Where Silence Reigns

In this collection of excerpts from his essays, notebooks, and letters, pre-eminent modern poet Rainer Maria Rilke meditates on subjects as varied as a dolls, walking among trees, and the great sculptor Rodin.

Author: Rainer Maria Rilke

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811225281

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In this collection of excerpts from his essays, notebooks, and letters, pre-eminent modern poet Rainer Maria Rilke meditates on subjects as varied as a dolls, walking among trees, and the great sculptor Rodin. Where Silence Reigns, a sampling from his essays, notebooks, and letters, shows Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926), the pre-eminent modern poet of solitude and inwardness, seeking to reconcile his personal conflict between the claims of "life" and the claims of art. His subjects are commonplace, seemingly innocuous at times: the encounter between a man and a dog, a collection of dolls, a walk among trees. But always the deceptively simple external phenomenon is seen as the symbol, the catalyst of an intensely felt inner experience. As he confided to his friend Frau Wunderly-Volkart: "Oh, how often one longs to speak a few degrees more deeply! My prose... lies deeper... but one gets only a minimal layer further down; one’s left with a mere intimation of the kind of speech that may be possible THERE where silence reigns." In addition to occasional pieces and notebook entries, this volume contains selections from the strange and haunting "Dream-Book," the lyrical "Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christoph Rilke," and the entire "Rodin-Book"––Rilke’s appreciation of the great sculptor whom he had served as secretary.

The Silent Reign

A baby was crying somewhere in the night. Ania faintly felt a nurse turn her head, as she had told her to, sheltering the baby from her sight. Then silence. An awful silence. An innocent someone who had been with you for nine months ...

Author: A.M. Stevenson

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She didn't realize she had veered off the side of the road and went into a coma-like sleep unnoticed. It is easier to return to the road when you are on the shoulder than when you are pulled all the way into a nearby ditch or crevice. Sneaking away in the early morning hours, she had successfully managed to pack a small bag and bundle up her secret savings from a ten-year-long marriage to a man she hardly knew. Sometimes you have to leave behind a life of disaster to start anew. Sometimes the stakes are high, but in order to find out who you really are, you need to take a leap of faith.

The Saint Louis Medical Reporter

EFFECT OF DARKNESS AND SILENCE . Dr. Kane and other Arctic voyagers have all testified that , in those regions " where eternal silence reigns supreme , " the effect upon the brain and ear from the absence of sonorous impulses in the ...



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A Dictionary of the English Language

He should share with them in the preserving Silent , and in face Many monocotyledons are coated with a silicious A shed or signpost . ... Fetter strong madness in a silken thread ; Then pompous silence reigns , and stills the poisy 2.

Author: Samuel Johnson



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Locomotive Engineers Journal

... a considerable length of long they will wake up and see that time in the Kentucky Mammoth Cave , they are on the list of the firemen's where silence and impenetrable darkness union . Union No. 4 was organized Au . reigned supreme .



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The Western Harp

4 Ye heedless ones that wildly stroll , The grave must soon become your bed , Where silence reigns , and vapors roll , In solemn silence , round your head : Your friends may pass that lonesome place , And with a sigh move slowly on ...



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The Index A Weekly Paper

W. H. Channing Church itself , -- a dogma which is an infinite Mid dreary wastes where silence reigns supreme ... It foundation , but the principle of blind subReign o'er vast wilds , shut out from light of day . is taken from the ...



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The Welded Link and Other Poems

Deep silence reigns , save softly - murmured sigh Of zephyr's voice , borne on its wings to me . Alone I am , yet feel that hov'ring night Are angel spirits which I do not see . Reflection comes : I think how many here Now sleeping in ...

Author: John Franklin Simmons



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