The Ancient Synagogue

In most instances, these authors discussed either women leaders or mixed seating.' More recently, a spate of articles has addressed the issue of women and the synagogue, often within the framework of their role and status in Jewish life ...

Author: Lee I. Levine

Publisher: Yale University Press

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Annotation The synagogue was one of the most central and revolutionary institutions of ancient Judaism leaving an indelible mark on Christianity and Islam as well. This commanding book provides an in-depth and comprehensive history of the synagogue from the Hellenistic period to the end of late antiquity. Drawing exhaustively on archeological evidence and on such literary sources as rabbinic material, the New Testament, Jewish writings of the Second Temple period, and Christian and pagan works, Lee Levine traces the development of the synagogue from what was essentially a communal institution to one which came to embody a distinctively religious profile. Exploring its history in the Greco-Roman and Byzantine periods in both Palestine and the Diaspora, he describes the synagogue's basic features: its physical remains; its role in the community; its leadership; the roles of rabbis, Patriarchs, women, and priests in its operation; its liturgy; and its art. What emerges is a fascinating mosaic of a dynamic institution that succeeded in integrating patterns of social and religious behavior from the contemporary non-Jewish society while maintaining a distinctively Jewish character.

The Ancient Synagogue from Its Origins to 200 C E

d) Institutional aspects refer to a variety of characteristics related to synagogue leadership and operations. ... Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue: Inscriptional Evidence and Background Issues (Brownjudaic Studies 36; Ghico, ...

Author: Anders Runesson

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This volume gathers for the first time all of the primary source material on the early synagogues up through the Second Century C. E. Each entry contains bibliographic citations and interpretative comments. An Introduction frames the current state of synagogue research, while extensive indices allow for easy location of specific allusions.

Essays on Women in Earliest Christianity Volume 1

In addition to these seven inscriptions examined by Brooten, Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue, 41-55, Ross S. Kraemer, “A New Inscription from Malta and the Question of Women Elders in the Diaspora Jewish Communities,” HTR 78 ...

Author: Carroll D. Osburn

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Contributors Frederick D. Aquino Allen Black Mark C. Black Barry L. Blackburn Randall D. Chesnutt Jeffrey W. Childers Larry Chouinard Everett Ferguson Thomas C. Greer Jr. Jan Faver Hailey Stanley N. Helton A. Brian McLemore Marcia D. Moore Kenneth V. Neller L. Curt Niccum Carroll D. Osburn J. Paul Pollard Kathy J. Pulley Gregory E. Sterling James W. Thompson James Walters John Willis

Ancient Synagogue Seating Capacities

138 Therefore , it is possible that balconies in some ancient synagogues were used as women's galleries , while in other ... 140 Bernadette Brooten , Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue : Inscriptional Evidence and Background Issues ...

Author: Chad S. Spigel

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Revised and expanded thesis (Ph.D.) - Duke University, Durham, NC, 2008.

Serve the Community of the Church

... in which her main focus is to demonstrate the nature of the leadership exercised by women in the ancient synagogues.135 In it she refers to three instances of epigraphic evidence where women are referred to as archisynagogai.136 One ...

Author: Andrew D. Clarke

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This volume explores the nature of leadership in the Christian community, especially as it was variously taught by Paul and practiced in the congregations of the first century. Exploring valuable ancient source material as well as the New Testament texts, Andrew Clarke describes the theories and practices of organization and leadership in key areas of first-century society-the city, the colony, associations, Jewish synagogues, the family-and discusses the extent to which these models influenced the first-century Christians as they sought to define the parameters and distinctives of their own communities.

Women Leaders in Ministry

They were among the most liberated of Roman women and were not legally bound to husbands or fathers. ... Thurston cited Bernadette Brooten in her book Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue as saying that women were prominent as ...

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