Woke Fragility a Parody

Nazis, white supremacists, men ... the threats are legion. If you're terrified, angry, or both by the fact that everywhere you turn, literally Hitler is staring back, this book is essential for your emotional survival.

Author: The Tired Moderate

Publisher: Independently Published

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The Woke are transcendent. Never before has so much wisdom, knowledge, and virtue been embodied by a movement.But the movement is under attack.Nazis, white supremacists, men ... the threats are legion. If you're terrified, angry, or both by the fact that everywhere you turn, literally Hitler is staring back, this book is essential for your emotional survival.Topics covered include: - How white people should celebrate Halloween.- The danger of principles.- When science goes too far.- 21st-century policing.- Why you should always hire Woke!Woke Fragility is the field manual to winning over the moderate in your life. Techniques ranging from shouting "racist" at them, to changing the definition of "racist" to include them are covered in depth, as well as concrete demands on how America must be born again from today's dystopian ashes.

Woke Racism

Fragility, for example, reads in the present tense like a bizarre exercise in mind control created by someone bent on ... National Public Radio interviewed the author of a book called In Defense of Looting (no, not an Onion parody!)

Author: John McWhorter

Publisher: Swift Press

ISBN: 9781800751439

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People of good will on both the left and the right are secretly asking themselves the same question: how has the conversation on race gone so crazy? Bestselling author and acclaimed linguist John McWhorter argues that an illiberal neoracism, disguised as antiracism, is hurting black communities and weakening the social fabric. We're told to read books and listen to music by people of colour but that wearing certain clothes is 'appropriation.' We hear that being white automatically gives you privilege and that being black makes you a victim. We want to speak up but fear we'll be seen as unwoke, or worse, labelled a racist. According to John McWhorter, the problem is that a well-meaning but pernicious form of antiracism has become, not a progressive ideology, but a religion – and one that's illogical, unreachable, and unintentionally neoracist. In Woke Racism, McWhorter reveals the workings of this new religion, from the original sin of 'white privilege' and the weaponization of cancel culture to ban heretics, to the evangelical fervour of the 'woke mob.' He shows how this religion that claims to 'dismantle racist structures' is actually harming his fellow black Americans by infantilizing black people, setting black students up for failure, and passing policies that disproportionately damage black communities. The new religion might be called 'antiracism,' but it features a racial essentialism that's barely distinguishable from racist arguments of the past. Fortunately, for all of us, it's not too late to push back against woke racism. McWhorter shares scripts and encouragement with those trying to deprogramme friends and family. And most importantly, he offers a roadmap to justice that actually will help, not hurt, black people. A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER

V clav Trojan

... the satirical stance of the Švejk narrative: it reveals the vacuity and fragility of the Austrian military power during the Great War. ... for Trojan; it was, however, an incisive way to address a narration mainly based on parody.

Author: Marco Bellano

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351122269

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This book explores the Czech composer Václav Trojan (1907-1983) and his compositions for Jiri Trnka's films, a very influential puppet stop-motion animator. Trnka is regarded as one of the finest outcomes of Czech art in the aftermath of the Second World War and inspiration for contemporary directors like Tim Burton and companies such as Aardman or Laika. Trojan's music for animation sets a great artistic model in European animation, at least as meaningful as Carl Stalling's music for Warner Bros. cartoons in the USA. Trojan was an eclectic artist, which encompassed folk songs, jazz and blues influences, neoclassical symphonic and chamber works, opera and more. Key Features: A historical overview of the origins and early development of Czech animation Biographical sketches and stylistic outline of both Trnka and Trojan An audiovisual analysis of all the available Trnka films Trojan wrote music for Filmography and bibliography

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Class

The contemporary AltRight laughs at the white fragility of the “cancel culture” debated in social media (see Williams) and responds by making up its own vocabulary—in part to parody liberal aversion to the words of racism, ...

Author: Gloria McMillan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000413977

Category: Literary Criticism

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The Routledge Companion to Literature and Class offers a comprehensive and fresh assessment of the cultural impact of class in literature, analyzing various innovative, interdisciplinary approaches of textual analysis and intersections of literature, including class subjectivities, mental health, gender and queer studies, critical race theory, quantitative and scientific methods, and transnational perspectives in literary analysis. Utilizing these new methods and interdisciplinary maps from field-defining essayists, students will become aware of ways to bring these elusive texts into their own writing as one of the parallel perspectives through which to view literature. This volume will provide students with an insight into the history of the intersections of class, theory of class and invisibility in literature, and new trends in exploring class in literature. These multidimensional approaches to literature will be a crucial resource for undergraduate and graduate students becoming familiar with class analysis, and will offer seasoned scholars the most significant critical approaches in class studies.

Wilkie Collins

“real” Collins woke up. ... may not have been the precise condition of Collins's nerves but it must represent what he most feared; his fragility, and susceptibility, would then have terrified him. ... Its success even merited a parody, ...

Author: Peter Ackroyd

Publisher: Nan A. Talese

ISBN: 9780385537407

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A gripping short biography of the extraordinary Wilkie Collins, author of The Moonstone and The Woman in White, two early masterpieces of mystery and detection. Short and oddly built, with a head too big for his body, extremely nearsighted, unable to stay still, dressed in colorful clothes, Wilkie Collins looked distinctly strange. But he was nonetheless a charmer, befriended by the great, loved by children, irresistibly attractive to women—and avidly read by generations of readers. Peter Ackroyd follows his hero, "the sweetest-tempered of all the Victorian novelists," from Collins' childhood as the son of a well-known artist to his struggling beginnings as a writer, his years of fame, and his lifelong friendship with that other great London chronicler, Charles Dickens. In addition to his enduring masterpieces, The Moonstone—often called the first true detective novel—and the sensational The Woman in White, he produced an intriguing array of lesser known works. Told with Ackroyd's inimitable verve, this is a ravishingly entertaining life of a great storyteller, full of surprises, rich in humor and sympathetic understanding.

Deadlands Boneyard

... taking her from hale and healthy and brighter than all the stars in the sky to a withered parody of his mother. ... his fault that sickness had eaten his mother from the inside out, reducing her to fragility an inch at a time.

Author: Seanan McGuire

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 9781466846388

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The newest book based on the hit Weird West RPG franchise Deadlands! Step right up to see the oddities and marvels of The Blackstone Family Circus and Travelling Wonder Show! Gasp at pit wasps the size of a man’s forearm. Beware the pumpkin-headed corn stalker, lest it plant its roots in you! Annie Pearl is the keeper of oddities, the mistress of monsters. Her unique collection of creatures is one of the circus’s star attractions, drawing wide-eyed crowds at every small frontier town they visit. But Annie is also a woman running from her past . . . and the mother of a mute young daughter, Adeline, whom she will do anything to protect. Hoping to fill its coffers before winter sets in, the circus steers its wagons to The Clearing, a remote community deep in the Oregon wilderness, surrounded by an ominous dark wood. Word is that a travelling show can turn a tidy profit at The Clearing, but there are whispers, too, of unexplained disappearances that afflict one out of every four shows that pass through the town. The Clearing has it secrets, and so does Annie. And it may take everything she has to save her daughter—and the circus—from both. From the twisted mind of Seanan McGuire comes a gripping tale of the Weird West, set on the haunted frontier of DEADLANDS, the award-winning game from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Tell Me No Lies

He didn't remember falling asleep, but he woke with a start at three A.M. His empty coffee cup lay on the floor, the plate with ... She held his gaze for a moment, and in that half a second he saw the fragility those sobs had hinted at.

Author: Annie Solomon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446554206

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Romantic suspense filled with edge-of-your seat advantage.

The Wire

... he sings in a cross between a whine and a howl , alternatively screaming in a warped parody of teen hysteria . ... Godflesh are unafraid to expose their fragility , and if one is looking for antecedents , then one could do worse ...



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The Comics Journal

Well , I'd come that far . things to me and trashing my reputation by tryI woke one of them , Jim or Artie , and remind- ing to paint me as some Judas . ... '71 Chevy Caprice convertible , two parody Disney ?



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