Writers and Their Mothers

Wherever we lived, a desk, borrowed or bought second-hand, stood in a room without a door but that still provided my mother a modicum of privacy to write. Covered with her papers and notebooks in tidy stacks, her desk nestled in its ...

Author: Dale Salwak

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319683485

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 258

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Ian McEwan, Margaret Drabble, Martin Amis, Rita Dove, Andrew Motion and Anthony Thwaite are among the twenty-two distinguished contributors of original essays to this landmark volume on the profound and frequently perplexing bond between writer and mother. In compelling detail they bring to life the thoughts, work, loves, friendships, passions and, above all, the influence of mothers upon their literary offspring from Shakespeare to the present. Many of the contributors evoke the ideal with fond and loving memories: understanding, selfless, spiritual, tender, protective, reassuring and self-assured mothers who created environments favorable to the development of their children’s gifts. At the opposite end of the parenting spectrum, however, we also see tortured mothers who ignored, interfered with, smothered or abandoned their children. Their early years were times of traumatic loss, unhappily dominated by death and human frailty. Elegantly assembled and presented, Writers and Their Mothers will appeal to everyone interested in biography, literature, and creativity in general.

Mothers Through the Eyes of Women Writers

Foreword Judith Shapiro—“In some societies, women believe that heaven is a place where they will be reunited with their mothers”. In some societies, women are accorded great respect for being mothers,”—the book warns that “Today...we ...

Author: Judith Shapiro

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1609256476

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

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Fifty daughters, from literary luminaries to award-winning voices of the next generation, take on a topic at once tender and challenging — mothers. They offer essays, stories, and poems that explore how perceptions of mothers have changed. Contributors include Natalie Angier, Zora Neale Hurston, Erica Jong, Edwidge Danticat, Margaret Mead, and Anna Quindlen.

The Mother s Legacy in Early Modern England

Similarly, legacy writers argue for the unparalleled worth of their advice, for it is grounded in a mother's bodily connection to her baby. This connection is so passionate, so potent, they argue, that it endures past death.

Author: Ms Jennifer Heller

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409478713

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 244

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Using printed and manuscript texts composed between 1575 and 1672, Jennifer Heller defines the genre of the mother's legacy as a distinct branch of the advice tradition in early modern England that takes the form of a dying mother's pious counsel to her children. Reading these texts in light of specific cultural contexts, social trends, and historical events, Heller explores how legacy writers used the genre to secure personal and family status, to shape their children's beliefs and behaviors, and to intervene in the period's tumultuous religious and political debates. The author's attention to the fine details of the period's religious and political swings, drawn from sources such as royal proclamations, sermons, and first-hand accounts of book-burnings, creates a fuller context for her analysis of the legacies. Similarly, Heller explains the appeal of the genre by connecting it to social factors including mortality rates and inheritance practices. Analyses of related genres, such as conduct books and fathers' legacies, highlight the unique features and functions of mothers' legacies. Heller also attends to the personal side of the genre, demonstrating that a writer's education, marriages, children, and turns of fortune affect her work within the genre.

Between Mothers and Sons

Providing essays on motherhood and raising sons, nineteen acclaimed women writers share their thoughts on the role of mothers, gender development, and the relationship of sons with their mothers

Author: Patricia Stevens

Publisher: Scribner Book Company

ISBN: UOM:39015046488394

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 255

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Providing essays on motherhood and raising sons, nineteen acclaimed women writers share their thoughts on the role of mothers, gender development, and the relationship of sons with their mothers


PA WOMAN WRITING THINKS BACK THROUGH HER MOTHERS . " - VIRGINIA WOOLF In this intensely emotional and fascinating collection of nonfiction , nineteen well - known women writers describe their mothers ' influence on their lives and work ...

Author: Susan Cahill

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: UCSC:32106008122381

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 331

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Women authors convey their relationships with their mothers in essays, memoirs, and letters that span many generations, settings and ways of life and show the universal strength of mother-daughter bonds

Spanish Women Writers and Spain s Civil War

This uncertainty might suggest a minimization of a writer's capabilities, but it is ultimately the woman as writer ... In contrast to these two women, who had careers and debated feminist issues, the women of their mothers' time lived ...

Author: Maryellen Bieder

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781134777167

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 250

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The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) pitted conservative forces including the army, the Church, the Falange (fascist party), landowners, and industrial capitalists against the Republic, installed in 1931 and supported by intellectuals, the petite bourgeoisie, many campesinos (farm laborers), and the urban proletariat. Provoking heated passions on both sides, the Civil War soon became an international phenomenon that inspired a number of literary works reflecting the impact of the war on foreign and national writers. While the literature of the period has been the subject of scholarship, women's literary production has not been studied as a body of work in the same way that literature by men has been, and its unique features have not been examined. Addressing this lacuna in literary studies, this volume provides fresh perspectives on well-known women writers, as well as less studied ones, whose works take the Spanish Civil War as a theme. The authors represented in this collection reflect a wide range of political positions. Writers such as Maria Zambrano, Mercè Rodoreda, and Josefina Aldecoa were clearly aligned with the Republic, whereas others, including Mercedes Salisachs and Liberata Masoliver, sympathized with the Nationalists. Most, however, are situated in a more ambiguous political space, although the ethics and character portraits that emerge in their works might suggest Republican sympathies. Taken together, the essays are an important contribution to scholarship on literature inspired by this pivotal point in Spanish history.

Mother Knows

The stunning stories in this anthology—many of which have never appeared anywhere except in Glimmer Train Stories—explore one of the most complex emotional and psychological ties of all: motherhood, and its many facets. The writers in ...

Author: Susan Burmeister-Brown

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416503354

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Ann Beattie, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Bausch, and twenty-one other celebrated American writers contribute to this moving anthology of fiction, compiled by the editors of the Glimmer Train literary quarterly. In the ten-plus years since Susan Burmeister-Brown and Linda B. Swanson-Davies founded Glimmer Train, they have introduced an astonishing array of talented and innovative authors to a growing readership hungry for inspiring fiction. The stunning stories in this anthology -- many of which have never appeared anywhere except in Glimmer Train Stories -- explore one of the most complex emotional and psychological ties of all: motherhood, and its many facets. The writers in Mother Knows include established authors as well as up-and-coming talents like Junot DÍaz and award-winning writers like Robin Bradford, Nancy Reisman, Lee Martin, and Doug Crandell. Their stories demonstrate that motherhood is more than toilet training and tantrum control, as they portray the full, fierce, joyous, and frightening range of experience that marks this state of being. Mother Knows is a thoughtful and powerful exploration of the most mysterious bond in life.

Irish Women Writers

Morgan and her younger sister, Olivia, received a sporadic education at Protestant boarding schools near Dublin and finished school after their mother's death in 1789. As a student, Morgan read Shakespeare and Irish legends.

Author: Alexander G. Gonzalez

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313328831

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 348

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Surveys the lives and works of roughly 75 Irish women writers active in a range of genres and periods.

Women Times Three

Writers, Detectives, Readers Kathleen Gregory Klein ... As Virginia Woolf had earlier urged that women writers think back through their mothers and write out of the fullness of their female history , so too feminist critics among the ...

Author: Kathleen Gregory Klein

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 0879726822

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 166

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The essays' authors are not only widely published scholar-critics of mystery/detective fiction but also dedicated fans of the genre. Familiar with the full scope of mystery fiction, they bring insight and enthusiasm to their writing.

Multiculturalism in Israel

Yet all of them focus on the relationships of the mother and her children (or grandchildren) in the context of the latter's ... As the authors usually confront their own childhood, examining their mother's role in their lives, ...

Author: Adia Mendelson-Maoz

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 9781612493640

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 368

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By analyzing its position within the struggles for recognition and reception of different national and ethnic cultural groups, this book offers a bold new picture of Israeli literature. Through comparative discussion of the literatures of Palestinian citizens of Israel, of Mizrahim, of migrants from the former Soviet Union, and of Ethiopian-Israelis, the author demonstrates an unexpected richness and diversity in the Israeli literary scene, a reality very different from the monocultural image that Zionism aspired to create. Drawing on a wide body of social and literary theory, Mendelson-Maoz compares and contrasts the literatures of the four communities she profiles. In her discussion of the literature of the Palestinian citizens of Israel, she presents the question of language and translation, and she provides three case studies of particular authors and their reception. Her study of Mizrahi literature adopts a chronological approach, starting in the 1950s and proceeding toward contemporary Mizrahi writing, while discussing questions of authenticity and self-determination. The discussion of Israeli literature written by immigrants from the former Soviet Union focuses both on authors who write Israeli literature in Russian and of Russian immigrants writing in Hebrew. The final section of the book provides a valuable new discussion of the work of Ethiopian-Israeli writers, a group whose contributions have seldom been previously acknowledged. The picture that emerges from this groundbreaking book replaces the traditional, homogeneous historical narrative of Israeli literature with a diversity of voices, a multiplicity of origins, and a wide range of different perspectives. In doing so, it will provoke researchers in a wide range of cultural fields to look at the rich traditions that underlie it in new and fresh ways.

The Westminster Review

Nearly all contemporary authors every generation ? Becanse their mothers are are more or less distinguished by this accent , that half starved . Why is woman's virtue but a name Because is to say , when their pens are in their bands ...



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Aimer et mourir

almost scientifically by the “entomologist” (the writer-mother), but precisely through this objective attention to ... She remarks upon her utter absorption in her son, the difficulty of their physical separation and her sudden sixth ...

Author: Eilene Hoft-March

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443804578

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 330

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Aimer et Mourir offers a wide-ranging selection of essays that collectively address how, from the Middle Ages to the present, the notions of love and death get inextricably associated with the narratives that are women’s lives. Some of the essays tackle male writers’ representations that link women and, in particular, women’s sexuality, with death, resulting in the figures of the femme fatale, the woman in parturition, and the desiring vampire. A number of essays reiterate that women’s hyper-sexualized bodies have been used as a social construct and a psychological screen upon which to project a fear of death. The challenges to this pat reduction of “woman’s” domain come from the mostly women writers represented here—and they span from Marguerite de Navarre to Amélie Nothomb. These women writers rework the old formulae, giving us instead death-defying memories of love, love regenerative of language (as of bodies), love forcing the frontiers of death, or love creatively redefined within the parameters of death. Nor are these new narratives imagined as belonging to women alone but rather as attesting to a richer, more varied, and greatly sensitized human experience.

Reading Like a Writer

One night at afamily dinner—always a tense occasion, because their father was apassionate carnivore and their mother a strict vegetarian—the father began to yell that the dining room stank to high heaven, and that it was the mother's ...

Author: Francine Prose

Publisher: Union Books

ISBN: 9781908526144

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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DIV In her entertaining and edifying New York Times bestseller, acclaimed author Francine Prose invites you to sit by her side and take a guided tour of the tools and tricks of the masters to discover why their work has endured. Written with passion, humour and wisdom, Reading Like a Writer will inspire readers to return to literature with a fresh eye and an eager heart – to take pleasure in the long and magnificent sentences of Philip Roth and the breathtaking paragraphs of Isaac Babel; to look to John le Carré for a lesson in how to advance plot through dialogue and to Flannery O’Connor for the cunning use of the telling detail; to be inspired by Emily Brontë’s structural nuance and Charles Dickens’s deceptively simple narrative techniques. Most importantly, Prose cautions readers to slow down and pay attention to words, the raw material out of which all literature is crafted, and reminds us that good writing comes out of good reading. /div

The Writer s Workplace

In one national survey, over half the working mothers reported that they had either changed jobs or cut back on their hours in order to be more available to their children. problem solution 4. Many mothers who work do so only when their ...

Author: John Scarry

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P

ISBN: 0155037250

Category: College readers

Page: 559

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Written Maternal Authority and Eighteenth Century Education in Britain

Mothers in novels still suffered from the contradictory expectations of mothers and wives, but the women writers examined ... By adopting the trope of educative maternity to underpin their authority as writers, women writing educational ...

Author: Ms Rebecca Davies

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409451686

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

View: 127


Arguing that the location of idealised maternity for women is in the act of writing educational discourse rather than in the physical performance of the maternal role, Davies plots the formation of a written paradigm of maternal education that associates maternity with educational authority. She examines a wide range of genres by authors that include Samuel Richardson, Mary Wollstonecraft, Maria Edgeworth and Jane Austen.

Supporting Research Writing

benefits novice writers, specifically those writing a doctoral thesis. ... Yet merely by having their texts edited, even these struggling and unwilling authors can learn skills and ... language that is not their mother tongue.

Author: Valerie Matarese

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781780633503

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 330

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Supporting Research Writing explores the range of services designed to facilitate academic writing and publication in English by non-native English-speaking (NNES) authors. It analyses the realities of offering services such as education, translation, editing and writing, and then considers the challenges and benefits that result when these boundaries are consciously blurred. It thus provides an opportunity for readers to reflect on their professional roles and the services that will best serve their clients’ needs. A recurring theme is, therefore, the interaction between language professional and client-author. The book offers insights into the opportunities and challenges presented by considering ourselves first and foremost as writing support professionals, differing in our primary approach (through teaching, translating, editing, writing, or a combination of those) but with a common goal. This view has major consequences for the training of professionals who support English-language publication by NNES academics and scientists. Supporting Research Writing will therefore be a stimulus to professional development for those who support English-language publication in real-life contexts and an important resource for those entering the profession. Takes a holistic approach to writing support and reveals how it is best conceived as a spectrum of overlapping and interrelated professional activities Stresses the importance of understanding the real-world needs of authors in their quest to publish Provides insights into the approaches used by experienced practitioners across Europe

I Am a Japanese Writer

Last year they were still reading Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, dreaming of a three-day blow downtown, once they'd assured their mothers they'd be staying with a cousin. Later they'd move on to Kerouac, carry him out to Vancouver in a ...

Author: Dany LaFerrière

Publisher: D & M Publishers

ISBN: 1553656393

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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A devilishly intelligent new novel by the internationally bestselling author and Prix Médicis winner, Dany Lafferière. A black writer from Montreal has found the perfect title for his next book I Am a Japanese Writer. His publisher gives him an advance on the strength of the title alone. The problem is, he can't seem to write a word of it. He can scarcely summon the energy to put pen to paper, and so he nurses his writer's block by taking long baths, re-reading the works of Japanese poet Basho and engaging in amorous intrigues with rising pop star Midori and her entourage of vampire girls. Part postmodern fantasy, part Kafkaesque nightmare and part travelogue to the inner reaches of the self, I Am a Japanese Writer calls into question everything we think we know about what — and who — makes a work of art.

Sacred Stories

Similarly, Orthodox moral teaching did not distinguish between women and men regarding their responsibilities to ... writers generally charged both parents with the upbringing of their children, they commonly assigned to mothers the ...

Author: Mark D. Steinberg

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253218506

Category: History

Page: 420

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Examines religious narratives, beliefs, and practices in late Imperial Russia