus of each strategy, pinpoint the text frames in play as students read and learn, and correlate students' comprehension processes across the phases of strategy implementation. In addition, each strategy is cross-referenced with the Common Core's reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language standards.

History Class Revisited

Tools and Projects to Engage Middle School Students in Social Studies Jody Passanisi. students be able to write stronger and clearer essays is, ultimately, a good thing. However, the only drawback is that at times, we are asking ...

Author: Jody Passanisi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317266822

Category: Education

Page: 156

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Learn new approaches to teaching history in middle school so students are more engaged in the big ideas and eager to examine the world around them. Co-published by Routledge and MiddleWeb, this practical guide will help you consider the unique needs of middle schoolers, who are in the midst of many social and emotional changes and need to see why the study of history matters to their own lives. Author Jody Passanisi shares helpful strategies and activities to make your social studies class a place where students can relate to the material, connect past history to present events, collaborate with others, think critically about important issues, and take ownership of their learning. Topics include: Reading and analyzing primary and secondary sources for deeper comprehension of historical issues Developing a written argument and defending it with supporting details and cited sources Examining the social context of a historical event and tracing the historical underpinnings of present day issues Using field trips, games, and Project Based Learning to make learning history a fun and interactive experience Assessing your students’ progress using self-reflection, projects, essays, and presentations The appendices offer resources for each of the topics covered in the book as well as reproducible Blackline Masters of the charts and diagrams, which can be photocopied or downloaded from our website (http://www.routledge.com/products/9781138639713) for classroom use.

Teaching U S History Beyond the Textbook

Written by a history educator, this exciting guide provides a unique approach that makes it easy for middle and high school teachers to engage students' critical thinking in history and social studies.

Author: Yohuru R. Williams

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1412966213

Category: Education

Page: 138

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Aligned with national standards, these strategies and sample lessons turn learners into history detectives as they solve historical mysteries, prepare arguments for famous cases, and more.

Successful Strategies for Teaching Undergraduate Research

The introductory survey class can be either American History I, which covers all US. history from before Columbus to ... to Historical Research and Senior Seminar semester-long courses are dedicated to the writing of a research paper, ...

Author: Marta Deyrup

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810887176

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 204

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Editors Marta Deyrup and Beth Bloom have brought together well-known educators from the fields of library science, communication, composition, and education to show you how to develop successful strategies for teaching undergraduates how to conduct basic research and write papers. Chapters cover each step of the research process, beginning appropriately with separate pieces from a librarian and from an academic on how to construct good research assignments. Following chapters cover establishing the research question, assessing the research process, information ethics and the protocols of research, and using new modes and media to communicate research findings. The book fully explores current theories on pedagogy and provides practical demonstrations of how library instruction can reinforce critical thinking and set the groundwork in place for life-long learning. Each chapter contains an extensive bibliography for further reading.

Palgrave Handbook of Research in Historical Culture and Education

In general, across genres and across ages, students struggle to engage in historical reading and writing when they have ... However, Young and Leinhardt observed one Advanced Placement US History class over the course of a school year, ...

Author: Mario Carretero

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137529084

Category: History

Page: 856

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This volume comprises a broad interdisciplinary examination of the many different approaches by which contemporary scholars record our history. The editors provide a comprehensive overview through thirty-eight chapters divided into four parts: a) Historical Culture and Public Uses of History; b) The Appeal of the Nation in History Education of Postcolonial Societies; c) Reflections on History Learning and Teaching; d) Educational Resources: Curricula, Textbooks and New Media. This unique text integrates contributions of researchers from history, education, collective memory, museum studies, heritage, social and cognitive psychology, and other social sciences, stimulating an interdisciplinary dialogue. Contributors come from various countries of Northern and Southern America, Europe and Asia, providing an international perspective that does justice to the complexity of this field of study. The Palgrave Handbook of Research in Historical Culture and Education provides state-of-the-art research, focussing on how citizens and societies make sense of the past through different ways of representing it.

AP U S History 2017 2018

After taking a college-level class, you will certainly have a large base of historical knowledge heading into the exam. ... This guide offers not only a full review of U.S. history but, more importantly, specific skills and strategies ...

Author: Krista Dornbush

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781506224695

Category: Study Aids

Page: 612

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The Advanced Placement test preparation guide that delivers 75 years of proven Kaplan experience and features exclusive strategies, practice, and review to help students ace the AP U.S. History exam! Students spend the school year preparing for the AP U.S. History test. Now it’s time to reap the rewards: money-saving college credit, advanced placement, or an admissions edge. However, achieving a top score on the AP U.S. History exam requires more than knowing the material—students need to get comfortable with the test format itself, prepare for pitfalls, and arm themselves with foolproof strategies. That’s where the Kaplan plan has the clear advantage. Kaplan's AP U.S. History 2017-2018 contains many essential and unique features to help improve test scores, including: * Four full-length practice tests and a diagnostic test to target areas for score improvement * Detailed answer explanations * A two-page, full-color study sheet packed with key dates, terms, and facts * Tips and strategies for scoring higher from expert AP U.S. History teachers and students who got a perfect 5 on the exam * Targeted review of the most up-to-date content, including key information that is specific to the AP U.S. History exam * A comprehensive index and glossary of key terms and concepts * Video tutorials available at kaptest.com/APUSH17 Kaplan's AP U.S. History 2017-2018 authors Krista Dornbush, Steve Mercado, and Diane Vecchio have a combined total of over 40 years of experience teaching U.S. history as well as world and European history. Their expertise has helped make this and other books the best that Kaplan has to offer in AP test prep. Kaplan has helped millions of students to prepare for standardized tests. We invest millions of dollars annually in research and support for our products. We know that our test-taking techniques and strategies work. AP U.S. History 2017-2018 is the must-have preparation tool for every student looking to do better on the AP U.S. History test!

WAC and Second Language Writers

All of the WI classes that are open to ESL and developmental learners utilize many of the strategies described above and most ... An assignment for the WI course HIS 4665: US History from Reconstruction to the Present, for example, ...

Author: Terry Myers Zawacki

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781602355064

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 492

View: 593


Editors and contributors pursue the ambitious goal of including within WAC theory, research, and practice the differing perspectives, educational experiences, and voices of second-language writers. The chapters within this collection not only report new research but also share a wealth of pedagogical, curricular, and programmatic practices relevant to second-language writers. Representing a range of institutional perspectives—including those of students and faculty at public universities, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and English-language schools—and a diverse set of geographical and cultural contexts, the editors and contributors report on work taking place in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The Social Studies Teacher s Toolbox

We conclude the application section with a list of additional strategies that any social studies teacher could employ to encourage and facilitate successful writing in their classrooms. GOLDEN LINES – KICK-STARTING WRITING In our ...

Author: Elisabeth Johnson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119572053

Category: Education

Page: 496

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Social studies teachers will find classroom-tested lessons and strategies that can be easily implemented in the classroom The Teacher’s Toolbox series is an innovative, research-based resource providing teachers with instructional strategies for students of all levels and abilities. Each book in the collection focuses on a specific content area. Clear, concise guidance enables teachers to quickly integrate low-prep, high-value lessons and strategies in their middle school and high school classrooms. Every strategy follows a practical, how-to format established by the series editors. The Social Studies Teacher's Toolbox contains hundreds of student-friendly classroom lessons and teaching strategies. Clear and concise chapters, fully aligned to Common Core Social Studies standards and National Council for the Social Studies standards, cover the underlying research, technology based options, practical classroom use, and modification of each high-value lesson and strategy. This book employs a hands-on approach to help educators quickly learn and apply proven methods and techniques in their social studies courses. Topics range from reading and writing in social studies and tools for analysis, to conducting formative and summative assessments, differentiating instruction, motivating students, incorporating social and emotional learning and culturally responsive teaching. Easy-to-read content shows how and why social studies should be taught and how to make connections across history, geography, political science, and beyond. Designed to reduce instructor preparation time and increase relevance, student engagement, and comprehension, this book: Explains the usefulness, application, and potential drawbacks of each instructional strategy Provides fresh activities applicable to all classrooms Helps social studies teachers work with ELLs, advanced students, and students with learning differences Offers real-world guidance for addressing current events while covering standards and working with textbooks The Social Studies Teacher's Toolbox is an invaluable source of real-world lessons, strategies, and techniques for general education teachers and social studies specialists, as well as resource specialists/special education teachers, elementary and secondary educators, and teacher educators.

Rethinking Our Classrooms

In the same way that some teachers insult students by assuming that they have no knowledge, history, culture, ... gathered to share writing strategies and lessons with each other during an intensive (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) four-week class; ...

Author: Wayne Au

Publisher: Rethinking Schools

ISBN: 9780942961355

Category: Education

Page: 235

View: 217


The original edition of Rethinking Our Classrooms, published in 1994, sold more than 175,000 copies and has been used by teachers and teacher educators throughout the United States and the world. This new edition contains some of the best classroom writing we've published over the past five years, along with the most popular articles from the original edition, completely updated resource sections, and a new "Beyond the Classroom" chapter. There are new essays on science and environmental education, immigration and language, military recruitment, early childhood education, teaching about the world through mathematics, and gay and lesbian issues. Nowhere is the connection between critical teaching and effective classroom practice clearer or more accessible. A great resource for new and veteran K-12 teachers, as well as teacher education and staff development programs.