God s People on the Move

Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean hospitality was much more likely to involve total strangers. ... One Iranian proverb seems to indicate that one should not be reluctant to welcome a stranger: “There are three things that have to ...

Author: vanThanh Nguyen

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625640796

Category: Religion

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On the highways and byways of every continent, hundreds of millions of immigrants are constantly on the move. Because of growing inequalities of wealth caused by unregulated economic globalization, political and ethnic conflicts, environmental degradation, instant communication, and viable means of transportation, more and more people are migrating than ever before. Crossing international borders, whether compelled or voluntarily, is a major characteristic of our present epoch. No countries or regions are immune from this reality. Facing the growing scope, complexity and impact of the current worldwide phenomenon, God's People on the Move seeks to develop appropriate biblical and missiological responses to the issue of human migration and dislocation. The book is divided into two major sections. Part one, "Biblical Perspectives on Migration and Mission," contains six essays that focus on various biblical themes or texts that deal with migration and mission. Part two, "Contemporary Issues of Migration and Mission," contains six essays that address different immigration issues around the world. The contributors to this volume are women and men from different ethnic backgrounds, working and living on five continents. The internationality of the contributors gives this volume a unique global perspective on migration and mission.

The Strangers in Our Midst

... and it is hardly surprising that their willingness to sponsor Muslim refugees or welcome Muslim immigrants was ... who thought that immigrants strengthened society.11 Evangelicals also grew more reluctant to welcome refugees.

Author: Ulrike Elisabeth Stockhausen

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197515884

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"The Strangers in Our Midst tells the story of how American evangelicals have responded to refugees and immigrants - ranging from the Cuban refugee influx in the 1960s, to the Southeast Asian refugees in the 1980s, to undocumented immigrants from Latin America in the 1990s and 2000s. Evangelical Christians have been a pillar of US immigration and refugee policy since the end of World War II in two key ways: by acting as refugee sponsors and by offering legalization assistance to undocumented immigrants. They developed an elaborate evangelical theology of hospitality, which emphasized scriptural commands to "welcome the stranger." Initially, evangelicals did not distinguish between legal immigrants and refugees and "illegal," undocumented immigrants. However, a growing anti-immigrant consensus in American society at large and their political alignment with the Republican Party caused them to shed their welcoming approach to immigrants in the 1990s. Evangelicals were now divided in their stances on immigration, as conservative evangelicals viewed only legal immigrants as deserving of their aid, while progressive evangelicals-led by their Latinx coreligionists-emphasized the need for Christians to help all immigrants. In the twenty-first century, a group of Latinx evangelical leaders resurrected and reshaped the evangelical theology of hospitality in an effort to turn the tide in the evangelical debate on immigration. The results are mixed: Unprecedented numbers of evangelicals favor a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Yet as the 2016 presidential election showed, this preference had no impact on their political choices"--

Hello Stranger Stories of Connection in a Divided World

The same code that offers protection can also be used 'as imaginative justification for robbing, killing, enslaving, or colonising those who are reluctant to welcome a group of possible bandits or pirates into their home'.8 Or it can be ...

Author: Will Buckingham

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 9781783785650

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We navigate our interactions with strangers according to a host of unwritten rules, rituals and (sometimes awkward) attempts at politeness. But what if the people we meet were not a problem, but a gift? When philosopher and traveller Will Buckingham's partner died, he sought solace in throwing open the door to new people. Now, as we reflect on our experiences of the pandemic and its enforced separations, and as global migration figures ever more prominently in our collective future, Buckingham brings together insights from philosophy, anthropology, history and literature to explore how our traditions of meeting the other can mitigate the issues of our time. Taking in stories of loneliness, exile and friendship from classical times to the modern day, and alighting in adapting communities from Birmingham to Myanmar, Hello, Stranger asks: how do we set aside our instinctive xenophobia - fear of outsiders - and embrace our equally natural philoxenia - love of strangers and newness?

Women Novelists and the Ethics of Desire 1684 1814

After all , Joar might be reluctant to welcome a stranger , to extend hospitality to the straggling survivors of a city ... When the men of Sodom clamored at his door , demanding the strangers , Lot took another chance and offered his ...

Author: Elizabeth Kraft

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754662802

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Elizabeth Kraft radically alters our conventional views of early women novelists by taking seriously their representations of female desire. Reading fiction by Aphra Behn, Delarivier Manley, Eliza Haywood, Sarah Fielding, Charlotte Smith, Frances Burney, and Elizabeth Inchbald in light of ethical paradigms drawn from biblical texts about women and desire, Kraft demonstrates not only the centrality of female desire in eighteenth-century culture and literature but its ethical importance as well.

Blacks and Jews in America

... have been reluctant to welcome and embrace strangers into their synagogues, and I want to respect some of those reasons. On the other hand, I think what I'm referencing is not necessarily the idea of welcoming the stranger but is in ...

Author: Terrence L. Johnson

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 9781647121402

Category: Political Science

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A Black-Jewish dialogue lifts a veil on these groups' unspoken history, shedding light on the challenges and promises facing American democracy from its inception to the present and modeling the honest conversation needed for Blacks and Jews to forge a new understanding.

You Shall Love the Stranger as Yourself

Jesus welcomes and needs welcome; Jesus requires that followers depend on and provide hospitality. The practice of Christian hospitality is always located within the larger picture of Jesus' sacrificial welcome to all who come to him” ...

Author: Fleur S Houston

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317509837

Category: Religion

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You Shall Love the Stranger as Yourself addresses the complex political, legal, and humanitarian challenges raised by asylum-seekers and refugees from a Biblical perspective. The book explores the themes of humanity and justice through exegesis of relevant passages in the Old and New Testaments, skillfully woven into accounts of contemporary refugee situations. Applying Biblical analysis to one of the most pressing humanitarian concerns of modern times, Houston creates a timely work that will be of interest to students and scholars of theology, religion, and human rights.

Strangers at Our Gates

Furthermore, despite being a nation of immigrants, Canadians were by and large reluctant to welcome new arrivals in their midst. As one illustration of this, a 1954 poll revealed that just 45 percent of Canadians looked favourably on ...

Author: Valerie Knowles

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459732865

Category: History

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An exploration of how immigration has shaped Canadian identity, and how modern debates are reshaping our national character. In this history of immigration to Canada, Valerie Knowles explores the kinds of immigrants who have settled in Canada as well as the immigration policies, policymakers, and public figures who have played a part in the story.

The Reluctant Warrior

Sailors were most welcome by the gay community, but not by the average citizen. ... By the time I showed up sailors were reluctantly welcomed. ... “Good evening, Ed.” I turned and looked into a face of a stranger.

Author: Edmund R. Ciriello

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477163818

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The shocking true story of Edmund Ciriello, an intelligence operative, who had a license to kill and the compassion to save lives. A compelling memoir about covert live in the shadows as only an insider can tell it. From his first mission behind enemy lines during the Korean War, to his rescue attempt of two kidnapped girls held in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, Cirello takes us inside his mysterious world. His many years in Chicago and Hollywood are an exciting and hilarious journey through the real world of private investigations. An explosive book relevant to the crises facing the world and the real reasons behind them.

Welcome Reluctant Stranger

A standalone novel, Welcome Reluctant Stranger is Book 3 in the family saga Between Two Worlds (BTW) about three strong women coping with contemporary social and family issues.

Author: Evelyn Journey


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Years after being suddenly uprooted from her privileged life in Costa Mora, an island on the Pacific, Leilani's life is about to change drastically. What happened to her father, and why was her family forced to flee? For fifteen years, these questions have not been fully answered. When she saves a man from a mugging, she's reluctant to pursue the mutual attraction that develops between them But things are about to change. Leilani realizes the past is impossible to run away from. A stranger from her old country arrives and Leilani's mother is forced to reveal the truth behind her family's flight-- the shocking, shameful secret about her father's role in a deadly political web. Is her father still alive? Is he a hero or a villain? Can she deal with the truth? Though shattered by the news, she's suspicious of the stranger's motives for coming forward nearly twenty years later. A standalone novel, Welcome Reluctant Stranger is Book 3 in the family saga Between Two Worlds (BTW) about three strong women coping with contemporary social and family issues.