Vincent Van Gogh

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Author: Richard Thomson

Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art

ISBN: 0870707485

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"This volume presents an in-depth look at Vincent van Gogh's painting The Starry Night, one of the most beloved works in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art. An essay by Richard Thomson, Watson Gordon Professor of Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh, and full-color reproductions - including sumptuous details that offer close observation of the artist's singular technique - allow for a deeper understanding of this iconic work."--BOOK JACKET.

Vincent Van Gogh

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Author: Bernard Zurcher

Publisher: Thunder Bay Press

ISBN: 1571450092

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Vincent Van Gogh

PART TWO : LITERATURE ON VINCENT VAN GOGH 13 83 - Letters from Vincent van Gogh to An- 1- [ 8 ] p 24pl . Orange paper covers with title ton Ridder van Rappard , 1881-1885 . Ameri- stamped in black and white . 1412cm can Magazine of Art ...

Author: Alfred H. Barr

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Vincent Van Gogh

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Author: Vincent van Gogh

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Presents a collection of the drawings of Vincent Van Gogh, providing images of his works in charcoal, chalk, ink, graphite, and watercolor, and including essays the place each drawing in its historical context, explaining its significance.

Vincent Van Gogh Ein Leben in Leidenschaft

Weißenbruch fuhrwerkte mit dem Pinsel vor Vincents Nase herum. „Der Mann, der niemals tief im Elend gesteckt hat, der hat nichts zu malen, van Gogh. Das Glück leuchtet nur für die Rindviecher, für Ochsen und Geschäftemacher.

Author: Irving Stone


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Vincent van Gogh

“Van Gogh's Vanishing Act.” U.S. News and World Report, July 24, 2000. ... Van Gogh. New York: Henry N. Abrams, 1994. Van Gogh, Vincent. Dear Theo: The Autobiography of Vincent van Gogh.

Author: Jim Whiting

Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781612287652

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Vincent van Gogh was a tormented man. From a young age, he was troubled by fits of depression. After a string of unfulfilling jobs and failed relationships, he found that painting would relieve him from his suffering. Even so, he cut off part of his left ear in a fit of rage. While in the hospital, doctors tried to diagnose his melancholy. Once he was released, he continued to paint. In a remarkable career that spanned a little over ten years, he turned out hundreds of paintings, including at least forty self-portraits. And then, before he was forty years old, he took his own life. Few other artists have been as successful in expressing their feelings as Vincent van Gogh. Dozens of his works are considered masterpieces. Scholars continue to try to diagnose his mental state—and wonder at the talent that was lost.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, Victoria Charles. Van Gogh forgets to write about another activity in his spare time: drawing. Ten years later, just as he was about to become an artist, he remembered: “In London how often I stood drawing on the ...

Author: Vincent van Gogh

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The incarnation of the myth of a cursed artist, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is a legend who became a reference for modern art. An Expressionist during the Post-Impressionist movement, his art was misunderstood during his lifetime. In Holland, he partook in the Dutch realist painting movement by studying peasant characters. Anxious and depressed, Vincent van Gogh produced more than 2000 artworks, yet sold only one in his lifetime. A self-made artist, his work is known for its rough and emotional beauty and is amongst the most popular in the art market today.

Masters of Art Vincent van Gogh

VINCENT'S. BEDROOM. IN. ARLES. There are three versions of this painting, which are easily differentiated by the pictures depictedonthewalltotheright. The painting portrays van Gogh's bedroominArles,Bouchesdu Rhône, known as his Yellow ...

Author: Vincent van Gogh

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Van Gogh s Ear

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Author: Bernadette Murphy

Publisher: Random House

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In December 1888, Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear. It is the most famous story about any artist in history. But what really happened on that dark winter night? In Van Gogh's Ear, Bernadette Murphy reveals the truth. She takes us on an extraordinary journey from major museums to forgotten archives, vividly reconstructing Van Gogh's world. We meet police inspectors and café patrons, prostitutes and madams, his beloved brother Theo and fellow painter Paul Gauguin. Why did Van Gogh commit such a brutal act? Who was the mysterious 'Rachel' to whom he presented his macabre gift? Did he really remove his entire ear? Murphy answers these important questions with her groundbreaking discoveries, offering a stunning portrait of an artist edging towards madness in his pursuit of excellence. BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK PRIMETIME BBC2 DOCUMENTARY WITH JEREMY PAXMAN

Van Gogh in Popular Culture

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Author: Lynnette Porter

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Vincent van Gogh continues to fascinate more than a century after his death in 1890. Yet how much of what is commonly known about this world-renowned artist is accurate? Though he left thousands of works and a trove of letters, the definitive Van Gogh remains elusive. Was he a madman who painted his greatest pieces in a passionate fury or a lifelong student of art, literature and science who carefully planned each composition? Was he a loner dedicated only to his craft or an active collaborator with his contemporaries? Why is he best known for self-mutilation and "The Starry Night"? This book has biographers, scriptwriters, lyricists, actors, museum curators and tour guides, among others, presenting diverse interpretations of his life and work, creating a mythic persona that may, in fact, help us in the search for the real Van Gogh.