Unity and Catholicity in Christ

catholicity” exposited in the Defensio fidei serves not only the conservation of the Church but also her perfection or completion.139 In ... 1 De religione, 10 (Op. 16.1, 556A, 558B): Jesus 146 Christ Unity Catholicity in and.

Author: Eric J. DeMeuse

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197638637

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Debates concerning the relationship between Tridentine Catholicism and Catholicism after Vatican II dominate theological conversation today, particularly with regard to the Church and its engagement with the world. Current historical narratives paint ecclesiology after the Council of Trent as dominated by juridical concerns, uniformity, and institutionalism. Purportedly neglected are the spiritual, diverse, and missional aspects of the Church. This book challenges such narratives by investigating the theology of ecclesial unity and catholicity of the renowned Spanish Jesuit Francisco Suárez (1548-1617). Analyzing standard as well as overlooked sources of Suárez's ecclesiology, Eric J. DeMeuse shows how Suárez wrestles with the new demands of his time and anticipates later ecumenical developments in twentieth-century Catholic ecclesiology. Early modern expansion prompted theologians after Trent to reckon with the ecclesial status of baptized Protestants, the Greek Orthodox, and non-believers in the New World. It further prompted reflection on the universality, or catholicity, of the Church, and how the Church's mission to the nations serves her greater unity in Christ. DeMeuse demonstrates Suárez's vision of the Church to be deeply spiritual, diverse, and missional--not at the expense of the institutional, but as its necessary and life-giving source. This book further explores not only Suárez's speculative ecclesiology, but how the unity and catholicity of the body of Christ are lived out in practice: in the worship and works of the faithful, and, most notably, in the charism of his own religious order, the Society of Jesus. Suárez's theology shows what the spiritual dynamic between Christic unity and missional catholicity should look like in the Church.

Catholic Today

A Reformed Conversation about Catholicity Willem van Vlastuin. all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.

Author: Willem van Vlastuin

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783647540818

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What is the real meaning of the church for Christian life? If we confess Christian faith, the church is one of the twelve articles, which implies that the church is rather important. In the creeds of the early church catholicity is confessed as characteristic for the church. This means that the church cannot exist without catholicity. What does this qualification mean? In this study the author listens to the understanding of the concept of catholicity in the theology of Ignatius, Cyprian, Cyril, Augustine and Vincent. In the second part of the book some representatives of the reformed tradition are analyzed, namely John Calvin, James Ussher, John Owen, Herman Bavinck and Gerrit Berkouwer. This analysis leads to a comparison between the early church and the reformed tradition. Listening to theologians from the early church and the reformed tradition, Van Vlastuin presents an up-to-date concept of the catholicity of the church which clarifies among others that the visibility of the church belongs to the essence of Christ's body, that practicing the catholicity of the church is necessary against denominationalism and party formation, that loss of catholicity leads to spiritual and theological impoverishment, that the understanding of catholicity implies also orthodoxy with consequences for the interpretation of 'semper reformanda' and that the consciousness of catholicity is related to the citizenship of two worlds.

Outsiders on the Inside

According to Rome, the church is united in the institution, and it is catholic because it is a global ... It must pursue unity and catholicity in concrete church life.239 e church's unity and catholicity call Christians to a living and ...

Author: William E. Boyce

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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Can Christian community be racially exclusive and still call itself faithful? In the United States, the story of Christianity has been intertwined with the story of race since the beginning. All too often, Christian leaders have fostered cultures that wound minority members instead of creating cultures that heal division. With this history of exclusion, all Christians must ask whether our churches practice the racial hospitality envisioned in the Scriptures. In this necessary conversation, minority pastors voice fatigue, signaling that church cultures are not as welcoming as they often claim to be. Outsiders on the Inside explores the history of race in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), comparing the denomination's core theological convictions with the experiences of Black PCA pastors. This is a story of racial fatigue and resilience, of learning to thrive in the midst of challenging environments. This study reveals areas for growth and opens up possibilities for Christians of all races and confessions to come together, creating a diverse, hospitable, and healing community.

The Bond of Peace

This is the account of unity that we find in the call to unity in Ephesians (notably with an account of ministries in terms of ... 13 This means that our catholicity (our universal unity) rests within Christ and Christ's revelation; ...

Author: Graham Tomlin

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 9780281082841

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Churches vary a great deal - but can we see past all their differences to what underlies them? 'Generous orthodoxy' is a phrase that describes a Christianity both broad and deep, rooted in the historic creeds and embracing different expressions of Christian faith. The Bond of Peace is a ground-breaking, creative and practical exploration of what generous orthodoxy really means, and how expressing it might bring about a sense of unity in the church that is badly needed in our fractured and polarised world. Drawing together leading theologians from the UK and the USA - including David Ford, Katherine Sonderegger, Willie Jennings, Tom Greggs, JKA Smith and Jane Williams - The Bond of Peace offers reflections on how generous orthodoxy can be expressed through everything from worship and preaching to biblical theology, the arts and more. Based around a series of lectures held at St Mellitus College, and sponsored by the McDonald Agape Foundation, this timely book is essential reading for anyone interested in how the Christian Church can bridge the gap between denominations to negotiate the challenges of our 21st century world in a united manner. It will leave you, not only with a deeper understanding of generous orthodoxy, but the practical confidence to celebrate and embrace the differences in Christian denominations so we can all live together more joyfully - through the transforming and renewing work of the Holy Spirit.

Theology of the Church

One could say: The Catholic unity, or catholicity, is the Church, insofar as it gathers together in the communion of one ... Or again: Catholic unity is the unity of those who participate in the priesthood of Christ by the possession of ...

Author: Cardinal Charles Journet

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9781681496603

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This is a brilliant, intellectually rigorous, and highly spiritual work which invites readers to enter more deeply into the rich theology of the Catholic Church. In today's secular world, when confident knowledge of the Church's beliefs and teachings is so critical for both clergy and laymen, Cardinal Journet's beautiful contribution to ecclesiology is a worthy addition to any theological reading list.

Catechism Of The Catholic Church Revised PB

Christ's concern to maintain unity 820-22 diversity within this unity 814 missionary work towards unity 855 non - Catholic Christian Churches 818-19 Pope and bishops as bond of unity 815-16 renewal to preserve unity 821 wounds to Church ...

Author: David Bordwell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0860123243

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The first edition of the new Catechism went out across the world in many language versions. This gave the local Churches the chance to study it in depth. Through their bishops and teachers they responded with comments on texts that needed refinement. The present edition was developed in the light of these comments and published in Latin as the definitive Editio Typica. This book is the English translation of the Editio Typica.

The United States Catholic Magazine and Monthly Review

If an origin from Christ were the true test of unity , all baptized Christians would form but one church , however ... We say that the Catholic church alone , that is , the church in communion with the bishop of Rome , and governed by ...



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Pro Ecclesia Vol 26 N4

the church is able to preserve the unity of the body of Christ:38 visible unity grounded in the institutions and polity of the church is the way in which catholicity is expressed. We see this emphatically in the discussions that follow ...

Author: Pro Ecclesia

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538105863

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Pro Ecclesia is a quarterly journal of theology published by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology.

The Spirit of Catholicism

The Pentecostal experience of the first disciples, because it was effected by God, has two characteristics: its comprehensive catholicity and its compact unity. Catholicity, universality, belongs properly to God's redemptive activity.

Author: Karl Adam

Publisher: Rare Treasure Editions

ISBN: 9781774644164

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In this book, Karl Adam seeks to identify the "spirit" or essence of Roman Catholicism. The Spirit of Catholicism is an accessible, articulate, and compelling presentation of the fundamental tenets of the Catholic faith, explaining to all - Catholic and non-Catholic alike - exactly what the Church represents. Adam attempts to communicate about the Catholic faith and the Church's role as the keeper of the faith. Those attempting to grasp the very heart and spirit of Catholicism should read Karl Adam's book, which is a most elegant and concise exploration of the faith and an attempt to address these ambiguities. What are the fundamental attributes of the Catholic Church? What is the source from which it has drawn vigor and life through its two thousand years of life on earth? What are the secret sources of its incredible vitality in the world today? The author answers these and many other questions about the nature and structure of the Church. He examines the essential nature of the Catholic Church from the basic premise that it was expressly founded by Christ, traces its historical development and analyzes its actual functioning through the ages.