Unintentional Music

Was this music or was it self-discovery? Yes. Unintentional music led Sharon inside herself to places she had never known. And it helped her to play music in ways she had never imagined. Music and personal growth are intertwining lines ...

Author: Lane Arye

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 9781612832906

Category: Self-Help

Page: 248

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The last time you whistled a tune or hummed a song-why did you choose that one? You may not consider yourself a musical person, but your little act of unintended music may be the key to unlocking within you a wealth of unsuspected creativity-a kind of creativity that goes way beyond music, too. Lane Arye, PhD, a musician himself, focuses on the music that people do not intend to make. Using the highly regarded psychological model called Process Work, developed by Arnold Mindell, PhD, Arye has been teaching students around the world how to awaken their creativity, using music as the starting point, but including all art forms and ways of expression. The unintentional appears at moments when some hidden part of us, something beyond our usual awareness, suddenly tries to express itself. If we start paying attention to what is trying to happen rather than to what we think should happen, we open the door to self-discovery and creativity. Sometimes what we regard as "mistakes" in self-expression are in fact treasures. The book is rich with real-life stories, ideas, and practical techniques for unlocking creativity, which Arye dispenses with humor, insight, and enthusiasm.

The Delivery

... his baton on the music stand, all the children (regardless of their position on the divisive tale) picked up their instruments (what a wonderful sound—as I recall it now—the unintentional music of thepickings-up-of-many-instruments) ...

Author: Peter Mendelsund

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9780374600433

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Enter the world of the Delivery Boy, who must peddle his way to 5-star customer ratings—and, perhaps, freedom—in novelist and graphic designer Peter Mendelsund’s The Delivery. Countries go wrong, sometimes, and sometimes the luckier citizens of those countries have a chance to escape and seek refuge in another country—a country that might itself be in the process of going wrong. In the bustling indifference of an unnamed city, one such citizen finds himself trapped working for a company that makes its money dispatching an army of undocumented refugees to bring the well-off men and women of this confounding metropolis their dinners. Whatever he might have been at home, this citizen is now a Delivery Boy: member of a new and invisible working class, pedaling his power-assist bike through traffic hoping for a decent tip and a five star rating. He is decidedly a Delivery Boy; sometimes he even feels like a Delivery Baby; certainly he's not yet a Delivery Man, though he'll have to "man-up" if he wants to impress N.—the aloof dispatcher who sends him his orders and helps him with his English. Can our hero avoid the wrath of his Supervisor, get the girl, and escape his indentured servitude? Can someone in his predicament ever get a happy ending? Who gets to decide? And who's telling this story, anyway? Harrowing and hilarious, The Delivery is a fable for and about our times: an exploration of the ways language and commerce unites and isolates every one of us, native and immigrant both.

The Dynamics of Music Psychotherapy

The new term more precisely designates the process whereby music unwittingly comes to mind : " unintentional music evocations are tunes ( with or without lyrics ) , which , contained in one person's short- or long - term memory ...

Author: Kenneth E. Bruscia

Publisher: Barcelona Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015040181110

Category: Music

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An examination of how transference and countertransference are manifested and worked through when improvisation, songs, and music imaging are used in psychotherapy.

London Society

To this there is when deeply moved they must added a sing - song which often give vent to their emotions . ... Twenty " Where are ' ee going ? is simply or thirty persons , perhaps , are unintentional music . groaning and uttering ...

Author: James Hogg


ISBN: UOM:39015020111772

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The Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences

musical literacy . Like the personal computer in the later twentieth century , the piano became a leading consumer product , whose unit price declined precipitously owing to the transformation of piano manufacture .

Author: Ralf Dahrendorf

Publisher: Central European University Press

ISBN: 9639241091

Category: Political Science

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"This volume of essays is dedicated to George Soros in honor of his seventieth birthday. In their various fields of work the authors, who come from the interconnected worlds of academe, politics, and business, have each made an active contribution to the growth of the huge philanthropic empire built by Soros." "The editors chose the title The Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences to encourage contributors to adopt a dialogical approach. The title also refers to the case of Giordano Bruno, itself a telling example of paradox. Burnt at the stake 400 years ago for heresy, Bruno's views were probably far more illiberal and undemocratic than the views of those who condemned him. The editors' aim was to show that any complex social process or political attempt to change people's lives will inevitably have unintended consequences, usually of a paradoxical nature. These consequences should force us to reconsider our original theory."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Music Therapy

client , thus further assisting the client in cognitively acknowledging responsibility for the music . ... to serve as a facade and function as a protective mechanism when confronted with discomforting unintentional musical dissonance .



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Media And Society

A popular song, an album, is not something that is simply used up through consumption. ... Consumption may be an intentional act, but also an unintentional experience – the ubiquitous ambient music of public places.

Author: Burton, Graeme

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335227235

Category: Social Science

Page: 342

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This book introduces undergraduates to critical perspectives on the relationship between media and society, and to ideas about the production of meaning through media. The opening chapters provide a foundation to understanding the triangular relationship between media businesses (institutions) and texts and audiences. Succeeding chapters look at specialist areas such as popular music, news, new technologies, advertising and globalization. .There is a development and application of ideas about such key terms as representation, difference, discourse and ideology. The student reader is encouraged to take on different views around issues relating to questions of media power, media influence, audience consumption. There is an emphasis on applying ideas to media practices and media texts. There is engagement with debates around such topics as public service broadcasting and the public sphere. Students are introduced to a range of key thinkers and their ideas as concepts, issues and debates are introduced..The reader is engaged through key questions, case studies, illustrations and diagrams, as well as a clearly argued text bedded in examples. .This book is already used both as a foundation at level 1 for degree courses in media studies, as a key text for general media modules at different levels, and as a key text at various levels in respect of specific chapters supporting specific modules and their topics..

Accidentally Like a Martyr

Accidentally Like a Martyr” (Zevon) Copyright © 1978 Warren Zevon, Universal Music Publishing Group “Ain't That Pretty at All” (Zevon/Marinell) Copyright © 1982 Warren Zevon/LeRoy P. Marinell, Universal Music Publishing Group/Beryl ...

Author: James Campion

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9781617137396

Category: Music

Page: 272

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(Book). Warren Zevon songs are like chapters in a great American novel. Its story lies in the heart of his and our psyche. The lines are blurred. We never seem to know if we are looking in a mirror or peering through a window; we only know that when we listen we see something . The music sets the scene his voice a striking baritone, its narrator our guide through a labyrinth of harrowing narratives. The plot unfolds without subtlety; each musical and lyrical arc awakens imagination. In Accidentally Like a Martyr: The Tortured Art of Warren Zevon , music journalist James Campion presents 13 essays on seminal Zevon songs and albums that provide context to the themes, inspirations, and influence of one of America's most literate songwriters. In-depth interviews with Zevon's friends and colleagues provide first-person accounts of how the music was lived, composed, recorded, and performed. Longtime fans of this most uniquely tortured artist, as well as those who want to discover his work for the first time, will get inside the mind, talent, and legacy of the wildly passionate Excitable Boy.

The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain

INVOLUNTARY MUSICAL IMAGERY The majority of laboratory studies of musical imagery involve images created in response to a stimulus or task demand , and as noted above , these studies suggest such imagery generally recruits neural ...

Author: Michael H. Thaut

Publisher: Oxford Library of Psychology

ISBN: 9780198804123

Category: Medical

Page: 835

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The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain is a groundbreaking compendium of current research on music in the human brain. It brings together an international roster of 54 authors from 13 countries providing an essential guide to this rapidly growing field.