Cyber Risks Social Media and Insurance A Guide to Risk Assessment and Management

... available at 1036 Sean O'Kane, The court has approved Elon Musk's new agreement to let lawyers oversee his Tesla Tweets, The Verge, ...

Author: Carrie E. Cope

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 9781663320841

Category: Law


View: 134


This publication provides unique and indispensable guidance to all in the insurance industry, other businesses and their counsel in identifying and understanding the risks (notably including cyber risks) they face by using social media in the business world and mitigating those risks through a compilation of best practices by industry experts and rulings by courts and regulatory authorities. It features analyses of pertinent policies, statutes and cases.

The Responsibility of Online Intermediaries for Illegal User Content in the EU and the US

... Article 14 ECD in light of developments in the online service landscape', Study for European Commission, 2019 Verbiest, T., ... K., 'Facebook's 'Supreme Court' can overrule Zuckerberg, per new charter', The Verge, 17 September 2019, ...

Author: Folkert Wilman

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781839104831

Category: Law

Page: 456

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Featuring foreword from Maciej Szpunar, First Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union and Professor at the University of Silesia in Katowice This book delivers a comprehensive examination of the legal systems that regulate the responsibilities of intermediaries for illegal online content in both the EU and the US. It assesses whether existing systems are capable of tackling modern challenges, ultimately advocating for the introduction of a double-sided duty of care, requiring online intermediaries to do more to tackle illegal content whilst also better protecting their users’ rights.

The Hype Machine

“the future is private”: Nick Statt, “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says the 'Future Is Private,' ” Verge, April 30, 2019. a seventy-four-page manifesto filled with racist rants: Daniel Victor, “In Christchurch, Signs Point to a Gunman ...

Author: Sinan Aral

Publisher: Currency

ISBN: 9780525574521

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 416

View: 420


A landmark insider’s tour of how social media affects our decision-making and shapes our world in ways both useful and dangerous, with critical insights into the social media trends of the 2020 election and beyond “The book might be described as prophetic. . . . At least two of Aral’s three predictions have come to fruition.”—New York NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY WIRED • LONGLISTED FOR THE PORCHLIGHT BUSINESS BOOK AWARD Social media connected the world—and gave rise to fake news and increasing polarization. It is paramount, MIT professor Sinan Aral says, that we recognize the outsize effect social media has on us—on our politics, our economy, and even our personal health—in order to steer today’s social technology toward its great promise while avoiding the ways it can pull us apart. Drawing on decades of his own research and business experience, Aral goes under the hood of the most powerful social networks to tackle the critical question of just how much social media actually shapes our choices, for better or worse. He shows how the tech behind social media offers the same set of behavior influencing levers to everyone who hopes to change the way we think and act—from Russian hackers to brand marketers—which is why its consequences affect everything from elections to business, dating to health. Along the way, he covers a wide array of topics, including how network effects fuel Twitter’s and Facebook’s massive growth, the neuroscience of how social media affects our brains, the real consequences of fake news, the power of social ratings, and the impact of social media on our kids. In mapping out strategies for being more thoughtful consumers of social media, The Hype Machine offers the definitive guide to understanding and harnessing for good the technology that has redefined our world overnight.

Policing in the Era of AI and Smart Societies

Storyful(2019)InvestigationsbyStoryful. 20 Jan 2020 46. Tandoc EC, Lim ZW, Ling R (2018) Defining “Fake News”. Digit Journal 6(2):137–153 47. The Verge (2019) China makes it a criminal ...

Author: Hamid Jahankhani

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030506131

Category: Social Science

Page: 282

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Chapter “Predictive Policing in 2025: A Scenario” is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via

Sports Publicity

The Verge, 2019, 9 “Inside The Atlanta Falcons' Social Media Presence with Kyle Benzion.” Front Office Sports, 2019, ...

Author: Joe Favorito

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000037555

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 348

View: 873


Effective communications are essential for all sport organizations. In this fully revised and updated third edition of his ground-breaking guide to communications in sports, Joe Favorito introduces the skills, knowledge and techniques needed to become a successful communicator. Favorito outlines the history of sports communications, explores the most important professional themes, topics and issues, and highlights exciting opportunities for future development. With a strong emphasis on professional practice and the day-to-day realities of working in sports and entertainment, the book covers all the core functional areas such as: · Digital and social media strategy · Crisis management · Creative writing · The value of audio storytelling · The role of communications in business. This new edition includes more international cases and data, interviews, best practices, and expanded coverage of social media, gaming, eSports and technological developments in communications; discussion of key contemporary issues such as multicultural media relations and ‘athletes as brands’; and an emphasis on the importance of strategic planning. No other book offers such a valuable insider’s view of the sports communications industry or the importance of PR and media relations in building successful sports organizations. Sports Publicity: A Practical Approach is essential reading for all students working in sport business, marketing or communications, and any PR practitioner looking to improve their professional skills. The author maintains a podcast of updated best practices, The CUSP Show, which is widely available, as well as a blog of best practices at Both of these resources make the perfect companion to this book.

World Wide Waste How Digital Is Killing Our Planet and What We Can Do About It

... World Economic Forum, 2019 American trash: How an e-waste sting uncovered a shocking betrayal, Colin Lecher, The Verge, ...

Author: Gerry McGovern


ISBN: 9781916444621

Category: Computers

Page: 152

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Speaking out when it's unpopular. Back in the day, Henry David Thoreau raged at the robber barons-the big shots of their age, despoiling the environment in the name of progress. Deep in the throes of the seemingly unstoppable growth of tech, a modern-day Thoreau has emerged in the guise of Gerry McGovern-decrying the massive, hidden negative impacts of tech on the environment. McGovern has thoroughly documented in World Wide Waste how tech damages the Earth-and what we should be doing about it. It is not just the acres of discarded computer hardware conveniently dumped in Third World countries. Every time an email is downloaded it contributes to global warming. Every tweet, search, check of a webpage creates pollution. Digital is physical. Those data centers are not in the Cloud. They're on land in massive physical buildings packed full of computers hungry for energy. It seems invisible. It seems cheap and free. It's not. Digital costs the Earth.

Information Technology for Management

AndroidGuys, September 3, 2019. Bode, K. “Why Feds Can't Block California's Net Neutrality Bill.” The Verge, October 2, 2018. Bode, K. “Ajit Pai Whines About the Numerous State-Level Net Neutrality Laws He Just Helped Create.

Author: Efraim Turban

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119702900

Category: Computers

Page: 640

View: 870


Information Technology for Management, 12 Edition provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technological developments in IT and the critical drivers of business performance, growth, and sustainability. Integrating feedback from IT managers and practitioners from top-level organizations worldwide, the newest edition of this well-regarded textbook features thoroughly revised content throughout to present students with a realistic, up-to-date view of IT management in the current business environment. The text offers a flexible, student-friendly presentation of the material through a pedagogy that is designed to help students with different learning styles easily comprehend and retain information. This blended learning approach combines visual, textual, and interactive content—featuring numerous real-world case studies of how businesses use IT to increase efficiency and productivity, strengthen collaboration and communication, and maximize their competitive advantage. Students learn how IT is leveraged to reshape enterprises, engage and retain customers, optimize systems and processes, manage business relationships and projects, and more.

Behind the Mask of Facebook

1 CHAPTER 1 Casey Newton, “The Trauma Floor: The Secret lives of Facebook Moderators in America,” “The Verge,” February 25, 2019, // ...

Author: Ryan Hartwig

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510767959

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

View: 274


Ryan Hartwig may be one of the most important figures in American history. Hired by Cognizant as a content moderator for Facebook, Ryan Hartwig began by keeping gruesome images of cartel violence in Mexico off the platform. This seemed like a righteous mission and yet, as time went by, it became clear the Facebook bosses saw an even bigger threat, Americans of a different political viewpoint. Ryan watched in horror as Facebook made a monumental shift after the 2016 elections, hiring thousands of US-based content moderators with one mission, to favor leftist viewpoints while suppressing the speech of conservatives. Ryan describes more than forty examples of such behavior, and it will radically rewrite your understanding of the past four years as you learn how the news regarding prominent individuals like Greta Thunberg, Alyssa Milano, and Don Lemon was censored to remove legitimate criticism of them. Viral videos of Trump supporters being attacked were removed from the platform, and moderators were told to look for signs of hate speech in Trumps' State of the Union addresses, while at the same time allowing vicious attacks against police, pro-lifers, and straight white males. As America's de-facto town square, Facebook was systematically suppressing free speech, which has traditionally been our country's greatest weapon to combat extremism from either side. Ryan knew he had to take action, and contacted Project Veritas, eventually filming many of these actions with a hidden camera for the world to see. We need to stand up against tech tyranny and corporations that attempt to control our conversations, our news, and our political narratives. Reading Behind the Mask of Facebook: A Whistleblower’s Shocking Story of Big Tech Bias and Censorship​ is the first step to learning how to confront and defeat this tyranny.

Events Future Trends Perspectives

Available at: (Accessed: 9 May 2019). The Verge (no date) The Verge. Available at: (Accessed: 17 May 2019). The Vertical Flight Society (no date) ...

Author: Kim Werner


ISBN: 9783825252533


Page: 366

View: 461


The Present and Future of Music Law

... kWiqOOG0NuPDM3pVGJpVzXMw7n +Zg4AfFFX +eFqDYNfND +0hUxxXA, accessed 7 June 2020. Deahl, D. (2019a). 'Metadata is the Biggest Little Problem Plaguing the Music Industry', The Verge, 29 May 2019, ...

Author: Ann Harrison

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501367793

Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 978


The music business is a multifaceted, transnational industry that operates within complex and rapidly changing political, economic, cultural and technological contexts. The mode and manner of how music is created, obtained, consumed and exploited is evolving rapidly. It is based on relationships that can be both complimentary and at times confrontational, and around roles that interact, overlap and sometimes merge, reflecting the competing and coinciding interests of creative artists and music industry professionals. It falls to music law and legal practice to provide the underpinning framework to enable these complex relationships to flourish, to provide a means to resolve disputes, and to facilitate commerce in a challenging and dynamic business environment. The Present and Future of Music Law presents thirteen case studies written by experts in their fields, examining a range of key topics at the points where music law and the post-digital music industry intersect, offering a timely exploration of the current landscape and insights into the future shape of the interface between music business and music law.


The Next Rembrandt. (accessed 22 August 2019). Kastrenakes, J. (2019). Amazon Now Lets You Tell Alexa to Delete Your Voice Recordings. The Verge (29 May), online. https://www.theverge.

Author: Demetra Garbasevschi

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119642152

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 208

View: 745


Infoselves delivers a multifaceted analysis of the commodification of self-identity online, from both a domination and a liberation perspective. Drawing on multiple resources, the book places its discussion of online identity within the larger context of self-identity evolution, arguing for the recognition of online identity as a legitimate component of the self-identity system. Advertising executive turned academic, Demetra Garbașevschi offers readers the means to understand the way our online identities are formed and used, to reflect on the future of self-identity, and to become more aware of the radical implications of our digital footprint. Readers will discover what it means to be an infoself in a deep digital context, from exploring the informational makeup of self-identity, to examining the various sources of identity information found online, to exposing the uses of this information through both latent and assertive self-commodification. Considering the many sources of information contributing to our identity narrative online, some beyond our direct control, managing the self is presented as one the greatest challenges of our digital present. The book includes illuminating discussions of a variety of topics within the subject of online identity, such as: Foundational concepts related to the idea of identity, including references to the works of Erik Erikson, symbolic interactionists, and social dramaturgy The evolution of online identity, with examinations of early and current viewpoints of the phenomenon Personal branding online as the epitome of self-commodification, with examples from online celebrity, micro-celebrity, and nano-celebrity Original research contributing to the larger discussion about how identities are constructed and performed through-the-line Perfect for graduate students in advertising, branding, and public relations, Infoselves also belongs on the bookshelves of those studying fields involving digital media. Working professionals in any of these areas will also benefit from this book’s insightful analyses of a variety of viewpoints on online identity.

Digital Economy Emerging Technologies and Business Innovation

The Verge (2019) Daugherty, T., Djuric, V., Li, H., Leckenby, J.: Establishing a paradigm: a systematic analysis of interactive advertising research. J. Interact. Advert. 17(1), 65–78 (2017) Elnahla, N.: Black mirror: bandersnatch and ...

Author: Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030646424

Category: Application software

Page: 177

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference, ICDEc 2020, held in Bucharest, Romania, in June 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the conference took place virtually. The 13 full papers presented in this volume together with 3 abstracts of keynotes and 1 introductory paper by the steering committee were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 41 submissions. The core theme of this years conference was "Emerging Technologies & Business Innovation" The papers were organized in four topical sections named: digital transformation, data analytics, digital marketing, and digital business models.

World Intellectual Property Report 2019 The Geography of Innovation Local Hotspots Global Networks

Dziczek, K, E.P. Dennis, Q. Hong, Y. Chen, V. Sathe-Brugeman and E. Marples (2019). ... The Verge, August 21. www.theverge. com/2019/8/21/20822755/waymoself-driving-car-data-set-freeresearch Hetzner, C. (2018).

Author: World Intellectual Property Organization

Publisher: WIPO

ISBN: 9789280530957

Category: Law

Page: 128

View: 313


Where exactly is innovation taking place? Relying on millions of patent and scientific publication records, the World Intellectual Property Report 2019 documents how the geography of innovation has evolved over the past few decades.

Terms of Disservice

ton Post, Feb 20, 2019; Maham Abedi, “A Facebook Subscription Fee? Tech Expert Says Yes, Mark Zuckerberg Isn't Too Sure,” Global News, ... Jon Porter, “Google's Sundar Pichai Snipes at Apple with Privacy Defense,” The Verge, May 8, 2019 ...

Author: Dipayan Ghosh

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815737667

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 688


Designing a new digital social contract for our technological future High technology presents a paradox. In just a few decades, it has transformed the world, making almost limitless quantities of information instantly available to billions of people and reshaping businesses, institutions, and even entire economies. But it also has come to rule our lives, addicting many of us to the march of megapixels across electronic screens both large and small. Despite its undeniable value, technology is exacerbating deep social and political divisions in many societies. Elections influenced by fake news and unscrupulous hidden actors, the cyber-hacking of trusted national institutions, the vacuuming of private information by Silicon Valley behemoths, ongoing threats to vital infrastructure from terrorist groups and even foreign governments—all these concerns are now part of the daily news cycle and are certain to become increasingly serious into the future. In this new world of endless technology, how can individuals, institutions, and governments harness its positive contributions while protecting each of us, no matter who or where we are? In this book, a former Facebook public policy adviser who went on to assist President Obama in the White House offers practical ideas for using technology to create an open and accessible world that protects all consumers and civilians. As a computer scientist turned policymaker, Dipayan Ghosh answers the biggest questions about technology facing the world today. Proving clear and understandable explanations for complex issues, Terms of Disservice will guide industry leaders, policymakers, and the general public as we think about how we ensure that the Internet works for everyone, not just Silicon Valley.

Digital Data Collection and Information Privacy Law

... in early 2019, Facebook confirmed that it is working on a voice control assistant to rival Alexa, Google Assistant ... (The Verge, 2018) < facebook-ai-voice-assistant-portal-oculus-vr-ar-products> ...

Author: Mark Burdon

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108417921

Category: Law

Page: 300

View: 961


Calling for future law reform, Burdon questions if you will have privacy in a world of ubiquitous data collection.

Historical Dictionary of Brexit

02-09-2019 : “ Johnson Mulls Snap Election as MPs Seek to Block No - Deal Brexit ... 09-10-2019 : “ Britain's Brexit Talks with EU on Verge of Collapse , ” https : // www / section / uk - europe / news / britains - brexit ...

Author: Finn Laursen


ISBN: 9781538113615


Page: 304

View: 330


Historical Dictionary of Brexit contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has more than 300 cross-referenced entries on the terms, persons and events that shaped Brexit.

The AI Marketing Canvas

... 2019, 55. Julia Alexander, “AT&T Will Pull Popular Shows Like Friends from Streaming Competitors, Says CEO,” The Verge, May 14, 2019, ...

Author: Raj Venkatesan

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9781503628045

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 204


This book offers a direct, actionable plan CMOs can use to map out initiatives that are properly sequenced and designed for success—regardless of where their marketing organization is in the process. The authors pose the following critical questions to marketers: (1) How should modern marketers be thinking about artificial intelligence and machine learning? and (2) How should marketers be developing a strategy and plan to implement AI into their marketing toolkit? The opening chapters provide marketing leaders with an overview of what exactly AI is and how is it different than traditional computer science approaches. Venkatesan and Lecinski, then, propose a best-practice, five-stage framework for implementing what they term the "AI Marketing Canvas." Their approach is based on research and interviews they conducted with leading marketers, and offers many tangible examples of what brands are doing at each stage of the AI Marketing Canvas. By way of guidance, Venkatesan and Lecinski provide examples of brands—including Google, Lyft,, and Coca-Cola—that have successfully woven AI into their marketing strategies. The book concludes with a discussion of important implications for marketing leaders—for your team and culture.

Cry Havoc

Giles Morris, “Let's Talk: Positive Feedback,” Charlottesville Tomorrow, April 4, 2019, ... Makena Kelly, “Internet Giants Must Stay Unbiased to Keep Their Biggest Legal Shield, Senator Proposes,” The Verge, June 19, 2019, ...

Author: Michael Signer

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781541736139

Category: Political Science

Page: 400

View: 175


The former mayor of Charlottesville delivers a vivid, first-person chronicle of the terror and mayhem of the August 2017 "Unite the Right" event, and shows how issues of extremism are affecting not just one city but the nation itself. The deadly invasion of Charlottesville, Virginia, by white nationalist militias in August 2017 is a microcosm of the challenges facing American democracy today. In his first-person account of one of recent American history's most polarizing events, Michael Signer, then Charlottesville's mayor, both tells the story of what really happened and draws out its larger significance. Signer's gripping, strikingly candid "you are there" narrative sets the events on the ground-the lead-up to August's "Unite the Right" rally, the days of the weekend itself, the aftermath-in the larger context of a country struggling to find its way in a disruptive new era. He confronts some of the most challenging questions of our moment, namely how can we: Reconcile free speech with the need for public order? Maintain the values of pragmatism, compromise, even simple civility, in a time of intensification of extremes on the right and the left? Address systemic racism through our public spaces and memorials? Provide accountability after a crisis? While Signer shows how easily our communities can be taken hostage by forces intent on destroying democratic norms and institutions, he concludes with a stirring call for optimism, revealing how the tragic events of Charlottesville are also bolstering American democracy from within.


Christine McLeavey Payne, “MuseNet,” OpenAI, April 25, 2019, blog/ musenet/ . ... The Verge, February 27, 2020, loyment- jobs- vs- human- google- ...

Author: Mike D'Errico

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190943301

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 344

View: 475


Push: Software Design and the Cultural Politics of Music Production shows how changes in the design of music software in the first decades of the twenty-first century shaped the production techniques and performance practices of artists working across media, from hip-hop and electronic dance music to video games and mobile apps. Emerging alongside developments in digital music distribution such as peer-to-peer file sharing and the MP3 format, digital audio workstations like FL Studio and Ableton Live introduced design affordances that encouraged rapid music creation workflows through flashy, user-friendly interfaces. Meanwhile, software such as Avid's Pro Tools attempted to protect its status as the industry standard, professional DAW of choice by incorporating design elements from pre-digital music technologies. Other software, like Cycling 74's Max, asserted its alterity to commercial DAWs by presenting users with nothing but a blank screen. These are more than just aesthetic design choices. Push examines the social, cultural, and political values designed into music software, and how those values become embodied by musical communities through production and performance. It reveals ties between the maximalist design of FL Studio, skeuomorphic design in Pro Tools, and gender inequity in the music products industry. It connects the computational thinking required by Max, as well as iZotope's innovations in artificial intelligence, with the cultural politics of Silicon Valley's design thinking. Finally, it thinks through what happens when software becomes hardware, and users externalize their screens through the use of MIDI controllers, mobile media, and video game controllers. Amidst the perpetual upgrade culture of music technology, Push provides a model for understanding software as a microcosm for the increasing convergence of globalization, neoliberal capitalism, and techno-utopianism that has come to define our digital lives.

Expression in Contested Public Spaces

2019. “ At Riot , the Walkout Was Just the Beginning . ” The Verge , May 23 , 2019. t - company - policy - protests - forced - arbitration - employee - petition - directors .

Author: Spoma Jovanovic

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781793630940

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 290

View: 625


Expression in Contested Public Spaces affirms the principles of free speech and civic engagement by highlighting the myriad ways people express their voices in public spaces to uphold the core tenets of democracy. The scholarly contributions address current day and enduring concerns about, debates on, and the promises for free expression.