Vocal Tracks

Elvis's whoops, hiccups, and edgy rasp on a track like “Baby Let's Play House” (1955) recall Golden's Rabbit Hash more than the ... but they had typically maintained a traditional bel canto vocal timbre since at least the 1890s.

Author: Jacob Smith

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520942844

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

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This entertaining and innovative book focuses on vocal performance styles that developed in tandem with the sound technologies of the phonograph, radio, and sound film. Writing in a clear and lively style, Jacob Smith looks at these media technologies and industries through the lens of performance, bringing to light a fascinating nexus of performer, technology, and audience. Combining theories of film sound, cultural histories of sound technologies and industries, and theories of performance, Smith convincingly connects disparate and largely neglected performance niches to explore the development of a modern vocal performance. Vocal Tracks: Performance and Sound Media demonstrates the voice to be a vehicle of performance, identity, and culture and illustrates both the interconnection of all these categories and their relation to the media technologies of the past century.

Practical Recording Techniques

Using the input faders, adjust the volume of each track for a pleasing balance among instruments and vocals. You should be able to hear each ... Bring in the other tracks one at a time and mix them relative to the vocal track.

Author: Bruce Bartlett

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136125348

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 528

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Hands-on practical guide covering all aspects of recording, ideal for beginning and intermediate recording engineers, producers, musicians and audio enthusiasts. Filled with tips and shortcuts, this book offers advice on equipping a home studio (both low-budget and advanced), suggestions for set-up, acoustics, choosing monitor speakers, and preventing hum. This best-selling guide also tells how to judge recordings and improve them to produce maximum results. New material covered in the 5th edition to include: * complete revision and update of digital media sections * new section on mixing tips * new section on podcasts and file sharing * new section equipment and connector levels * new section function and connector types * new section on digital metering * new section exporting projects from other studios * new photos

So You Want to Sing Country

This will include everything from tuning the lead vocal to cleaning up all the instrumental tracks. After vocal tuning and editing takes place, the next phase is the background vocal sessions. The producer and artist will hire the best ...

Author: Kelly K. Garner

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442246416

Category: Music

Page: 256

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Country music, an original American artform, has been around since before the recording industry began and long before a singer even had the opportunity to sing into a microphone. From the early beginnings in the hills of Appalachia, to the rise of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and the more recent megastars, including Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood, country music has proven to have staying power. It is one of the most popular styles of music in the world today, garnering more sales and downloads currently than any other genre. Many talented individuals are aspiring to sing country music and are determined to turn it into a successful career. Because of this growing popularity, there is a need to educate interested singers with information and methods that will give them the best possible chance at either having a career as a artist, working in the industry as a background vocalist or session singer, or simply realizing their potential in country music. Kelly K. Garner's So You Want To Sing Country is a book devoted to briefly reviewing the rich heritage of country singing and thoroughly examining the techniques and methods of singing in a country style. Additional topics of discussion will include country song types and structure, instrumentation, performing on stage and in the studio, and career options in country music. Additional chapters by Scott McCoy and Wendy LeBorgne, and Matthew Edwards address universal questions of voice science and pedagogy, vocal health, and audio enhancement technology. The So You Want to Sing series is produced in partnership with the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Like all books in the series, So You Want to Sing Country features online supplemental material on the NATS website. Please visit www.nats.org to access style-specific exercises, audio and video files, and additional resources.

Pro Tools for Music Production

I originally recorded the three lead vocals as separate takes into new playlists on a single vocal track – Vocal 1. To discover which sections of vocal from which tracks would fit together best, I created two more vocal tracks and moved ...

Author: Mike Collins

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780240519432

Category: Music

Page: 377

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Pro Tools for Music Production is a definitive guide to the system for new and professional users. Extensively illustrated in colour and packed with time saving hints and tips, you will want to keep to hand as a constant source of information. The book takes a real-world approach and shows how to build the right system to suit your needs. Detailed chapters on recording, editing and mixing blend essential knowledge with tutorials and practical examples from actual recordings. The second edition features a wealth of new and updated material, including: · Pro Tools HD systems explained · Pro Tools 6.1 software (and up to version 6.2.3) · Mac OSX installation and troubleshooting · A new chapter on MIDI · Additional and expanded tutorials · More on Identify Beat, Beat Detective and tempo maps · Extra coverage of plug-ins and virtual instruments · How to use Propellerheads Reason and Ableton Live with Pro Tools · What you need to know about the new file management capabilities · How to transfer projects between Pro Tools and other MIDI and audio software, and between Pro Tools TDM on the Mac and Pro Tools LE on the PC Pro Tools for Music Production is a vital source of reference to keep by your side, whether you are a working professional or a serious hobbyist looking for professional results. * Get creative with recording, editing and mixing projects and unlock the potential of your system! * Become an expert on Pro Tools, its third party components and discover how to maintain a healthy computer system * Colour-illustrated and now including HD systems and Pro Tools 6.2 software

And Then Came Agadoo

The recording of our medley went really well, we put down the backing tracks in one take, and then completed the guitar and drum overdubs quickly with no mistakes; Steve and Alan also recorded a ghost vocal track.

Author: Terry Dobson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438986753

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 676

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The book covers the life and times of Terry Dobson... As the drummer of chart topping band Black Lace, Terry toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the former Iron Curtain countries during 1969-1980.UK TV appearances include,Top of the Pops Juke box Jury, Noel Edmonds Swap Shop,the BBC's Nationwide news program and the making of the bands first pop video as prequel to the 1979 Eurovision song contest... Terry has appeared in numerous TV pop shows throughout Europe.Spain, Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Poland, East & West Germany and the Shetland Isles.Terry talks about his early school days, life on a large council estate, playing drums in working mens clubs and summer seasons in Skegness and Filey 1976 & 1977...also performances with the stars of the day during his semi professional and professional career...and the effect playing in a band had on his family. Love, lust and the meeting and divorce of 3 wives... his lovely children, Helen, Kerry, Warren, and Ashley...the sad death of his partner, the raising of his youngest son Liam, now aged 7...but just a few days away from his 4th birthday when his mummy, Tricia, tragically died as a result of an asthma attack on one of the hottest days in July 2006 aged just 47. The good and bad times, the happy and the sad...The success of Black Lace the band and phenominal success of the Black Lace duo.Terry's time playing the drums in other semi and professional bands, the sad deaths of Alan Barton (Black Lace & Smokie).Mick Brassington (Method & Stormer) Richard Chappell (former Wakefield theatre club lighting man), and roadie for all the bands Terry has worked with. Also with very little information to hand Terry records the events leading up to a very long and frustrating search for his biological father.

Audio Anecdotes

26 Electric guitar II, direct 27—36 Lead Vocal Tracks, passes 1—10 37 Composite Vocal (see section below) 38—47 Guitar solo tracks, passes 1—10 48 Composite Guitar solo 49—50 Background vocals, stereo 51—52 Background vocals, stereo, ...

Author: Ken Greenebaum

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439864029

Category: Computers

Page: 512

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Audio Anecdotes is a book about digital sound. It discusses analyzing, processing, creating, and recording many forms of sound and music, emphasizing the opportunities presented by digital media made possible by the arrival of inexpensive and nearly ubiquitous digital computing equipment. Applications of digital audio techniques are indispensable i

Vocal Consistency and Artistic Freedom

Voice professors who instruct at higher education institutions have increased scientific awareness of the ... As well, she discusses music software that scans music to a computer and plays digital vocal accompaniment tracks, ...

Author: Susan Boddie

Publisher: Common Ground Research Networks

ISBN: 9781863352406

Category: Education

Page: 150

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As voice teachers, we should strive to help our students uncover their individual sound, and to facilitate technical consistency. Further, we as teachers should ultimately guide students to positive, independent, and emotionally engaged performances on stage - or in recordings. Some teaching approaches may guide students to these experiences – others may not. A successful outcome of vocal study occurs when the student no longer needs their teacher – they are independent and autonomous singers and musicians, and are able to teach themselves – or perhaps others. This study views the student-teacher relationship in the voice student through an existentialist lens influenced by the Sartrean principles of responsibility and freedom. The study examines some commonly used teaching approaches – viewing them from an historical perspective through the National schools in vocal instruction to more current approaches that may be commonly found in higher education teaching studios. This study offers a perspective that hopes to foster discussion, a re-examination of, and self-reflection in the teaching practices of higher education vocal instruction. The research is grounded in hermeneutic phenomenology. This paradigm was a means by which to unearth and uncover the lived experience of students undergoing vocal study. One that was guided by a framework of instruction influenced by the Sartrean notions of responsibility and freedom.

Five Star Music Makeover

Instead, timebased effects are placed on auxiliary channels (sometimes called returns) and we use auxiliary sends to bus tracks to the effect (please see illustration). So, for example, let's say you want to add reverb to a vocal.

Author: Coreen Sheehan

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9781495063596

Category: Music

Page: 320

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(Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs). In order to achieve success in today's music industry, artists must first do a great deal of work on their own. Learning the required skills can take years of real-life experience, and hiring personal coaches, studio professionals, and consultants can be costly. But now, for the first time, there's an invaluable resource to help you meet these challenges. Five Star Music Makeover is an engaging all-in-one guide designed specifically for aspiring artists. Written by five experts with over 100 years of collective experience, both on and off the stage, this unique book covers five key skills every musician needs to succeed: (1) improving vocal production/technique; (2) writing memorable and marketable songs; (3) recording your ultimate EP; (4) navigating the publishing world; and (5) promoting music effectively. Also included are insiders' stories and anecdotes, helpful tips, creative exercises, celebrity interviews, and all the practical expertise necessary to develop a successful music career. Five Star Music Makeover is a complete and practical career guide a resource that transforms artists from good to great.

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Disability Studies

In the opening vamp, there are three vocal tracks, one of which is processed by the Moog synthesizer using a vocoder. After the lead vocal begins with a sincere “Please!” in measure 2, a second vocal responds humorously with “Mama mama ...

Author: Blake Howe

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190493738

Category: Music

Page: 952

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The Oxford Handbook of Disability Studies represents a comprehensive state of current research for the field of Disability Studies and Music. The forty-two chapters in the book span a wide chronological and geographical range, from the biblical, the medieval, and the Elizabethan, through the canonical classics of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, up to modernist styles and contemporary musical theater and popular genres, with stops along the way in post-Civil War America, Ghana and the South Pacific, and many other interesting times and places. Disability is a broad, heterogeneous, and porous identity, and that diversity is reflected in the variety of bodily conditions under discussion here, including autism and intellectual disability, deafness, blindness, mobility impairment often coupled with bodily difference, and cognitive and intellectual impairments. Amid this diversity of time, place, style, medium, and topic, the chapters share two core commitments. First, they are united in their theoretical and methodological connection to Disability Studies, especially its central idea that disability is a social and cultural construction. Disability both shapes and is shaped by culture, including musical culture. Second, these essays individually and collectively make the case that disability is not something at the periphery of culture and music, but something central to our art and to our humanity.

Home Recording For Dummies

If you recorded only one track of backup vocals, you can make a duplicate of the track and pan one to each side, just like you can with stereo tracks. Then you can either nudge one forward or backward in time by a few milliseconds or ...

Author: Jeff Strong

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119711100

Category: Music

Page: 448

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Record on a tablet or in your home studio Capture live sounds or record virtual instruments Edit, mix, and master your final tracks Record like a pro—wherever you want You no longer need an expensive professional studio to record pitch-perfect music. Today, the tools to create high-fidelity, multi-track audio are found on computers, tablets, and even smartphones. This friendly, no-jargon guide from a master musician, composer, and recording engineer shows you how to use technology to lay down, edit, mix, and master your ideas. Along the way you'll get insider tips that help you create your sound and transform your good recordings into great ones. Inside... Acquire the right hardware Find the ideal recording space Get to know different mics Record live or virtual sounds Get rhythmic with tracks and loops Enhance and edit tracks Polish songs to perfection Distribute your finished product

Mic It

It used to be common practice to record three or four vocal tracks, either in their entirety or with a punch in or two, and then comp or compile a good vocal track from the best parts of each of those tracks to a spare tape track.

Author: Ian Corbett

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781135921040

Category: Music

Page: 358

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Capture great sound in the first place, and spend less time "fixing it in the mix" with Ian Corbett’s Mic It! Microphones, Microphone Techniques, and Their Impact on the Final Mix. With his expert guidance, you’ll quickly understand essential audio concepts as they relate to microphones and mic techniques, and learn how to apply them to your recording situation. Whether you only ever buy one microphone, are equipping a studio on a budget, or have a vast selection of great mics to use, you’ll learn to better use whatever tools you have. Mic It! gives you the background to design and discover your own solutions to record the best sound possible. The information in these pages will help you record great source tracks that can be easily developed into anything from ultra-clean mixes to huge, organic soundscapes. Beginning with essential audio theory, then discussing the desirable characteristics of good sound and the elements of a good stereo recording, the book covers microphones, mono and stereo mic techniques, the effect of the recording space or room, and large classical and jazz ensemble recording. A variety of mic techniques for vocals and instruments (both individual and groups) are presented, ranging from vital knowledge that no novice should be without, to advanced techniques that more experienced engineers can explore to benefit and vary the sound of their recordings. Corbett explains large room vs. layer-by-layer small-room recording situations, presents the best techniques for each, and shares typical production challenges and their resolutions. The book provides in depth information on how different mic techniques can be used, modified and fine-tuned to capture not only the best sound, but the best sound for the mix, as well as how to approach and set up the recording session, mixing, and avoid common recording and mixing mistakes.

Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema

... lyrics and arrangement of a song have all been composed, then it is ready for recording. the director and the producer will be present for most of the recording sessions, and almost certainly for the dubbing of the vocal tracks, ...

Author: Anna Morcom

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351563741

Category: Music

Page: 306

View: 815


Since their beginnings in the 1930s, Hindi films and film songs have dominated Indian public culture in India, and have also made their presence felt strongly in many global contexts. Hindi film songs have been described on the one hand as highly standardized and on the other as highly eclectic. Anna Morcom addresses many of the paradoxes eccentricities and myths of not just Hindi film songs but also of Hindi cinema by analysing film songs in cinematic context. While the presence of songs in Hindi films is commonly dismissed aspurely commercial this book demonstrates that in terms of the production process, musical style, and commercial life, it is most powerfully the parent film that shapes and defines the film songs and their success rather than the other way round. While they constitute India‘s still foremost genre of popular music, film songs are also situational, dramatic sequences, inherently multi-media in style and conception. This book is uniquely grounded in detailed musical and visual analysis of Hindi film songs, song sequences and films as well as a wealth of ethnographic material from the Hindi film and music industries. Its findings lead to highly novel ways of viewing Hindi film songs, their key role in Hindi cinema, and how this affects their wider life in India and across the globe. It will be indispensable to scholars seeking to understand both Hindi film songs and Hindi cinema. It also forms a major contribution to popular music, popular culture, film music studies and ethnomusicology, tackling pertinent issues of cultural production, (multi-)media, and the cross-cultural use of music in Hindi cinema. The book caters for both music specialists as well as a wider audience.

Recording Music on Location

For example, cut below 100 Hz on vocal tracks. This helps to reduce breath pops and bass leakage into the vocal mics. Also use EQ to com- pensate for the unnatural tonal balances you can get with close miking or direct boxes.

Author: Bruce Bartlett

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317692386

Category: Music

Page: 322

View: 568


Recording Music on Location provides an exceptional collection of information regarding all aspects of recording outside of the studio. Featuring clear explanations on how to achieve professional results, this book is divided into two distinct sections: popular music and classical music. Whether you record in the local rock club, jazz café, or in an orchestra hall, Bartlett offers sage advice on each stage of the process of location recording. Packed with hints and tips, this book is a great reference for anyone planning to venture outside of the studio. Audio examples, tracking sheets, weblinks, and downloadable checklists are available on the companion website at www.focalpress.com/cw/bartlett. This edition has been thoroughly updated and includes new sections on iOS devices, USB thumb-drive recorders, and digital consoles with built-in recorders, along with updated specs on recording equipment, software, and hardware. This edition will also show you how to prepare recordings for the web and live audio streaming, and covers spectral analysis, noise reduction, and parallel compression. A new case study will go in depth on classical-music recording.

Apple Pro Training Series

2 Unsolo the Compressed Vocal track. Select the Multi-take region track and press S to solo the track. Unsolo the Event Horizon track for now so you can focus on the narration tracks. 3 Press Command-D to duplicate the selected track.

Author: Mary Plummer

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 9780133901177

Category: House & Home

Page: 336

View: 651


This book covers GarageBand 10.0. The content and/or media files do not work with subsequent releases of the software. In the only Apple-certified guide to GarageBand 10.0.0, readers will be creating original works within the first few chapters. Using real-life material and practical lessons that they can apply immediately to their own projects, this book/media combo offers a complete, self-paced course in all aspects of GarageBand. Focused lessons take you step-by-step through fun, real-world projects, and GarageBand 10.0.0 features. Exclusively for this book, author/musician Mary Plummer works with a host of talented artists ranging from a student songwriter to a professional touring guitarist, an award-winning poet, an independent hip hop recording artist, and award winning dancers to create all new, real-world projects that readers will step-through. Along the way readers will get to mix a songwriter’s demo, test amp simulators and stomp boxes with an electric guitar solo, edit spoken dialog for an audio book, lay down original hip-hop beats using a drum machine patch and dynamic tempo changes, and add percussion and effects to a dance video to enhance the sound. For mobile users, the book includes an overview of GarageBand for iOS and sharing GarageBand songs via iCloud between iOS devices and your Mac. This self-paced learning tool pairs an easy, accessible style with ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts to guarantee that readers become proficient with GarageBand 10.0.0 in no time.

Mixing Secrets

It's also common for important parts such as lead vocals, rhythm loops, or bass instruments to be multed over several tracks so that their processing adjusts to adapt to section-by-section changes in the backing arrangement.

Author: Mike Senior

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136113819

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 342

View: 616


Discover how to achieve release-quality mixes even in the smallest studios by applying power-user techniques from the world's most successful producers. Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio is a down-to-earth primer for small-studio enthusiasts who want chart-ready sonics in a hurry. Drawing on the back-room strategies of more than 100 famous names, this entertaining guide leads you step-by-step through the entire mixing process. On the way, you'll unravel the mysteries of every type of mix processing, from simple EQ and compression through to advanced spectral dynamics and 'fairy dust' effects. User-friendly explanations introduce technical concepts on a strictly need-to-know basis, while chapter summaries and assignments are perfect for school and college use. * Learn the subtle editing, arrangement, and monitoring tactics which give industry insiders their competitive edge, and master the psychological tricks which protect you from all the biggest rookie mistakes. * Find out where you don't need to spend money, as well as how to make a limited budget really count. * Pick up tricks and tips from leading-edge engineers working on today's multi-platinum hits, including Michael Brauer, Serban Ghenea, the Lord-Alge brothers, Tony Maserati, Manny Marroquin, Dave 'Hard Drive' Pensado, Jack Joseph Puig, Mark 'Spike' Stent, Phil Tan, Andy Wallace, and many, many more... Mike Senior is a professional engineer who has worked with Wet Wet Wet, The Charlatans, Reef, Therapy, and Nigel Kennedy. He specialises in adapting the techniques of top producers for those working on a budget. Since 2007 he has transformed dozens of amateur productions for Sound On Sound magazine's popular 'Mix Rescue' column, proving time and again that you can achieve commercial-grade results with affordable gear -- once you know how!

The Cambridge Companion to Recorded Music

vocal. MIKE HOWLETT To most ears, a recording of a song sounds like a reasonably accurate reproduction of the band or artist performing ... The good ones were bounced onto another track, compiling one complete vocal track out of many.

Author: Nicholas Cook

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521865821

Category: Music

Page: 359

View: 493


Featuring fascinating accounts from practitioners, this Companion examines how developments in recording have transformed musical culture.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology

In such instances, dubbing heightens the chorus effect as Prince's voice, close-miked and superbly magnified, ... In the passage referred to above, the difference between the dynamic levels on the various vocal tracks highlight Prince's ...

Author: Derek B. Scott

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317041979

Category: Music

Page: 576

View: 653


The research presented in this volume is very recent, and the general approach is that of rethinking popular musicology: its purpose, its aims, and its methods. Contributors to the volume were asked to write something original and, at the same time, to provide an instructive example of a particular way of working and thinking. The essays have been written with a view to helping graduate students with research methodology and the application of relevant theoretical models. The team of contributors is an exceptionally strong one: it contains many of the pre-eminent academic figures involved in popular musicological research, and there is a spread of European, American, Asian, and Australasian scholars. The volume covers seven main themes: Film, Video and Multimedia; Technology and Studio Production; Gender and Sexuality; Identity and Ethnicity; Performance and Gesture; Reception and Scenes and The Music Industry and Globalization. The Ashgate Research Companion is designed to offer scholars and graduate students a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of current research in a particular area. The companion's editor brings together a team of respected and experienced experts to write chapters on the key issues in their speciality, providing a comprehensive reference to the field.

Teaching Singing in the 21st Century

However, the distinction was made that contemporary vocal pedagogy should not shape the sound of a voice to suit ... While there is a prolific use of backing tracks in contemporary singing teaching, the experience of working with ...

Author: Scott D. Harrison

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401788519

Category: Education

Page: 413

View: 769


This volume brings together a group of leading international researchers and practitioners in voice pedagogy alongside emerging academics and practitioners. Encompassing research across voice science and pedagogy, this innovative collection transcends genre boundaries and provides new knowledge about vocal styles and approaches from classical and musical theatre to contemporary commercial music. The work is sure to be valuable in tertiary institutions, schools and community music associations, suitable for use by private studio teachers, and will appeal to choral leaders and music educators interested in vocal pedagogy. “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I am confident it will help bring all aspects of vocal pedagogy firmly into the 21st century. Refreshingly, many different areas of pedagogy are included in the text so we can all work together to more fully understand the singing voice. Up to the moment research is included along with an exploration of the evolving contemporary styles of singing. Further, areas regarding teaching and curriculum in higher education are also reviewed. All in all, this text a crucial addition to a professional's vocal library.” Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA.

Audio Production and Critical Listening

When recording spot microphone signals on multiple tracks and mixing those tracks, we have direct control over balance and therefore also musical expression. ... If a vocal track's fader is set to one level and left for ...

Author: Jason Corey

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317541059

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 160

View: 604


Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training, Second Edition develops your critical and expert listening skills, enabling you to listen to audio like an award-winning engineer. Featuring an accessible writing style, this new edition includes information on objective measurements of sound, technical descriptions of signal processing, and their relationships to subjective impressions of sound. It also includes information on hearing conservation, ear plugs, and listening levels, as well as bias in the listening process. The interactive web browser-based "ear training" software practice modules provide experience identifying various types of signal processes and manipulations. Working alongside the clear and detailed explanations in the book, this software completes the learning package that will help you train you ears to listen and really "hear" your recordings. This all-new edition has been updated to include: Audio and psychoacoustic theories to inform and expand your critical listening practice. Access to integrated software that promotes listening skills development through audio examples found in actual recording and production work, listening exercises, and tests. Cutting-edge interactive practice modules created to increase your experience. More examples of sound recordings analysis. New outline for progressing through the EQ ear training software module with listening exercises and tips.