The Treatment of Modern Western Medical Diseases with Chinese Medicine

PREFACE WHAT THIS BOOK IS This book is a textbook and clinical manual on
the treatment of modern Western medical diseases with Chinese medicine . By
modern Western medical diseases , we mean the disease categories of modern ...

Author: Bob Flaws

Publisher: Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.

ISBN: 1891845209

Category: Medical

Page: 567

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This book is a textbook and clinical manual on the treatment of modern Western medical diseases with Chinese medicine. By modern Western medical diseases, we mean all the disease categories of Western medicine excluding gynecology and pediatrics. By Chinese medicine, we mean standard contemporary professional Chinese medicine as taught at the two dozen provincial Chinese medical colleges in the People's Respublic of China. The two main therapeutic modalities used in the practice of this style of Chinese medicine are acupuncture-moxibustion and the internal administration of multi-ingredient Chinese medicinal formulas. Treatment plans for each disease discussed herein are given for each of these two main modalities.

Women of the Western Frontier in Fact Fiction and Film

Chapter Four Prostitutes , Madams and Gaming Ladies of the Wild West
Filmmakers usually portray the saloon girls of the Wild West as quick - witted ,
tough ladies who for the most part had tender hearts . Popular films of the ' 30s , '
40s and ...

Author: Ronald W. Lackmann

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786404000

Category: Social Science

Page: 209

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This work provides factual accounts of women of the Old West in contrast to their depictions on film and in fiction. The lives of Martha Calamity Jane Canary and Belle The Bandit Queen Starr are first detailed; one discovers that Starr was indeed friends with notorious bank robbers of the time, including Jesse James and Cole Younger, but was herself primarily a cattle and horse thief. Wives and lovers of some of the West's most famous outlaws are covered in the second section along with real-life female entertainers, prostitutes and gamblers. Native Americans, entrepreneurs, doctors, reformers, artists, writers, schoolteachers, and other such respectable women are covered in the third section.

Ballet in Western Culture

With Ballet in Western Culture , Carol Lee has distilled and integrated an
enormous and diverse amount of historical , biographical , and artistic information
with precision and clarity . The fascinating story of ballet is told anew with the
insight of ...

Author: Carol Lee

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415942578

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 368

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A history of the development of ballet from the origins of dance through the 20th century.

Western Shirts

The story of commercially made Western shirts begins with the first company in
the business, Miller and Co. Philip Miller had tuberculosis and came to Denver
for the dry air in 1919 when he was in his mid-twenties. The family joke, says ...

Author: Steven E. Weil

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781586852481

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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No longer found only on the backs of ol' cow hands from the Rio Grande, or in closets that have been undisturbed for the last sixty years, cowboy shirts are now highly collectible-treasured pieces of Western Americana. But what distinguishes one from the other? Cowboy Shirts is the resource on understanding the history behind these uniquely American pieces of art, and on what to look for in collecting them, because while fashion trends may come and go, quality design and construction are always recognizable. The book contains a complete list of cowboy shirt labels (over 250 of them!) to help you identify the manufacturer and date of your finds. Rowdy, rhinestoned, saucy, sturdy, colorful, or plain-Cowboy Shirts will make you want to kick up your spurs in Western delight as you follow them from practical wear, to costume, to fashion, to art. G. Daniel DeWeese was raised in South Dakota where his parents owned and operated a ranch near the Black Hills. Dan studied creative writing at the University of South Dakota before going to West Africa with the Peace Corps as an irrigation specialist for agricultural development programs. He helped launch and manage an agricultural-development company in Saudi Arabia. Dan has worn Western shirts, hats and boots all his life, around the world. He lives with his wife, Julie, and their overgrown Airedale in Minnesota. Steve Weil has Western wear in his genes: he is the third generation to run his family's firm, Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg. Co. Steve's first foray in the rag trade was in 1958 as an infant model in a Western industry fashion show. His love for vintage Western wear began in high school when he raided his grandfather's closet for shirts from the 40's. Today he heads the company and is responsible for all design of the brand's many lines. Steve lives in Denver with his wife Wendy and son Colter.

Western Medicine

16 The Spread of Western Medicine MICHAEL WORB0YS Aworld survey of
medical ideas and practices in AD 1000 would have found three ' great systems '
- the Chinese , Indian , and Western , though the latter would have been more ...

Author: Irvine Loudon

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199248133

Category: Medical

Page: 347

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Featuring more than 150 illustrations, including twenty-four color plates, a finely produced history ranges from the birth of rational medicine in ancient Greece to modern organ transplants and includes a glossary, a chronology, and an index. History Feat Alt. UP.

The Exotic In Western Music

The East in the West " : Evocations of the Gamelan in Western Music MERVYN
COOKE “ IT SEEMS to me certain that future progress in creative music for
composers of the Western world must inevitably go towards the exploration and ...

Author: Jonathan Bellman editor

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1555533191

Category: Music

Page: 370

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Exoticism has flourished in western music since the seventeenth century. A blend of familiar and unfamiliar gestures, this vibrant musical language takes the listener beyond the ordinary by evoking foreign cultures and forbidden desires. In this pioneering collection, distinguished musicologists explore the ways in which western composers have used exotic themes for dramatic and striking effect. Interweaving historical, musical, and cultural perspectives, the contributors examine the compositional use of exotic styles and traditions in the works of artists as diverse as Mozart and George Harrison. The volume sheds new light on a significant yet largely neglected art form, and it makes a valuable contribution to music history and cultural studies.

Social Welfare in Western Society

... that these benefits have taken at different times in the Western world. THE.
DEVELOPMENT. OF. WESTERN. SOCIETY. The world we live in did not begin
this morning. Contemporary social welfare activities cannot be understood simply

Author: Gerald Handel

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412834568

Category: Social Science

Page: 357

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Social welfare has a three-thousand-year history in Western society. This book offers a sociological framework that provides conceptual order to the countless details of that history, while highlighting its essentials. Social welfare in all its forms is based on one central concept--help. But there are many versions of help and multiple debates about those versions. The outcomes of some debates have led to withholding help, and these outcomes are an inescapable part of this domain, in the past and in the present. The major versions, their development, and the debates are carefully examined in this volume. Social Welfare in Western Society argues that in history five basic concepts of help have emerged. These five, explored and developed are: charity, based on a relationship between private donors and recipients; public welfare, based on a relationship between the state and its recipients; social insurance, based on a relationship between the state and beneficiaries of its programs; social service, based on people skilled in interaction providing skill-based time to their clients; mutual aid groups (sometimes misleadingly called self-help groups), whose members are simultaneously helpers and those helped. There are multiple versions of each of these five concepts now usually referred to as social policy issues. There are fierce disagreements about what is helpful and which supposed forms of help are harmful to the wider society. The book concludes that major debates have centered and continue to center around these major issues: Should the poor be helped or punished? Who is to blame? Do the poor have the same rights as other people? Who should pay? Who should decide? What is the effect of receiving welfare on incentive to work? Who should be helped? This is a masterful text designed for professional and public reading. Gerald Handel is professor emeritus of sociology at The City College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York. He is the author of Making a Life in Yorkville: Experience and Meaning in the Life Course Narrative of an Urban Working-Class Man, editor of Childhood Socialization, and co-editor of The Psychosocial Interior of the Family, all published by Transaction Publishers.

The Non Western World

Introduction to the Non-Western World THE NON-WESTERN WORLD What is the
non-Western world, and why it is important to learn about its peoples and cultures
? When we speak of the non-Western world we are referring to the areas in ...

Author: Pradyumna Prasad Karan

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415947138

Category: Social Science

Page: 589

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This introductory textbook provides an integrated, up-to-date introduction to the lands, people, and cultures of the non-Western world.

Asia in Western and World History

The purpose of the essays in the following section is not to present material that
may be useful in introducing courses on Asian civilizations or on world history in
the undergraduate curriculum, but rather to look at Western history and to note ...

Author: Ainslie Thomas Embree

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 1563242656

Category: History

Page: 998

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This comprehensive volume provides teachers and students with broad and stimulating perspectives on Asian history and its place in world and Western history. Essays by over forty leading scholars suggest many new ways of incorporating Asian history, from ancient to modern times, into core curriculum history courses. Now featuring "Suggested Resources for Maps to Be Used in Conjunction with Asia in Western and World History".

Western Historical Thinking

Western Historical Thinking in a Global Perspective - 10 Theses Peter Burke The
" historical thought " to be examined in this paper is concentrated on the
assumptions of working historians and the implications of their practices .
However , it ...

Author: Jörn Rüsen

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1571817816

Category: History

Page: 206

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What is history is a question historians have been asking themselves time and again. Here a Western historian offers ten hypotheses that attempt to constitute specifically Western historical thinking, and Asian and African historians comment.

Tourism in Western Europe

Introduction : Tourism in Western Europe : a Context of Change Richard Voase
University of Lincoln , Lincoln Campus , Lincoln , UK Introduction The study of
tourism is necessarily an interdisciplinary pursuit that exists as a single subject in

Author: Richard N. Voase

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 0851997643

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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The last twenty years has seen a proliferation of the term "tourist destination." Improbable places, such as industrial cities and isolated rural environments have become legitimate places to visit. At the same time, traditional tourist destinations such as coastal resorts have declined inpopularity. There is a shift from "old" to "new" tourism. These case histories examine these issues. The book is divided into three sections, dealing with political, economic and sociocultural reasons for change.

Women and Politics in Western Europe

Introduction Sylvia Bashevkin The modern women's movement has exerted a
profound influence upon contemporary political thought , research , and action in
Western Europe . 1 Despite important differences within - and cross - national in ...

Author: Sylvia B. Bashevkin

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0714632759

Category: Political Science

Page: 101

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First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Russia and Western Civilization

The Russian Revolutions The Impact and Limitations of Western Influence Karl D
. Qualls Since the collapse of the Soviet Union , historians have again turned
their attention to the birth of the first communist state in hopes of understanding
the ...

Author: Russell Bova

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 0765609762

Category: Political Science

Page: 378

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This volume introduces readers to an age-old question that has perplexed both Russians and Westerners. Is Russia the eastern flank of Europe? Or is it really the heartland of another civilization? In exploring this question, the authors present a sweeping survey of cultural, religious, political, and economic developments in Russia, especially over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Based on the inter-disciplinary Russian studies program at Dickinson College, this splendid collection will complement many curricula. The text features highlight boxes and selected illustrations. Each chapter ends with a glossary, study questions, and a reading list.

The Western Way of War

Second. Edition. The Western Way of War is not a comprehensive account of the
history of Western warfare from the classical period to the present. Neither is the
book a pacifistic warning about the destructiveness of present-day Western war.

Author: Victor Davis Hanson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520219112

Category: History

Page: 271

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Hanson thinks the ancient Greeks deliberately made warfare physically and psychologically intolerable so that no one could stand it for long and wars could be fought and settled in a single afternoon.

Erich Maria Remarque s All Quiet on the Western Front

However, he states that his first big screen role in All Quiet on the Western Front
made a tremendous impression upon him and was undoubtedly an important
factor in determining his attitude toward war. When called into service in World
War ...

Author: Erich Maria Remarque

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9780791098301

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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A guide to Remarque's novel features a biographical sketch of the author, a list of characters, a summary of the plot, and critical interpretations of the work.

The Western Genre

1 READING A WESTERN Given the difficulties of separating the genre as
concept from its actual existence in individual films we shall take an example
which sets out to distil this elusive essence . Shane ( 1953 ) is often remembered
as the ...

Author: John Saunders

Publisher: Wallflower Press

ISBN: 1903364124

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 131

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The Western Genre: From Lordsburg to Big Whiskey offers close readings of the definitive American film movement as represented by such leading exponents as John Ford, Howard Hawks, and Sam Peckinpah. In his consideration of such iconic motifs as the Outlaw Hero and the Lone Rider, John Saunders traces the development of perennial aspects of the genre, its continuity and, importantly, its change. Representations of morality and masculinity are also foregrounded in consideration of the genre's major stars John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, and such films as Shane, Rio Bravo, The Wild Bunch, and Unforgiven.

History of Western Maryland

The section of country embraced in the following descriptive outline is a long strip
, running from east to west, widened on the ends, and extending from the western
boundary of Baltimore County to the extreme limits of Maryland next to West ...

Author: John Thomas Scharf

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com

ISBN: 9780806345659

Category: History

Page: 1560

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Under Western Skies

New West, True West I say to my colleague in Chinese studies that I teach
western history. "Doesn't almost everyone in this department," he complains.* "
The history of England, Germany, France, Italy—it is all western history in our

Author: Donald Worster

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195086713

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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For decades, the story of the American West has been told as a glorious tale of conquest and rugged individualism--the triumph of progress. But recently, a new school of historians has challenged this view, creating what is known as the "new western history," an approach that gives a central role to the environment, native peoples, and the concentration of power in the hands of a few. Foremost among these historians is Donald Worster. In Worster's writings, the western past emerges not as a march of Manifest Destiny but rather as an unfolding relationship between humankind and nature. In Under Western Skies, Worster provides an eloquent introduction to the changing traditions of western historical writing and then demonstrates his own approach through fascinating case studies. For example, he takes a hard look at the struggle by the Lakota to regain ownership of the Black Hills, examining not only the legal history of treaties and court cases but also the importance of the Black Hills in Indian religion and the way they have been mismanaged by the U.S. government. He discusses the cowboy in terms of the new ecology that arose from livestock ranching--the endless miles of fences, the changes in the environment wrought by extensive grazing, certain species of animals almost wiped out because they were considered a danger to sheep and cattle. But Worster's view of nature is not as simple or as, linear as for instance, Bill McKibben's stark picture in The End of Nature, a picture Worster argues against. From the mining ghost towns of the Rockies to the uprooted farm families of the Dust Bowl, nature sometimes wins the struggle. Even the Hoover Dam, he reminds us, may one day be overcome by the patient Colorado River. Under Western Skies both offers intriguing insights into important aspects of our history and instills a new appreciation for the place of nature, native peoples, and the struggles over money and power in the western past.

A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland

WESTERN ISLANDS . teresting to helligible in physical de For the purpose of
rendering the physical description of these islands more intelligible in a
topographic view ...

Author: John Macculloch


ISBN: OXFORD:590635144

Category: Geology


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Western Music and Its Others

Western. Music. and. Its. Low-Other. Richard Middleton Music can never "belong"
(to me).1 It is always already "other," always located elsewhere (than here), in the
matrix of dialogically constructed codes and historical debris responsible for its ...

Author: Georgina Born

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520220846

Category: Music

Page: 360

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"[Western Music and Its Others] will be taken as an important book signalling a new turn within the field. It takes the best features of traditional, rigorous scholarship and brings these to bear upon contemporary, more speculative questions. The level of theoretical sophistication is high. The studies within it are polemical and timely and of lasting scholarly value."—Will Straw, co-editor of Theory Rules: Art as Theory/ Theory and Art "The great value of this collection lies in the wealth of questions that it raises--questions that together crystallize the recent concerns of musicology with force and clarity. But it also lies in the authors' resistance to the easy 'postmodernist' answers that threaten to turn new musicology prematurely grey. The editors' comprehensive, intellectually adventurous introduction exemplifies the sort of eager yet properly skeptical receptivity to scholarly innovation that fosters lasting disciplinary reform. It alone is worth the price of the book." —Richard Taruskin, author of Stravinsky and the Russian Traditions: A Biography of the Works Through " Mavra" "When cultural-studies methods first appeared in musicology 15 years ago, they triggered a storm of polemics that sometimes overshadowed the important issues being raised. As the canon wars recede, however, scholars are finding it possible to focus on the concerns that led them to cultural criticism in the first place: the study of music and its political meanings. Western Music and Its Others brings together leading musicologists, ethnomusicologists, and specialists in film and popular music to explore the ways European and North American musicians have drawn on or identified themselves in tension with the musical practices of Others. In a series of essays ranging from examination of the Orientalist tropes of early 20th-century Modernists to the tangled claims for ownership in today's World Music, the authors in this collection greatly advance both our knowledge of specific case studies and our intellectual awareness of the complexity and urgency of these problems. A timely intervention that should help push music studies to the next level." —Susan McClary, author of Conventional Wisdom: The Content of Musical Form (2000) "This collection provides a sophisticated model for using theory to interrogate music and music to interrogate theory. The essays both take up and challenge the dominance of notions of representation in cultural theory as they explore the relevance of the concepts of hybridity and otherness for contemporary art music. Sophisticated theory, erudite scholarship and a very real appreciation for the specificities of music make this a powerful and important addition to our understanding of both culture and music." —Lawrence Grossberg, author of Dancing in Spite of Myself