Basic Writings of St Thomas Aquinas Volume 2

Thomas Aquinas, Anton C. Pegis. CHAPTER CIV THAT THE WORKS OF MAGICIANS DO NOT RESULT ONLY FROM THE INFLUENCE OF HEAVENLY BODIES THERE were some who said that such works as seem wonderful to us , being wrought by the magic art ...

Author: Thomas Aquinas

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Includes substantial selections from the Second Part of the Summa Theologica and the Summa Contra Gentiles. Pegis's revision and correction of the English Dominican Translation renders Aquinas' technical terminology consistently as it conveys the directness and simplicity of Aquinas' writing; the Introduction, notes, and index aim at giving the text its proper historical setting, and the reader the means of studying St. Thomas within that setting.

Selected Writings

In his reflections on Christianity, Saint Thomas Aquinas forged a unique synthesis of ancient philosophy and medieval theology.

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In his reflections on Christianity, Saint Thomas Aquinas forged a unique synthesis of ancient philosophy and medieval theology. Preoccupied with the relationship between faith and reason, he was influenced both by Aristotle's rational world view and by the powerful belief that wisdom and truth can ultimately only be reached through divine revelation. Thomas's writings, which contain highly influential statements of fundamental Christian doctrine, as well as observations on topics as diverse as political science, anti-Semitism and heresy, demonstrate the great range of his intellect and place him firmly among the greatest medieval philosophers.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Brief Catalogue of the Works of Saint Thomas Aquinas by G. Emery , O.P. Adapted for the English Edition The following catalogue briefly summarizes the main indications given in the course of this book concerning Saint Thomas's works ...

Author: Jean-Pierre Torrell

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Highly acclaimed as the most reliable, thorough, and accessible introduction to Thomas Aquinas, this first volume in Jean-Pierre Torrell's set of books on the great Dominican theologian has been revised to include a new appendix. The appendix consists of additions to the text, the catalog of Aquinas's works, and the chronology. Each item in the appendix is called out in the original part of the book with an asterisk in the margin. "This is the introduction to Thomas: presenting all the known facts of his life and work, tracing the themes of his writing out of his juvenilia, and following the influence of his thought in the years immediately after his death."--First Things "The most up-to-date biography available."--Choice

The Contested Theological Authority of Thomas Aquinas

Peter d'Andria transcribed Thomas' legendarily illegible script so that his texts could be copied. Peter of Bergamo prepared an index to Thomas' known works."5 Reginald of Piperno prepared a catalogue of Aquinas' works, creating the ...

Author: Elizabeth Lowe

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This book explains how the authority Thomas Aquinas's theological teachings grew out of the doctrinal controversies surrounding it within the Dominican Order. The adoption and eventual promotion of the teachings of Aquinas by the Order of Preachers ran counter to every other current running through the late thirteenth-century Church; most scholastics, the Dominican Order included, were wary of the his unconventional teachings. Despite this, the Dominican Order was propelled along their solitary via Thomas by conflicts between two groups of magistri: Aquinas's early Dominican followers and their more conservative neo-Augustinian brethren. This debate reached its climax in a series of bitter polemical battles between Hervaeus Natalis, the most prominent of early defenders, and Durandus of St. Pourçain, the last major Dominican thinker to attack Aquinas's teachings openly. Elizabeth Lowe offers a vivid illustration of this major shift in the Dominican intellectual tradition.

Divine Transcendence and Immanence in the Work of Thomas Aquinas

A Collection of Studies Presented at the Third Conference of the Thomas Instituut Te Utrecht, December 15-17, ... Place and Function of Holy Scripture in the Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas ( Leuven : Peeters , 2000 ) , pp . 48-53 , pp .

Author: Harm J. M. J. Goris

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The terms 'transcendence' and 'immanence' are often used casually and as self-evident. The spatial imagery contained in their meaning determines the way they are understood and used: as opposites, like 'there' and 'here'. As a consequence, the two concepts are seen as mutually exclusive when applied to God's being and to his activity and presence in our world and in our history. This view on the relationship between God and world is characteristic not only of deism and pantheism, but also of theism. However, in the view of Thomas Aquinas, such an opposition cannot adequately capture the central tenets of the Christian faith. This book explores Aquinas' thought on transcendence and immanence in his discussions of creation, analogy, the Trinity, grace and Christ, and offers interpretations in which God's transcendence and his immanence do not exclude but imply one another. >br/>The papers contained in this volume were originally presented at the third international conference of the Thomas Instituut at Utrecht in 2005.

Basic Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas (Aquinas) Anton Charles Pegis. was neither a stranger nor an enemy to the soul. For the human soul is a spirit that has to grow into manhood. The body is the instrument of this growth, and its age is also the revelation of ...

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Thomas Aquinas A Very Short Introduction

Thomas Aquinas, one of the most famous and highly thought of Christian thinkers, was a controversial figure who was exposed and engaged in conflict.

Author: Fergus Kerr

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Thomas Aquinas, one of the most famous and highly thought of Christian thinkers, was a controversial figure who was exposed and engaged in conflict. This Very Short Introduction looks at Aquinas in a historical context, and explores the Church and culture into which Aquinas was born. It also ask why Aquinas matters now.