Vlad Dracula Tarot

An exquisite gothic-style tarot based on the life of Dracula. Vlad Dracula Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck and booklet based on the life of Vlad the Impaler, the infamous medieval ruler of Romania who inspired Bram Stoker's legendary vampire.

Author: Travis McHenry


ISBN: 1925924971

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An exquisite gothic-style tarot based on the life of Dracula. Vlad Dracula Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck and booklet based on the life of Vlad the Impaler, the infamous medieval ruler of Romania who inspired Bram Stoker's legendary vampire. Seventy-eight original woodcuts masterfully drawn by Nikita Vuimin depict scenes of cruelty and cunning, from instructions provided by Travis McHenry, author of Occult Tarot and Angel Tarot and one of the foremost occultists of the modern era. Each image portrays an episode in Dracula's life and is perfectly paired with a tarot card that reveals its astrological and occult meaning. This combination of design and esoteric knowledge results in a historically accurate deck that can be used as a divination tool or simply cherished as a macabre work of art.

The Vampire Tarot

No doubt he entertained them with games of Tarot among other pleasures. Vlad Dracul was the father of Vlad Tepes Dracula (born 1428 to 1431, died 1476), who in 1447 inherited his father's title, Prince of Wallachia, and his father's ...

Author: Robert Michael Place

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781250102805

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The Vampire Tarot ties the tales and mythic figures associated with the vampire legend to the equally iconographic figures and forms of the tarot. This book explores the history of the vampire starting with Bram Stoker's classic 1897 novel, Dracula, as well as those writings that inspired Stoker and the vampire lore that derived from it. Stoker and his most famous work were both closely tied to the classic Rider-Waite-Coleman tarot. Now, author-illustrator Robert M. Place brings these two mythic traditions together with this extensively researched book that guides the reader through the subtleties and parallels within The Vampire Tarot, providing a guide for getting the most out of reading. Sure to delight not only tarot devotees but the general fan of the vampire mythos as well.

Vlad the Impaler

This eBook tells the story of his life and times, and discusses his connection to the fictional Count Dracula, in a succinct, compelling manner, which makes for an entertaining read that is packed with historical information.

Author: Hourly History

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Vlad the Impaler The character Count Dracula is well-known throughout the world. He is a dark, seductive, pale man wearing a cape. His gaze is quite literally captivating, and he has the strength of ten men. The story, written by Bram Stoker in 1897, has been retold hundreds of times, but is there a historical figure upon whom the character is based? Is there really a Dracula? Many scholars argue that Vlad III Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler, is the real Dracula. He was known in western Europe for his cruelty, most especially his penchant for impaling his victims. He is said to have killed somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 people during his crusade to stop the Ottoman Empire from expanding into eastern Europe. He was equally harsh on the people he ruled and is said to have taken great pleasure in torturing his victims. Inside you will read about... - Vlad's early life and family - Rise to power: Vlad's first reign - War with the Ottomans, Vlad's main reign - Vlad's imprisonment, third reign, and death - Vlad Dracula's legacy - Vlad the Impaler in fiction: Count Dracula His story, however, is much more complicated than the oft-reported details of his atrocities would imply. He lived in a time of conflict where many were equally as cruel, and he is viewed as a hero in Romania where he is remembered as a protector of his people. This eBook tells the story of his life and times, and discusses his connection to the fictional Count Dracula, in a succinct, compelling manner, which makes for an entertaining read that is packed with historical information.

Thunder of a Truthful Heart

Where are the strangers Those tarot-card masters, cynical palm-readers and Count Vlad-Dracula, That Blood-thirsty, death stalker? Where are the strangers? Where is Nostradamus – the seer, Galileo, the Star – Gazer, Ancient space ...

Author: K.G. Bel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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In this book, I attempt to facilitate understand and appreciation of Past, Present, and Future conditions of human life, expressing genuinely the changes that have affected human cultures over the ages. I make suggestions to effect dynamic social behavior, dealing with oppression and protest through-out the world and Mans undying quest for happiness and freedom: as he struggles to overcome barriers that engulfs him with conflict. Through verse, the book gives important information that will be useful to human life for many years to come, persuading his fellow man, by joining in the crusade for a Better World. The book generates hope and trepidation, expressing ideas that are crucially relevant to our time. During my years of life, I have gathered philosophies and experiences that have conditioned my views, hence, I try to motivate, through poetry, the spirits of my fellow man, spurring him on to a more positive understanding. Through observation, I strive to point out many details of this troubled world, attempting to bring my community to the river of originality and truth. I sincerely indulge my readers to seek out the meaning of life through contentment and love: and thereby enrich themselves. This book gives blood to the awareness of lifes condition. It is significant, authentic and absorbing, sharing information and feeling with the human spirit. It highlights some of the fascinating circumstances of life, like a silent marine of the beginning, or the noise and horror of the end. This book shows man struggling to find love by overcoming his fears, suffering in and out of relationships to survive in an uncertain world. The compelling poems delivered here, shows the savagery of human life with bold uniqueness that spans many generations, cultures, and ages of life. It deals with the conflicts, passions, and turbulance of many personages: and highlights, with flamboyance, the shattering horrors and tragedies of modern life. The book makes us think and we become players and witnesses in the dramas of life; as we seek explanation to lifes beauties and mysteries.

Dracula in Visual Media

... Anne Tirard (Tarot Reader [archive footage]), Petr Svárovský (Venetian Policeman [archive footage]), David Gilliam (Agent Thompson [archive footage]), ... Targo lives in Transylvania and is acting just like Vlad Tepes from long ago.

Author: John Edgar Browning

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786462018

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This is a comprehensive sourcebook on the world’s most famous vampire, with more than 700 citations of domestic and international Dracula films, television programs, documentaries, adult features, animated works, and video games, as well as nearly a thousand comic books and stage adaptations. While they vary in length, significance, quality, genre, moral character, country, and format, each of the cited works adopts some form of Bram Stoker’s original creation, and Dracula himself, or a recognizable vampiric semblance of Dracula, appears in each. The book includes contributions from Dacre Stoker, David J. Skal, Laura Helen Marks, Dodd Alley, Mitch Frye, Ian Holt, Robert Eighteen-Bisang, and J. Gordon Melton.

Gender in the Vampire Narrative

2 While Carmilla's influence on Stoker is more oblique in Dracula, his short story 'Dracula's Guest' makes much ... 4 These are the French names for three of the Major Arcana cards in the traditional Tarot deck. ... 5 Vlad Tepes was ...

Author: Amanda Hobson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789463007146

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Gender in the Vampire Narrative addresses issues of masculinity and femininity, unpacking cultural norms of gender. This collection demonstrates the way that representations of gender in the vampire narrative traverse a large scope of expectations and tropes. The text offers classroom ready original essays that outline contemporary debates about sexual objectification and gender norms using the lens of the vampire in order to examine the ways those roles are undone and reinforced through popular culture through a specific emphasis on cultural fears and anxieties about gender roles. The essays explore the presentations of gendered identities in a wide variety of sources including novels, films, graphic novels and more, focusing on wildly popular examples, such as The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Twilight, and also lesser known works, for instance, Byzantium and The Blood of the Vampire. The authors work to unravel the ties that bind gender to the body and the sociocultural institutions that shape our views of gendered norms and invite students of all levels to engage in interdisciplinary conversations about both theoretical and embodied constructions of gender. This text makes a fascinating accompanying text for many courses, such as first-year studies, literature, film, women’s and gender studies, sociology, popular culture or media studies, cultural studies, American studies or history. Ultimately this is a text for all fans of popular culture. “Hobson and Anyiwo chase the vampire through history and across literature, film, television, and stage, exploring this complexity and offering insightful and accessible analyses that will be enjoyed by students in popular culture, gender studies, and speculative fiction. This collection is not to be missed by those with an interest in feminist cultural studies – or the undead.” – Barbara Gurr, University of Connecticut “Hobson and Anyiwo push the boundaries of the scholarship as it has been written until now.” –Catherine Coker, Texas A&M University Amanda Hobson is Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Women’s Resource Center at Indiana State University. U. Melissa Anyiwo is a Professor of Politics & History and Coordinator of African American Studies at Curry College in Massachusetts.

Dionysus Refined

He related it to the crusades and centuries of dark without light and recounting the history of Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, ... and the origins of the number 15 in tarot cards being the devil that may have been influenced by Dracula.

Author: Timothy Chase

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781662482397

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What is the meaning of life? Jenny and Craig Chaise, along with a close friend, Debbie-Sue, own a candle and wine company, Dionysus Refined, creating a candle line that is unique to their business. Craig is a police officer. The couple and close friends involve themselves in the world of horse show competition as a way to enhance their social status and network their company. Growth and introduction of businesspeople with intentions creates tension. Marital problems, infidelity, career change meeting and developing relationships, death, upper-class individuals with differing rules and inhibitions with the ability to change the direction of the lives of people, like products creates a rift. The world of art is introduced. Craig Chaise finds himself digging into the depths of himself while standing firm in the belief in the power of the individual amid life's changes. Dionysus Refined is a novel that discusses many life and death topics along with business and its process. Maturation and truths they face even when it hurts have questions. What happens to the Chaises' sense of well-being and security when someone takes it awav? What motivates self more than love and work while realizing failure and striving for meaning? Dionysus Refined is a novel about imperfect refinement and why it is important to believe in your best self.

Spellcasting with a Chance of Spirits A Paranormal Women s Fiction Romance Novel

The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot. Llewellyn Publications, 2013. ... Dracula, Prince of Many Faces: His Life and His Times. Back Bay Books, 1990. ... 2017, www.livescience.com/40843-real-dracula-vlad-theLewis, Tanya.

Author: Mandy M. Roth

Publisher: Raven Happy Hour


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Every cloud has a silver lining...even in matters of the heart. I can see and hear the dead. I can also talk to animals. As a natural-born witch and medium, I can do a lot of odd things. In most people's eyes, that makes me a loon. I like to think of it as being unique and eccentric. Plus, now that destiny has brought me back to the town I was born in, I'm not all that different from the supernatural residents of Grimm Cove. When I find myself being hunted by a dark entity, I turn to the only person who can really help. Too bad he dislikes people in general, would rather keep to himself, and is positive my elevator doesn't stop at all floors. Plus, he's not a fan of squirrels which does put a kink in things considering my familiar is one. Should make for an interesting adventure seeing as how he's my mate and we're destined for one another.


The Origins of Dracula 13 23 45 56 77 PART TWO : DRAMATIS PERSONAE 6. From Vlad Dracula to Count Dracula 7. “ Thank God for Good Brave Men ' 8. ... The Tarot and the Grail 13. “ The Count is a Criminal ' 155 172 190 208 223 Postscript ...

Author: Clive Leatherdale


ISBN: UOM:39015046331123

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Merlin s Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds

Each skull holds their individual knowledge, and the thirteenth skull was originally held by Vlad Dracula (Satan), ... Ouija boards, pendulums, and tarot cards are all neutral devices which can be utilized by either dark or light ...

Author: Margaret Doner

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491717127

Category: Self-Help

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Offering a unique approach to spiritual integration and self-mastery, Merlin’s Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds presents techniques to release karmic ties, integrate past life information, understand galactic karmic imprints, and attain mastery by reawakening your divine gifts. Based on author Margaret Doner’s twenty years of experience as an angelic channel, past life regression therapist, and healer, this guide challenges you to awaken and remember knowledge that may be deeply buried within your soul. From angels to demons, Merlin’s Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds touches upon all these topics and more as it assists you step by step to release fear and return to mastery. Doner offers personal vignettes and clients’ stories to reinforce the idea that only by sharing what we experience with one another do we draw closer and learn how to love without judgment. With exercises to expand awareness, Merlin’s Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds can help you learn to trust yourself, your heart, your intuition, and your common sense. It is about growing up and taking responsibility for your choices. It is about learning to love more deeply and awaken compassion for yourself and others.