What Is a Kiss Anyway

WHAT Is A KISS, ANYWAY? It is 8:53 p.m. and the house is almost quiet. The baby is asleep in his crib. In the room next door, his brother and sister climb into their beds and flop down on the pillows. The little girl and her Cinderella ...

Author: Susan Lewis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469100586

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 218

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Why does my six year old son hate kisses? Why does my three year old daughter want to wear the equivalent of ball gowns to the playground? Why does my husband limp when he has a sore throat? What is a Kiss, Anyway? is a collection of humorous and poignant stories about one womans attempt to make sense of family life.

What Is a Kiss Anyway

Why does my husband limp when he has a sore throat? What is a Kiss, Anyway? is a collection of humorous and poignant stories about one woman's attempt to make sense of family life.

Author: Susan Lewis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465345721

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 220

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Why does my six year old son hate kisses? Why does my three year old daughter want to wear the equivalent of ball gowns to the playground? Why does my husband limp when he has a sore throat? What is a Kiss, Anyway? is a collection of humorous and poignant stories about one woman's attempt to make sense of family life.

Defenders of Light Hunter s Quarry

“I mean, it might have seemed like a kiss, but it wasn't a kiss. And even if it was a kiss it would've been a little kiss, not a big kiss or an awkward kiss or a kiss that meant anything, and there wasn't a kiss anyway, ...

Author: Elisa Parmley

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781300202684



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A Long Way to Go

“It's my birthday—how about a birthday kiss?” “It's not your birthday Ty.” I laughed. “No, but how about a kiss anyway?” “Clever . ... Anyways are you seriously going to leave me all alone in this bed?” She giggled.

Author: Brittany Watson, Blaze Earl and Nikta

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493118281

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Olivia Sombers is a talented seventeen-year-old. Her crazy, abusive father has moved the two of them around most of England (and a few other parts of the UK) because he doesn't want anyone to notice the abuse. Everything changes when they move to Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States. Olivia meets Tyler Fields, and together, they uncover secrets about her dark past. When the two fall in love, the adventures continue. As Olivia strives to follow her dreams of being a singer, her past haunts her at the worst moments. Can Olivia follow her dreams despite her dark past?

French Kiss

“Am I?” “Don't look so damned smug. Women only melt in the movies. And then it's only when the hero takes them in his arms.” Her eyes gazed at him steadily. “You're no hero.” “Not yet, anyway,” he said, and kissed her again.

Author: Eric Van Lustbader

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504045360

Category: Fiction

Page: 498

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The search for a mysterious artifact leads to a trek across the globe in this thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author of the Bourne novels. In the French countryside, a man is brutally murdered. In a Connecticut church, a priest is sacrificed. All in pursuit of an artifact rumored to possess mystical powers . . . The three-bladed weapon known as the Prey Dauw will make its owner the most feared man in the world, powerful enough to control all of Asia and its drug trade. But there is still one piece left to find. New York lawyer Chris Haye and NYPD lieutenant Seve Guarda are drawn into the bloody search when they learn their brothers have been killed. Their quest for vengeance takes them from Manhattan to France to the depths of Southeast Asia. But the man behind their brothers’ savage murders will stop at nothing to gain the ultimate prize. From the acclaimed author of the Nicholas Linnear series and many other bestsellers, as well as the novels that continue the story of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne character, French Kiss is packed with “suspense that is sustained to the final page” (Los Angeles Times).

Kiss and Tell

From ¿Star Trek¿ (home to TV¿s first interracial kiss) and the Brothers Grimm (home to the first princess-frog kiss) to the top 10 greatest make-out songs of all time, this little book answers everything you¿ve ever wondered about ...

Author: Kevin Dwyer


ISBN: 1437970109


Page: 128

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What makes French kissing French? Who invented Spin the Bottle? Why have millions kissed the Blarney Stone? This irreverent miscellany of kissing trivia draws upon history, science, and pop culture to explore countless fascinating questions: Why do people kiss, anyway? Are there any cultures that don¿t kiss? And what about the animal kingdom? Is it true that some fish actually kiss? From ¿Star Trek¿ (home to TV¿s first interracial kiss) and the Brothers Grimm (home to the first princess-frog kiss) to the top 10 greatest make-out songs of all time, this little book answers everything you¿ve ever wondered about kissing -- and lots of things you probably never thought of. Full-color illustrations. Compact format.

Finding Cinderella

“Daniel, this is awkward,” she says. “Do you really want our first kiss to be in the middle ofa restaurant?” I nod. “So what ifit's awkward? We'll have a do-over later. Peo- ple put way too much stock in first kisses, anyway.

Author: Colleen Hoover

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476783284

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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Daniel does not believe in love at first sight until he lays eyes on Six, a girl with a quirky personality, but a secret from the past could jeopardize their chance at happily ever after.

Hawk s Woman

“Oh, Hawk, aren't you ever going to kiss me?” He hadn't put it into words—I'm going to kiss Abby now—but he realized that was exactly what he'd been about to do. ... “What do you know about kissing, anyway?” “Nothing.

Author: Janis Reams Hudson

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 9781626814790

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

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"Every once in a while an author arrives with the rare talent to combine reality with romance. This is Janis Reams Hudson." —RT BOOK REVIEWS The stigma of his heritage has made Hawk accustomed to ridicule in Comanche County. Shunned by nearly everyone in town, he finds comfort in the one person who always accepted him: the beautiful Abby McCormick. But even as their childhood friendship blossoms into a passion neither of them can keep at bay, they know that Abby's father will never accept their love. Then, after an evening with Abby, Hawk is ambushed and beaten. Believing him dead, Abby spends four years mourning him. But when, against all odds, he storms back into her life, her hope for a love that never had a chance to truly be realized is restored. Hawk has returned for more than Abby, though. With his sights set on revenge, will he miss his second chance at the love that is right before his eyes?

Kiss Like You Mean It

In the scenes that follow there is no apparent sign that the kiss has affected him in any way. But it has. It has made him responsive again, forced open a tiny part of his mind to the memory of women. So when, the following week, ...

Author: Louise Harwood

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330521550

Category: Fiction


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In 1916 Ambrose March, a young cameraman, was wounded on the Western Front. Nearly a century later his astonishing film remains testament to his talent. Now a major Hollywood movie company is aiming to recreate his final days. On set, Rory Defoe is giving the performance of his life, frequently reducing the crew to tears with his brilliant portrayal of the tormented Ambrose March. Off set, he’s proving the typical Hollywood bad boy: often so out of control he’s in danger of wrecking the film. In utter despair, the director knows there’s only one person he can turn to. Ella Buchan is tired of stars like Rory, with their obsessive fans and egos the size of the Beverly Hills Hotel. As Rory’s make-up artist she’s already spending hours each day shut up in her trailer with him. She certainly doesn’t want to get any closer. But the director needs Ella to save his film and she reluctantly agrees to get involved. She has no idea what she’s letting herself in for.


I'm agoin ' to hev one kiss anyway afore I go . " She felt herself melting into his arms as he kissed her on the mouth long and passionately . The next moment he was gone . Her hands trembled as she took hold of the dasher again .

Author: Edith Summers Kelley

Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 1558611541

Category: Fiction

Page: 375

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First published in 1923, Weeds is a classic of American naturalism with a profoundly feminist turn-pioneer in a tradition of rural, working-class women's writing that includes such works as Harriet Arnow's The Dollmaker, Tillie Olsen's Yonnondio, and Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres. Set amidst the harsh life of rural Kentucky tenant farmers, Weeds is the moving story of a hard-working, spirited young woman who must painfully submit to the limitations imposed by her time, her class, and her gender. Coming of age in Scott County, Kentucky, Judith Pippinger is intelligent, sensitive, and full of untamed energy. She falls in love first with the natural world around her, and then with a decent and loving man, Jerry Blackford. Judith and Jerry marry and work side-by-side in the tobacco fields; they are poor share croppers, but they hope each year will bring them a richer harvest. But Judith soon finds herself in a deep, soul-destroying stuggle against the imprisoning duties of motherhood and of managing an impoverished household. As crops fail and her marriage falters, Judith yields at last. She resolves to bring up her children without hope that her life might be different; but as one of her daughters lies near death, she summons her last vestiges of strength and wills the child to survive. In the tragic world of this powerful novel, both Judy and Jerry become victims of circumstance. The impossible economic conditions, the gruelling toil of tenant farming, the disease and isolation-all take a crippling toll on their spirits. They survive, but they are changed-Judith even more than Jerry. Kelley's deeply nuanced portrait is particularly remarkable in depicting a woman who suffers not from a lack of love-from her husband, her children, or her community-but from an unrequited longing for self-expression and freedom. When Weeds was first published in 1923, the editors cut from the novel a chapter describing the birth of Judith's first child, deeming it too graphic for readers. This chapter has been restored to the Feminist Press edition.

Last Minute Bridegroom Mills Boon Vintage Cherish

It occurred to her that she'd never been so horrible to anyone in her whole life. For some reason she liked Chaz a lot better now that she'd been so horrible to him. 'I enjoyed the kiss, anyway,' she said politely. 'Both kisses.

Author: Linda Miles

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472067906

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Substitute groom? When bride-to-be Natasha Merrill was left virtually at the altar, devil-may-care Chase Taggart offered her a surprising way out. She could face the embarrassment of canceling her society wedding or she could marry him!

Dark Kiss

No, this was not fine in any way, shape or form. Stephen kissed Carly. He knew she was my best friend and he'd turned her into a gray as some sort ofrevenge against me for running off with Bishop and leaving him behind.

Author: Michelle Rowen

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373210473

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

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Unable to resist a kiss from her crush despite her otherwise careful nature, Samantha is stricken by a bizarre, mysterious hunger and turns for help to secretive street youth Bishop to stop an encroaching darkness that threatens to overwhelm her. Original.

The Landing

Just on the cheek , almost the way his mother had kissed him when he was younger , but not quite . He didn't know what it meant . Did she mean it as a real kiss ? ... But it wasn't that kind of a kiss anyway . More , playful .

Author: John Ibbitson

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd

ISBN: 1554532345

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

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After the Great Depression, Ben, who sneaks in violin practice between chores, gets a job fixing up an old cottage on nearby Pine Island where he is introduced to a world of wealth that makes him desperate to escape Cook's Landing.

Medical Record

Why must she , who “ never kissed a crowding of the medical profession of Texas . In the living man " and doesn't believe in kissing anyway , town of Temper , where the doctor , who is President of press her lips to those of some cold ...

Author: George Frederick Shrady


ISBN: UOM:39015012331990

Category: Medicine


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What Pierre Did with His Soul

Suppose you give him a kiss , anyway ? " It was the custom . For years and years , on that day , Pierre had been used to kiss Juliette , and yet they now stood facing each other for a moment , as if not knowing what to do with ...

Author: Georges Ohnet


ISBN: NYPL:33433075826986

Category: French fiction

Page: 241

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Secrets That We Keep

He was going to go in for a kiss anyway? What dick still tried to kiss a girl when the moment had been ruined by that kind of stink? This wasn't right. Bentley deserved better than that. Incensed on her behalf, and maybe possibly ...

Author: Linda Kage

Publisher: Linda Kage


Category: Fiction

Page: 440

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Gracen Lowe has a new life theory: What you don’t know can’t hurt you. Which is exactly why he decides not to tell his twin sister, Bella, that he’s accidentally falling for the woman she hates most, the very woman who allegedly cheated with Bella’s last boyfriend and broke them apart. Bella might be his best friend and ultimate confidante, but she’d legit cut off his favorite body part if she knew which woman he’d been craving. So even if his theory’s totally whack, staying quiet will definitely keep him safer. Except he feels so guilty about it all. Meanwhile, Bella’s heating up the sheets with one of Gracen’s best friends, and she can’t seem to reveal that little detail to her brother either, due to—you know—reasons. When the truth is exposed, all bets are off. Shattered secrets will either set everyone free or wreck their relationships forever.

The Beloved City

After you give me a kiss. I haven't had one for about ten hours." "You are a very greedy person, did you know that?" But she lifted her face for his kiss anyway. ... He kissed her lightly, then slipped out the door.

Author: Beatrice E. Toppins

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781607910824



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The Best Australian Sports Writing 2004

Then the players start relaxing , the crowd warms up , and before long handshakes give way to hugs and kisses . ... and quickly corrects himself , Stephen Baker goes ahead and gives Daniel a kiss anyway , to the cheers of the crowd .

Author: Garrie Hutchinson

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 1863952136

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 351

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No Marketing Blurb

Hello World

But I didn't want the first time I kissed her to be when my head was full of worries about what my dad was going to say when I got back, ... Then I thought of going back, knocking on her door, and giving her a kiss anyway.

Author: Murray Ewing

Publisher: Bookship

ISBN: 9780993423932

Category: Fiction

Page: 266

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It’s 1984, and 13-year-old Tim is sitting on the school roof, waiting for the world to end. Or at least for it to start making sense. His life used to make sense. It was made up of two things: the exciting new world of home computers, and worries about nuclear war. There were certainly no girls in it. But then he met Penny, who’s into pop music, and somehow manages to be optimistic about life, despite having a very difficult mother. (Difficult, as in, she sometimes throws roof tiles at people.) For the first time since the death of his own mother three years ago, Tim starts to see a whole new possibility in life. Then he loses Penny. So what else is there to do but climb onto the school roof and wait for the world to end?