Who Cares

the issues surrounding caring for my father and mother or other relatively privileged individuals . Rather , I want to address the much larger matter of caring within our culture . What becomes of another woman who is also sixty - eight ...

Author: Julia T. Wood


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At a time when studies suggest the average American woman spends seventeen years caring for children and eighteen years caring for aging parents, Julia T. Wood examines how culture creates and sustains our definitions of caring, determines who cares along gender lines, and assigns the diminished value that caring has in our society. Wood argues that America’s expanding need for caring is currently being met at an unacceptably high cost to caregivers. It is time, she believes, to examine caregiving roles and the personal, political, and social issues that surround the question of who cares. Caring must be recognized and promoted as an activity that commands the respect and participation of all members of our society—men and women alike. Only by implementing changes in the basic fabric of American culture, affecting both the structure and the policies of our society and government, can we, Wood concludes, carve out a system of caring that will recognize caring as everyone’s responsibility.

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She believes that perfection in whatever one does can be attained through setting of goals and deploying hard work , persistence , determination and going the extra mile to achieve them . Image ? Who Cares ! is her first book and her ...

Author: Ronke Bello


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Who Cares about Water

... our vegetable garden 170 Who cares about water? Informants' Individual values vs Sukuma Norms Common-pool Resource - an Incentive for Change?

Author: Jan-Olof Drangert

Publisher: Coronet Books Incorporated

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Who Cares

Institutional Barriers to Health Care for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Persons Michele J. Eliason. 63 59 TABLE 5.2 . Disclosure Rates to Health Care Providers in Samples of Lesbian , Gay , and Bisexual People Authors ( Year ) Sample % Who ...

Author: Michele J. Eliason

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0887376762

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The health care professions take pride in the philosophy that all pers ons receive equal treatment. Yet prejudice, fears, and stereotyping ar e so deeply ingrained in our society that discrimination is widespread . Gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons are often harassed, mistreated, o r misunderstood in our health care systems. This book explores how pre judices have become institutionalized, and offers viable solutions for real change. Essential for educators, students, nurses, health care p rofessionals, community activistsall those interested in combating pre judice.

California Children who Cares

(10) Often programs do not provide supportive services, e.g., transportation and health care. (11) HRD administrators appear to be unconcerned with youth employment. (12) No one agency is held responsible for dealing with youth ...

Author: California. Legislature. Assembly. Symposium on Services to Children and Youth


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America s Children who Cares

A similar pattern of deferring necessary care or settling for lower quality care is found in employment - related day care services . Reductions in the availability of Title XX - supported day care and massive shifts to the Title IV ( A ) ...

Author: Madeleine H. Kimmich

Publisher: The Urban Insitute

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Who Cares for the Caregivers


Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Restructuring, and the District of Columbia


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Who Cares for our Children

The Child Care Crisis in the Other America Valerie Polakow. mother-public, invisible until judged guilty. Mavis, a mother undone. Who cares about women-as-mothers whose struggles and suffering float in the unnamed world of otherness?

Author: Valerie Polakow

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807775929

Category: Education

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Valerie Polakow spent a year traveling around the country listening to low-income women from diverse backgrounds tell their stories of struggle, resilience, distress, and occasional success as they encountered ongoing child care crises. The resulting work is both a compelling account of the lived realities of the child care crisis, and an incisive critique of public policy that points to the United States as an outlier in the international community. Drawing on historical and international perspectives, Polakow creates a groundbreaking analysis of child care as a human right, persuasively arguing for a universal child care system. “Who Cares for Our Children? is one of the most disturbing books I have read in a long time. It should have a major impact on debates over poverty and social policy.” —From the Foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed “In this beautifully written and provocative volume, Polakow deftly steps aside and lets real mothers, struggling against the odds to keep their families safe and sound, speak for themselves about what they need. This book delivers a timely message: Child care should be viewed as a human right.” —Martha F. Davis, Northeastern University School of Law “A collection of moving and often chilling personal narratives. . . . Who Cares for Our Children? is a powerful and well-documented analysis of the worlds of low-income families.” —Beth Blue Swadener, Arizona State University “Thoroughly researched and grounded in a heartfelt sympathy for the struggles of families . . . that face such painful choices and dilemmas in meeting the needs of their children.” —James Garbarino, Loyola University Chicago