Why Johnny Can t Write

The authors of this book, both experienced teachers, examine the controversy surrounding two popular methods for teaching writing -- the "process" approach and its offspring, Writing Across the Curriculum.

Author: Myra J. Linden

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The authors of this book, both experienced teachers, examine the controversy surrounding two popular methods for teaching writing -- the "process" approach and its offspring, Writing Across the Curriculum. Both have recently been called into question for their ineffectiveness. An alternative lesser-known procedure called "sentence combining," which has been proven successful in numerous studies over the past fifteen years, finally is gaining the attention it deserves. Using the sentence combining approach, the authors present a rationale for re-thinking and re-tooling the English classroom and consequently making the entire educational system work more effectively. This book is useful for teachers at any level, especially those involved in writing instruction. It is also worthwhile reading for those wishing to improve their writing skills. Doing the sample exercises will strengthen writing skills and provide a solid foundation for a lifelong program of language growth.

Why Johnny Can t Read

Our system of writing—the alphabet—was invented by the Egyptians and the
Phoenicians somewhere around 1500 B.C. Before the invention of the alphabet
there was only picture writing—a picture of an ox meant "ox," a picture of a house

Author: Rudolf Flesch

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The classic book on phonics--the method of teaching recommended by the U.S. Department of Education. Contains complete materials and instructions on teaching children to read at home.

The Politics of Writing Instruction

The most recent outcry of public concern about teaching writing can be traced to
the 1975 publication of Newsweek ' s “ Why Johnny Can ' t Write . ” Although
Time ' s " Bonehead English ” appeared the year before , “ Why Johnny Can ' t
Write ...

Author: Charles I. Schuster

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The Politics of Writing Instruction: Postsecondary discusses the realities of composition as a discipline.

Why Johnny Can t Brand

If there ' s no obvious winner or if the scorers can ' t agree , you should test . What
we recommend is that you write out a specialty statement for each one using the
simple format set forth below and test those . We ' ll talk about testing at the end ...

Author: Bill Schley


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Offering a unique eight-week program that can help any company create a #1 brand, this down-to-earth guide explains that by focusing on the one big idea, businesses can make people really want their product or service.

Legal Writing

Why Johnny Can ' t Write , " the now famous December 8 , 1975 , Newsweek
article , captures the degree of concern and the inflammatory language of that
national discussion with its opening words , “ If your children are attending
college ...



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Principles of Speech Communication

Jacqueline Jackson , a student at Regis College , used this approach to
introduce a speech on “ Why Johnny Can ' t Read ” : Johnny can ' t read . Johnny
can ' t write . Johnny doesn ' t know how to spell . Johnny ' s not good with
numbers .

Author: Bruce E. Gronbeck

Publisher: Pearson Scott Foresman

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Johnny Still Can t Read But You

You may have seen the cover story of a weekly news magazine in late 1975 – “
Why Johnny Can't Write . ” The reason ? “ There is no question in the minds of
educators , ” the magazine said , “ that a student who cannot read with true ...

Author: Kathryn Diehl


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English Journal

Letters " Why Newsweek Can ' t Tell Us Why Johnny Can ' t Write , " by Suzette
Haden Elgin ( November , 1976 ) . November 1976 English Journal Why Can ' t
Johnny and Jane Write ? Back to Basics PRESS suggests that Dr . Pei probably ...



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The Harcourt Brace Guide to Writing Across the Curriculum

I can ' t help with writing across the curriculum , ” they would say . “ I can ' t tell a
gerund from a gerbil . ... epitomized by Newsweek ' s cover story for December 9 ,
1975 , “ Why Johnny Can ' t Write , ” for the first time made the teaching of writing

Author: Christopher J. Thaiss

Publisher: Harcourt College Pub

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Famous Last Words

Why Johnny Can ' t WriteAnd What ' s Being Done , ” U . S . News and World
Report , March 16 , 1981 , pp . 47 – 48 . 3 . Ibid . , p . 47 . 4 . Ibid . , p . 48 . 5 . Ibid .
6 . See chapter 3 for details and documentation . 7 . Shelby Grantham , “ Johnny

Author: Harvey Daniels


ISBN: UOM:49015000396011

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Daniels refutes the contention that a literary crisis is raging through the United States and that the English language is deteriorating. By showing that panics concerning the state of language have occured at regular intervals since 2400 B.C., he asserts that language cannot die, that it changes constantly and that attitudes toward language are social attitudes. He identifies several classes of language critics including journalistic critics like Edwin Newman, William Safire and John Simon; educational critics who employ techniques that preclude a student from communicating effectively; and a group of critics he identifies as "the higher authorities" - authors of English handbooks and usage panelists of dictionaries. Also demonstrates the futility of "back-to-basics" literacy programs that drill grammar but ignore actual writing and offers a program for teacher training in writing instruction. ISBN 0-8093-8093-7 (pbk.) : $10.95.

Why Johnny Can t Learn

mastery of the basic skills : reading , writing , and arithmetic . The learning
potential for subject matter in later years should be greatly increased through
mastery of these skills in the lower grades . Future expense of “ remedial reading
" and ...

Author: Opal Moore

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Growing Up Writing

... a year and a half before Newsweek magazine alerted , indeed alarmed , the
nation with its dramatic cover story , “ Why Johnny Can ' t Write . " Jim Gray ' s
teaching experience has convinced him that Johnny can write , though he knows
that ...

Author: Arlene Silberman

Publisher: Crown

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Argues that current educational methods hinder children trying to learn to write, and suggests new techniques

Problem solving Strategies for Writing

read , you can't expect them always to arrive at the same interpretation you did .
... In 1975 , Newsweek magazine , in a famous exposé article entitled " " Why
Johnny Can't Write , started a crusade against poor writing The vivid , even
shocking ...

Author: Linda Flower

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