A Children s Almanac of Words at Play

An assortment of writings, including limericks, riddles, puns puzzles, tongue twisters, poetry, malapropisms, palindromes, Tom Swifties, and Spoonerisms, for each day of the year.

Author: Willard R. Espy

Publisher: Clarkson Potter Publishers

ISBN: 0517546604

Category: Literary recreations

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An assortment of writings, including limericks, riddles, puns puzzles, tongue twisters, poetry, malapropisms, palindromes, Tom Swifties, and Spoonerisms, for each day of the year.

Words at Play

4th Of July 'o4 Dear Felicia, Thanks for letting me read . . . your most interesting and exceptional Words at Play: Creative Writing and Dramaturgy.

Author: Londre, Felicia Hardison

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809388588

Category: Creative writing

Page: 249

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The Muse at Play

Recited without the particle as, the halves have an equal number of syllables and the repetition of -oq at the end of two words creates a catchy phrase ...

Author: Jan Kwapisz

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110270617

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 429

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Riddles and other word games are widespread in classical literature and played a crucial role in shaping Greek and Roman cultural discourses, yet few efforts have been made to treat them in all their variety and complexity. This volume, the fruit of a conference held in May 2011 by the Institute of Classical Studies of the University of Warsaw, gathers contributions on a range of topics linked by the theme of linguistic play. With its broad spectrum of approaches, the book serves as companion to a fascinating but somewhat neglected area of ancient culture - the domain of the Playful Muse.

Values at Play in Digital Games

A Brief Participatory Intervention for Understanding Values at Play by Karen ... In other words , to fully immerse ourselves in a mediated experience ...

Author: Mary Flanagan


ISBN: 9780262529976

Category: Computer games

Page: 224

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"All games express and embody human values, providing a compelling arena in which we play out beliefs and ideas. In this book, authors present Values at Play, a theoretical and practical framework for identifying socially recognized moral and political values in digital games ... provide detailed examinations of selected games, demonstrating the many ways in which values are embedded in them. They introduce the Values at Play heuristic, a systematic approach for incorporating values into the game design process. Interspersed among the book's chapters are texts by designers who have put Values at Play into practice by accepting values as a design constraint like any other, offering a real-world perspective on the design challenges involved."--Provided by publishser.

At Play

Each one should be demonstrated in a solo and then put together with others to make a song or noise. 1. See if you want to add some words or vocal sounds to ...

Author: Elizabeth Swados

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 0374706980

Category: Education

Page: 312

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Young people and improvisational theater should be a natural combination—so why do we so rarely find this combo in today's classrooms? According to Elizabeth Swados—playwright, director, composer, poet, author of children's books and of an acclaimed family memoir—improvisational theater is the perfect creative outlet for junior-high and high-school students . . . if only they can be given the tools and the guidance to make the most of this natural yet rigorous art form. Drawing on her own experience teaching inner-city children in the groundbreaking musical Runaways and in teaching the techniques of improv theater in schools around the country, as well as on her own background in experimental theater, Swados provides a step-by-step guide to bringing out the natural creativity and enthusiasm key to young people creating—and enjoying—improvisational theater. Covering the basics—from freeing the imagination to learning about how to work with an ensemble, from how to master different forms of movement and sound to how to create different kinds of characters—this is the book for teachers and students eager to learn how to express fully the creative talent that all children are born with.

Plato s Dialectic at Play

In Bury's words , here " we find the passion of the intellect passing into a still higher feeling of the kind described by the Psalmist as ' thirst for ...

Author: Kevin Corrigan

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271046260

Category: Philosophy


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Genius At Play

Conway, although young at heart and head, was by then beginning to look like ... at a university function, Conway got into an argument over words with the ...

Author: Siobhan Roberts

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781620405949

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

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Winner of the 2017 JPBM Communications Award for Expository and Popular Books. “A delightful meta-biography--playful indeed--of a brilliant iconoclast.” --James Gleick, author of The Information John Horton Conway is a singular mathematician with a lovely loopy brain. He is Archimedes, Mick Jagger, Salvador Dali, and Richard Feynman all rolled into one--he boasts a rock star's charisma, a slyly bent sense of humor, a polymath's promiscuous curiosity, and an insatiable compulsion to explain everything about the world to everyone in it. At Cambridge, Conway wrestled with "Monstrous Moonshine," discovered the aptly named surreal numbers, and invented the cult classic Game of Life--more than just a cool fad, Life demonstrates how simplicity generates complexity and provides an analogy for mathematics and the entire universe. As a "mathemagician" at Princeton, he used ropes, dice, pennies, coat hangers, even the occasional Slinky, as props to extend his winning imagination and share his many nerdish delights. He granted Roberts full access to his idiosyncrasies and intellect both, though not without the occasional grumble: "Oh hell," he'd say. "You're not going to put that in the book. Are you?!?"

Transactions at Play

And to remember the words on this subject from a 6-year-old in Edinburgh: Trust me, I'm an expert.24 NOTES of adult 'anti-languages' in Language as Social ...

Author: Cindy Dell Clark

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761844864

Category: Psychology

Page: 200

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When players play, there is a transactional process at work, whether for children on a teeter-totter or pandas playing with peers. In this edited volume, nine experts on play show how play transactions are an important dynamic of play across cultures, age groups, even species. A rich array of play contexts is evident across the nine chapters, encompassing varied continents, age groups, and sorts of players. The play processes of giant pandas, of home-visiting therapists, of Polynesian women, and of autistic kids are included here. The healthy interchange of ideas about play, one of the hallmarks of the Association for the Study of Play, is a process that is cultivated in this new volume.

Rollo at Play

only when he does what his father forbids in words ? » “ I suppose so , ” said Rollo . " What is disobedience ? " asked his father .

Author: Jacob Abbott


ISBN: WISC:89006528988

Category: Boys

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Power at Play

The Relationships between Play, Work and Governance Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen ... representation but instead with active words for creation and production.

Author: Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230239296

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 180

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More and more adults participate as employees in games at work and in public and voluntary organizations. Power at play covers the intricate linkages between pedagogy, play and power. It shows how power today suspends itself through play and analyzes organized play as a symptom of more radical changes of the exercise of power in work and society.

Words at Play

In this encompassing and accessible introduction to dramaturgy, Felicia Hardison Londré promotes the dramaturgical essay as both an art form and as a method for improving creative writing skills.

Author: Felicia Hardison Londre

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: UOM:39015062816114

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 249

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In this encompassing and accessible introduction to dramaturgy, Felicia Hardison Londré promotes the dramaturgical essay as both an art form and as a method for improving creative writing skills. Words at Play: Creative Writing and Dramaturgy includes Londré's essays on plays produced at several regional professional theatre companies interspersed with instructive examples for writing more clearly, economically, and compellingly. Beginning with an introduction that outlines the purpose of the dramaturgical essay as well as its usefulness as a tool for teaching how to write for the theatre, Londré provides numerous examples of this specialized literary genre culled from program essays she has written for Missouri Repertory Theatre, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, American Heartland Theatre, and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Words at Play: Creative Writing and Dramaturgy contains more than sixty complete essays and pertinent selections from twenty others. Drawing on personal and professional experiences as a teacher and dramaturg, Londré considers plays from timeless classics, including those of Shakespeare and Chekhov, to contemporary favorites and a few unusual and largely unknown pieces. Words at Play: Creative Writing and Dramaturgy furthermore incorporates introductory paragraphs that are informal and personal yet cogent and critical, providing readers with object lessons in both writing style and analysis. Taking the reader into her confidence, Londré also shows how a dramaturg develops a print relationship with other theatre artists and the community. A foreword by Royal Shakespeare Company associate artist Barry Kyle addresses the evolving role of the dramaturg in Britain and America. Dakin Williams, brother of playwright Tennessee Williams, provides a letter.

Great Men at Play

He was known as an enthusiastic snuffer , and on one occasion in the pulpit , when uttering the words My soul cleaveth to the dust , ” he took a huge pinch ...

Author: Thomas Firminger Thiselton Dyer



Category: Games


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Ethnomethodology at Play

... complex forms of organization than “just” the ways in which words can be ... In doing this we touch on some of the pleasures Ethnomethodology at Play ...

Author: Peter Tolmie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317140627

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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This book outlines the specific character of the ethnomethodological approach to 'play'; that is, to everyday sport and leisure activities that people generally engage in for enjoyment, at home or as a 'hobby'. With chapters on cooking, running, playing music, dancing, rock climbing, sailing, fly fishing and going out for the day as a family, Ethnomethodology at Play provides an introduction to the key conceptual resources drawn upon by ethnomethodology in its studies of these activities, whilst exploring the manner in which people 'work' at their everyday leisure. Demonstrating the breadth of ethnomethodological analysis and showing how no topic is beyond ethnomethodology's fundamental respecification, Ethnomethodology at Play sets out for the serious reader and researcher the precise contribution of ethnomethodology to sociological studies of sport and leisure and ordinary domestic pastimes. As such this groundbreaking volume constitutes a significant contribution to both ethnomethodology and sociology in general, as well as to the sociology of sport and leisure, the sociology of domestic and daily life and cultural studies.