White Grey and Black Kallawaya Healing Rituals

The central characteristics of the Kallawaya culture are the rich traditional "white", "black" and "grey" healing rituals. They are deeply embedded in the Andean religion.

Author: Ina Rösing


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The central characteristics of the Kallawaya culture are the rich traditional "white", "black" and "grey" healing rituals. They are deeply embedded in the Andean religion.

The Power of Huacas

A mesa was (and is) the personal arrangement of objects used by a religious specialist in a given ritual. ... 151–92; Polia Meconi, “La mesa curanderil,” 23–53; and Rösing, White, Grey and Black: Kallawaya Healing Rituals.

Author: Claudia Brosseder

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The role of the religious specialist in Andean cultures of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries was a complicated one, balanced between local traditions and the culture of the Spanish. In The Power of Huacas, Claudia Brosseder reconstructs the dynamic interaction between religious specialists and the colonial world that unfolded around them, considering how the discourse about religion shifted on both sides of the Spanish and Andean relationship in complex and unexpected ways. In The Power of Huacas, Brosseder examines evidence of transcultural exchange through religious history, anthropology, and cultural studies. Taking Andean religious specialists—or hechizeros (sorcerers) in colonial Spanish terminology—as a starting point, she considers the different ways in which Andeans and Spaniards thought about key cultural and religious concepts. Unlike previous studies, this important book fully outlines both sides of the colonial relationship; Brosseder uses extensive archival research in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Italy, and the United States, as well as careful analysis of archaeological and art historical objects, to present the Andean religious worldview of the period on equal footing with that of the Spanish. Throughout the colonial period, she argues, Andean religious specialists retained their own unique logic, which encompassed specific ideas about holiness, nature, sickness, and social harmony. The Power of Huacas deepens our understanding of the complexities of assimilation, showing that, within the maelstrom of transcultural exchange in the Spanish Americas, European paradigms ultimately changed more than Andean ones.

Indigenous Perceptions of the End of the World

Religión, ritual y vida cotidiana en los Andes: los diez géneros de Amarete: segundo Ciclo Ankari: rituales colectivos en la región Kallawaya, Bolivia. Madrid: Iberoamericana. Rösing, Ina. 2010. White, Grey and Black Kallawaya Healing ...

Author: Rosalyn Bold

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This edited volume constructs a ‘cosmopolitics’ of climate change, consulting small-scale sustainable communities on whether the world is ending and why, and how we can take action to prevent it. By comparing scientific and indigenous accounts of the same phenomenon, contributors seek to broaden Western understandings of what climate change constitutes. In this context, existing cosmologies are challenged, opening spaces for hegemonic narratives to enter into conversation with the non-modern and construct ‘worlds otherwise’—situations of world change and renewal through climate change. Bold brings together perspectives from Central America, Mexico, the Amazon, and the Andes to converse with scientific narratives of climate change and create cracks that bring new worlds into being for readers.

India International Centre Quarterly

( Defense and Destruction : The Black Kallawaya Healing Ritual . ... ( Closing the Circle : From Black to Grey and White . Nocturnal Healing ... Zweiter ANKARI - Zyklus : Kollektivrituale der Kallawaya - Region in den Anden Boliviens .

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What through all of the healing and agricultural rituals I enters are Catholic prayers . ... Bolton described god of lightning , Illapa , who is being prayed to a black Kallawaya healing ritual ( mute anthropol- ( Mariscotti de Görlitz ...



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Spirituality and Psychological Health

Hospitals are dreaded , in part because the color white is associated with the death and burial of infants . 8. ... Some informants told me that all male children are obligated to study Kallawaya healing practices , and many girls are ...

Author: Richard H. Cox

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Spirituality and Psychological Health examines the relationship between spirituality, religion, and psychological health. Several different psychological approached are presented in this volume. Topics include developmental issues, divesity issues, and training issues.

Crossing Currents

Continuity and Change in Latin America Michael B. Whiteford, Scott Whiteford ... at work for curing with magic and ritual because he advo- within Kallawaya ethnomedicine : the empirical cated an ethnoscience of Kallawaya healing .

Author: Michael B. Whiteford

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Designed to expose readers to some of the most important critical thinking by anthropologists across a wide range of issues, this anthology combines a variety of works that examine Latin American cultures from a number of different perspectives. Very accessible and perceptive, it covers a wide range of topics -- beginning with a general overview of Latin America (observations about size of land mass, geography, population size and growth rates) and then highlighting some of the cultural characteristics that permit us to talk about "Latin America" -- balancing the incredible cultural diversity with some of the overriding features that give at least the appearance of "similarity."


Over 400 interesting black - and - white illustrations enhance the more than 3,000 entries . ... He places Kallawaya healing patterns within larger contexts of geography , history , social organization , cosmology , and culture change .



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Mountain of the Condor

Case study which interprets the symbolic patterns governing the lives of a Bolivian tribe called the Aymaras--a tribe previously stereotyped as "the tough culture."

Author: Joseph William Bastien


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Case study which interprets the symbolic patterns governing the lives of a Bolivian tribe called the Aymaras--a tribe previously stereotyped as "the tough culture."

Healers of the Andes

Kallawaya Herbalists and Their Medicinal Plants Joseph William Bastien, Eleanor Forfang Stauffer ... who emulate white ways in a bazarre forced to migrate if not permanently at least temporarily fashion , respect Kallawayas and visit ...

Author: Joseph William Bastien

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