Worth Writing about

It was more a feeling that the value of memoir writing transcended the list of writing skills the Common Core laid out. Memoir was more than just one of many genres that could be used to target narrative writing standards.

Author: Jake Wizner

Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers

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On Life Writing

I think that these depictions are worth writing about themselves because all stories about the lives of writers, whatever their claims to historical impartiality, are first and foremost works of literary criticism.

Author: Zachary Leader

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191081361

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'Life-writing' is a generic term meant to encompass a range of writings about lives or parts of lives, or which provide materials out of which lives or parts of lives are composed. These writings include not only memoir, autobiography, biography, diaries, autobiographical fiction, and biographical fiction, but letters, writs, wills, written anecdotes, depositions, marginalia, lyric poems, scientific and historical writings, and digital forms (including blogs, tweets, Facebook entries). On Life-Writing offers a sampling of approaches to the study of life-writing, introducing readers to something of the range of forms the term encompasses, their changing fortunes and features, the notions of 'life,' 'self' and 'story' which help to explain these changing fortunes and features, recent attempts to group forms, the permeability of the boundaries between forms, the moral problems raised by life-writing in all forms, but particularly in fictional forms, and the relations between life-writing and history, life-writing and psychoanalysis, life-writing and philosophy. The essays mostly focus on individual instances rather than fields, whether historical, theoretical or generic. Generalizations are grounded in particulars. For example, the role of the 'life-changing encounter,' a frequent trope in literary life-writing, is pondered by Hermione Lee through an account of a much-storied first meeting between the philosopher Isaiah Berlin and the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova; James Shapiro examines the history of the 'cradle to grave' life-narrative, as well as the potential distortions it breeds, by focusing on Shakespeare biography, in particular attempts to explain Shakespeare's so-called 'lost years'.

The Cambridge Companion to Autobiography

He derides the belief that realizing such fantasies in any way certifies that one has “created a life” worth writing about. For Gass, the empty narcissism that prevails in so much contemporary life-writing suggests a growing need to ...

Author: Maria DiBattista

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139952323

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The Cambridge Companion to Autobiography offers a historical overview of the genre from the foundational works of Augustine, Montaigne, and Rousseau through the great autobiographies of the Romantic, Victorian, and modern eras. Sixteen essays from distinguished scholars and critics explore the diverse forms, audiences, styles, and motives of life writings traditionally classified under the rubric of autobiography. Chapters are arranged in chronological order and are grouped to reflect changing views of the psychological status, representative character, and moral authority of the autobiographical text. The volume closes with a group portrait of late-modernist and contemporary autobiographies that, by blurring the dividing line between fiction and non-fiction, expand our understanding of the genre. Accessibly written and comprehensive in scope, the volume will appeal especially to students and teachers of non-fiction narrative, creative writing, and literature more broadly.

Complete First Language English for Cambridge IGCSE

A story worth writing is worth writing well. So think before you write! Before you even start making a plan, decide on these points. ○ ○ ○ Who you are writing for? Who is your audience? What you are writing about?

Author: Jane Arredondo

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children

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Comprehensively matched to the latest Cambridge IGCSE syllabus (0500), including changes to the Reading paper. This updated and literature-led resource is packed with age-appropriate text extracts, focused activities and embedded exam guidance.

Writing Worth Reading

An unusually practical rhetoric and handbook, Writing Worth Reading helps students develop the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills necessary for college-level work while it emphasizes the vital connections among them.

Author: Nancy Huddleston Packer

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

ISBN: 0312061013

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An unusually practical rhetoric and handbook, Writing Worth Reading helps students develop the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills necessary for college-level work while it emphasizes the vital connections among them.

Rethinking Thought

tingle” tells him that a person or place has meaning for him and that it's worth writing about. He compares this sensation to the “little sob in the spine” that Vladimir Nabokov hoped people would feel when they read Lolita.

Author: Laura Otis

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190213466

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Rethinking Thought takes readers into the minds of 30 creative thinkers to show how greatly the experience of thought can vary. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever been told, "You're not thinking!", because his or her way of thinking differs so much from a spouse's, employer's, or teacher's. The book focuses on individual experiences with visual mental images and verbal language that are used in planning, problem-solving, reflecting, remembering, and forging new ideas. It approaches the question of what thinking is by analyzing variations in the way thinking feels. Written by neuroscientist-turned-literary scholar Laura Otis, Rethinking Thought juxtaposes creative thinkers' insights with recent neuroscientific discoveries about visual mental imagery, verbal language, and thought. Presenting the results of new, interview-based research, it offers verbal portraits of novelist Salman Rushdie, engineer Temple Grandin, American Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey, and Nobel prize-winning biologist Elizabeth Blackburn. It also depicts the unique mental worlds of two award-winning painters, a flamenco dancer, a game designer, a cartoonist, a lawyer-novelist, a theoretical physicist, and a creator of multi-agent software. Treating scientists and artists with equal respect, it creates a dialogue in which neuroscientific findings and the introspections of creative thinkers engage each other as equal partners. The interviews presented in this book indicate that many creative people enter fields requiring skills that don't come naturally. Instead, they choose professions that demand the hardest work and the greatest mental growth. Instead of classifying people as "visual" or "verbal," educators and managers need to consider how thinkers combine visual and verbal skills and how those abilities can be further developed. By showing how greatly individual experiences of thought can vary, this book aims to help readers in all professions better understand and respect the diverse people with whom they work.

SAT Advanced Practice

Because of this, the young man or woman writing today has forgotten the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can make good writing because only that is worth writing about, worth the agony and the sweat.

Author: Kaplan Test Prep

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If you're looking to get a top score on the SAT, Kaplan's SAT Advanced Practice workbook has the high-difficulty practice and expert strategies you need to face the toughest questions with confidence. Essential Practice Seven practice sets with advanced, high-difficulty questions to help you score the most points More than 700 questions with detailed answers and explanations Kaplan's exclusive score-raising strategies and methods show you the best way to attack the most difficult SAT questions Comprehensive review of all sections on the test Expert Guidance We know the test: Our Learning Engineers have put tens of thousands of hours into studying the SAT – using real data to design the most effective strategies and study plans. Kaplan's expert psychometricians make sure our practice questions and study materials are true to the test. We invented test prep—Kaplan (www.kaptest.com) has been helping students for almost 80 years, and more than 95% of our students get into their top-choice schools. Our proven strategies have helped legions of students achieve their dreams.

The English Illustrated Magazine

What can you the rest — is not nature always worth seeing , possibly find in Ireland , especially the north and human nature worth writing about ? of Ireland — worth seeing , or worth writing The only test is the eye that sees , and the ...



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The Southern Dental Journal and Luminary

C. M. WRIGHT , CINCINNATI , O. When , in answer to the request of your executive committee , I agreed to write a paper , and gave ... In fact , the subject would hardly be worth writing about if only this narrow view presented itself .



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An Ethnography of Global Landscapes and Corridors

They are telling their story (it is a great story), but I am not going to write it down, because it's beyond the focus of our study.' It is worth consideration why did we report Tiina's meetings with the care entrepreneurs rather ...

Author: Loshini Naidoo

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789535102540

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The chapters presented in this book draw on ethnography as a methodology in a variety of disciplines, including education, management, design, marketing, ecology and scientific contexts, illustrating the value of a qualitative approach to research design. The chapters discuss the use of traditional ethnographic methods, such as immersion, observation and interview, as well as innovative ethnographical methods which have been influenced by the new digital culture. The latter challenges notions of identity, field and traditional culture such that people are able to represent themselves in the research process rather than be represented. New approaches to ethnography also examine the use and implication of images in representation as well as critically examining the role and impact of the researcher in the process.

The Less Stress Lifestyle

Intellectual property (books/ideas) To write a successful book, you don't need to reinvent the wheel or come up with a unique idea. Some bestselling books are based on other people's stories – stories that inspire and are worth writing ...

Author: Carl Vernon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472241979

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If you are tired of feeling stressed, working too many hours or just feeling miserable, Carl Vernon's The Less-Stress Lifestyle will help you manage it all. As a follow-up to his best-selling book Anxiety Rebalance, Carl shares the tools and techniques he used to go from being highly anxious and stressed, to enjoying a lifestyle of freedom and choice. Carl's advice is that we cannot remove stress from life - it helps us get things done - but when stress starts to take over it's time to take back control. For example, Carl suggests you should throw away the concept of a work/life balance. Why? Because they are the same thing. Instead he shows you how to use stress to your advantage and gives you the tools to: - Move stress out of your way using his 'Stress Wall' technique - Make money work for you, instead of you working for money - Instantly improve your mood and stay positive with 'The Happiness Trick' - Get back time and energy by distinguishing bad stress from good - Effectively organise and manage your life to create more time for the things you enjoy The Less-Stress Lifestyle is an invaluable guide for the many thousands of people affected by stress and its related disorders and will help you to rediscover all aspects of your life.

Atlantic Monthly0

I venture to assert that it worth while to make a nation of good the journeymen printers of our land writers ? It has certainly been worth write more fluently and yrammatically , while to have Greeks and Frenchmen ; on the average ...



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Architextual Authenticity

In what amounts to an insurmountable obstacle, Francis sets out to write about a life that ceases to be worth writing about the moment he tries to write about it. Not coincidentally, it would seem, this narrative dilemma mirrors his ...

Author: Jason Herbeck

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9781786940391

Category: History

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Taking as its point of focus five diverse texts from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti published between 1958 and 2013, this book examines the trope of the house (architecture) and the meta-textual construction of texts (architexture) as a means of conceptualizing how authentic means of expression are and have been created in French-Caribbean literature over the greater part of the past half-century.

The Storytelling Edge

It's what Ben Franklin advised more than 200 years ago: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”7 Whichever you choose, we look forward to your stories. NOTES Chapter 1 1.

Author: Shane Snow

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119483403

Category: Business & Economics

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"A terrific and timely book that makes a compelling case for fundamentally rethinking how your business communicates. Recommended!" —Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and author of Hug Your Haters "Once upon a time, storytelling was confused with talking at people. Not anymore. Shane and Joe are your narrators in a journey that will transform how you talk to other human beings to be more believable, relevant, compelling and unforgettable." —Brian Solis, experience architect, digital anthropologist, best-selling author "Shane Snow and Joe Lazauskas spend the overwhelming majority of their time thinking, writing, and theorizing about brand storytelling - so you don't have to. They're smart and they know this topic inside out (and sideways). Read their book. While I can't guarantee you'll rise to Shane and Joe's ridiculously obsessive level, you will be infinitely better prepared to tell your own brand's story. Promise!" —Rebecca Lieb, Analyst, Author & Advisor "The Contently team understands the power of story, and how to craft and spread a great narrative, like no other. In an era where brand, design, and mission are a competitive advantage for every business, Contently underscores the importance of stories and how they transform companies and industries." —Scott Belsky, Entrepreneur, Investor, & Author (Founder of Behance, bestselling author of Making Ideas Happen) "I can't think of a better way to illustrate the power of story telling than by telling great stories. This book should be required reading not just by those with content in their titles, but by anyone in Marketing AND Sales. Then, when you're done, give it to your CEO to read... but make sure you get it back, because I guarantee you'll refer to it more than once." —Shawna Dennis, Senior Marketing Leader "Neuroscience, algorithms, illustrations, personal anecdotes and good, old-fashioned empathy: This entertaining and informative tome journeys to the core of how we communicate and pushes us, as marketers and humans, to do it better, "speeding the reader through and leaving us wanting more." —Ann Hynek, VP of global content marketing at Morgan Stanley Transform your business through the power of storytelling. Content strategists Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow offer an insider's guide to transforming your business—and all the relationships that matter to it—through the art and science of telling great stories. Smart businesses today understand the need to use stories to better connect with the people they care about. But few know how to do it well. In The Storytelling Edge, the strategy minds behind Contently, the world renowned content marketing technology company, reveal their secrets that have helped award-winning brands to build relationships with millions of advocates and customers. Join as they dive into the neuroscience of storytelling, the elements of powerful stories, and methodologies to grow businesses through engaging and accountable content. With The Storytelling Edge you will discover how leaders and workers can craft the powerful stories that not only build brands and engage customers, but also build relationships and make people care—in work and in life.

The Creative Writing Workbook

This was language as a political instrument; a way of announcing the self and giving it strength and value through words. Do you recognise Linton Kwesi Johnson's experience in your own life? Write about it ± the reading, the anger, ...

Author: John Singleton

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9780333985229

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

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This is a companion to The Creative Writing Handbook - now in its second edition. It is very much aimed at the individual writer, based on the idea that real writing comes from within and that writing is a craft, skill with determination, art with attitude. The book is filled with useful ideas and inspiring techniques for exploring and exploiting resources available, both within and without. It focuses on three major areas - the writer's roots (family, class and gender), the writer's resources (memory and language) and the writer's art (form and technique). Chapters focus on many topics, including how memory shapes a writer's material, the pro-creative force of words and the ambiguities of art and artfulness. Many examples of established writers' works are cited to give the fledgling writer much practical help.


Not that Dana and I had sins lurid enough to be worth writing about, but the formula sin, suffer, and repent was perfect for our imaginations and the sensational photos in the confession magazines supplied further details of the ...

Author: Madonna Dries Christensen

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491776421

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Serendipity: Moments in time and place — A diverse blend of storytellers from around the world share their experiences with the mystery, magic, and power of serendipity.

Acts of Literature

The psychic volumen, the book within the soul, can be either true or false according as the writer in us (par hēmin grammateus) says and, ... A span of writing is worth nothing in itself; it is neither good nor bad, ...

Author: Jacques Derrida

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135965242

Category: Philosophy

Page: 472

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First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Convert Every Click

The same logic may be worth testing for matching search keywords to ad and headline. In fact, we've implemented a ... Similar to designers, many writers are more in love with words and the beautiful rhythm of language than your results.

Author: Benji Rabhan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118759707

Category: Business & Economics

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A holistic approach to conversion rate optimization that encompasses an entire business—online and offline—to drive more sales and referrals, and increase bottom-line profits In order for your business to survive, you must convert anonymous traffic into sales. The better you do that, the more money you make. The science of tweaking and testing webpages to convert the maximum number of people is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). Convert Every Click introduces an expanded vision of CRO that the author, Benji Rabhan, calls "holistic conversion rate optimization." Internet technology and innovation have changed the way you should be optimizing your business, your marketing, and your websites. The book looks at the psychology behind this new way of optimizing an entire business for more profits. It examines how your website plays a role in your overall business strategy, and details how to use CRO psychology and strategies to increase profits. Teaches proven strategies for increasing conversions across your entire business Details various split testing and data gathering methods and when to use each one Unveils a holistic approach to conversion rate optimization, using technology to create a more customer-centric experience that not only increases conversions, but also improves customer engagement and satisfaction With guidance from Convert Every Click, you'll learn how to boost conversions and consumption across your entire business by maximizing every bit of your hard-earned traffic before, during, and after a sale.