Spacetime and Geometry

"Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity" provides a lucid and thoroughly modern introduction to general relativity.

Author: Sean M. Carroll

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108488396

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Page: 500

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Spacetime and Geometry is an introductory textbook on general relativity, specifically aimed at students. Using a lucid style, Carroll first covers the foundations of the theory and mathematical formalism, providing an approachable introduction to what can often be an intimidating subject. Three major applications of general relativity are then discussed: black holes, perturbation theory and gravitational waves, and cosmology. Students will learn the origin of how spacetime curves (the Einstein equation) and how matter moves through it (the geodesic equation). They will learn what black holes really are, how gravitational waves are generated and detected, and the modern view of the expansion of the universe. A brief introduction to quantum field theory in curved spacetime is also included. A student familiar with this book will be ready to tackle research-level problems in gravitational physics.

The Sixth Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics

Preface The Canadian Conferences on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics ( CCGRRA ) are held every other year at various locations in Canada . They provide an opportunity for researchers in areas involving gravitational ...

Author: Stephen Paul Braham

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 082188588X

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This volume is the refereed proceedings of the Sixth Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics held in May 1995 at the University of New Brunswick. The book includes invited talks and contributed talks and posters including state-of-the art reviews of many of the most recent important developments in gravitational physics. This book would serve as a good supplement to standard texts on the topic. Features: * Review articles in key areas: black holes, numerical relativity, etc. * Contributions covering most of gravitational physics * Useful articles for students who wish to begin exploring the issues discusses * Invited talks given by researchers known for their ability to communicate their expertise

Lectures on General Relativity

... R. Posadas, Motion and Structure of Singularities in General Relativity Phys Rev 187, 1784 (1969) E. T. Newman, ... 57 (1951) A. Papapetrou: Lectures on General Relativity (D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1974) R. Penrose, ...

Author: Bengt Månsson

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789178517787

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Do you know the basics of general relativity? Do you want to know something of what more there is? Do you wonder how the theory of relativity came into being? Then this book is for you! Partial contents: - Black holes and gravitational collapse - Cosmological solutions of Einstein's field equations - Gravitational waves - Space-time singularities - The problem of motion for massive particles - A collection of exact solutions of Einstein's field equations - A history of Einstein's creation of the theory of relativity in the years 1905-1915 - A short course for repetition of the basics of general relativity - Bibliography, references, and index The book, although not very advanced, covers a number of topics not often seen in text books. The selection, of course, refelects my own interests. The different chapters may to a large extent, though not completely, be read in any desired order. The author has a PhD in theoretical physics and is lecturer of mathematics. He has for many years taught physics and mathematics at senior high school as well as university level.

Lectures on General Relativity

After long systematic efforts Einstein arrived at the conclusion that for a satisfactory description of gravitation one had to modify also the special theory of relativity and to replace the Minkowski space by a curved Riemannian space.

Author: A. Papapetrou

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401022774

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This book is an elaboration of lecture notes for the graduate course on General Rela tivity given by the author at Boston University in the spring semester of 1972. It is an introduction to the subject only, as the time available for the course was limited. The author of an introduction to General Relativity is faced from the beginning with the difficult task of choosing which material to include. A general criterion as sisting in this choice is provided by the didactic character of the book: Those chapters have to be included in priority, which will be most useful to the reader in enabling him to understand the methods used in General Relativity, the results obtained so far and possibly the problems still to be solved. This criterion is not sufficient to ensure a unique choice. General Relativity has developed to such a degree, that it is impossible to include in an introductory textbook of a reasonable length even a very condensed treatment of all important problems which have been discussed until now and the author is obliged to decide, in a more or less subjective manner, which of the more recent developments to omit. The following lines indicate by means of some examples the kind of choice made in this book.

Advanced Lectures on General Relativity

The main purpose of this first lecture is to introduce the concept of canonical surface charges in a generally covariant theory of gravity, whose General Relativity is the most famous representative. As a starter, we will show that a ...

Author: Geoffrey Compère

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030042608

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These lecture notes are intended for starting PhD students in theoretical physics who have a working knowledge of General Relativity. The four topics covered are: Surface charges as conserved quantities in theories of gravity; Classical and holographic features of three-dimensional Einstein gravity; Asymptotically flat spacetimes in four dimensions: BMS group and memory effects; The Kerr black hole: properties at extremality and quasi-normal mode ringing. Each topic starts with historical foundations and points to a few modern research directions.

Some Topics on General Relativity and Gravitational Radiation

Proceedings of the "Spanish Relativity Meeting'96" Valencia (Spain), Sep. 10-13, 1996 Juan Antonio ... Previously , most work in general relativistic hydrodynamics has been done on fixed metric backgrounds . In this approximation the ...

Author: Juan Antonio Morales

Publisher: Atlantica Séguier Frontières

ISBN: 2863322184

Category: General relativity (Physics)

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Introduction to General Relativity Black Holes and Cosmology

The reality of the proper time defined on spacetime by a Lorentzian metric that is not locally flat in the presence of a ... Finally, it has been found that the accuracy of the GPS positioning system depends upon General Relativistic ...

Author: Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199666461

Category: Science

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General Relativity is a beautiful geometric theory, simple in its mathematical formulation but leading to numerous consequences with striking physical interpretations: gravitational waves, black holes, cosmological models, and so on. This introductory textbook is written for mathematics students interested in physics and physics students interested in exact mathematical formulations (or for anyone with a scientific mind who is curious to know more of the world we live in), recent remarkable experimental and observational results which confirm the theory are clearly described and no specialised physics knowledge is required. The mathematical level of Part A is aimed at undergraduate students and could be the basis for a course on General Relativity. Part B is more advanced, but still does not require sophisticated mathematics. Based on Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat's more advanced text, General Relativity and the Einstein Equations, the aim of this book is to give with precision, but as simply as possible, the foundations and main consequences of General Relativity. The first five chapters from General Relativity and the Einstein Equations have been updated with new sections and chapters on black holes, gravitational waves, singularities, and the Reissner-Nordstrom and interior Schwarzchild solutions. The rigour behind this book will provide readers with the perfect preparation to follow the great mathematical progress in the actual development, as well as the ability to model, the latest astrophysical and cosmological observations. The book presents basic General Relativity and provides a basis for understanding and using the fundamental theory.

11th Italian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitational Physics SISSA Trieste September 26 30 1994

Proceedings of the XI Italian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitational Physics Trieste (Italy), September 26–30, 1994 (3) 1996 World Scientific Publishing Company A Physical Prediction from Quantum Gravity: Quantization of the ...

Author: Mauro Carfora

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814530613

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Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on General Relativity Gravitation

A1: EXACT SOLUTIONS AND THEIR INTERPRETATION JIRí BICAK Institute of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Math and Physics, ... at the 16” International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation held in Durban, July 15–21, 2001.

Author: Nigel Bishop

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789812381712

Category: Science

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The 16th conference of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR16), held at the International Convention Centre in Durban, South Africa, from 15 to 21 July, was attended by 450 delegates from around the world. The scientific programme comprised 18 plenary lectures, 1 public lecture and 19 workshops which, excepting 3 plenary lectures, are presented in this proceedings. It was the first major international conference on general relativity and gravitation held on the African continent.

2001 A Relativistic Spacetime Odyssey

HT This book reports on the status of the 2001 research on general relativity and classical and quantum gravity, both theory and experiments. Since we are now experiencing such an exciting intellectual adventure, this book has been ...

Author: Ignazio Ciufolini

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814487986

Category: Science

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This volume offers a comprehensive overview of our understanding of gravity at both the experimental and the theoretical level. Critical reviews by experts cover topics ranging from astrophysics (anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background, gamma ray bursts, neutron stars and astroparticles), cosmology, the status of gravitational wave sources and detectors, verification of Newton's law at short distances, the equivalence principle, gravito-magnetism, measurement theory, time machines and the foundations of Einstein's theory, to string theory and loop quantum gravity. Contents:Foundations and Classical General Relativity:Space–Time, General Covariance, Dirac–Bergmann Observables and Non-Inertial Frames (L Lusanna)Physics in the Presence of a Time Machine (I D Novikov)Frame-Dragging and Gravitomagnetism: Theory and Experiment (I Ciufolini)New Tests of the Strong Equivalence Principle and of the Inverse Square Law (E G Adelberger)Cosmology:The Inflationary Universe (A Riotto)Imaging the Early Universe with the BOOMERANG Experiment (P De Bernardis et al.)Gravitational Waves:Gravitational Radiation: A Tool for Testing General Relativity (C M Will)What Gravitational Signals Say about the Structure and the Evolution of Astrophysical Sources (V Ferrari)Astrophysics:Computational Relativity: Collisions of Black Holes (R Matzner)Gamma Ray Bursts: Some Facts and Ideas (G Ghisellini)Quantum Gravity:Spin Foams as Feynman Diagrams (M Reisenberger & C Rovelli)Physics with Large Extra Dimensions (I Antoniadis)Field Theories on Canonical and Lie-Algebra Noncommutative Spacetimes (G Amelino-Camelia et al.)and other papers Readership: Quantum, astro-, high-energy and theoretical physicists. Keywords:

General Relativity

Based on a course taught for years at Oxford, this book offers a concise exposition of the central ideas of general relativity.

Author: N.M.J. Woodhouse

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1846284872

Category: Science

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Based on a course taught for years at Oxford, this book offers a concise exposition of the central ideas of general relativity. The focus is on the chain of reasoning that leads to the relativistic theory from the analysis of distance and time measurements in the presence of gravity, rather than on the underlying mathematical structure. Includes links to recent developments, including theoretical work and observational evidence, to encourage further study.

Upon General Relativity

This book is about the 4-dimensional space-time of our universe.

Author: Dennis Morris


ISBN: 1516918630


Page: 160

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This book is about the 4-dimensional space-time of our universe. From nothing more than the spinor algebras, we derive the existence and nature of our space-time. We explain why our space-time is 4-dimensional, why is has the distance function it has, why we have two types of 2-dimensional angles in our 4-dimensional space-time, and why we find intrinsic curvature in our space-time. We also derive tensor calculus, general relativity, and Riemann geometry from the spinor algebras. We also see classical electromagnetism emerge alongside general relativity. This book is a very easy and clearly presented introduction to tensor calculus. It is suitable to be read prior to, during, or after a course on general relativity and is a necessary supplement to that course.

7th Italian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitational Physics Rapallo Genoa September 3 6 1986

Up to now the major contribution in this direction was given by Thorne and co-workers who in a series of papers [10-12] succeded in producing a complete theory of relativistic radiative transfer in a moving medium using a moments ...

Author: Ugo Bruzzo

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: UCAL:B4164572

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General Relativity and Gravitation 1992 Proceedings of the Thirteenth INT Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation held at Cordoba Argentina 28 June July 4 1992

Note that only the last two of the nine morals in this list depended on the form of the Hamiltonian constraint , and hence on the conjecture that general relativity is the correct microscopic description of gravitation .

Author: R.J. Gleiser

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0750302615

Category: Science

Page: 436

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General Relativity and Gravitation 1992 contains the best of 700 papers presented at the tri-annual INT conference, generally recognized as the key conference in the area. The plenary and invited papers are published in full, along with summaries of parallel symposia and workshops. The list of plenary speakers is as impressive as ever, with contributions from Jim Hartle, Roger Penrose, and Lee Smolin among many others.

General Relativity and Gravitation

The Tenth International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR10) was held from July 3 to July 8, 1983, in Padova, Italy.

Author: B. Bertotti

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9027718199

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Page: 536

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The Tenth International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR10) was held from July 3 to July 8, 1983, in Padova, Italy. These Conferences take place every three years, under the auspices of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation, with the purpose of assessing the current research in the field, critically discussing the prog ress made and disclosing the points of paramount im portance which deserve further investigations. The Conference was attended by about 750 scientists active in the various subfields in which the current research on gravitation and general relativity is ar ticulated, and more than 450 communications were sub mitted. In order to fully exploit this great occur rence of experience and creative capacity, and to pro mote individual contributions to the collective know ledge, the Conference was given a structure of work shops on the most active topics and of general sessions in which the Conference was addressed by invited speakers on general reviews or recent major advance ments of the field. The individual communications were collected in a two-volume publication made available to the participants upon their arrival and widely distributed to Scientific Institutions and Research Centres.

On General Relativity

An Analysis of the Fundamentals of the Theory of General Relativity and Gravitation André Mercier, ... a dimensional factor depending upon the units system - equal , is called principle of strong equivalence : mi = mp = ma ( f = 1 ) .

Author: André Mercier


ISBN: UCAL:B4510904

Category: General relativity (Physics)

Page: 154

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This book contains the great physicist's own explanation of both the special and general theories of relativity.

Author: Albert Einstein

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 048641714X

Category: Science

Page: 168

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This book contains the great physicist's own explanation of both the special and general theories of relativity. Written for readers interested in the theory but not conversant with the mathematical apparatus of theoretical physics, it presents the ideas in their simplest, most intelligible form.

General Theory of Relativity

The well-established mathematical technique that accomplishes this is clearly described in this classic book by Nobel Laureate P.A.M. Dirac.

Author: P. A.M. Dirac

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 069101146X

Category: Science

Page: 69

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Einstein's general theory of relativity requires a curved space for the description of the physical world. If one wishes to go beyond superficial discussions of the physical relations involved, one needs to set up precise equations for handling curved space. The well-established mathematical technique that accomplishes this is clearly described in this classic book by Nobel Laureate P.A.M. Dirac. Based on a series of lectures given by Dirac at Florida State University, and intended for the advanced undergraduate, General Theory of Relativity comprises thirty-five compact chapters that take the reader point-by-point through the necessary steps for understanding general relativity.