Write Way Home

Write Way Home is a personal, engaging story about one writer’s quest to navigate her way back from the brink with the help of a daily creative practice.

Author: Hedley Derenzie

Publisher: Brio Books Pty Ltd

ISBN: 9781925589221

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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‘What a great book and what an achievement. I loved it. It’s pithy (in a sharp way), at times funny and at times heart-breaking but always optimistic. Above all, it’s inspirational.’ —Bob Selden, bestselling author of What to Do When You Become the Boss After a failed suicide attempt, author Hedley Derenzie decided rather than escaping life, she would write her way through it, every day for the next thirty-one days. What started out as a simple yet challenging exercise soon turned into a life-changing adventure. It became an exploration of the creative process and what it means to find true fulfilment. Write Way Home is a personal, engaging story about one writer’s quest to navigate her way back from the brink with the help of a daily creative practice. Written in clear and simple language, it offers insights and practical suggestions to anyone who might be feeling stuck or lost and looking for a way out — as in, a way back to life.

The Long Way Home

One Mom's Journey Home From War Jessica Scott. neatly in order of publication.
I can't ... SO ONCE MORE I find myself at a crossroads in my writing career, trying
to find a way forward withsomething thatwill sell. Hell at thispoint, I'm thrilledto ...

Author: Jessica Scott

Publisher: Jessica Scott

ISBN: 9781482642315

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 310

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My name is Jessica Scott. I am a soldier. I am a mother. I am a wife. In 2009, Army second lieutenant Jessica Scott deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. She thought deploying was the hardest thing she'd ever do. She was wrong. This is the story of a mother coming home from war and learning to be a mom again. This is the story of a lieutenant making the grade and becoming a company commander. This is the journey of a writer persevering through a hundred rejections. This is the story of a soldier learning to be a woman again. This is the story of a wife waiting for the end of a war. This is the journey as it happened, without commentary. This is her blog. There are many blogs from the Iraq war, but this one is hers.

Mapping My Way Home

But first, before years of child-rearing brought an end to my travels, I wanted one
more trip back to Africa. But how? The answer came with a phone ... “I wish I
could write the way you write,” he continued. “If your book is as good as your
articles, ...

Author: Stephanie Urdang

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781583676677

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Stephanie Urdang was born in Cape Town, South Africa, into a white, Jewish family staunchly opposed to the apartheid regime. In 1967, at the age of twenty-three, no longer able to tolerate the grotesque iniquities and oppression of apartheid, she chose exile and emigrated to the United States. There she embraced feminism, met anti-apartheid and solidarity movement activists, and encountered a particularly American brand of racial injustice. Urdang also met African revolutionaries such as Amilcar Cabral, who would influence her return to Africa and her subsequent journalism. In 1974, she trekked through the liberation zones of Guinea-Bissau during its war of independence; in the 1980’s, she returned repeatedly to Mozambique and saw how South Africa was fomenting a civil war aimed to destroy the newly independent country. From the vantage point of her activism in the United States, and from her travels in Africa, Urdang tracked and wrote about the slow, inexorable demise of apartheid that led to South Africa’s first democratic elections, when she could finally return home. Urdang’s memoir maps out her quest for the meaning of home and for the lived reality of revolution with empathy, courage, and a keen eye for historical and geographic detail. This is a personal narrative, beautifully told, of a journey traveled by an indefatigable exile who, while yearning for home, continued to question where, as a citizen of both South Africa and the United States, she belongs. “My South Africa!” she writes, on her return in 1991, after the release of Nelson Mandela, “How could I have imagined for one instant that I could return to its beauty, and not its pain?”

Finding Your Way Home

Whenever things got really bad, I would go for my journal and start writing down
all my feelings, thoughts, and strategies. Writing, for me, was a therapy - a
constructive way to help dissipate a good deal of stress and depression, and
channel ...

Author: Lucynda Koesters

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781418489649

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 336

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Part-Time Dad, Full-Time Heart is a book to encourage and give hope to Dads. Many changes in our society dictate a single adult raising children. Whether you are a part-time Dad due to divorce, a young Dad wishing to learn success secrets, you have chosen to be part-time due to employment arrangements, or any other innumerable reasons, this book is for you. Keith Jowers has a personal passion to reach Dads and communicates how to keep a connection to their children for life. He shares how Dads can change the next generation by their influence, character and love. He shares humorous, real-life stories, but simple and insightful ways to interact more with your children and make being a Dad exciting. Keith heard a judge by court order declare him a part-time Dad, but in his heart, he heard God's voice telling him he could have a full-time love and relationship with his daughter if he really wanted it. Each chapter of the book provides a commentary and perspective from his daughter, Kristina. She shares the proven, incredible difference that her Dad played in her life and what it means to a child's future to have the Dad connection.

Can t Find My Way Home

Savannah grinned back. ... When I was younger than you I used to write short
stories sometimes, but I wasn't really trying and they weren't very good. It wasn't
until I was about fifteen that I got serious and spent all my free time writing. That
time ...

Author: Carlene Thompson

Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 9781780106038

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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A woman returns to her Chesapeake Bay hometown to face the demons of her past in this romantic suspense novel—“an excellent read” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Twelve-year-old Brynn Wilder and her brother Mark receive a traumatic double shock when their father is found dead in the woods—and then identified as Maryland’s notorious Genessa Point Killer. Eighteen years later, the emotional scars still haven’t healed for the Wilder family, and now Mark is back in Genessa Point to clear his father’s name. Though Brynn swore she’d never return, a series of cryptic phone messages suggest that her brother needs her. Then Mark suddenly goes missing, and Brynn must turn to Genessa Point’s new Sheriff, Garret Dane, for help. Brynn has good reason not to trust the Dane family—after all, it was Garret’s father who convinced the town of her own father’s guilt. But as they work together to find Mark, Brynn and Garret discover that deadly danger still lurks in Genessa Point. And uncovering the truth of the past may also lead them to a future together.

Long Way Home

GENA DALTON wanted to be a professional writer since she learned to read at
the age of four. ... school teacher and then a college professor/dean of women
instead, and began to write after she was married and a stay-at-home mother.

Author: Gena Dalton

Publisher: Steeple Hill

ISBN: 9781459210370

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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The only man Jo Lena Speirs had ever loved had finally come home. And though she hadn't seen Monte McMahan for years, she recognized him the instant she saw him. She would have known him anywhere, just by the way her heart left her body. Jo Lena knew she still loved him, but she had more at stake this time than just her heart.... After six years on the professional bull riding circuit, Monte McMahan had returned to the Rocking M Ranch. Wounded, Monte thought he sought solitude but instead found himself drawn to Jo Lena and the precocious niece who called her Mom. Would the love of the woman he'd left behind be strong enough to heal his broken spirit?

The Long Way Home

WRITE. TO. LIVE. After losing Summer and reluctantly pulling apart from Esa, I
felt a tremendous change come over me. I was growing extremely tired of my life.
For the first time I was unable to function normally. I even struggled mightily on
the ...

Author: Odell Richardson Jr.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449004132

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 660

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The Long Way "Home" The Testimony, is a first of its kind from the inner-city streets of Baltimore, Maryland. This narrative, non-fiction story is NOT a glorification of the dispair that plagues many urban districts throughout our country, but it is an informative, intense, detailed, urban centerpiece, that goes against conventional wisdom of what society may believe about the inner-city and many of its occupants. This story bridges a gap many believed could not be. It's a unique approach to the harsh realities of the streets, and to life as a whole. It's a story about change, decisions, and consequences. This is one man's story. It's an urban story about God. This is certainly not a street tale, lacking depth; one without significant meaning or positive goals. This story is about family, trials, perseverance, love, God, life, and its purpose. This read will erase any doubt, and convince all, that anything is possible for anyone. The author assures us all that this is a story told with two main goals in mind; to Glorify God, and to strive for a good future while loving every human being along the way.

The Long Way Home

In fact, there have been times while writing this book that I have thought about
quitting, because there is so much I can't ... As soon as I write that, I know there
will be some wellmeaning soul who will try to fix me. ... 101 The Long Way Home.

Author: Laura Mullenix

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781622300150

Category: Religion

Page: 110

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Pastor's wife...do you feel You have become disconnected from the Lord, while serving others? Loneliness from being so far from family and friends? Others expect more than you can give? Desperate in your given situation? Want to simply love your Lord and Savior, and find peace, rest and hope? If you have thought about any of these, this book is for you. It's one of life's puzzling ambiguities; a path dedicated to devotion to God and service to others can lead one away from actually walking with God. Unfortunately, church ministry can have that bitter side effect. The Long Road Home comes alongside ministry wives as they trudge this path - examining the struggles with painful honesty; calling one and all back to their First Love. Laura Mullenix is the Founder and Director of BethNuah Ministries. BethNuah (House of Rest) has been a source of hope and encouragement for ministry wives since 2005. Laura is a wife, mother, grandmother and has over 30 years of experience serving churches alongside her husband, Tom. Drawing from this background, Laura lovingly serves ministers' wives and pastors' wives through BethNuah. In this book, Laura shares from her heart and experiences, providing direct, yet gentle guidance in allowing God to meet the needs of ministry wives. Laura is available for public speaking. www.bethnuahministries.com

The Way Home

It was the right thing to do. Why couldn't he see it that way? Whatever he was
thinking was pushed aside for the moment as he refocused them on their real
issues at present. 'Read the message on the card. See if it gives you any idea
where ...

Author: Nhys Glover

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781291608786

Category: Fiction

Page: 126

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Those who see the ghostly figure of the WWII fighter pilot in the English farmhouse garden at Grange End are destined to die within a week of that sighting. But when Cassie Grant not only sees the Polish flying ace in the garden but talks to him in her bedroom, it's clear that something more than a prediction of death is at work here. Hawk has been waiting for something at Grange End for nearly 70 years and from the first moment he sees the fragile beauty at the upper window he realises what it is - Cassie! But is he there to accompany her to the other side when her time is up or is his increasingly corporeal presence meant for something else? When the enemy of the past becomes the enemy of the present, Hawk is determined to save Cassie from her untimely death, even if he has to cross the boundaries between Life and Afterlife to do it.

Finding a Way Home

His Easy Rawlins and Fearless Jones series stand among the best mystery
novels that have been published in recent decades, mostly because Mosley does
not purport to write stereotypical hard-boiled narratives but to examine the deeply

Author: Owen E. Brady

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781604733358

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

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Essays by Owen E. Brady, Kelly C. Connelly, Juan F. Elices, Keith Hughes, Derek C. Maus, Jerrilyn McGregory, Laura Quinn, Francesca Canadé Sautman, Daniel Stein, Lisa B. Thompson, Terrence Tucker, and Albert U. Turner, Jr. In Finding a Way Home, thirteen essays by scholars from four countries trace Walter Mosley's distinctive approach to representing African American responses to the feeling of homelessness in an inhospitable America. Mosley (b. 1952) writes frequently of characters trying to construct an idea of home and wrest a sense of dignity, belonging, and hope from cultural and communal resources. These essays examine Mosley's queries about the meaning of “home” in various social and historical contexts. Essayists consider the concept—whether it be material, social, cultural, or virtual—in all three of Mosley's detective/crime fiction series (Easy Rawlins, Socrates Fortlow, and Fearless Jones), his three books of speculative fiction, two of his “literary” novels (RL's Dream, The Man in My Basement), and in his recent social and political nonfiction. Essays here explore Mosley's modes of expression, his testing of the limitations of genre, his political engagement in prose, his utopian/dystopian analyses, and his uses of parody and vernacular culture. Finding a Way Home provides rich discussions, explaining the development of Mosley's work.

No Way Home

... well groomed and well mannered, respectful of age and authority, Hardy had
fought the system all the way. spoilt and ... their teacher, as she turned her back
to the class to write on the blackboard, and tried the patience of all staff by being

Author: Amarjit Sidhu

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 9780143064640

Category: Domestic fiction

Page: 252

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Fiction and Non fiction Writing Frames

The completed frames should be used as drafts or plans to write stories . 3,4
Linear Journey There is a sense of progression in this structure . There is the start
of a journey , events ' en On my Way Home by Jill Murphy route ' , which usually ...

Author: Jane Richards

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 0174024134

Category: English language

Page: 47

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This new resource from Wellington Square contains a book of writing frames and a durable companion Big Book - the perfect shared writing resource for your lower ability children.

Way Home

Ah! Yes—I almost forgot. I need a new car desperately. The old Austin is giving
me endless trouble. Just write out a cheque of twenty thousand. I'll do everything
else.' 'That's no problem,' Sethji said. 'But I'll have to leave you now. I have urgent


Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9788184759792

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 282

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The Way Home" brings together in one volume fourteen stories representing the very best of contemporary Bengali short fiction. Showcasing some of Bengal's finest writers at their creative best - Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay and Rajshekhar Basu, Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay and Ashapurna Devi - these stories deal with a myriad human themes that are at once individual and universal. From "The Brahmin", Tarashankar Bandopadhyay's treatise on greed, gluttony and tragic human experience, to "The Fugitive and the Stalkers", Sunil Gangopadhyay's trenchant tale of violence and retribution set in the days of the Naxal movement in Bengal; from Samaresh Basu's harrowing look at poverty and its degrading effect in "The Crossing" to Narendranath Mitra's lyrical take on the impact of triple talaq on Muslim women in "Sap", the collection evokes different lifestyles, while reflecting problems and issues with which we can all identify.

All the Way Home

I would write , and rewrite , and re - rewrite letter after letter , mostly to people who
never wrote back . Then I started ... I followed Mrs . Schaeffer ' s advice again ,
writing letters to the editor and gradually working my way up to an article or two .

Author: Mary Pride


ISBN: UOM:49015001298281

Category: Families

Page: 284

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All the Way Home is the long-awaited sequel to Mary Pride's revolutionary book, The Way Home. Building on the theme of the home as the center of life, this book will change your ideas on what is possible for families today. More than a problem-solving manual, this text helps families do it right from the start.

The Way Home

Often I would come home from classes in the afternoon and learn that Stephanie
had slept in her arms for hours. I thought of Tante Betty ... By the time I started to
write my Ph.D. dissertation, Bob and I were separating. I no longer made jokes ...

Author: Ernestine Bradley

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307429599

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Growing up in Bavaria during World War II, Ernestine Bradley came to know wartime dislocations and food shortages, along with the challenges of taking care of her siblings while her mother was ill. The men of her hometown were away at war, but their absence created an exciting unexpected freedom–a freedom she sought again at 21 when she became a stewardess, moved to New York and went on to marry a shy basketball star who played for the New York Knicks. Yet the paradoxes of her childhood shaped Bradley’s life. Her hard-won discipline helped her maintain a full-time career as a professor while she commuted weekly to Washington and her husband’s public life; and Germany’s literary response to the holocaust of which she had been unaware became her scholarly passion. Cancer confronted her with a personal war, ultimately demanding a vulnerability she had never allowed herself. Frank, warm, and deeply moving, The Way Home is an inspiring American story. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Long Way Home

It was in my box, but I didn't write it. It's not even my handwriting.” Alexiswalked
over and handed the paper to Tilly, who glanced at it and smiled knowingly. “You'
reright. It'snot one of yours. Your father wrote it.” “Dad? You're joking.” “He wroteit

Author: Neve Cottrell

Publisher: Tropic Turtle Press

ISBN: 9780990851608

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Tyler Barnes can’t believe his eyes when Alexis MacAdams walks back into his life. His high school crush left Mangrove Island seventeen years ago and never looked back. He’s held on to the memory of her, even though she never gave him a second glance. Now Alexis is back for the holidays and Tyler is determined to make a lasting impression before she slips away again. He soon learns, however, that her broken heart needs to heal before he has a chance to win it. Can Tyler convince her to risk her heart for a second time?

The Long Way Home

... by acknowledging the Ngunnawal people, the traditional owners of the land on
which the conference which led me to write this chapter was held. ... And I also
want to pay my respects to the ancestral spirits and to the spirits of those who are
not yet home in the land of their birth. I feel we have a long way to go in the
process of repatriation for there are many of our ancestral remains still in
institutions and ...

Author: Paul Turnbull

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781845459581

Category: Art

Page: 207

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Paul Turnbull is a Professor of history in the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland. He has written extensively on nineteenth-century racial thought, and the theft and repatriation of Indigenous bodily remains. His recent publications include (with Cressida Fforde and Jane Hubert) the co-edited volume The Dead and their Possessions (Routledge). --

The Long Way Home

The secretaries supplied to help on the wards did not speak, read or write
English, which made them a hindrance. For example, they wrote the patients'
menus in Arabic, and even nurses who spoke some Arabic couldn't read more
than I could ...

Author: Lydia Laube

Publisher: Wakefield Press

ISBN: 9781862548992



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