Masculinity Crime and Self Defence in Victorian Literature

Jennifer Jones, 'The Face of Villainy on the Victorian Stage', Theatre Notebook, 50 (1996), 95–108 (p. 98). 4. Watts Phillips, A Ticket of Leave: A Farce in One Act (1862; hereafter A Ticket of Leave), Lacy's Acting Edition of Victorian ...

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Now in paperback, this book considers crime fighting from the perspective of the civilian city-goer, from the mid-Victorian garotting panics to 1914. It charts the shift from the use of body armour to the adoption of exotic martial arts through the works of popular playwrights and novelists, examining changing ideals of urban, middle-class heroism.

BUCKLEY BATMAN MYNDIE Echoes of the Victorian culture clash frontier

NORTHERN VICTORIA 'SETTLED'. 87.1: WERGAIA LANGUAGE SOURCES [Clark p.336-]: 'The language sources available on this language include Mathews [Notebook, 1902 Gr. 6401; 1903, Gr. 6484, 6514], Hagenauer [in Smyth 1878], Hartmann [in Smyth ...


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The first white intruders in the area north of the Great Divide to the Murray River drained by the Goulburn, Loddon and Wimmera rivers were cattle and sheep ‘overlanders’ from the Sydney-side searching for green pastures in drought-affected NSW and a route to South Australia. Echo 76: THE NORTHERN CONQUEST – Drover’s accounts of overlanding sets the scene for the later Echo 83: REVIEWING THE FAITHFULL MASSACRE, WANGARATTA AND SCOURING THE OVENS. With a military escort, the wife of the Governor of VD Land Lady Jane Franklin wrote travel diaries and letters of her visit to Melbourne and ‘tour’ of Australia Felix in 1839. Sounding 5 introduces the journals of Protector Dredge camping with the Goulburn clans and is followed by Echo 79: THE HUTTON & MUNRO AFFAIRS, being the invasion of Djadja Wurrung country as revealed in Chief Protector Robinson’s journal for January 1840. This leads into Parker’s Mount Franklin Protectorate Station combined with shire history snippets of Maryborough, Avoca and Boort before a section on the Djadja Wurrung who survived colonization. Another group of shire histories cover Kyabram, Shepparton, Murchison, Benalla, Tallangatta, Benambra and Bendigo areas before Ian D Clark’s depiction of the box-ironbark forests and pre-1840s Aboriginal land tenure in north-central Victoria. Included here is an ecological section on ‘fire-stick farming’ replaced by agri-business. The fate of the Goulburn tribe, the Taungurong clans, and pioneer Carter’s early days on the Wimmera lead to echo 87: ORIENTING THE WERGAIA WIMMERA-MALLEE CLANS and then to EBENEZER – archaeology of an Aboriginal Mission Station. Sounding 5 closes with an echo on the bush-life experiences of battler William Kyle and for contrast reveals the dispossession role played by wealthy land speculators in echo 90: BEN BOYD – Royal Yacht Squadron Slaver.

Routledge Library Editions Victorian Theatre

See the Victoria Magazine , August 1871 , vol . ... For this element in Victorian feminism , see Banks , pp . 47-8 . ... See Alan Hughes , ' The Lyceum Staff : A Victorian Theatrical Organisation ' , Theatre Notebook , 1974 , No.

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Reissuing works originally published between 1971 and 1981, this compact set offers an outstanding collection of scholarship devoted to 19th Century, Victorian, theatre. A small set of performance history and criticism, this set includes a biography of Henry Irving, a look at the rise of the status of a career as actor, and a consideration of the advent of dramatic criticism. These volumes present together a lively picture of the development of the contemporary theatre.

A Companion to Thomas Hardy

Notebook (1994), and Thomas Hardy's “Poetical Matter” Notebook (2009). William W. Morgan is Professor Emeritus of ... For ten years he wrote the annual review of Hardy studies for Victorian Poetry. He is a vice-president of both the ...

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Through original essays from a distinguished team of internationalscholars and Hardy specialists, A Companion to Thomas Hardyprovides a unique, one-volume resource, which encompasses allaspects of Hardy's major novels, short stories, and poetry Informed by the latest in scholarly, critical, and theoreticaldebates from some of the world's leading Hardy scholars Reveals groundbreaking insights through examinations ofHardy’s major novels, short stories, poetry, and drama Explores Hardy's work in the context of the major intellectualand socio-cultural currents of his time and assesses his legacy forsubsequent writers

The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Hardy

London and Basingstoke : Macmillan , 1979 , pp . 50-73 . Dalziel , Pamela . “ Hardy's Sexual Evasions : The Evidence of the ' Studies , Specimens & c . ' Notebook . ” Victorian Poetry , 31 ( 1993 ) , 143-55 . Gribble , Jennifer .

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Twelve commissioned essays provide an essential introduction to Thomas Hardy.

Symbols and Things

Notebooks. In the late 1890s, renowned Victorian artist William Quiller Orchardson painted William Thomson's ... His right hand rests on his thigh and in his other is a green notebook that he holds in his lap as if marking a page.

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In the steam-powered mechanical age of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the work of late Georgian and early Victorian mathematicians depended on far more than the properties of number. British mathematicians came to rely on industrialized paper and pen manufacture, railways and mail, and the print industries of the book, disciplinary journal, magazine, and newspaper. Though not always physically present with one another, the characters central to this book—from George Green to William Rowan Hamilton—relied heavily on communication technologies as they developed their theories in consort with colleagues. The letters they exchanged, together with the equations, diagrams, tables, or pictures that filled their manuscripts and publications, were all tangible traces of abstract ideas that extended mathematicians into their social and material environment. Each chapter of this book explores a thing, or assembling of things, mathematicians needed to do their work—whether a textbook, museum, journal, library, diagram, notebook, or letter—all characteristic of the mid-nineteenth-century British taskscape, but also representative of great change to a discipline brought about by an industrialized world in motion.

Aphoristic Modernity

context of a classical Victorian curriculum recently renovated and expanded to include new materials from diverse disciplines. His notebooks read like a methodological gala, in which data particular to various disciplines commingle on ...


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The collected essays of Aphoristic Modernity: 1880 to the Present showcase aphoristic and epigrammatic writing as both a reflection of, and influence upon, the fragmented culture of modernity from the late nineteenth- to the twenty-first century.

Victorian Poetry Now

2 Robert Vaughan, The Ageof Great Cities (1843); Asa Briggs, Victorian Cities (Odhams Books, London, 1963), 57. 3 Henry James, 1881 notebook entries, The Notebooks of HenryJames, edd FO Matthiessen and Kenneth B Murdock (Galaxy,and ...

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This book is the definitive guide to Victorian poetry, which its author approaches in the light of modern critical concerns and contemporary contexts. Valentine Cunningham exhibits encyclopedic knowledge of the poetry produced in this period and offers dazzling close readings of a number of well-known poems Draws on the work of major Victorian poets and their works as well as many of the less well-known poets and poems Reads poems and poets in the light of both Victorian and modern critical concerns Places poetry in its personal, aesthetic, historical, and ideological context Organized in terms of the Victorian anxieties of self, body, and melancholy Argues that rhyming/repetition is the major formal feature of Victorian poetry Highlights the Victorian obsession with small subjects in small poems Shows how Victorian poetry attempts to engage with the modern subject and how its modernity segues into modernism and postmodernism

The Principles of Knitting

Photograph by Joe Coca; from Nancie Wiseman, Lace from the Attic: A Victorian Notebook of Knitted Lace Patterns (Loveland, Colo.: Interweave Press, 1998). • If more is needed to close gap, also work a Left Raised Increase on stitch ...

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Now featuring new instructions, new illustrations, and new information, The Principles of Knitting—beloved by knitters everywhere and one of the most requested out-of-print books for years—finally gets the revision that fans have been clamoring for! A treasured guide beloved by knitters everywhere, the classic book The Principles of Knitting is finally available again in a fully revised and updated edition. This is the definitive book on knitting techniques, with valuable information for everyone from beginners to experienced knitters. June Hiatt presents not only a thorough, thoughtful approach to the craft, but also a passion for carrying on the art of knitting to future generations. She has repeatedly tested the various techniques and presents them with clear, easy-to-follow instructions—as well as an explanation of what each one can contribute to your knitting. Informed by decades of experience and thousands of hours of practice, this comprehensive resource offers a variety of ways to approach every skill and technique and offers solutions that can help solve the most challenging aspects of any knitting project. The Principles of Knitting has been totally rewritten—new instructions, new illustrations, and new information. While the basics of knitting have not changed much, June’s understanding of the material has deepened over the last twenty-five years, and she’s eager to share what she has learned with the knitting world. In addition, the book has been reorganized to make it easier to use and has a gorgeous new design. Reading The Principles of Knitting is like having a knitting mentor by your side who can answer any knitting question you have in an honest, intelligent, informed manner.