Henry James Reading the writing Novels novellas and stories

I have therefore chosen , with only the rarest of exceptions , to refer solely to the original edition , which is the important book of one writer , a young man working out of his immediate experience , rather than of two , an old man ...

Author: Graham Clarke


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Is Life Like This A Guide to Writing Your First Novel in Six Months

You can't build a novel without a dictionary. Okay, we were talking about what you'll need. The pen, the paper, the books about words. You'll need a quiet place to write. A place where you will not be interrupted.

Author: John Dufresne

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393065411

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Encourges aspiring writers to take their first tentative steps, with a six-month program that offers exercises designed to sharpen a writer's command of novel-length storytelling.

Writing the Breakout Novel

There is no wrong time to write a breakout novel. A word about terms: There is no agreement in the book business about what exactly constitutes a “breakout,” let alone what is a breakout novel. It is, and should be, many things.

Author: Donald Maass

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781599633251

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Take your fiction to the next level! Maybe you're a first-time novelist looking for practical guidance. Maybe you've already been published, but your latest effort is stuck in mid-list limbo. Whatever the case may be, author and literary agent Donald Maass can show you how to take your prose to the next level and write a breakout novel - one that rises out of obscurity and hits the best-seller lists. Maass details the elements that all breakout novels share - regardless of genre - then shows you writing techniques that can make your own books stand out and succeed in a crowded marketplace. You'll learn to: • establish a powerful and sweeping sense of time and place • weave subplots into the main action for a complex, engrossing story • create larger-than-life characters that step right off the page • explore universal themes that will interest a broad audience of readers • sustain a high degree of narrative tension from start to finish • develop an inspired premise that sets your novel apart from the competition Then, using examples from the recent works of several best-selling authors - including novelist Anne Perry - Maass illustrates methods for upping the ante in every aspect of your novel writing. You'll capture the eye of an agent, generate publisher interest and lay the foundation for a promising career.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Writing a Novel 2nd Edition

Make Your Dream of Writing a Novel Come True Tom Monteleone. not, then they're literary. Anthony Powell's twelve novel sequence A Dance to the Music of Time is going to be immortal, not because it pretends to linguistic innovation, ...

Author: Tom Monteleone

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101198117

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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A completely updated guide for first-time novelists. Completely revised to include new interviews with best-selling authors; more detailed information on writing genre fiction from paranormal romance to cozy mysteries; and everything a writer needs to know about self-publishing and eBooks to get started. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Writing a Novel, Second Edition, is an indispensable reference on how to write and publish a first novel. ?Expert author with over thirty published novels ?Includes interviews with new best-selling novelists ?Features new material on writing genre fiction and self-publishing

The Everything Guide To Writing A Novel

Novels. for. Men. This genre is dedicated to the male reader ages eighteen to thirtyfive and focuses on subjects of particular interest ... While today he is considered a writer of the classics, his work reads more like men's adventure.

Author: Joyce Lavene

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440523038

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This step-by-step guide teaches you the tricks of the trade, with advice on all you need to know to compete in the world of fiction. Whether you are seeking to hone your writing style, shape an existing work-in-progress, or begin the submission process to publishers, successfully published novelists Joyce and Jim Lavene give you all you need to know to set you on the fast track to fulfilling your writing dreams! This authoritative guide shows you how to: Turn your creative idea into a sellable premise Build a strong plot Create realistic characters Develop a first draft Find an agent Market and sell your work to publishers Whether you're writing literary fiction, a terrifying thriller, a sweeping epic, or a passionate romance, The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel is your essential reference to creating the next bestseller!

Maggie Gee Writing the Condition of England Novel

As a variant of the condition-of-England novel, the campus novels of the 1980s both have an impulse to portray social problems and embody some features of experimental writing and postmodernist techniques.

Author: Mine Özyurt Kiliç

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441108784

Category: Literary Criticism

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A detailed study of Maggie Gee's work that illustrates how she is rewriting the mid-Victorian condition-of-England novel for 21st-century Britain.

Writing a Romance Novel For Dummies

Whether this book marks your first foray into writing romance novels or you've been hard at work honing your skills for years, I'm glad you're here. As you read, you'll find lots to interest you and, most of all, help you write a ...

Author: Leslie Wainger

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118053157

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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In love with romance novels? You’re not alone! Romance is today’s most popular fiction genre, accounting for more than half of all mass market fiction sold. If you’re looking to make a serious effort at writing a romance and getting it published in today’s multifaceted markets, you need to learn as much as you can about this highly successful field—especially how to create the perfect heroes and heroines. Now, in this easy, step-by-step guide, a top romance editor gives you the know-how you need to succeed as a romance novelist! Writing A Romance Novel For Dummies is perfect for both beginning and more accomplished writers who are looking to get the leading edge on writing a romance novel and get it published. Leslie Wainger, Executive Editor at Harlequin Books, explains what it takes to become the next Nora Roberts, providing the techniques you need to: Select a pseudonym Write a compelling, heartfelt story Find the right agent and publisher Submit a manuscript Market your novel Join clubs and associations Packed with insider advice, this plain-English guide helps you grasp the building blocks of a great romance, providing practical tips on the craft of writing as well as savvy pointers on how to hook your reader from page one, write with passion, and shape a proposal that will wow agents and editors. You get lots of expert tips on analyzing the marketplace, creating compelling characters, and finding your own voice. Wainger also: Demystifies the sub-genres of the romance world, from historical, contemporary, and multicultural to paranormal, romantic suspense, and Christian/inspirational Explains plotting, pacing, and writing those crucial love scenes Discusses how to conduct research, assign credits, and get permissions Helps you decide whether it’s best to write alone or with a partner Complete with a manuscript preparation checklist, tips for revising your work smoothly and successfully, guidance in understanding and negotiating a contract, and a list of romance writing resources, Writing A Romance Novel For Dummies is your one-stop guide to becoming a published novelist!

Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel Revised and Expanded Edition

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hallie Ephron is the New York Times best - selling author of suspense and mystery novels . Her novels have been called ... The first edition of Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel was an Edgar Award finalist .

Author: Hallie Ephron

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440347221

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 298

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A Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Finalist for Best Critical/Biographical Work Discover the secrets to crafting an unforgettable mystery! To piece together the puzzle of your mystery novel, you need patience, resilience, a solid understanding of the craft, and a clear blueprint for combining the plot, characters, setting, and more. And while patience and resilience must come from you, the essentials of craft and the plan to execute them are right at your fingertips with Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel. This completely revised and updated edition features solid strategies for drafting, revising, and selling an intriguing novel that grips your readers and refuses to let them go. New York Times best-selling author Hallie Ephron shows you how to: • Create a compelling sleuth and a worthy villain • Construct a plot rich in twists, red herrings, and misdirection • Bring the story to a satisfying conclusion • Sharpen characters and optimize pace during revision • Seek publication through both traditional and indie paths Filled with helpful worksheets and exercises for every step of the process, Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel Revised and Expanded reveals the keys to writing a memorable story that will have fans of mystery, suspense, and crime clamoring for more.

Write Your Novel One Day at a Time

How to Write a Novel While Having a Career, a Family, and a Life J. W. Judge. 8. HOW OTHERS HAVE WRITTEN THEIR NOVELS ONE DAY AT A TIME Writing your novel requires intentionality and tenacity. And I know of no better way of ...

Author: J. W. Judge

Publisher: Scarlet Oak Press

ISBN: 9781954974104

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 170

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You’ve always had the ideas for your novel. Now, you can do the work of writing it. Write Your Novel One Day at a Time will help develop the processes to do the creative work of writing your novel. I will show you the power of consistency by giving you a look at my daily word counts and journal entries through the six-month endeavor of writing my third novel while working my day-job as a commercial litigator and raising a young family. My writing has been twenty-five years in the making, and now includes four non-fiction books and three novels. All these books have been written in small chunks, a few hundred words at a time, because small increments are the only ones I have. Through this book, I will show you how showing up daily to do your creative work will help you deliver the book you want to write. But I’m not the only one who has had to juggle writing, family, and a career. In Write Your Novel One Day at a Time, I interview five successful writers who began writing their novels during their professional careers. Through these interviews, and my own experiences, I will help you develop a blueprint for how you can get your creative work done. I am not a guru who has all the answers. I am a writer who is figuring things out as I go. So as I learn on the fly, I want to help flatten the learning curve and provide some encouragement for those of you who also aspire to write novels and get your words and your work into the world.

Writing a Novel and Getting Published For Dummies

Friends and relatives: If you know someone who was around during the historical time you're writing about, ... This may sound obvious but we know a surprising number of people who start writing novels that they aren't really interested ...

Author: George Green

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119992370

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Includes advice on perfecting dialogue, plot, and endings Turn your bright idea into a brilliant novel With a published author advising you on how to write a great novel, and a literary agent on how to get a publishing deal, this guide gives you the complete inside track on the art and science of breaking into the fiction publishing industry. It takes you step-by-step from concept to contract so you have all the tools you need to tell your story with skill, and approach agents and publishers with confidence. Structure your novel Develop believable characters Put the seven basic stories to work Troubleshoot and edit your work Get a good agent Negotiate a deal