We Belong in History

Combining the past with the present, this collection creates a new history, one we all belong to. What does poetry mean to today's teenagers?

Author: William Stafford


ISBN: 1932010688

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We Belong in History celebrates William Stafford’s life as a writer, teacher, and Poet Laureate of Oregon. This collection presents excellent student writing inspired by his work, a selection of Stafford’s work, and three sets of lesson plans written by teachers. This allows teachers everywhere to inspire their own students to write in response to Stafford’s work. With an introduction by current poet laureate of Oregon, Paulann Petersen, teachers, student writers, Stafford-admirers, and poetry readers will enjoy We Belong in History’s celebration of the joy of writing.

We Belong to History

We should not have to prove that we are free and equal. it should be the case as a matter of course.” “1 do not ask for anything that is not right to ask ... In truth, even during the most passionate of debates, I 20 We Belong To History.

Author: Mary Carol Farber

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595405046

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When young Margaret L. Smitherman receives a journal as a gift from her husband, she uses it to reflect on her future, not yet knowing what she wants to do with her life. Her writings find a purpose at a family gathering when she realizes that the men discuss war and politics while the women serve refreshments and share recipes. Suddenly, Margaret's years at school take on new meaning. In 1847, Margaret graduated from Oberlin College, a progressive school that allows women and people of color to attend at a time when few other schools do. Throughout her life, she continues to be profoundly influenced by the school, encouraged by her parents' support of education and intellectual pursuits. But more importantly, her mother and father teach her to think independently. In 1848, Margaret travels to Seneca Falls, New York, for the first women's rights convention. She reunites with old college friends who are now advocating for abolition, temperance, and women's rights. She returns home invigorated, prepared to participate in the fight to advance the rights of women. Author Mary Carol Farber spins a compelling tale of history, the strength and courage of women, and the undaunted tenacity of the human spirit.

In Fact History Does Not Belong to Us But We Belong to It Hans Georg Gadamer

A Beautiful gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays or anytime! Or why not ? a special notebook just for you, because ... You Deserve it, take our experience and knock knock knock, open your Door its Us :)

Author: Quotes YOU


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A Beautiful gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays or anytime! Or why not ? a special notebook just for you, because ... You Deserve it, take our experience and knock knock knock, open your Door its Us :)

You Belong

You Belong is a book of oral history, human anthropology, and memoir inspired by a recorded cassette tape of my mother (Bibi Sediqeh). Listening to my mother's recorded voice and subsequently transcribing her words now as a mature ...

Author: Sayeh Dashti

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524505042

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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You Belong is a book of oral history and human anthropology and is a memoir inspired by a recorded cassette tape of my mother (Bibi Sediqeh). Listening to my mothers recorded voice and subsequently transcribing her words now as a mature person is enabling me to appreciate the magnitude of each event and fills me with the deepest regret for losing the precious moments when she was alive and present and eager to talk. The stories my mother told over and over were pieces of historypieces of the history of our family, our country, and the world.

I Belong Here

Yet this stay in the place I'm from proves to deepen my understanding of how it shaped the person I am. It has shown me how deeply we need to reclaim the lost or overlooked history of places, and how human history and natural history ...

Author: Anita Sethi

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472983947

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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One of Waterstones Best Books to Look Forward to in 2021 The Bookseller's Book of the Month A Guardian 2021 Literary Highlight "I knew in every bone of my body, in every fibre of my being, that I had to report what had happened, not only for myself but to help stop anyone else having to go through what I did. I knew I could not remain silent, or still, I could not stop walking through the world." A journey of reclamation through the natural landscapes of the North, brilliantly exploring identity, nature, place and belonging. Beautifully written and truly inspiring, I Belong Here heralds a powerful and refreshing new voice in nature writing. Anita Sethi was on a journey through Northern England when she became the victim of a race-hate crime. The crime was a vicious attack on her right to exist in a place on account of her race. After the event Anita experienced panic attacks and anxiety. A crushing sense of claustrophobia made her long for wide open spaces, to breathe deeply in the great outdoors. She was intent on not letting her experience stop her travelling freely and without fear. The Pennines - known as 'the backbone of Britain' runs through the north and also strongly connects north with south, east with west - it's a place of borderlands and limestone, of rivers and 'scars', of fells and forces. The Pennines called to Anita with a magnetic force; although a racist had told her to leave, she felt drawn to further explore the area she regards as her home, to immerse herself deeply in place. Anita's journey through the natural landscapes of the North is one of reclamation, a way of saying that this is her land too and she belongs in the UK as a brown woman, as much as a white man does. Her journey transforms what began as an ugly experience of hate into one offering hope and finding beauty after brutality. Anita transforms her personal experience into one of universal resonance, offering a call to action, to keep walking onwards. Every footstep taken is an act of persistence. Every word written against the rising tide of hate speech, such as this book, is an act of resistance.

Myth Identity and Conflict

I belong to history before I belong to myself” (1988: 111). We create history by our actions, then by remembering them and consigning them to posterity, just as we are created by history, conditioned by our past and the collective past ...

Author: Anamaria Dutceac Segesten

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739148655

Category: Education

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Myth, Identity, and Conflict: A Comparative Analysis of Romanian and Serbian Textbooks, by Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, is an examination of how history and politics became entangled in Romania and Serbia. Segesten's findings confirm the presence of mythologized versions of the past in the history textbooks of both countries over the entire fifteen-year period studied (1992-2007), despite claims for professionalization of textbook-making. Ultimately, Myth, Identity, and Conflict, by Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, questions the alleged power of history textbooks to make a difference in ethnically divided societies prone to conflicts.

Conversations with Graham Swift

Question: Why do you think history is such an important topic for contemporary writers? ... And I think the older we get, the more we know that we belong to history. We're not just the individual person that we recognize as us, but we ...

Author: Donald P. Kaczvinsky

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496828477

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Conversations with Graham Swift is the first collection of interviews conducted with the author of the Booker Prize–winning novel Last Orders. Beginning in 1985 with Swift’s arrival in New York to promote Waterland and concluding with an interview from 2016 that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, the collection spans Swift’s more than thirty-five-year career as a writer. The volume also includes interviews first printed in English as well as translated from the French or Spanish and covers a wide range of formats, from lengthier interviews published in standard academic journals, to those for radio, newspapers, and, more recently, podcasts. In these interviews, Graham Swift (b. 1949) offers insights into his life and career, including his friendships with other contemporary writers like Ted Hughes and the group of celebrated novelists who emerged in Britain during the eighties. With remarkable clarity, Swift discusses the themes of his novels and short stories: death, love, history, parent-child relationships, the power of the imagination, the role of storytelling, and the consequences of knowing. He also notes the influences, literary and personal, that have helped shape his writing career. While quite ordinary in his life and daily habits, Swift reveals his penetrating intellect and rich imagination—an imagination that can craft some of the most engaging and formally complex stories in the language.

A Double Vision Hermeneutic

Previously i pointed out that as the “traditionary texts” transcend and precede every historical time, they can never be understood unless within a ... Thus he claims “history does not belong to us;” on the contrary, “we belong to it.

Author: Samuel Hio-Kee Ooi

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625641076

Category: Social Science

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The aim of this thesis is to unfold the multilayered intersubjective experience of the author himself, a Chinese pastor. Samuel Ooi argues for a cultural-linguistic experience of shi as the locus at which the intersubjective experience takes place. To unfold this experience, the author identifies five key texts that are found in his intersubjective experience: Text A1: Shi; Text A2: Yizhuan; Text B1: Pauline notion of principalities and powers; Text B2: Pauline Texts I and II: Galatians and 1 Corinthians; and Text 0: Ooi's initial or seminal experience of shi. In dialogue with Michael Polanyi and Hans-Georg Gadamer, Ooi proposes that a double vision hermeneutic will help interpret the multilayered intersubjective relationships between texts and the subject. He argues that study of this intersubjective experience reveals a vital facet of Chinese Christian self, and significantly enhances the study of Chinese theology.

We Belong to Gaia

Their words have endured through the decades, becoming the classics of a movement. Together, these books show the richness of environmental thought, and point the way to a fairer, saner, greener world.

Author: James Lovelock

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141997117

Category: Nature

Page: 96

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In twenty short books, Penguin brings you the classics of the environmental movement. James Lovelock's We Belong to Gaia draws on decades of wisdom to lay out the history of our remarkable planet, to show that it is not ours to be exploited - and warns us that it is fighting back. Over the past 75 years, a new canon has emerged. As life on Earth has become irrevocably altered by humans, visionary thinkers around the world have raised their voices to defend the planet, and affirm our place at the heart of its restoration. Their words have endured through the decades, becoming the classics of a movement. Together, these books show the richness of environmental thought, and point the way to a fairer, saner, greener world.

We Belong

Your history with belonging helps form your attitudes about it and guides the approaches you are compelled to use in addressing it for your students. Here are some prompts to get you started: 1. Describe or define belonging as you ...

Author: Laurie Barron

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 9781416630272

Category: Education

Page: 192

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"A social-emotional approach to classroom management teachers that helps teachers create positive learning environments where all students belong and thrive"--

Introduction to Metaphysics

Whereas Sartre emphasized negation and the distance separating me from my historical constitution, Gadamer recalls how the facticity of human understanding can be grasped more appropriately by the fact that we belong, although perhaps ...

Author: Jean Grondin

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231148450

Category: Philosophy

Page: 323

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This history of metaphysics respects both the analytic and Continental schools while also transcending the theoretical limitations of each. The book provides an overview restoring the value of metaphysics to contemporary audiences.

Not in My Family

The man whom I loved and whose memories I cherish was a Nazi, a supporter of the regime that orchestrated the Holocaust. HISTORY AND BELONGING Do we belong to history, or does history belong to us? What do we inherit by way of culture ...

Author: Roger Frie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199372553

Category: History

Page: 312

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Even as the Holocaust grows more distant with the passing of time, its traumas call out to be known and understood. What is remembered, what has been imparted through German heritage, and what has been forgotten? Can familiar family stories be transformed into an understanding of the Holocaust's forbidding reality? Author Roger Frie is uniquely positioned to answer these questions. As the son of Germans who were children during World War II, and with grandparents who were participants in the War, he uses the history of his family as a guide to explore the psychological and moral implications of memory against the backdrop of one of humanity's darkest periods. From his perspective of a life lived across German and Jewish contexts, Frie explores what it means to discover the legacy of a Nazi past. Beginning with the narrative of his grandfather, he shows how the transfer of memory from one German generation to the next keeps the Holocaust at bay. Not in My Family is rich with poignant illustration: Frie beautifully combines his own story with the stories of others, perpetrators and survivors, and the generations that came after. As a practicing psychotherapist he also draws on his own experience of working with patients whose lives have been directly and indirectly shaped by the Holocaust. Throughout, Frie proceeds with a level of frankness and honesty that invites readers to reflect on their own histories and to understand the lasting effects of historical traumas into the present.

Intercultural Philosophy

In a way , it is true that history does not belong to us , but we belong to it ; then again , the question is that the history we belong to is the concrete history we are a part of . We take understanding to be an exclusive performance ...

Author: Ram Adhar Mall

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0847692795

Category: Philosophy

Page: 152

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This title seeks to develop a discouse on different cultures, philosophies and religions. The author approaches the study fo philosophy from a cross-cultural perspective allowing for fundamental similarities and illuminating differences between cultures.

A History of Western Philosophy of Education in the Contemporary Landscape

History does not belong to us, we belong to it. Long before we understand ourselves through the process of self-examination, we understand ourselves in a self-evident way in the family, society, and state in which we live .

Author: Anna Pagès

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350074590

Category: Education

Page: 288

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This volume traces the history of Western philosophy of education in the contemporary landscape (1914-2020). The volume covers the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the events of May 1968 in Paris, the Zapatista Revolution in 1994, and the Arab Spring revolutions from 2010 to 2012. It also covers the two World Wars, the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the triumph of science and technology until the hegemony of post-liberal societies. The philosophical problems covered include justice, freedom, critical thought, equity, philosophy for children, decolonialism, liberal education, feminism, and plurality. These problems are discussed in relation to the key philosophers and pedagogues of the period including Jacques Derrida, Paulo Freire, Simone De Beauvoir, Judith Butler, R.S. Peters, bell hooks, Martha Nussbaum, Matthew Lipman, Giorgio Agamben, Maxine Greene, and Simone Weil, among others. About A History of Western Philosophy of Education: An essential resource for researchers, scholars, and students of education, this five-volume set that traces the development of philosophy of education through Western culture and history. Focusing on philosophers who have theorized education and its implementation, the series constitutes a fresh, dynamic, and developing view of educational philosophy. It expands our educational possibilities by reinvigorating philosophy's vibrant critical tradition, connecting old and new perspectives, and identifying the continuity of critique and reconstruction. It also includes a timeline showing major historical events, including educational initiatives and the publication of noteworthy philosophical works.

To See History Doxologically

Yet, if these various myths ring true, if historicism is in the air we breathe, and if history is the ground on which we will ... that “history does not belong to us,” but that “we belong to it”?8 These are the questions and anxieties, ...

Author: J. Alexander Sider

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802865731

Category: Religion

Page: 223

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In the minds of many Christians today, the church is not holy; it is difficult. Yet J. Alexander Sider argues that it is precisely when the church acknowledges its many faults and frailties when it patiently confronts its own capacity to betray the gospel that its true holiness is made manifest. In To See History Doxologically Sider probingly examines John Howard Yoder s eschatology and ecclesiology in conversation with Oliver O Donovan, Ernst Troeltsch, Miroslav Volf, and others. Sider shows how Yoder s thought redefines the church s holiness not as something earned or possessed by its own virtue but as the ceaseless and ever-new gift of God throughout all time.

The Routledge Companion to the Christian Church

In this primordial relation of belonging, history does not belong to us, but we belong to history.22 Following from this, Gadamer challenged the discrediting of prejudice, authority and tradition by the Enlightenment and rehabilitated ...

Author: Gerard Mannion

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134190164

Category: Religion

Page: 704

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The nature and story of the Christian church is immensely important to theology students and scholars alike. Written by an international team of distinguished scholars, this comprehensive book introduces students to the fundamental historical, systematic, moral and ecclesiological aspects of the study of the church, as well as serving as a resource for scholars engaging in ecclesiological debates on a wide variety of issues. It divides into six parts: the church in its historical context the different denominational traditions global perspectives methods and debates in ecclesiology key concepts and themes ecclesiology and other disciplines: social sciences, philosophy, literature and film. Authoritative, accessible and easily navigable, this book is indispensable for everyone interested in the nature and history of the Christian Church.

Faith and Reason Today

There is no independent ego which rises to a vantage point above existence or history where it can get an objective ... 30 Gadamer drives home the point that we belong to a historical situation through the concept of history of effect ...

Author: Varghese Manimala

Publisher: CRVP

ISBN: 9781565182554

Category: Faith and reason

Page: 196

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The Ring of Representation

It establishes that we are difference, that our reason is the difference of discourses, our history the difference of ... Ownliness resounds as the play of harmony and disharmony, the belonging of a locus to itself, thereby departing.

Author: Stephen David Ross

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791411109

Category: Philosophy

Page: 262

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This book asks how we may undertake to represent representation.

Shelley and the Chaos of History

Our "historical consciousness" demands a dedication to the continuity of the state and its "traditions" as guarantee of the continuity of our subjective identity and its moral significance: "In fact history does not belong to us, but we ...

Author: Hugh Roberts

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271044149

Category: Literary Criticism


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