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Ratings and rankings are everywhere, but how exactly do they work? Who's #1? offers an engaging and accessible account of how scientific rating and ranking methods are created and applied to a variety of uses.

Author: Amy N. Langville

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691162317

Category: Computers

Page: 265

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A website's ranking on Google can spell the difference between success and failure for a new business. NCAA football ratings determine which schools get to play for the big money in postseason bowl games. Product ratings influence everything from the clothes we wear to the movies we select on Netflix. Ratings and rankings are everywhere, but how exactly do they work? Who's #1? offers an engaging and accessible account of how scientific rating and ranking methods are created and applied to a variety of uses. Amy Langville and Carl Meyer provide the first comprehensive overview of the mathematical algorithms and methods used to rate and rank sports teams, political candidates, products, Web pages, and more. In a series of interesting asides, Langville and Meyer provide fascinating insights into the ingenious contributions of many of the field's pioneers. They survey and compare the different methods employed today, showing why their strengths and weaknesses depend on the underlying goal, and explaining why and when a given method should be considered. Langville and Meyer also describe what can and can't be expected from the most widely used systems. The science of rating and ranking touches virtually every facet of our lives, and now you don't need to be an expert to understand how it really works. Who's #1? is the definitive introduction to the subject. It features easy-to-understand examples and interesting trivia and historical facts, and much of the required mathematics is included.

International Conference on Innovative Computing and Communications

A.N.Langville,C.D.Meyer,Book of Who's #1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking(Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, USA, 2012) 16. L. Xue, W. Guanghua, A. Xiao, Comparative study of rank aggregation methods for partial and top ...

Author: Deepak Gupta

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811551130

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1180

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This book includes high-quality research papers presented at the Third International Conference on Innovative Computing and Communication (ICICC 2020), which is held at the Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi, India, on 21–23 February, 2020. Introducing the innovative works of scientists, professors, research scholars, students and industrial experts in the field of computing and communication, the book promotes the transformation of fundamental research into institutional and industrialized research and the conversion of applied exploration into real-time applications.


the message is twofold: how to prepare the most objective ranking possible and how to accept that ranking is not necessarily reflective of our real values ... Who's #1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking, by the mathematicians Amy N.

Author: Péter Érdi

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190935474

Category: Psychology

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Human beings are competitive. We want to know who is the strongest, who is the richest, and who is the cleverest of all. Some situations, like ranking people based on height, can be ranked in objective ways. However, many "Top Ten" lists are based on subjective categorization and give only the illusion of objectivity. In fact, we don't always want to be seen objectively since we don't mind having a better image or rank than deserved. Ranking: The Unwritten Rules of the Social Game We All Play applies scientific theories to everyday experience by raising and answering questions like: Are college ranking lists objective? How do we rank and rate countries based on their fragility, level of corruption, or even happiness? How do we find the most relevant web pages? How are employees ranked? This book is for people who have a neighbor with a fancier car; employees, who are being ranked by their supervisors; managers, who are involved in ranking but may have qualms about the process; businesspeople interested in creating better visibility for their companies; scientists, writers, artists, and other competitors who would like to see themselves at the top of a success list; or college students who are just preparing to enter a new phase of social competition. Readers will engage in an intellectual adventure to better understand the difficulties of navigating between objectivity and subjectivity and to better identify and modify their place in real and virtual communities by combining human and computational intelligence.

Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics with Python and R

A Guide to Data Science Thomas W. Miller ... Page Rank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings. ... Who's 1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. Lantz, B. 2013.

Author: Thomas W. Miller

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 9780133892147

Category: Computers

Page: 448

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Master predictive analytics, from start to finish Start with strategy and management Master methods and build models Transform your models into highly-effective code—in both Python and R This one-of-a-kind book will help you use predictive analytics, Python, and R to solve real business problems and drive real competitive advantage. You’ll master predictive analytics through realistic case studies, intuitive data visualizations, and up-to-date code for both Python and R—not complex math. Step by step, you’ll walk through defining problems, identifying data, crafting and optimizing models, writing effective Python and R code, interpreting results, and more. Each chapter focuses on one of today’s key applications for predictive analytics, delivering skills and knowledge to put models to work—and maximize their value. Thomas W. Miller, leader of Northwestern University’s pioneering program in predictive analytics, addresses everything you need to succeed: strategy and management, methods and models, and technology and code. If you’re new to predictive analytics, you’ll gain a strong foundation for achieving accurate, actionable results. If you’re already working in the field, you’ll master powerful new skills. If you’re familiar with either Python or R, you’ll discover how these languages complement each other, enabling you to do even more. All data sets, extensive Python and R code, and additional examples available for download at http://www.ftpress.com/miller/ Python and R offer immense power in predictive analytics, data science, and big data. This book will help you leverage that power to solve real business problems, and drive real competitive advantage. Thomas W. Miller’s unique balanced approach combines business context and quantitative tools, illuminating each technique with carefully explained code for the latest versions of Python and R. If you’re new to predictive analytics, Miller gives you a strong foundation for achieving accurate, actionable results. If you’re already a modeler, programmer, or manager, you’ll learn crucial skills you don’t already have. Using Python and R, Miller addresses multiple business challenges, including segmentation, brand positioning, product choice modeling, pricing research, finance, sports, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social network analysis. He illuminates the use of cross-sectional data, time series, spatial, and spatio-temporal data. You’ll learn why each problem matters, what data are relevant, and how to explore the data you’ve identified. Miller guides you through conceptually modeling each data set with words and figures; and then modeling it again with realistic code that delivers actionable insights. You’ll walk through model construction, explanatory variable subset selection, and validation, mastering best practices for improving out-of-sample predictive performance. Miller employs data visualization and statistical graphics to help you explore data, present models, and evaluate performance. Appendices include five complete case studies, and a detailed primer on modern data science methods. Use Python and R to gain powerful, actionable, profitable insights about: Advertising and promotion Consumer preference and choice Market baskets and related purchases Economic forecasting Operations management Unstructured text and language Customer sentiment Brand and price Sports team performance And much more

College Football In the BCS Era The Untold Truth Facts Evidence and Solution

... of human voters who use opinion based judgments by ranking and re-ranking FBS programs in rank order one (1) through (25). ... work completed by Amy N. Langville and Carl D. Meyer, titled “The Science of Rating and Ranking Who's #1?

Author: Matthew J. Siggelow

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781532322570

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 520

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An in-depth exhaustive examination of college football's system in how they determine their National Champion at the FBS level of play. The facts and evidence within this research and literary work proves that college football does possess an un-fair systems in determining their National Champion. This research possesses over 100 Tables to support the facts and evidence to prove that the BCS was un-fair. The author did develop a selection and seeding process for a 16-Team Playoff format which is "Inclusive" to all FBS programs to be eligible for the $50 Million dollars on the table and to be called "National Champion".

Contest Theory

Google's PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Langville, Amy N., and Meyer, Carl D. 2012. Who's #1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking.

Author: Milan Vojnović

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316472903

Category: Computers


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Contests are prevalent in many areas, including sports, rent seeking, patent races, innovation inducement, labor markets, scientific projects, crowdsourcing and other online services, and allocation of computer system resources. This book provides unified, comprehensive coverage of contest theory as developed in economics, computer science, and statistics, with a focus on online services applications, allowing professionals, researchers and students to learn about the underlying theoretical principles and to test them in practice. The book sets contest design in a game-theoretic framework that can be used to model a wide-range of problems and efficiency measures such as total and individual output and social welfare, and offers insight into how the structure of prizes relates to desired contest design objectives. Methods for rating the skills and ranking of players are presented, as are proportional allocation and similar allocation mechanisms, simultaneous contests, sharing utility of productive activities, sequential contests, and tournaments.

Patently Mathematical

Keener, James P. “The Perron-Frobenius Theorems and the Ranking of Football Teams.” SIAM Review, Vol. 35, No. 1 (1993) ... Langville, Amy N.; Meyer, Carl D. Who's #1? The Science of Rating and Ranking. Princeton University Press, 2012.

Author: Jeff Suzuki

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN: 9781421427058

Category: Mathematics

Page: 296

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A reaffirmation that mathematics should be used more often to make general public policy."—MAA Reviews

Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics

Appl. Econ. 32(11), 1353–1363 (2000). https://doi.org/10.1080/ 00036840050151449 Langville, A.N., Meyer, C.D.: Who's #1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking. Princeton University Press, Princeton (2012) Lasek, J., Szlávik, Z., Bhulai, ...

Author: Ulf Brefeld

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030172749

Category: Computers

Page: 179

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This book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics, MLSA 2018, colocated with ECML/PKDD 2018, in Dublin, Ireland, in September 2018. The 12 full papers presented together with 4 challenge papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 24 submissions. The papers present a variety of topics, covering the team sports American football, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer, as well as the individual sports cycling and martial arts. In addition, four challenge papers are included, reporting on how to predict pass receivers in soccer.

Advanced Studies in Multi Criteria Decision Making

M. S. Desarkar, S. Sarkar, P. Mitra, Preference relations based unsupervised rank aggregation for metasearch, Expert Systems with Applications 49 (2016) 86–98. 20. A. N. Langville, C. D. Meyer, Who's# 1?: The Science of Rating and ...

Author: Sarah Ben Amor

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351722117

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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With contributions from some of the top academics and scientists in the field, Advanced Studies in Multi-Criteria Decision Making presents an updated view of the landscape of Decision Sciences, current research topics, the interaction with other sciences and fields, as well as the prospects and challenges at an international level. Given that Decision Sciences are recognized today as indispensable for confronting the major societal challenges in science and technology, this book would be of interest to decision-makers, managers, and researchers from academia, and industrial/services companies that would like a fresh insight into MCDM. Features Integrates a wide range of scientific fields with a general reader approach, including applied researchers from the social, business, enterprise sciences Suitable for academics and professionals Presents a broad coverage of MCDM tools either in industry or in services companies and systems Provides a fresh overview on MCDM studies promoted by prestigious R&D institutions

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Anderson 8: Hester (1993—present): Otherwise known as the Seattle Times rankings, the mathematical rating system was devised byjeFFAnderson, a proFessor oF political science at Air Force, and broadcaster Chris Hester.

Author: Christopher J. Walsh

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

ISBN: 9781461734765

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 328

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There's nothing quite as controversial in American sports as college football's national championship, making it common fodder for talk around the water cooler as well as loftier debates among professional journalists in the sports pages. Walsh takes a comprehensive view of over a century of controversy, breaking teams down into one of three categories: perennial powers, contenders, and former greats. He then reviews the ten most controversial championships, suggests candidates for the best overall football program, and concludes with some thoughts on the future of the BCS. A comprehensive appendix lists national champions since 1869; AP and USA Today/UPI final polls; final BCS standings; first-team All-Americans; and College Football Hall of Fame inductees.