Why Will No One Publish My Novel

About Why Will No-One Publish My Novel? You've written a book, triumphantly typed 'The End', but now, it seems, no-one wants to publish it. What do you do next? Don't give up: ask yourself what went wrong, then do something about it.

Author: Fay Weldon

Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd

ISBN: 9781788544603

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You've written a book, triumphantly typed 'The End', but now, it seems, no-one wants to publish it. What do you do next? Author of over thirty novels, stories and screenplays, and tutor on the prestigious creative writing course at Bath Spa, Fay Weldon has a lifetime of wisdom to impart on the art of writing. Why Will No-One Publish My Novel? will delight and amuse, but it isn't just another how-to-write handbook: it shows you how not to write if you want to get published. 'Weaves literary lore with Weldon's considerable experience as a successful writer' Evening Standard. 'Contains lots of interesting advice' Daily Mail. 'Tips and emotional support for the would-be novelist' Sunday Times. What readers are saying about the book: 'More fun than the other writing manuals. And much less bossy ... I loved it' 'Reading this book is like having a private tutorial with Fay Weldon' 'Weldon's writing style is so easy to read and her advice is very doable' 'Hilariously funny, helpful and written by a veteran. Get it'

Extending the Duration of Copyright Protection in Certain Cases

After the book has been published in hard cover form , it is then serialized in newspapers ; and within a year or ... so to publish my novel but no one else ; I would expect a royalty of 10 or 12 percent , but I will not allow you to ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee No. 3


ISBN: MINN:31951P011500672

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Committee Serial No. 27. Considers H.J. Res. 627, to provide an interim five-year extension for all copyrights due to expire, pending general revision of the Copyright Act.

The City of Earthly Desire

A Novel Francis Berger. Béla marveled at the impressive view ... “Do you think it has a chance at being published?” Verge puckered his lips; ... The reason no one will publish my book is because it is great? That makes no sense at all.

Author: Francis Berger

Publisher: Francis Berger - Createspace

ISBN: 9781478387886

Category: Fiction

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The City of Earthly Desire is an unforgettable novel of love and lust; beauty and vulgarity; virtue and vice; and art and ethics. Occasionally dark, but always entertaining and engaging, the narrative is peopled by a memorable cast of characters who are as intense and turbulent as the times and places they occupy. Like the great novels of the nineteenth century, the story delves into the struggle between morality and immorality; meaning and nihilism; and good and evil. After the communists destroy his dream of becoming a recognized painter in Hungary, Reinhardt Drixler escapes to America to provide a better future for his young family and to further his artistic pursuits. Twenty-five years later, communism collapses in Europe; Reinhardt’s son Béla falls in love with Suzy Kiss, an ambitious and alluring Hungarian striptease dancer whose interest in the young writer can be summarized in two words: green card. When Suzy is mysteriously deported, a devastated Béla must make a decision – should he stay in New York and continue with the noble artistic ambitions his father instilled in him, or should he follow his heart to Hungary and explore the enticing and risqué opportunities blossoming in post-communist Budapest?


After the book has been published in hard cover form , it is then serialized in newspapers ; and within a year or ... so to publish my novel but no one else ; I would expect a royalty of 10 or 12 percent , but I will not allow you to ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary


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How to Write and Self Publish Your First Novel

It is concise and to the point and it is written from experience; thousands of hours of experience. Every essay in this book is relevant and has a purpose. Every essay will give you pause for thought.

Author: Paul Dorset

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1466294345

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Writing and publishing your first novel is tough. It usually takes a long time. Years for most people. It can be soul destroying too. You finally complete your manuscript; you send off samples to agents and publishers, and anxiously watch the mail for the responses. Then they come in, one at a time, rejection after rejection. How do I know this? I've been there. Does this mean I was a bad writer? No, but I could have used some help in those early days. Sure, I had purchased a few books on writing and I had tried to pay attention to the advice they gave, but there were so many of them and sometimes advice seemed to conflict other advice. It was way too much to take in. But I persevered with my writing and now I have been writing for several years and I have completed several novels and other books, and my writing is a lot better. My early novels could still do with some major re-editing (which they will be finally getting this summer), but my later works, oh wow I can spot the differences! So, a few months ago I decided I would go the self-publishing route to getting my books out there in the big world. Things are changing in the book markets and so many people now have Kindles and Nooks and iPads and other electronic book readers. I thought to myself, why not do it myself? I know I can write; I have that confidence. Enough complete strangers have told me they like what I write, so why shouldn't I join that list of published authors? And why should I have to wait for some agent or publisher to take a chance on an unknown author before I get published? So I did it, and now I have the story to tell and the method you can use to generate your own success. This ebook is a series of essays solely concerned with improving your writing skills and getting your first novel successfully self-published. It is written in a way that you can keep dipping into it, and keep coming back to parts of it, time and time again. It is concise and to the point and it is written from experience; thousands of hours of experience. Every essay in this book is relevant and has a purpose. Every essay will give you pause for thought. Can I turn you into a bestselling author? No - only you can do that. But I can set you on a path to success. I can give you clear guidelines about what not to do, and how to do things better. And I can tell you exactly how to self-publish that novel. This ebook takes your novel from the beginning and leads you along a path of self-discovery. When you have finished reading you will be Writing for Success and be someone who has a better chance than most every other wannabe author out there of becoming the next Tom Clancy, JK Rowling, Stephen King, or whoever else is your writing hero. Good luck! ESSAYS: 1. Don't Start the Story at the Beginning 2. Become a Successful Writer in 2,000 Hours 3. Poems and Short Stories 4. Creating a Good Plot 5. How Long Should a First Novel Be? 6. Writing in the First Person 7. Writing in the Third Person 8. Dialog Versus Narrative - Show Versus Tell 9. Writing Your First Novel: Words & Routine 10. Conflict and Its Importance 11. Plot Pace 12. Creating Believable and Well Rounded Characters 13. Writing Dialog - Or 'He Said, She Said' 14. Creating a Page Turner 15. Letting the Book 'Cook' 16. Self-Editing Your Novel 17. The Process of Pre-Reads 18. Creating a World of Fantasy 19. How to Write & Self-Publish a Novel: The End-To-End Process Checklist 20. Creating a Writing Environment without Interruptions 21. Reading to Write 22. Encouraging All Would Be Authors 23. The Self-Publishing Process: The Complete A-Z Instructions 24. Marketing Your Novel - The Relevance of Social Media, ARCs and Book Bloggers

Join the Bar

But the biggest difficulty you are going to face is to get a publisher to publish your book . I am myself trying to get a ... They further argue that no one would buy a book on pornography in India . ' Even college libraries and lawyers ...

Author: Brajesh Rajak

Publisher: Universal Law Publishing

ISBN: 935035022X

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Autoethnography as Feminist Method

The options were (1) do nothing, just publish this story; (2) seek my co-authors approval prior to publishing my story; (3) send my story to them after I have written my story; (4) camouflage my story so no one will not know their ...

Author: Elizabeth Ettorre

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317236160

Category: Social Science

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Autoethnography is an ideal method to study the ‘feminist I’. Through personal stories, the author reflects on how feminists negotiate agency and the effect this has on one's political sensibilities. Speaking about oneself transforms into stories of political responsibility - a key issue for feminists who function as cultural mediators.

Blind Fool Running

This time, Cat does not want to nap after eating. ... This will be progress toward the final plan of publishing all my books on the great World Wide Web. ... All these years I wondered why no one wanted to publish my novels.

Author: Jonco Bugos

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780557052769

Category: Fiction

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Writing for the first time under a pen name, science fiction author Michael Casher creates his first literary novella. Jonco Bugos is the author of "Blind Fool Running," the story of a retired man who writes books that no one wants. Roger and Cat live together even though cat and man are considered to be natural born enemies in this part of Appalachia. As Roger begins his seventh book he begins to doubt whether or not he should continue. What makes a man begin a seventh novel when his first six books sit in boxes on the floor and make no difference in the lives of others? Especially when someone or something is trying to stop him. But who? He needs to know these answers before he can continue. Only Roger, himself, can answer his own question. But arriving at a solution to this dilemma will take some time and the journey will be an awakening he will never forget. In the process of discovery Roger confirms his commitment to exposing hidden truths about life on Earth. Copyright 2009. 1st Ed. 03-01-09.

Other Americas

A novel that no one was about to publish. ... My novel Bug JackBarron, which deals withAmerican presidential politics, among otherthings, was temporarily banned whenitwas serializedby New Worlds in Britain andgot me denounced on the ...

Author: Norman Spinrad

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575117365

Category: Fiction

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Spinrad examines one of his most compelling obsessions - the possible "futures" of America. Street Meat: In New York City, streeties, zonies and subway cannibals are locked in a nighmarish scrabble for rat meat, sex - and survival. The Lost Continent: group of African tourists visit the ruins of Space Age America - a surreal landscape of abandoned skyscrapers, empty streets and dead, rusted machinery. World War Last: The hashish-smoking Sheik of Koram has a plan to trick America and Russia into war. La Vie Continue: In Paris exiled science-fiction author Norman Spinrad ignores a lucrative - but dangerous - bidding war between the KGB and the CIA for the film rights to his story "Riding the Torch".

How to Self Publish a Book

For me (and my clients), the marketing bare minimum for a selfpublished book consists of two email list-related things I want all authors to have from the very beginning, even if they have no author website and no social media.

Author: Lori Culwell

Publisher: Get Creative, Inc.

ISBN: PKEY:6610000385416

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Learn How to Publish Your Book! If you've dreamt of holding your book in your hands, sharing it with friends, or even selling it to people across the country and the world, this guide is for you! Amazon best-selling writer Lori Culwell (author of the Funny You Should Ask guides, as well as the novel Hollywood Car Wash, and a ton of other books) breaks down the self-publishing process step by step, making you laugh along the way.