Victims of the Herrin Massacre

Twenty-three men were killed in Williamson County and the streets of Herrin, Illinois over a two day killing spree on June 21st and 22nd, 1922.

Author: John Foster

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On June 22, 1922, one of the deadliest days in the history of labor in the U.S. occurred near and in the town of Herrin, Williamson County, Illinois. On that day, men who had been imported into the county to work at a strip mine during a nationwide coal strike by members of the United Mine Workers of America, were taken prisoner and unarmed, marched for several miles on a warm June morning under the belief that they would be sent out of the area by train. Along the way it became clear to most of them that a different fate awaited them after a more radical faction of striking miners and their supporters took command of the prisoners. Men, who were normally hard working family men, became cold blooded, heartless and relentless killers. Before that Thursday was over, eighteen men would be dead and lying in a makeshift morgue in Herrin. Numerous wounded would find themselves in the Herrin Hospital or making their way back to Chicago. One of those in the hospital would die within days and another two within a few months. The incident would be dubbed "The Herrin Massacre" and be remembered as such for all time. On Sunday, June 25th, 1922, sixteen of the dead were buried in an out of the way spot at the Herrin City Cemetery referred to as the potter's field. Time, as it is wont to do, eventually erased all evidence of the graves as life returned to normal in Herrin and Williamson County. Recent events in the Herrin City Cemetery have resulted in the discovery of the location of these long lost and forgotten graves. For the first time in more than 90 years, the men who came to Herrin in June of 1922 will be revealed. Includes fourteen pages of photos, some seen for the first time, and also for the first time, an accurate, to scale map of the death march and massacre areas, produced by Professor Steven Di Naso of Eastern Illinois University.

Herrin Massacre

Written by Scott Doody, this four year adventure uncovers the ugly secret of what happens when a town buries their past so deep, it changes their future.

Author: Scott Doody

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Twenty three men killed in Williamson County and the streets of Herrin, Illinois over a two day killing spree on June 21st and 22nd, 1922. The largest mass murder of non-union labor in the history of America. The event would become known around the world as The Herrin Massacre. Read about the toughest (deadliest) little city in America and the modern day hunt for the massacre victim's lost graves in the potter's field of the Herrin city cemetery. Written by Scott Doody, this four year adventure uncovers the ugly secret of what happens when a town buries their past so deep, it changes their future.

The Herrin Massacre of 1922

This book tells the cruel truth behind the story that the coal industry tried to suppress and that Herrin wants to forget.

Author: Greg Bailey

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In 1922, a coal miner strike spread across the United States, swallowing the heavily-unionized mining town of Herrin, Illinois. When the owner of the town's local mine hired non-union workers to break the strike, violent conflict broke out between the strikebreakers and unionized miners, who were all heavily armed. When strikebreakers surrendered and were promised safe passage home, the unionized miners began executing them before large, cheering crowds. This book tells the cruel truth behind the story that the coal industry tried to suppress and that Herrin wants to forget. A thorough account of the massacre and its aftermath, this book sets a heartland tragedy against the rise and decline of the coal industry.

Love s Next Meeting

Violence appears in this scene as a baroque spectacle with sexual dissidents cast as martyrs, but Cadmus's self-portrait positions him as both perpetrator and victim. Herrin Massacre's fetishized violence is redoubled as the viewer ...

Author: Aaron Lecklider


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How queerness and radical politics intersected--earlier than you thought. Well before Stonewall, a broad cross section of sexual dissidents took advantage of their space on the margins of American society to throw themselves into leftist campaigns. Sensitive already to sexual marginalization, they also saw how class inequality was exacerbated by the Great Depression, witnessing the terrible bread lines and bread riots of the era. They participated in radical labor campaigns, sympathized like many with the early, prewar Soviet Union, contributed to the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, opposed US police and state harassment, fought racial discrimination, and aligned themselves with the dispossessed. Whether they were themselves straight, gay, or otherwise queer, they brought sexual dissidence and radicalism into conversation at the height of the Left's influence on American culture. Combining rich archival research with inventive analysis of art and literature, Love's Next Meeting explores the relationship between homosexuality and the Left in American culture between 1920 and 1960. Author Aaron S. Lecklider uncovers a lively cast of individuals and dynamic expressive works revealing remarkably progressive engagement with homosexuality among radicals, workers, and the poor. Leftists connected sexual dissidence with radical gender politics, antiracism, and challenges to censorship and obscenity laws through the 1920s and 1930s. In the process, a wide array of activists, organizers, artists, and writers laid the foundation for building a radical movement through which homosexual lives and experiences were given shape and new political identities were forged. Love's Next Meeting cuts to the heart of some of the biggest questions in American history: questions about socialism, about sexuality, about the supposed clash still making the headlines today between leftist politics and identity politics. What emerges is a dramatic, sexually vibrant story of the shared struggles for liberation across the twentieth century.

Mary Jane s Ghost

In addition, the cemetery had sold other plots above the victims to people who were still among the living. The reaction from Herrin mayor Vic Ritter and others was to discourage the exhumations. He contended that the massacre had ...

Author: Ted Gregory

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Summer 1948. In the scenic, remote river town of Oregon, Illinois, a young couple visiting the local lovers’ lane is murdered. The shocking crime garners headlines from Portland, Maine, to Long Beach, California. But after a sweeping manhunt, no one is arrested and the violent deaths of Mary Jane Reed and Stanley Skridla fade into time’s indifference. Fast forward fifty years. Eccentric entrepreneur Michael Arians moves to Oregon, opens a roadhouse, gets elected mayor, and becomes obsessed with the crime. He comes up with a scandalous conspiracy theory and starts to believe that Mary Jane’s ghost is haunting his establishment. He also reaches out to the Chicago Tribune for help. Arians’s letter falls on the desk of general assignment reporter Ted Gregory. For the next thirteen years, while he ricochets from story to story and his newspaper is deconstructed around him, Gregory remains beguiled by the case of the teenaged telephone operator Mary Jane and twenty-eight-year-old Navy vet Stanley—and equally fascinated by Arians’s seemingly hopeless pursuit of whoever murdered them. Mary Jane’s Ghost is the story of these two odysseys.

Bloody Williamson

Five men go on trial for the murder of Howard Hoffman, one of the victims of the Herrin Massacre. December 8, 1922. After one month of interrogation, the trial jury is completed. December 13, 1922. The lawyers make their opening ...

Author: Paul M. Angle

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This is a horror story of native American violence. It carries a grim lesson for the whole country. Political doctrines have played no part in the violence and murder that have brought much ill fame to one corner of Illinois. On the map, Williamson is just another county. But in history it is a place in which a strange disease has raged for more than eighty years—a disease marked by a pathological tendency to settle differences by force. Fascinated by this, Paul M. Angle, the well-known historian, set out to discover what really had happened. Through enormous research he has been able to reconstruct the whole story in all its horrible, scarifying detail. Using the best techniques of reportage, without editorializing, without subjective coloration, he has produced a narrative beyond imagination. It begins with the "Bloody Vendetta," a feud that rampaged in the 1870s. It deals with labor's success in organizing coal mines in southern Illinois, an affair that twice blew up in violence. It covers the Herrin Massacre of 1922—perhaps the most shocking episode in the history of organized labor in this country—and the subsequent trials. The Ku Klux Klan provides material for four chapters that come to a climax in a fatal duel between the Klan and its opponents. And it ends with the story of the gang war between Charlie Birger and the Shelton brothers. It is a tale to shake the most phlegmatic reader.


(There's still a small patch of these woods left, just to the southeast of Herrin's current First Baptist Church.173) At various places ... had the wounded survivors taken to Herrin Hospital and the dead to the empty Dillard building.

Author: John Griswold

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Herrin, Illinois, has seen many dramatic events unfold in the nearly two hundred years since it was a bell-shaped prairie on the frontier. Now, Herrin native John Griswold, a writer and teacher at the University of Illinois, provides the first comprehensive history of this most American city, a place that in its time became not just a melting pot, but a cauldron. Discover why the coal was so good in the “Quality Circle” and what happened to the boom that followed its discovery. Explore the roots of the vicious Herrin Massacre of 1922 and learn why the entire nation has focused its gaze on this small Midwestern city so many times. Incorporating the most recent scholarship, interviews, and classic histories and narratives, this brief and entertaining history is illustrated with more than seventy-five archival photos that help tell this important American story.

The Young and Evil

16Surely he is correct in referring to Herrin Massacre as “a critical depiction of systemic homophobia,” where we find “the persecution of gays (the victims, meticulously delineated in terms of their physical and facial nobility) by the ...

Author: Jarrett Earnest

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Lauded by Jerry Saltz as “one of the most reactionary yet radical visions of art,” The Young and Evil tells the story of a group of artists and writers active during the first half of the twentieth century, when homosexuality was as problematic for American culture as figuration was for modernist painting. These artists—including Paul Cadmus, Fidelma Cadmus Kirstein, Charles Henri Ford, Jared French, Margaret Hoening French, George Platt Lynes, Bernard Perlin, Pavel Tchelitchew, George Tooker, Alexander Jensen Yow, and their circle—were new social creatures, playfully and boldly homosexual at a time when it was both criminalized and pathologized. They pursued a modernism of the body—driven by eroticism and bounded by intimacy, forming a hothouse world within a world that doesn’t nicely fit any subsequent narrative of modern American art. In their work, they looked away from abstraction toward older sources and models—classical and archaic forms of figuration and Renaissance techniques. What might be seen as a reactionary aesthetic maneuver was made in the service of radical content—endeavoring to depict their own lives. Their little-known history is presented here through never-before-exhibited photographs, sculptures, drawings, ephemera, and rarely seen major paintings—offering the first view of its kind into their interwoven intellectual, artistic, and personal lives. Edited by Jarrett Earnest, who also curated the exhibition, The Young and Evil features new scholarship by art historians Ann Reynolds and Kenneth E. Silver and an interview with Alexander Jensen Yow by Michael Schreiber.

The Herrin Massacre

The unclaimed mutilated bodies of the victims were buried side by side in the Herrin Cemetery where today they are uncared for and marked only by a small cross . ( There is only one exception , the grave of Antonio Molkovich , who was a ...

Author: Chatland Parker


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Even More History Mystery and Hauntings of Southern Illinois

They have been exploring the mysteries of "Area 618" for more than six years. In the third book of their "History, Mystery, and Hauntings" trilogy, they bring you some of the most interesting stories yet uncovered.

Author: Bruce L. Cline


ISBN: 1618760203

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Southern Illinois can be a strange and fascinating place. Just ask Bruce Cline and the Little Egypt Ghost Society. They have been exploring the mysteries of "Area 618" for more than six years. In the third book of their "History, Mystery, and Hauntings" trilogy, they bring you some of the most interesting stories yet uncovered. Does a monster glide through the waters of Stump Pond? Does a ghost named Henry haunt Shryock Auditorium? Where are the Herrin Massacre victims buried? Don't be left in the dark. From ghosts in the attic, to the legend of Pott's Inn, to the home of outlaws and bootleggers and beyond, join the Little Egypt Ghost Society as they explore some of Illinois' oldest and most interesting places!


When I was elected sheriff , 60 years had passed since the Herrin Massacre . It and other events had been recorded ... They come swiftly to their victims , and these victims can be anyone - the rich , the poor , the old and the young .

Author: Harry Spiller

Publisher: Turner Publishing Company

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This 160 page book serves as a memoir of a lawman (Harry Spiller) from Williamson County, Illinois and tells of his stories and ventures as a sheriff.

Workers in America A Historical Encyclopedia 2 volumes

A board of inquest determined that all victims died by the hands of unknown assailants. Eventually 214 indictments were issued, but no one was convicted of any sort of crime. The Herrin massacre is a stain on organized labor's record, ...

Author: Robert E. Weir

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598847192

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This encyclopedia traces the evolution of American workers and labor organizations from pre-Revolutionary America through the present day. • Suggested reading for each entry, including both print and online resources • A chronology of important labor highlights • 350 entries covering key topics

A History of Crime and the American Criminal Justice System

Killings also resulted from assaults by strikers against strikebreakers, as was the case in 1922, when union workers savagely murdered nineteen scabs at the Herrin massacre in Illinois.

Author: Mitchel P. Roth

Publisher: Routledge

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This book offers a history of crime and the criminal justice system in America, written particularly for students of criminal justice and those interested in the history of crime and punishment. It follows the evolution of the criminal justice system chronologically and, when necessary, offers parallels between related criminal justice issues in different historical eras. From its antecedents in England to revolutionary times, to the American Civil War, right through the twentieth century to the age of terrorism, this book combines a wealth of resources with keen historical judgement to offer a fascinating account of the development of criminal justice in America. A new chapter brings the story up to date, looking at criminal justice through the Obama era and the early days of the Trump administration. Each chapter is broken down into four crucial components related to the American criminal justice system from the historical perspective: lawmakers and the judiciary; law enforcement; corrections; and crime and punishment. A range of pedagogical features, including timelines of key events, learning objectives, critical thinking questions and sources, as well as a full glossary of key terms and a Who’s Who in Criminal Justice History, ensures that readers are well-equipped to navigate the immense body of knowledge related to criminal justice history. Essential reading for Criminal Justice majors and historians alike, this book will be a fascinating text for anyone interested in the development of the American criminal justice system from ancient times to the present day.

The American Law Review

... it is a Herrin murder , it is the most cruel and fiendish ever committed by the hand of man in the annals of history ! ... the attitude of union labor toward the victims of the Herrin massacre is that , while they do not stand for ...



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Coal Review

... Field Coils Walter H. Cunningham was chairman , was U. M. W. Sued For Deaths Of Four Electric Haulage Supplies cordially thanked in another resolution for Castings — Iron , Bronze and Brass Victims Of Herrin Massacre “ the splendid ...



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Benton Pollock and the Politics of Modernism

Paul Cadmus's picture, The Herrin Massacre (fig. ... the victims are laid out near a tattered American flag — Cadmus's picture is a far cry from the jubilant survivalism painted by Curry and the other artists selected for Life's history ...

Author: Erika Doss

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226159430

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Death Underground

He chose the Herrin Massacre because , in his words , " Violence appalls me and I thought I would ... depicting the brutality of the attackers on the one hand and the suffering bodies of their victims on the other .

Author: Robert E Hartley

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809387999

Category: History

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Death Underground: The Centralia and West Frankfort Mine Disasters examines two of the most devastating coal mine disasters in United States history since 1928. In two southern Illinois towns only forty miles apart, explosions killed 111 men at the Centralia No. 5 mine in 1947 and 119 men at the New Orient No. 2 mine in West Frankfort in 1951. Robert E. Hartley and David Kenney explain the causes of the accidents, identify who was to blame, and detail the emotional impact the disasters had on the survivors, their families, and their communities. Politics at the highest level of Illinois government played a critical role in the conditions that led to the accidents. Hartley and Kenney address how safety was compromised when inspection reports were widely ignored by state mining officials and mine company supervisors. Highlighted is the role of Driscoll Scanlan, a state inspector at Centralia, who warned of an impending disaster but whose political enemies shifted the blame to him, ruining his career. Hartley and Kenney also detail the New Orient No. 2 mine explosion, the attempts at rescue, and the resulting political spin circulated by labor, management, and the state bureaucracy. They outline the investigation, the subsequent hearings, and the efforts in Congress to legislate greater mine safety. Hartley and Kenney include interviews with the survivors, a summary of the investigative records, and an analysis of the causes of both mine accidents. They place responsibility for the disasters on individual mine owners, labor unions, and state officials, providing new interpretations not previously presented in the literature. Augmented by twenty-nine illustrations, the volume also covers the history, culture, and ethnic pluralism of coal mining in Illinois and the United States.

The Shop Review

COMMENT Herrin The first murder trial in connection with the Herrin massacre has resulted in a verdict of not guilty for the five defendants . ... The victims of Herrin did not commit suicide nor tear one another to pieces .



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The testimony of the witnesses for the prosecution - farmers , strikebreakers , tradesmen in the town , and victims of the mob - reconstructs the Herrin massacre in an extraordinarily vivid and dramatic form : It is mid - June in the ...



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Labor management Reform Legislation

He $ 3.0 State Senator Sneed , district president and it was agreed by the spokesman of that the victims were ... The Herrin Massacre . an outlaw organization and in viewing with the armed men in & semi - circle its mombers in the same ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor


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