How to Unlock Your Family s Genius

If you are going back to this family reunion, metaphorically speaking, the chances are that you cannot remember who is this or that uncle or aunty. Perhaps you should look through your family album. You will see pictures of your African ...

Author: David Simon


ISBN: 9781326886172

Category: Education

Page: 224

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This unique book is for parents, families, teachers and community workers who are involved in the education and welfare of families. In How to Unlock Your Family's Genius, the award winning author and educationalist, David Simon, shows families how they can take 11 simple steps and start to realise their true potential. This book uses empowerment literature, poetry, mini essays, short stories, and autobiographical writing to demonstrate to families how they can play an active role in enriching their own learning experience and development.

Unlock Your Identity A 90 Day Devotional

UNLOCKING PURPOSE PRAYER POINTS Pray that even though you don't deserve salvation, He gives it to you freely and that your past doesn't keep Him from loving you—totally. your heart will continue to be on fire for God, that you will ...

Author: T. D. Jakes

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768414998

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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The secret to fulfilling your dreams is unlocking your identity If you are uncertain about your lifes purpose or discouraged by lifes monotony, dont despair! You are about to discover your destiny! Over the next 90 days, Bishop T.D. Jakes will lead you on an exciting journey of self-discovery, celebration, and fulfillment. His gentle guidance and insight will equip you with practical tools to reach your destiny. You have been uniquely crafted by God to accomplish His purpose for your life. When you choose to embrace this identity, you will discover the abundant blessings and deep satisfaction that you were created for. These inspiring daily devotions will empower you to Overcome obstacles to your destiny Prepare for destiny-defining moments Unlock new realms of meaningful living Build a powerful legacy Rest confidently in your God-given identity What are you waiting for? Seize your destiny today!

The Law of Attraction Principle Unlock Your Secret Creative Power to Get What You Want Out of Life

Whenever I flipped a light switch on I would say a thank you to the people who provided the electricity. I would thank the mailman for my mail and I would thank the construction company who built the house whenever I unlocked my front ...

Author: Kate Michael


ISBN: 9781304285560

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 64

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Unlock Your Creativity Teach Yourself

Just think – in unlocking yours you are not just opening yourself to creative fulfilment and happiness; you are contributing to the world's flow of creativity, of which we need every quantum particle to protect and help our world ...

Author: Jenny Hare

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444144352

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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Do you want to embrace a more creative lifestyle, be more successful at work and more fulfilled at home? This book will cover how to get in touch with your creativity from a practical perspective, as well as offering encouragement and support and advice for things that may be sabotaging your creativity. It will help you to clarify your thinking by showing you how to get in touch with your left and right brain, and will give you unique strategies for being creative, such as how to discover your muse and find a mentor. As well as plenty of practical exercises and support, it also takes a wider perspective on creativity looking at the spiritual side of being creative, and also helping you to find a lifestyle that will nurture your creativity.

Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body

To the extent that you can discover the intimate connection between yourself and the world around you, ... This 28—day program is about unlocking the secret messages within, revealing the truth about your life and your body.

Author: Denise Linn


ISBN: 9781458754080


Page: 272

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Your body is a receiving station for secret messages from Spirit. Stop thinking about it, and start listening to it! All your history and negative programming is lodged in the cells of your body. Using this 28-day jump-start health program - based on Denise's original Soul Coaching Program - you'll unweave hidden blockages within your DNA to initiate your natural life-force energy and your body's spiritual radiance! This four-week program will help you: Activate powerful cellular rebalancing of your body Realize why you were born with your specific body Align your body with your life purpose Uncover the spiritual lessons you're receiving from your body in this lifetime Learn the mystical correlation between your body and your life Understand how clutter-clearing can heal health challenges. By utilizing the energy of nature - Air, Water, Fire, and Earth - this program allows you to clear away old limitations so that you can truly begin to claim your luminous, vital, glorious body.

Unlock Behavior Unleash Profits Developing Leadership Behavior That Drives Profitability in Your Organization

$27.95 USA Be the leader for others—that you seek other leaders to be for you Make a difference through your words and actions—as these are your most powerful gifts. This book gives you the simple formula for unlocking success in ...

Author: Leslie Wilk Braksick

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071510714

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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This book gives away tools and methods used by the largest behaviorally based management consulting firm in the world-CLG ( It is filled with client stories, case studies, testimonials, and-most importantly-the secrets to what has led to personal and organizational transformations in blue-chip companies: Behavioral Science applied to business. Why is being a leader more challenging now than ever before? Our world has never had greater threats, nor greater opportunities. So many of them come down to people...relationships...behavior. It is up to you to engage the hearts and minds of your people-and to unleash discretionary performance through the systematic use of Behavioral Science. Nothing changes until behaviors change. It's about your success If you are a leader with an agenda for change, this is the book for you. It's not enough to have brilliant strategies, efficient processes, and agile people. Dr. Braksick shows how to make these ingredients work together so you can transform your organization's performance. Using the clear guidance in this book, you can identify the behaviors needed in your organization to consistently produce desired results. You will learn how to arrange the work environment to encourage those behaviors up and down the organization. And you will learn how to change your own leadership behaviors to make things happen while engaging people's hearts and minds. Refreshing candor Dr. Braksick helps leaders tackle their toughest business challenges, using the science of human behavior, backed by more than 80 years of research. In her unique, engaging way, Dr. Braksick makes Behavioral Science accessible to leaders, translating it into usable tools you can apply immediately.Her directness, caring, and passion for improving performance and organizations is inspiring. Be the leader for others that you seek other leaders to be for you Make a difference through your words and actions-as these are your most powerful gifts. This book gives you the simple formula for unlocking success in yourself and in others.

Unlock Your Victory Code

Shehas becomethegoto gal across thecountry for her ability to help others unlock their greatness confirming that they are loaded and codedfor success! ... You can contact Christine Hardy at Phone 925.548.8813 ...

Author: Christine Hardy

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452514819

Category: Self-Help

Page: 128

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What you’ll discover in the book: Filled with insightful messages and written in a personal and engaging style, Unlock Your Victory Code: The Key to Hope, Perseverance, and Triumph will guide your transformation from frustrated to fantastic! Exercises and questionnaires steer you towards achieving your personal goals—from physical well-being to finding your purpose in life. The text includes everything from living a mindful life to living joyfully, healthfully, and abundantly in any circumstance. This engaging workbook will help you identify and change your self-defeating behavior patterns in order to become a successful, fulfilled person. Through positive, encouraging messages, the author of Unlock Your Victory Code, Christine Hardy, provides step-by-step, achievable instructions to help you become the triumphant person you always knew you could be. Reading this book is the first step in your journey towards a happy, purposeful, and victorious life.

How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind and Manifest Success Unlocking Human Mind Potential

Meeting the day with a smile can actually help you turn your thoughts around just because your mind and your body are ... todo it,byturning your thinking from negative to positive, you will be able to begin to unlock your potential.

Author: Clary B. Collins


ISBN: 9781456619954

Category: Self-Help

Page: 36

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Have you ever wondered if you could do more with your life? If you feel as if there is an entire world just beyond your grasp, but you are being held back from reaching your potential? Stop dreaming about success and achieve it by unlocking the potential within you. The human mind is a powerful tool and so many of us do not use even a fraction of the power that you can harness and it will change your life. Why be miserable and wish for success when you can be happy and successful, the power for both lies in your thoughts. What we think about we bring about and when you focus on the wrong things, you end up with more negatives in your life than positives. Turn things around and start inviting in the right things and you will wonder why you waited so long to buy this book.

Unlocking Parental Intelligence

With a clearly designed pathway, you can unlock your Parental Intelligence, access and harness your parenting capacities, and solve the most important problems your children are facing. With Parental Intelligence, you will figure out ...

Author: Laurie Hollman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781942934530

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 254

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With extensive research and entertaining examples, Dr. Laurie Hollman, PhD, provides five simple steps to help parents better understand the context of children's perplexing behavior and how to cultivate real change.

Unlock Your Possibilities

You have all the capacity you need to overcome your fears . The only question is whether you choose to exercise your options . ... I could choke on a piece of my lunch sandwich and die 160 UNLOCK YOUR POSSIBILITIES.

Author: Rita H. Losee

Publisher: Summer Books

ISBN: 1891643002

Category: Self-esteem

Page: 192

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