Unintentional Music

Sometimes what we regard as "mistakes" in self-expression are in fact treasures. The book is rich with real-life stories, ideas, and practical techniques for unlocking creativity, which Arye dispenses with humor, insight, and enthusiasm.

Author: Lane Arye

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 9781612832906

Category: Self-Help

Page: 248

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The last time you whistled a tune or hummed a song-why did you choose that one? You may not consider yourself a musical person, but your little act of unintended music may be the key to unlocking within you a wealth of unsuspected creativity-a kind of creativity that goes way beyond music, too. Lane Arye, PhD, a musician himself, focuses on the music that people do not intend to make. Using the highly regarded psychological model called Process Work, developed by Arnold Mindell, PhD, Arye has been teaching students around the world how to awaken their creativity, using music as the starting point, but including all art forms and ways of expression. The unintentional appears at moments when some hidden part of us, something beyond our usual awareness, suddenly tries to express itself. If we start paying attention to what is trying to happen rather than to what we think should happen, we open the door to self-discovery and creativity. Sometimes what we regard as "mistakes" in self-expression are in fact treasures. The book is rich with real-life stories, ideas, and practical techniques for unlocking creativity, which Arye dispenses with humor, insight, and enthusiasm.

Music Technology in Therapeutic and Health Settings

If the person is not aware they are creating the sound then their involvement in clinical music making remains unintentional. Unintentional music making ...

Author: Wendy Magee

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9780857005700

Category: Psychology

Page: 400

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There is a rapidly emerging and developing area of music therapy practice that uses electronic music technologies in a range of therapeutic and clinical settings to help clients with complex needs. This edited volume explains cutting edge technologies and how to apply these tools in practice. With contributions from leading experts in the field, the book takes the reader through the equipment that is available including computer-based software; electronic devices which produce musical sounds with minimal movement or skill; assistive devices such as switches and sensors; and recording and listening equipment. Clinical case studies are then offered that show these technologies being used successfully with a broad range of child and adult populations, including those with visual impairments, autism spectrum disorders, medical needs, physical challenges, and mental health issues, and within a variety of settings, including a neonatal intensive care unit, schools, hospital environments, and palliative care settings. The final section looks toward the future and examines philosophical and theoretical perspectives on the use of technology and its relationship to aesthetics, gender and identity. This book will be a key resource for all music therapists, special needs educators, and professionals from the field of assistive technology, as well as allied health professionals such as occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder

In an essay called “Mother and Music,” Marina Tsvetaeva writes about how her mother—a ... Even as a child, she sat in front of her mother's musical score, ...

Author: Julia Zarankin

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre

ISBN: 9781771622493

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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When Julia Zarankin saw her first red-winged blackbird at the age of thirty-five, she didn’t expect that it would change her life. Recently divorced and auditioning hobbies during a stressful career transition, she stumbled on birdwatching, initially out of curiosity for the strange breed of humans who wear multi-pocketed vests, carry spotting scopes and discuss the finer points of optics with disturbing fervour. What she never could have predicted was that she would become one of them. Not only would she come to identify proudly as a birder, but birding would ultimately lead her to find love, uncover a new language and lay down her roots. Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder tells the story of finding meaning in midlife through birds. The book follows the peregrinations of a narrator who learns more from birds than she ever anticipated, as she begins to realize that she herself is a migratory species: born in the former Soviet Union, growing up in Vancouver and Toronto, studying and working in the United States and living in Paris. Coming from a Russian immigrant family of concert pianists who believed that the outdoors were for “other people,” Julia Zarankin recounts the challenges and joys of unexpectedly discovering one’s wild side and finding one’s tribe in the unlikeliest of places. Zarankin’s thoughtful and witty anecdotes illuminate the joyful experience of a new discovery and the surprising pleasure to be found while standing still on the edge of a lake at six a.m. In addition to confirmed nature enthusiasts, this book will appeal to readers of literary memoir, offering keen insight on what it takes to find one’s place in the world.

Unintentional Music

Process work with music brings us into contact with unknown or disavowed parts of ourselves, as well as new and different ways of making music. With it, we take a step towards psychological and musical wholeness.

Author: Lane Arye


ISBN: OCLC:28923490

Category: Music therapy

Page: 436

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Process work with music brings us into contact with unknown or disavowed parts of ourselves, as well as new and different ways of making music. With it, we take a step towards psychological and musical wholeness.

The Cambridge Companion to Video Game Music

For that reason, glitches or unintentional musical artefacts are particularly liable to cause a negative experience for players. The connection of the music ...

Author: Melanie Fritsch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316999448

Category: Music


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Video game music has been permeating popular culture for over forty years. Now, reaching billions of listeners, game music encompasses a diverse spectrum of musical materials and practices. This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of video game music by a diverse group of scholars and industry professionals. The chapters and summaries consolidate existing knowledge and present tools for readers to engage with the music in new ways. Many popular games are analysed, including Super Mario Galaxy, Bastion, The Last of Us, Kentucky Route Zero and the Katamari, Gran Turismo and Tales series. Topics include chiptunes, compositional processes, localization, history and game music concerts. The book also engages with other disciplines such as psychology, music analysis, business strategy and critical theory, and will prove an equally valuable resource for readers active in the industry, composers or designers, and music students and scholars.

Eye HEar the Visual in Music

In 0'00 ” music arose from unintentional musical action : writing a letter is an intentional action , but the amplified sound is not , and this constitutes ...

Author: Simon Shaw-Miller

Publisher: PHP研究所

ISBN: 1409426440

Category: Art

Page: 207

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'Eye hEar The Visual in Music' employs the concept of the visual in proximate relation to music, producing a tension: 'is it not the case that there is a gulf between painting and music, between the visible and the audible? One is full of colour and light yet silent; one is invisible and marvellously noisy.' Such a belief, this book argues, betrays an ideological constraint on music, desiccating it to sound, and art to vision. The starting point of this study is more hybrid (and hydrating): that music is never employed without numerous and complex intersections with the visual. By involving the concept of synaesthesia, the book evokes music's multi-sensory nature, stops it from sounding alone, and offers music as a subject for art historians. Music bleeds into art and visuality, in its graphic depiction in notation, in the theatre of performance, its sights and sites. This book looks at music in its absolute guise as a model for art; at notation and the conductor as the silent visual fulcra around which music circulates; at the music and image of Erik Satie; at the concert hall as white cube; at the symphonic film '2001: A Space Odyssey'; and at the liminality of John Cage and Andy Warhol.

Music in Comedy Television

... while Gorzelany-Mostak notes how in John McCain«s use of ®Liberty Bell ̄ for his 2000 American presidential campaign, it became an unintentional musical ...

Author: Liz Giuffre

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317273561

Category: Music

Page: 204

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The study of television and music has expanded greatly in recent years, yet to date no book has focused on the genre of comedy television as it relates to music. Music in Comedy Television: Notes on Laughs fills that gap, breaking new critical ground. With contributions from an array of established and emerging scholars representing a range of disciplines, the twelve essays included cover a wide variety of topics and television shows, spanning nearly fifty years across network, cable, and online structures and capturing the latest research in this growing area of study. From Sesame Street to Saturday Night Live, from Monty Python to Flight of the Conchords, this book offers the perfect introduction for students and scholars in music and media studies seeking to understand the role of music in comedy onscreen and how it relates to the wider culture.

The New Music

In common parlance, one used to speak of such things being intentional or unintentional, and Schoenberg once took such an opportunity, when the issue was ...

Author: Theodor W. Adorno

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781509538096

Category: Philosophy

Page: 500

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A year after the end of the Second World War, the first International Summer Course for New Music took place in the Kranichstein Hunting Lodge, near the city of Darmstadt in Germany. The course, commonly referred to later as the Darmstadt course, was intended to familiarize young composers and musicians with the music that, only a few years earlier, had been denounced as degenerate by the Nazi regime, and it soon developed into one of the most important events in contemporary music. Having returned to Germany in 1949 from exile in the United States, Adorno was a regular participant at Darmstadt from 1950 on. In 1955 he gave a series of lectures on the young Schoenberg, using the latter’s work to illustrate the relation between tradition and the avant-garde. Adorno’s three double-length lectures on the young Schoenberg, in which he spoke as a passionate advocate for the composer whom Boulez had declared dead, were his first at Darmstadt to be recorded on tape. The relation between tradition and the avant-garde was the leitmotif of the lectures that followed, which continued over the next decade. Adorno also dealt in detail with problems of composition in contemporary music, and he often accompanied his lectures with off-the-cuff musical improvisations. The five lecture courses he gave at Darmstadt between 1955 and 1966 were all recorded and subsequently transcribed, and they are published here for the first time in English. This volume is a unique document on the theory and history of the New Music. It will be of great value to anyone interested in the work of Adorno and critical theory, in German intellectual and cultural history, and in the history of modern music.

Unintentional Journeys

For a long time, my sister Laura used to take some of the music tapes I sometimes listened to and play them for me, because of the popular belief that music ...

Author: Robert Whitman

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781609574468

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 98

View: 305


Many Biblical heroes have known the Lord better- have had their relationship with him renewed- because of the unintentional journeys they were led to embark on; join Robert Whitman Treash as he discovers God in new ways through his Unintentional Journeys-a car accident and a trip to China have changed him-see how!

Listen to Their Voices

Research and Practice in Early Childhood Music Katharine Smithrim, Rena Upitis ... hours of music have been experienced in some form, usually unintentional.

Author: Katharine Smithrim

Publisher: Canadian Music Educators' Association

ISBN: 9780920630136

Category: Education

Page: 366

View: 167


Making the connection between Research and Practice is the hope of most music education researchers. This volume brings the two together with the goal of furthering the dialogue concerning music education for young learners.

The Study of Folk Music in the Modern World

Contemporary folk music tradition , thus , virtually demands that musical instruments serve as a conduit for unintentional creativity , that is , change .

Author: Philip V. Bohlman

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253112605

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 693


"[This book] is a contribution of considerable substance because it takes a holistic view of the field of folk music and the scholarship that has dealt with it." -- Bruno Nettl "... a praiseworthy combination of solid scholarship, penetrating discussion, and global relevance." -- Asian Folklore Studies "... successfully ties the history and development of folk music scholarship with contemporary concepts, issues, and shifts, and which treats varied folk musics of the world cultures within the rubric of folklore and ethnomusicology with subtle generalizations making sense to serious minds... " -- Folklore Forum "... [this book] challenges many carefully-nurtured sacred cows. Bohlman has executed an intellectual challenge of major significance by successfully organizing a welter of unruly data and ideas into a single, appropriately complex but coherent, system." -- Folk Music Journal Bohlman examines folk music as a genre of folklore from a broadly cross-cultural perspective and espouses a more expansive view of folk music, stressing its vitality in non-Western cultures as well as Western, in the present as well as the past.

The Delivery

... instruments (what a wonderful sound—as I recall it now—the unintentional music of the-pickings-up-of- many-instruments) and played the piece (Again, ...

Author: Peter Mendelsund

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9780374600433

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Enter the world of the Delivery Boy, who must peddle his way to 5-star customer ratings—and, perhaps, freedom—in novelist and graphic designer Peter Mendelsund’s The Delivery. Countries go wrong, sometimes, and sometimes the luckier citizens of those countries have a chance to escape and seek refuge in another country—a country that might itself be in the process of going wrong. In the bustling indifference of an unnamed city, one such citizen finds himself trapped working for a company that makes its money dispatching an army of undocumented refugees to bring the well-off men and women of this confounding metropolis their dinners. Whatever he might have been at home, this citizen is now a Delivery Boy: member of a new and invisible working class, pedaling his power-assist bike through traffic hoping for a decent tip and a five star rating. He is decidedly a Delivery Boy; sometimes he even feels like a Delivery Baby; certainly he's not yet a Delivery Man, though he'll have to "man-up" if he wants to impress N.—the aloof dispatcher who sends him his orders and helps him with his English. Can our hero avoid the wrath of his Supervisor, get the girl, and escape his indentured servitude? Can someone in his predicament ever get a happy ending? Who gets to decide? And who's telling this story, anyway? Harrowing and hilarious, The Delivery is a fable for and about our times: an exploration of the ways language and commerce unites and isolates every one of us, native and immigrant both.

What They ll Never Tell You About the Music Business Revised and Updated Editio

There is a certain logic to this in view of the fact that unintentional and ... this chapter - recording or performing another's song without permission .

Author: Peter M. Thall

Publisher: Billboard Books

ISBN: 0307874958

Category: Law

Page: 352

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Bad news: The music business is packed with hidden agendas. Good news: There’s one indispensable guide that helps songwriters, musicians, executives, lawyers, and managers understand the music business and travel its shark-infested waters safely and confidently. What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business sold more than 20,000 copies in its first edition. This new, fully revised edition presents even more priceless insider information, updated for today’s music scene, plus clear explanations and advice on the new transparency in agreements, the impact of agent-artist agreements, new webcasting opportunities, changes in copyright law, royalty limits, and all the other developments in law and technology, plus advice for songwriters, A&R people, and artists, and much, much more. Packed with real-world ideas and tips, What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business, Revised and Updated is the must-have guide for creative types and business types—everyone who works in the music industry. “Intelligent and accessible.” —David Geffen From the Hardcover edition.

The Gift of ADHD

Music coach and psychologist Dr. Lane Arye has written in his book Unintentional Music: Releasing Your Deepest Creativity (2001) about how goofing off can ...

Author: Lara Honos-Webb

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 9781572248519

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 486


As a parent, you already know that your child has many gifts. What you may not know is that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)-related symptoms-the very qualities that lead him or her to act out and distract others-may be among them. This second edition of The Gift of ADHD includes compelling new research indicating that the impulses that lead your child to act exuberantly may correspond with unusual levels of creativity and a heightened capacity for insight into the feelings and emotions of others. Could it be that ADHD is not a hindrance, but an asset in our fast-paced digital age? ADHD expert Lara Honos-Webb presents the evidence for this revolutionary concept and explains how you can help your child develop control over inattentive, hyperactive behavior and enhance the five gifts of ADHD: creativity, attunement to nature, interpersonal intuition, energetic enthusiasm, and emotional sensitivity. Filled with easy skill-building activities you and your child can do together, this book will help your child transform problematic symptoms into strengths, then build the self-esteem they need to let those gifts shine.

Experimental Music Since 1970

“But in this situation,” writes Sugimoto, “the 'unintentional sounds' are actually intended by incorporating the silent space into the music intentionally.

Author: Jennie Gottschalk

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781628922516

Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 400


What is experimental music today? This book offers an up to date survey of this field for anyone with an interest, from seasoned practitioners to curious readers. This book takes the stance that experimental music is not a limited historical event, but is a proliferation of approaches to sound that reveals much about present-day experience. An experimental work is not identifiable by its sound alone, but by the nature of the questions it poses and its openness to the sounding event. Experimentation is a way of working. It pushes past that which is known to discover what lies beyond it, finding new knowledge, forms, and relationships, or accepting a state of uncertainty. For each of these composers and sound artists, craft is developed and transformed in response to the questions they bring to their work. Scientific, perceptual, or social phenomena become catalysts in the operation of the work. These practices are not presented according to a chronology, a set of techniques, or social groupings. Instead, they are organized according to the content areas that are their subjects, including resonance, harmony, objects, shapes, perception, language, interaction, sites, and histories. Musical materials may be subject, among other treatments, to systemization, observation, examination, magnification, fragmentation, translation, or destabilization. These restless and exploratory modes of engagement have continued to develop over recent decades, expanding the scope of both musical practice and listening.

Routledge International Handbook of Music Psychology in Education and the Community

The authors go on to discuss the importance of musical response in ... with the categories of unintentional listening (hearing) to background music; ...

Author: Andrea Creech

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000383089

Category: Psychology

Page: 528

View: 953


This handbook provides an evidence-based account of psychological perspectives on issues in music education and music in the community through the life course, exploring our understanding of music learning and participation across contexts. The contributors draw on multidisciplinary research from different cultures and contexts in order to set out the implications of music psychology for music education and music in the community. Highlighting the intersecting issues across education and community contexts, the book proposes new theories as well as offering important refinements to existing conceptual models. Split into six parts, it considers the role of music in society as well as for groups and individuals, and explores topics such as processing and responding to music; pedagogical and musical practices that support or pose challenges to the emotional, cognitive, social or physical wellbeing of learners and participants in a range of contexts; and ‘music in identity’ or ‘identity in music’. With the final part on future directions and the implications for professional practice in music education and music in the community, the book concludes by exploring how the two sectors might work more closely together within a post-COVID-19 world. Based on cutting-edge research from an international team, this is essential reading for anyone interested in music psychology, education and community, and it will be particularly helpful for undergraduate and graduate students in music psychology, music education and community music.

Music Along the Rapidan

The many intentional and unintentional ways music assisted in community formation—education, public concerts, domestic music, work music— are addressed in ...

Author: James Andrew Davis

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803262768

Category: Music

Page: 360

View: 870


In December 1863, Civil War soldiers took refuge from the dismal conditions of war and weather. They made their winter quarters in the Piedmont region of central Virginia, the Union's Army of the Potomac in Culpeper County, the Confederacy's Army of Northern Virginia in neighboring Orange County. For the next six months, the opposing soldiers eyed each other warily across the Rapidan River. In "Music Along the Rapidan," James A. Davis examines the role of music in defining the social communities that emerged during this winter encampment. Music was an essential part of each soldier's personal identity and Davis considers how music became a means of controlling the acoustic and social cacophony of war that surrounded them. Music also became a touchstone for colliding communities during the encampment--the communities of the enlisted men and officers or Northerners and Southerners on the one hand, and the shared communities occupied by both soldier and civilian on the other--enabling them to define their relationships and their environment, emotionally, socially, and audibly.

Music and Embodied Cognition

... easily vocalizable” (1291), implying that the intentional comparison of timbres was accompanied by unintentional subvocalization of each note's pitch.

Author: Arnie Cox

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253021670

Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 292


Taking a cognitive approach to musical meaning, Arnie Cox explores embodied experiences of hearing music as those that move us both consciously and unconsciously. In this pioneering study that draws on neuroscience and music theory, phenomenology and cognitive science, Cox advances his theory of the "mimetic hypothesis," the notion that a large part of our experience and understanding of music involves an embodied imitation in the listener of bodily motions and exertions that are involved in producing music. Through an often unconscious imitation of action and sound, we feel the music as it moves and grows. With applications to tonal and post-tonal Western classical music, to Western vernacular music, and to non-Western music, Cox’s work stands to expand the range of phenomena that can be explained by the role of sensory, motor, and affective aspects of human experience and cognition.

The Politics Of Psychotherapy New Perspectives

Lane Arye, PhD teaches conflict facilitation, Process Work and Unintentional Music worldwide. He has worked with conflicts between Serbs, Croats and Muslims ...

Author: Totton, Nick

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335216536

Category: Psychology

Page: 204

View: 321


This unique collection by leading authors explores the links between therapy and the political world, and their contribution to each other. Topics covered include: Psychotherapy in the political sphere, including the roots of conflict, social trauma, and ecopsychology Political dimensions of psychotherapy practice, such as discrimination, power, sexuality, and postcolonial issues Psychotherapy, the state and institutions, including the law and ethics, and psychotherapy in healthcare Working at the interface, examples of therapy in political action from Croatia, the USA, the UK and Israel/Palestine How to ‘place’ political issues in therapy is highly controversial – for example, whether political themes should be interpreted psychologically in the consulting room, or respected as valid in their own right: similar issues arise for the role of therapeutic insights in political reality. This book provides a map through these complex and demanding areas for therapists and counsellors in training, as well as for experienced practitioners or other interested readers. Contributors: Lane Arye, Arlene Audergon, Emanuel Berman, Sandra Bloom, Jocelyn Chaplin, Petruska Clarkson, Chess Denman, Dawn Freshwater, Kate Gentile, John Lees, Renos Papadopoulos, Hilary Prentice, Mary-Jayne Rust, Judy Ryde, Andrew Samuels, Nick Totton.

On Innovative Music ian s

He calls it " indeterminate " or " unintentional " music , and on a record entitled Indeterminacy ( 1959 ) , Cage tells ninety funny stories , each a minute ...

Author: Richard Kostelanetz


ISBN: UVA:X001588982

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 319

View: 155


Discusses Glenn Gould, Charles Ives, John Cage, Milton Babbitt, Philip Glass, and contemporary music