Writing Programs Worldwide

An introduction and three section essays by the editors illuminate themes that inform this collection.

Author: Christopher J. Thaiss


ISBN: 1602353468

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'Writing programs worldwide' is meant to inform decision-making by teachers, program managers, and college/university administrators considering how writing can most appropriately be defined, managed, funded, and taught in the places where they work. 'Writing programs worldwide' offers an important global perspective to the growing research literature in the shaping of writing programs. The authors of its program profiles show how innovators at a diverse range of universities on six continents have dealt creatively over many years with day-to-day and long-range issues affecting how students across disciplines and languages grow as communicators and learners. In these profiles, we see teachers and researchers relying on colleagues and on transnational scholarship to build initiatives that are both well suited to their specific environments and can serve as regional and often global models. Their struggles and achievements offer insights to colleagues in similar locales and across borders who seek to establish, enhance, and assess their own work as designers of writing programs. An introduction and three section essays by the editors illuminate themes that inform this collection. Growing networks of initiators and scholars and survey results from the International WAC/WID Mapping Project exemplify the argument of this collection for transnational exchange and collaboration.

Writing Programs Worldwide

University of California, Davis (US) To introduce Writing Programs Worldwide,
this essay ...

Author: Chris Thaiss

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WRITING PROGRAMS WORLDWIDE offers an important global perspective to the growing research literature in the shaping of writing programs. The authors of its program profiles show how innovators at a diverse range of universities on six continents have dealt creatively over many years with day-to-day and long-range issues affecting how students across disciplines and languages grow as communicators and learners.

International Advances in Writing Research

... with the wide ranging approaches characteristic of teaching and scholarship in
writing across the curriculum, the series presents works that take divergent
perspectives on working as a writer, teaching writing, administering writing
programs, ...

Author: Charles Bazerman

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

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The authors report research that considers writing in all levels of schooling, in science, in the public sphere, and in the workplace, as well as the relationship among these various places of writing. The authors also consider the cultures of writing—among them national cultures, gender cultures, schooling cultures, scientific cultures, and cultures of the workplace.

The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes

Minnesota University WEC-Program (2015) Writing Enriched Curriculum
Available at: http://wec.umn. edu/ (accessed on ... In C. Thaiss, G. Bräuer, P.
Carlino and L. Ganobcsik-Williams (eds) Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of
Academic ...

Author: Ken Hyland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317328100

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The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes provides an accessible, authoritative and comprehensive introduction to English for Academic Purposes (EAP), covering the main theories, concepts, contexts and applications of this fast growing area of applied linguistics. Forty-four chapters are organised into eight sections covering: Conceptions of EAP Contexts for EAP EAP and language skills Research perspectives Pedagogic genres Research genres Pedagogic contexts Managing learning Authored by specialists from around the world, each chapter focuses on a different area of EAP and provides a state-of-the-art review of the key ideas and concepts. Illustrative case studies are included wherever possible, setting out in an accessible way the pitfalls, challenges and opportunities of research or practice in that area. Suggestions for further reading are included with each chapter. The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes is an essential reference for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of EAP within English, Applied Linguistics and TESOL.

Academic and Professional Writing in an Age of Accountability

The WAC Clearinghouse makes available online a published anthology of
program descriptions called Writing Programs Worldwide. Universities abroad
now also have their own rhetoric and writing departments, like the University of ...

Author: Shirley Wilson Logan

Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press

ISBN: 9780809336913

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What current theoretical frameworks inform academic and professional writing? What does research tell us about the effectiveness of academic and professional writing programs? What do we know about existing best practices? What are the current guidelines and procedures in evaluating a program’s effectiveness? What are the possibilities in regard to future research and changes to best practices in these programs in an age of accountability? Editors Shirley Wilson Logan and Wayne H. Slater bring together leading scholars in rhetoric and composition to consider the history, trends, and future of academic and professional writing in higher education through the lens of these five central questions. The first two essays in the book provide a history of the academic and professional writing program at the University of Maryland. Subsequent essays explore successes and challenges in the establishment and development of writing programs at four other major institutions, identify the features of language that facilitate academic and professional communication, look at the ways digital practices in academic and professional writing have shaped how writers compose and respond to texts, and examine the role of assessment in curriculum and pedagogy. An afterword by distinguished rhetoric and composition scholars Jessica Enoch and Scott Wible offers perspectives on the future of academic and professional writing. This collection takes stock of the historical, rhetorical, linguistic, digital, and evaluative aspects of the teaching of writing in higher education. Among the critical issues addressed are how university writing programs were first established and what early challenges they faced, where writing programs were housed and who administered them, how the language backgrounds of composition students inform the way writing is taught, the ways in which current writing technologies create new digital environments, and how student learning and programmatic outcomes should be assessed.

Writing Centres in Higher Education

priorities, but also to consider when it may be wise, as experts in writing
pedagogy, to resist or reconfigure writing development ideas that stakeholders
across the ... Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many

Author: Sherran Clarence


ISBN: 9781928357551

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This collection of essays reflects on the ways in which writing centres in South Africa are working in and across disciplines. Institutional constraints and challenges that arise from these collaborations are addressed and opportunities for transforming teaching and learning spaces are explored. The chapters speak to the global move in higher education to reconsider how knowledge is made, who makes it, and how support and development opportunities for students and lecturers should be created and sustained across the disciplines. This volume contributes to the body of knowledge in the growing field of the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education in South Africa. It builds on the work of the first collection of such essays: Changing Spaces: Writing Centres and Access to Higher Education (Eds. A Archer and R Richards, 2011, SUN PReSS) to understand why working within the disciplines is so critical for writing development in a South African context.

Key Issues in Creative Writing

organizations such as the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP),
the Australasian Association of Writing ... In addition, Great Writing: The
International Creative Writing Conference builds 'on the growing worldwide
interest in ...

Author: Dianne Donnelly

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847698490

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Key Issues in Creative Writing explores a range of important issues that inform the practice and understanding of creative writing. The collection considers creative writing learning and teaching as well as creative writing research. Contributors target debates that arise because of the nature of creative writing. These experts – from the UK, USA and Australia – specifically examine creative writing as a subject in universities and colleges and discuss both the creative knowledge and the critical understanding informing the subject and its future. Finally, this volume suggests ways in which addressing current issues will produce significant disciplinary knowledge that will contribute to the success of creative writing in current and future academic environments.

WPA Writing Program Administration

The University of Texas at Austin will host the 2008 International Writing Across
the Curriculum Conference . This year's conference , to be held May 29-31 , will
focus on how writing professionals integrate and articulate WAC theories and ...



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2001 Novel and Short Story Writer s Market

Types of Membership: Institutional (universities); graduate students; individual
writers; and Chronicle subscribers. Open to any person interested in writing; most
members are students or faculty of university writing programs (worldwide).

Author: Barbara Kuroff


ISBN: 1582970092

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Listing markets, agents, publishers, and more, this comprehensive guide is an author's best reference. "One of the best guides to fiction writer's markets available".--"American Reference Book Annual".

Novel and Short Story Writer s Market 1999

Types of Membership : Institutional ( universities ) ; graduate students ; individual
writers ; and Chronicle subscribers . Open to any person interested in writing ;
most members are students or faculty of university writing programs ( worldwide )

Author: Barbara Kuroff

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 0898798760

Category: Reference

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Lists addresses and information on contacts, pay rates, and submission requirements, and includes essays on the craft of writing

Novel and Short Story Writer s Market 97

Other directories listing organizations for writers include the Literary Market Place
or International Literary Market ... Open to any person interested in writing; most
members are students or faculty of university writing programs (worldwide).

Author: Barbara Kuroff

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 0898797640

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Lists addresses and information on contacts, pay rates, and submission requirements, and includes essays on the craft of writing

Start Your Own Grant Writing Business

... disaster relief, archival preservation, teaching English as a second language,
art exhibitions, environmental conservation, conferences, workshops, and
humanitarian work. International grants are awarded to individuals and

Author: Entrepreneur Press

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 9781613081877

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This second edition reveals how to prepare foundation, federal and corporate grant applications and includes a comprehensive directory of major funders’ contact information. It then offers readers cutting-edge business advice on setting up and registering a grant-seeking business and marketing themselves as savvy grant seekers. It covers current trends in grant seeking, topics that are on the radar of most funders and cutting edge application strategies. It also offers strategies for the online application process: using effective subject lines, searching for funders online and filling online budget forms. It’s divided into four sections: the art of the grant proposal, prospect research, starting and marketing a grant writing business and maximizing one’s chances of winning a grant.

Community Colleges Worldwide

Investigating the Global Phenomenon Alexander W. Wiseman, Anuradha
Sachdev, Thomas Janis, Audree Chase-Mayoral ... for Adult Education and
taught Advanced Academic Reading and Writing for the Office of International

Author: Alexander W. Wiseman

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781781902301

Category: Education

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This volume comparatively examines the way two-year and community college institutions worldwide serve communities in different international contexts for similar purposes; namely, to bridge the gap between academic and technical training with open and accessible learning.

Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources

Aims to serve as a marketplace whereby business editors can easily locate
competent writing talent . ... Associated Writing Programs The Association of MLA
Handbook for Writers of Research Papers . ... Arthur H. Bell . programs worldwide

Author: Linda D. Hall

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0787697036

Category: Business & Economics

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Each updated edition of this detailed resource identifies nearly 35,000 live, print and electronic sources of information listed under more than 1,100 alphabetically arranged subjects -- industries and business concepts and practices. Edited by business information expert James Woy.

The Rush for Second Place

But Salman Rushdie goes on writing, and Fitzwater sealing his contempt
proclaiming “You can run and hide” doing things that ... While funding support for
such independent crusades as PFN's worldwide Freedom to Write programs may
pale ...

Author: William Gaddis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101176979

Category: Literary Collections

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William Gaddis published only four novels during his lifetime, but with those works he earned himself a reputation as one of America's greatest novelists. Less well known is Gaddis's body of excellent critical writings. Here is a wide range of his original essays, some published for the first time. From "'Stop Player. Joke No. 4,'" Gaddis's first national publication and the basis for his projected history of the player piano, to the title essay about missed opportunities in America during the past fifty years, to "Old Foes with New Faces," an examination of the relationship between the writer and the problem of religion-this diverse collection displays the power of an autonomous literary intelligence in an age increasingly dominated by political and religious conservatism.

The Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism

The ability to express oneself in writing is crucial in everyone's life regardless of
variations in one's own linguistic repertoire and ... and reports written by students
in study abroad or international programs, or the reports written by doctors

Author: François Grosjean

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118349731

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

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The Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism presents a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of bilingualism, covering language processing, language acquisition, cognition and the bilingual brain. This thorough introduction to the psycholinguistics of bilingualism is accessible to non-specialists with little previous exposure to the field Introduces students to the methodological approaches currently employed in the field, including observation, experimentation, verbal and computational modelling, and brain imaging Examines spoken and written language processing, simultaneous and successive language acquisition, bilingual memory and cognitive effects, and neurolinguistic and neuro-computational models of the bilingual brain Written in an accessible style by two of the field’s leading researchers, together with contributions from internationally-renowned scholars Featuring chapter-by-chapter research questions, this is an essential resource for those seeking insights into the bilingual mind and our current knowledge of the cognitive basis of bilingualism

Global Competitiveness of U S Advanced technology Industries

Computers United States International Trade Commission ... 1988 1989 1990
1991 1992 Software - Writing Assistance U . S . firms have developed and used
their softwarc - writing skills to assist supcrcomputer users , many of whom musi ...

Author: United States International Trade Commission


ISBN: UCSD:31822016958977

Category: Competition, International


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Power and Identity in the Creative Writing Classroom

It is important to note that we do not have creative writing Master of Fine Arts
programs in Britain; nor are these common in ... by Audrey Petty, the
postgraduate teaching market is certainly very strong in Britain, as it is in many
circles worldwide.

Author: Dr. Anna Leahy

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847696267

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 222

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Power and Identity In the Creative Writing Classroom remaps theories and practices for teaching creative writing at university and college level. This collection critiques well-established approaches for teaching creative writing in all genres and builds a comprehensive and adaptable pedagogy based on issues of authority, power, and identity. A long-needed reflection, this book shapes creative writing pedagogy for the 21st century.

Women Writing and Prison

The It's Easy to W.R.I.T.E. Expressive Writing Series captures the voices of
worldwide experts on the power of writing for ... health professionals, graduate
programs that prepare educators and counselors, facilitators of expressive writing
, and ...

Author: Tobi Jacobi

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475808247

Category: Education

Page: 250

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This collection includes a kaleidoscope of voices and perspectives from prisoners, former prisoners, scholars, and activists to examine the extraordinarily invisible and closed system of incarceration that characterizes the massive U.S. prison industry. The book explores in multiple ways, the role of writing in carceral settings, including material realities, ethics, and social justice. It is a book about the power of writing as well as its limits. It is a book that celebrates and critiques, challenges, and reveals. It is a book that, like the writing of incarcerated women, repays careful reading.

The Writer s Handbook 2005

Author: Elfrieda Abbe

Publisher: Writer

ISBN: 0871162121

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1003

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This valuable writer's handbook includes more than three thousand of the best markets for manuscripts, as well as essays by fifty of the world's finest writers, including Anne Tyler, Dean Koontz, Sara Paretsky, J. A. Jance, and other notables, and handy checklists, sidebars, submission tips, and more. Original.