Unfitting Stories

Bringing together the work of Canadian researchers, health professionals, and people with lived experiences of disease, disability, or trauma, it addresses central issues about authority in medical and personal narratives and the value of ...

Author: Valerie Raoul

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554581214

Category: Psychology

Page: 376

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Unfitting Stories: Narrative Approaches to Disease, Disability, and Trauma illustrates how stories about ill health and suffering have been produced and received from a variety of perspectives. Bringing together the work of Canadian researchers, health professionals, and people with lived experiences of disease, disability, or trauma, it addresses central issues about authority in medical and personal narratives and the value of cross- or interdisciplinary research in understanding such experiences. The book considers the aesthetic dimensions of health-related stories with literary readings that look at how personal accounts of disease, disability, and trauma are crafted by writers and filmmakers into published works. Topics range from psychiatric hospitalization and aestheticizing cancer, to father-daughter incest in film. The collection also deals with the therapeutic or transformative effect of stories with essays about men, sport, and spinal cord injury; narrative teaching at L’Arche (a faith-based network of communities inclusive of people with developmental disabilities); and the construction of a “schizophrenic” identity. A final section examines the polemical functions of narrative, directing attention to the professional and political contexts within which stories are constructed and exchanged. Topics include ableist limits on self-narration; drug addiction and the disease model; and narratives of trauma and Aboriginal post-secondary students. Unfitting Stories is essential reading for researchers using narrative methods or materials, for teachers, students, and professionals working in the field of health services, and for concerned consumers of the health care system. It deals with practical problems relevant to policy-makers as well as theoretical issues of interest to specialists in bioethics, gender analysis, and narrative theory. Read the chapter “Social Trauma and Serial Autobiography: Healing and Beyond” by Bina Freiwald on the Concordia University Library Spectrum Research Repository website.

Journeys in Narrative Inquiry

They are also, as Andrew's story reminds us, shaped by our ability to live with
stories – to live with difficult stories that cannot be forgotten. Maybe these are
unfitting stories, stories that resist the easy telling, that are awkward and jagged (
Raoul, ...

Author: D Jean Clandinin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000690552

Category: Social Science

Page: 334

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Organized around a metaphor of an academic journey, D. Jean Clandinin offers published tracings of an unfolding journey over 40 years that, at its outset, appeared to focus only on questions of epistemology. However, the book illuminates how that apparent beginning focus shape-shifted to questions of methodology, ethics, ontology, and subsequently, political concerns. Clandinin shows that, even at the outset, her research wonders were grounded in relational understandings of experience, understandings that were simultaneously ontological, methodological, epistemological and ethical. Jean’s work is collaborative, an engagement alongside others and within the contexts in which they and she lived and worked, including those who were participants in the research. She continues to acknowledge that narrative inquiry changes people’s ways of being in the world, and those changes have ethical significance. While what she and her colleagues now call relational ethics has always been central, recently her sense of ethics has become more explicitly political. She shows the development of ideas over time, beginning as she entered doctoral work and continuing through 2019 and onward. Jean’s work, centered on relational understandings of experience, highlights ethical dimensions, and has come to define narrative understandings for generations of researchers. This book will be an invaluable resource for researchers and graduate students, and professional researchers in both educational and healthcare settings. .

Better Times Stories

... Miss Kent ! That could never be permitted . It would be most unfitting ! ” “
Unfitting - unfitting to go on loving my papa ? Not according to our American
manners and morals . " “ But you will be English . ” “ No 294 BETTER TIMES

Author: Ellen Olney Kirk


ISBN: NYPL:33433112012798


Page: 400

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Literary and Visual Representations of HIV AIDS

ed volume Unfitting Stories is not solely focused on representations of HIV/ AIDS
and includes very few essays that take up this topic in particular, it does include
Lisa Diedrich's “Between Two Deaths: AIDS, Trauma, and Temporality in the ...

Author: Aimee Pozorski

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498584470

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

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Literary and Visual Representations of HIV/AIDS: Forty Years Later depicts how film and literature about the HIV/AIDS crisis expand upon the issues generated by the epidemic. This collection fills an important gap in the scholarship on HIV/AIDS, by bringing together essays by both established and junior scholars on visual and literary representations of HIV/AIDS. Almost forty years after the first reported cases of what would later be defined as AIDS, this book looks back across the decades at works of literature and film to discuss how the representation of HIV/AIDS has shifted in media. This book argues that literature constitutes a very powerful response to AIDS that ripples into film and politics, driving the changes in past and contemporary representations of HIV/AIDS. The book also expands discussion of the issues generated and amplified by the epidemic to consider how HIV/AIDS has been portrayed in the United States, Western and Southern Africa, Western Europe, and East Asia.

Chinese Stories of Drug Addiction

say the disease is responsible ̄: social identity and the disease concept of drug
addiction. In V. Raoul, C. Canam, A.D. Henderson and C. Paterson (eds),
Unfitting stories: narrative approaches to disease, disability, and trauma (pp. 255

Author: Guy Ramsay

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317368526

Category: Social Science

Page: 143

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Addiction to illicit drugs is a pressing social concern across greater China, where there are likely several million drug addicts at present. This research breaks new ground by examining Chinese people’s stories of drug addiction. Chinese Stories of Drug Addiction systematically evaluates how drug addiction is represented and constructed in a series of contemporary life stories and filmic stories from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These stories recount experiences leading up to and during drug addiction, as well as experiences during drug rehabilitation and recovery. Through analysis of these contemporary life stories and filmic stories, the book presents a comprehensive picture of how Chinese people from both inside the experience of drug addiction and outside of it make sense of a social practice that is deemed to be highly transgressive in Chinese culture. It employs a blended discourse analytic and narrative analytic approach to show how salient cultural, political and institutional discourses shape these Chinese stories and experiences. Complementing existing humanities research which documents the historical narrative of drug addiction in China at the expense of the contemporary narrative, the book also provides health and allied professionals with a rich insight into how Chinese people from different geographical locations and walks of life make sense of the experience of drug addiction. Moving beyond historical narrative to examine contemporary stories, Chinese Stories of Drug Addiction offers a valuable contribution to the fields of Chinese studies and personal health and wellbeing, as well as being of practical use to health professionals.

Children s treasury of Bible stories ed by G F Maclean

Thus the short story of St . James is a not unfitting introduction to the long story of
St . Paul . There was another person , however , who only stepped into
prominence after the martyrdom of St . James , and who also helped to fill the
vacancy it ...

Author: mrs. Herman Gaskoin



Category: Bible stories, English


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Anecdotes of Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln s Stories

Including Early Life Stories, Professional Life Stories, White House Stories, War
Stories, Miscellaneous Stories ... living , greater than those of any other man , as
the chosen father , and leader of the people , and he was unfitting himself for his

Author: Abraham Lincoln


ISBN: UOM:39015059502529


Page: 188

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The sea stories

But there is one character of Byzantine work which , according to the time at
which it was employed , may be con - , sidered as either fitting or unfitting it for
distinctly ecclesiastical purposes ; I mean the essentially pictorial character of its

Author: John Ruskin



Category: Architecture


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Stories of the Norsemen

The king finding him a troublesome person in his household , resolved to send
him to Iceland , to win over that land to the Christian faith ; - a very unfitting
missionary , we would say , and one whose temper but ill accorded with the meek
and ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433082358239

Category: Folklore

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Stories of the Saints for Children

Several years later , the old stories of his misdeeds were raked up and
exaggerated by jealous mischief - makers , so that the bishop was obliged to
leave his home , and though held blameless by the best judges , of any conduct
unfitting him ...

Author: Mrs. Molesworth


ISBN: OXFORD:590688999

Category: Children

Page: 231

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Love and law 2 stories

... seems to die out of your face , and it seems as if it was making up its mind not
to understand me , but , " “ That will do ; you cannot think that I would allow you to
continue addressing me in that manner - it is most unfitting , most presuming .

Author: Carl Max (pseud.)


ISBN: OXFORD:600061692



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Frau Frohmann and Other Stories

As belonging to him she would fain , had it been possible , not have shown
herself in a garb unfitting for his wife . Everything about him had always been
decent , fitting , and serviceable ! Well ! It was his own doing . He had chosen her
as she ...

Author: Anthony Trollope




Page: 296

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Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

If their feet are not bound they go here and go there with unfitting associates ;
they have no good name . They are like defective gems that are rejected . “ 7th . –
Parents are covetous . They think small feet are pleasing and will command a
high ...

Author: Songling Pu

Publisher: London : T. De la Rue & Company

ISBN: OXFORD:600064202

Category: China


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The Mistletoe Bough and Other Stories

But such tasks , though they are excellently well adapted to fit a young lady for
the work of living , may also be carried too far , and thus have the effect of
unfitting her for that work . When Elizabeth Garrow made up her mind that the
finding of a ...

Author: Anthony Trollope




Page: 286

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1883. A collection of stories from the prolific English writer of novels dealing with Victorian life. Contents: The Mistletoe Bough; A Ride Across Palestine; The Courtship of Susan Bell; The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne; Returning Home; and The House of Heine Brothers, in Munich. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

Stories of the Temple in Edinburgh By an Acolyte

But being thus , by your contemptible condition so unfitting you for receiving the
honour of even being kicked by my foot , I may , for your satisfaction on the point
of my generosity , refer you to Jean Mac , Margaret Mac , Christian Mac , Janet ...

Author: ACOLYTE.


ISBN: BL:A0017515047


Page: 232

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The Mystery of Witch Face Mountain and Other Stories

And once outside the shabby little palings , she returned no more for hours .
Along the scorching streets she wandered , debating within herself anxious
questions which , she felt , affected all her future , and unfitting herself still further
to reach ...

Author: Mary Noailles Murfree


ISBN: STANFORD:36105011742520

Category: Cumberland Mountains

Page: 279

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Stories of Persons and Places in America

He said the women should wear veils to church , while they had said it was an
unfitting custom ; he said the king had no right to give away the land of the
Indians without first paying them for it ; and worse than all else , he declared that
the ...

Author: Helen Ainslie Smith


ISBN: UOM:39015071188158

Category: North America

Page: 370

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The lads of Little Clayton or Stories of village boy life

At length, after a consultation amongst the officials of the village, it was agreed
that the pole should be put up as it was, but that, as it was shorn of much of its
glory, it would be unfitting to observe the usual ceremonies, or to indulge in the
usual ...

Author: Richard Stead


ISBN: OXFORD:590939019


Page: 272

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