Unreliable Truths

With this unexpected plot-twist, the novel initiates a final, symbolic spiritual
homecoming to traditional values, such as trust, responsibility, and truth. This
reinstatement of values and norms is an unreliable moment in the plot, since
none of ...

Author: Sissy Helff

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789401208987

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 210

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While many people see ‘home’ as the domestic sphere and place of belonging, it is hard to grasp its manifold implications, and even harder to provide a tidy definition of what it is. Over the past century, discussion of home and nation has been a highly complex matter, with broad political ramifications, including the realignment of nation-states and national boundaries. Against this backdrop, this book suggests that ‘home’ is constructed on the assumption that what it defines is constantly in flux and thus can never capture an objective perspective, an ultimate truth. Along these lines, Unreliable Truths offers a comparative literary approach to the construction of home and concomitant notions of uncertainty and unreliable narration in South Asian diasporic women’s literature from the UK, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean, North America, and Canada. Writers discussed in detail include Feroza Jussawalla, Suneeta Peres da Costa, Meera Syal, Farida Karodia, Shani Mootoo, Shobha Dé, and Oonya Kempadoo. With its focus on transcultural homes, Unreliable Truths goes beyond discussions of diaspora from an established postcolonial point of view and contributes with its investigation of transcultural unreliable narration to the representation of a g/local South Asian diaspora.

Epistemic Values

An obvious answer is that we want to possess the truth, and knowledge is partly
the possession of truth. ... So believing by guessing is defective both because
guessing is an unreliable procedure for getting the truth and because I should
have ...

Author: Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780197529171

Category: Knowledge, Theory of

Page: 374

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"This book collects 20 papers in epistemology by Linda Zagzebski, covering her entire career of more than 25 years. She is one of the founders of contemporary epistemology and is well-known for broadening the field and re-focusing it on epistemic virtue and epistemic value. The subject areas of most of epistemology are included in these papers: (1) knowledge and understanding, (2) intellectual virtue, (3) epistemic value, (4) virtue in religious epistemology, (5) intellectual autonomy and authority, and (6) skepticism and the Gettier problem"--

Truths from an Unreliable Witness

My friend and fellow comic Eddie Perfect introduced the program by saying, '
Fiona is a fearlessly courageous comedian: a real truth teller. She sees truth as
being like that burning pot on the stove that you just can't help but pick up with
your ...

Author: Fiona O'Loughlin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780733645716

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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Fiona O'Loughlin was raised in the generation of children who were to be seen, but not heard ... unless there were guests in the house. Then she'd watch everyone, telling stories, making each other laugh. This was where she discovered the rhythm of stories and the lubrication that alcohol leant the telling. Years later, as a mum of five, Fiona would become one of Australia's most-loved comedians, performing gigs in New York, Montreal, Singapore, London, Toronto and Edinburgh. Fiona looked like she was living her dream - but she was hiding a secret in open sight, using alcoholism as material for her comedy and using comedy as an excuse for her alcoholism. Truths from an Unreliable Witness is a fiercely honest and wryly funny memoir of melancholy, love, marriage, the loss of love and marriage, homelessness, of hotel rooms strewn with empty mini-bar bottles of vodka, of waking from a two-week coma, of putrid drug dens and using a jungle to confront yourself. It is about hitting rock bottom and then realising you are only halfway down. Ultimately, it's about hanging on to your last straw of sanity and finding laughter in the darkest of times. You may want to sit down for this...

Unreliable Narration and Trustworthiness

'Truth': Reality. Effect. and. Unreliable. Narration. in. TV. News. 1. Introduction:
News. Theory. and. Narratology. How is one to start a text on the narrativity and
truth of TV news if this cannot be done without admitting from the first that one's
own ...

Author: Vera Nünning

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110408416

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 450

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Though the phenomenon known as “unreliable narration” or “narrative unreliability” has received a lot of attention during the last two decades, narratological research has mainly focused on its manifestations in narrative fiction, particularly in homodiegetic or first-person narration. Except for film, forms and functions of unreliable narration in other genres, media and disciplines have so far been relatively neglected. The present volume redresses the balance by directing scholarly attention to disciplines and domains that narratology has so far largely ignored. It aims at initiating an interdisciplinary approach to, and debate on, narrative unreliability, exploring unreliable narration in a broad range of literary genres, other media and non-fictional text-types, contexts and disciplines beyond literary studies. Crossing the boundaries between genres, media, and disciplines, the volume acknowledges that the question of whether or not to believe or trust a narrator transcends the field of literature: The issues of (un)reliability and (un)trustworthiness play a crucial role in many areas of human life as well as a wide spectrum of academic fields ranging from law to history, and from psychology to the study of culture.

The Truth of Thought

Again , we have believed : and we have , perhaps , discovered that our belief
was bestowed upon an unreliable testimony . With the practical knowledge , then
, that historical testimony may be unreliable , why is it that we will sometimes cling

Author: Bernard William Poland


ISBN: WISC:89094319654

Category: Knowledge, Theory of

Page: 208

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The Truth About Jesus The Bible Unveiled

Why leave it to unknown and unreliable reporters to transcribe a divine message
? If the reporters were not unreliable, then what is the complaint? But if reliable
reporters could not be found, the deity could just as easily, and very much more ...

Author: M. M. Mangasarian

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4064066051105

Category: Religion

Page: 298

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"The Truth About Jesus" offers a series of studies on the question of the historicity of Jesus, presented before the Independent Religious Society in Orchestra Hall. In "The Bible Unveiled" Mangasarian presents numerous evidences which prove that the Bible is not an authentic book but a compilation of older myths and legends.

The Searcher

Unreliable Truth ~ A Book Review Maureen Murdock , Unreliable Truth : on
Memoir and Memory , ( New York , NY , Seal Press , 2003 ) Just like Mom ' s
Christmas package , I got little if any response to the by then huge package of
memoir ...



ISBN: WISC:89082310608

Category: Genealogy


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Nineteenth century Studies

Twain ' s treatise cannot be considered truth - full , therefore , if the final
metaphysical lesson is delivered by the Old Man , a temporary truth - seeker and
an unreliable truth - teller . The Old Man ' s tendency to adopt a truth is similar to ...



ISBN: UVA:X006137024

Category: English literature


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The Mark Twain Annual

to conclusions or becoming an unreliable truth - teller . The subsequent scenes
with Henry and Alice are further proof that truth is dubious , as is certainty .
Despite Henry ' s reassuring claim to the reader that Alice has “ a better head
than mine ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105123838539



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Gospel Truth

The opinions of the great majority concerning the truth have in almost every
instance been unreliable . . . The more wicked the generation , the harder they
were to convince of the truth of the predictions that were uttered among them by
the ...

Author: George Quayle Cannon


ISBN: 0877475202

Category: Mormon Church

Page: 400

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Oxford Thesaurus of English

Author: Maurice Waite

Publisher: Oxford

ISBN: UOM:39015064868881

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The leading single-volume English thesaurus. Explore the richness of the English language with hundreds of thousands of synonyms and antonyms, and thousands of example sentences drawn from the Oxford English Corpus. Express yourself more accurately with `Choose the Right Word' boxes exploring the difference between similar words. Find the word you need quickly with most useful synonyms given first. Broaden your vocabulary and find solutions to word puzzles and crosswords with carefully selected thematic word lists.

The Writing Teacher s Sourcebook

... Platonic scheme , truth is not based on sensory experience since the material
world is always in flux and thus unreliable . Truth is instead discovered through
an internal apprehension , a private vision of a world that transcends the physical

Author: Gary Tate

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:49015002822022

Category: English language

Page: 417

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Revised and updated, this guide to the teaching of composition includes a new section of sources listing journals, books and other bibliographic resources.

Concise Oxford Thesaurus

Author: Sara Hawker

Publisher: Oxford

ISBN: UCSC:32106018763646

Category: Foreign Language Study

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This is a new edition of the Concise Oxford Thesaurus, with updated and improved text, new choices of synonyms, and a new design. The Concise Oxford Thesaurus is a comprehensive reference text for the bookshelf at home or in the office. Its usefulness means that it won't stay on the shelf, however. The thesaurus is the perfect tool to use to improve your writing style, whether you are composing a letter, essay or report, or writing creatively. It is also great for finding the word on the tip of your tongue, or for word games. The new centre section in this Concise Oxford Thesaurus contains lists of nouns from illnesses to insects, and vegetables to veins to give you the edge in solving crosswords and word puzzles, as well as being a useful encyclopedic reference. The Concise Oxford Thesaurus also contains Word Links to help you find related words. So, for example, look up the word 'night' and you will find 'nocturnal'; look up 'light', and you will find 'optics'. Hundreds more have been added new to this edition, helping you find the word you need every time. The thesaurus includes 12 months' access* to Oxford's premium online dictionary and thesaurus service, Oxford Dictionaries Online, updated regularly with the latest developments to words and meanings, so you will have the most accurate picture of English available. Find out more about our living language using Oxford Dictionaries Online. Hear how words are spoken with thousands of audio pronunciations, and access over 1.9 million real English example sentences to see how words are used in context. Improve your confidence in writing with helpful grammar and punctuation guides, full thesaurus information, style and usage help, and much more. *Available in selected markets (UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and South Africa). Terms and conditions apply; please see www.oxforddictionaries.com/access for information.

Cross talk in Comp Theory

In the Platonic scheme, truth is not based on sensory experience since the
material world is always in flux and thus unreliable. Truth is instead discovered
through an internal apprehension, a private vision of a world that transcends the

Author: Victor Villanueva

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: UCSC:32106020148943

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 883

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This revised and updated resource contains a total of 43 essays that serve to initiate graduate students and more experienced teachers into the theories that inform composition studies. Under Section One--The Givens in Our Conversations: The Writing Process--are these essays: "Teach Writing as a Process Not Product" (Donald M. Murray); "Writing as a Mode of Learning" (Janet Emig); "The Composing Processes of Unskilled College Writers" (Sondra Perl); "Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers" (Nancy Sommers); "The Writer's Audience Is Always a Fiction" (Walter J. Ong); "Audience Addressed/Audience Invoked: The Role of Audience in Composition Theory and Pedagogy" (Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford); "Post-Process 'Pedagogy': A Philosophical Exercise" (Lee-Ann M. Kastman Breuch). Under Section Two--Talking in Terms of Discourse: What It Is; How It's Taught--are these essays: "Basic Aims of Discourse" (James L. Kinneavy); "An Ontological Basis for a Modern Theory of the Composing Process" (Frank J. D'Angelo); "Spectator Role and the Beginnings of Writing" (James Britton); "A Discourse-Centered Rhetoric of the Paragraph" (Paul C. Rodgers, Jr.); "Frequency and Placement of Topic Sentences in Expository Prose" (Richard Braddock); "Grammar, Grammars, and the Teaching of Grammar" (Patrick Hartwell); "Coherence, Cohesion, and Writing Quality" (Stephen P. Witte and Lester Faigley); "Contemporary Composition: The Major Pedagogical Theories" (James A. Berlin). Under Section Three--Scientific Talk: Developmental Schemes--are these essays: "A Cognitive Process Theory of Writing" (Linda Flower and John R. Hayes); "Cognitive Development and the Basic Writer" (Andrea A. Lunsford); "Diving In: An Introduction to Basic Writing" (Mina P. Shaughnessy); "William Perry and Liberal Education" (Patricia Bizzell); "Is Teaching Still Possible? Writing, Meaning, and Higher Order Reasoning" (Ann E. Berthoff); "Narrowing the Mind and Page: Remedial Writers and Cognitive Reductionism" (Mike Rose); "Cognition, Convention, and Certainty: What We Need to Know about Writing" (Patricia Bizzell). Under Section Four--Talking about Writing in Society--are these essays: "Collaborative Learning and the 'Conversation of Mankind'" (Kenneth A. Bruffee); "Reality, Consensus, and Reform in the Rhetoric of Composition Teaching" (Greg Myers); "Consensus and Difference in Collaborative Learning" (John Trimbur); "'Contact Zones' and English Studies" (Patricia Bizzell); "Professing Multiculturalism: The Politics of Style in the Contact Zone" (Min-Zhan Lu). Under Section Five--Talking about Selves and Schools: On Voice, Voices, and Other Voices--are these essays: "Democracy, Pedagogy, and the Personal Essay" (Joel Haefner); "Beyond the Personal: Theorizing a Politics of Location in Composition Research" (Gesa E. Kirsch and Joy S. Ritchie); "Language of Exclusion: Writing Instruction at the University" (Mike Rose); "Composing as a Woman" (Elizabeth A. Flynn); "Feminism in Composition: Inclusion, Metonymy, and Disruption" (Joy Ritchie and Kathleen Boardman); "When the First Voice You Hear Is Not Your Own" (Jacqueline Jones Royster); "Inventing the University" (David Bartholomae); "Arts of Complicity: Pragmatism and the Culture of Schooling" (Richard E. Miller); "On the Subjects of Class and Gender in 'The Literacy Letters'" (Linda Brodkey); "Diversity, Ideology, and Teaching Writing" (Maxine Hairston). Under Section Six--Continuing the Conversation--are these essays: "Rhetoric and Ideology in the Writing Class" (James Berlin); "Cognition, Context, and Theory Building" (Linda Flower); "Composition Studies and ESL Writing: A Disciplinary Division of Labor" (Paul Kei Matsuda); "Distant Voices: Teaching and Writing in a Culture of Technology" (Chris M. Anson); "The Public Intellectual, Service Learning, and Activist Research" (Ellen Cushman); and "On the Rhetoric and Precedents of Racism" (Victor Villanueva). Contains a 77-item resource list. (NKA).

The Medical Visitor

And all general truth must remain within the bounds of its own general law. Truth
may be stretched or warped or attenuated to that degree where it becomes an
unreliable truth or an absolute falsehood. Ice may be attenuated into water and ...



ISBN: UOM:39015006998903

Category: Homeopathy


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List of homoeopathic physicians by states.

The Book of the Poor in Spirit

Truth is revealed and laid open in the Holy Scriptures , and it is therefore
unnecessary that truth should be revealed to us ... spirits have frequently granted
man an image that appeared good in order that he may accept false , unreliable
truth to ...

Author: Johannes Tauler


ISBN: UCAL:B3956327

Category: Mysticism

Page: 288

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The Truth about Dogs

Unreliability in any dog is an unfortunate defect or group of defects . He may be
unreliable in not exhibiting the traits expected of his breed , or he may be
unpredictable in disposition so that the owner doesn't know when he will bite ,
who he ...

Author: Leon Fradley Whitney


ISBN: CORNELL:31924000269666

Category: Dog breeding

Page: 184

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The Rationality of Belief the Plurality of Faith

A belief - forming mechanism can be Gettier - unreliable even if it always yields
the truth . ) To put it a perhaps better way , in this case , the process of forming
beliefs based on vision would not really be truth - aimed , even if it always yielded

Author: Y. R. ALSTON


ISBN: UVA:X002684777

Category: Religion

Page: 291

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A veritable who's who in the field of contemporary philosophy of religion here considers various issues in the epistemology of religious beliefs. The writings of William P. Alston, the leading figure in the revival of the Anglo-American philosophy of religion, provide the focus of these essays, all but two previously unpublished. Philosophers of religion, epistemologists, metaphysicians, and theologians will find in this volume some of the most important work available in the theory of knowledge and the epistemic status of religious belief. Essays are arranged in three sections: Natural Theology and the Knowledge of God, The Epistemology of Religious Experience, and Religious Pluralism. Collectively they create a dialogue on some of today's urgent issues in religion, including religious diversity.