“The aim in the game is to go undetected.” “Good, no moon.” Nigel whispered. His nightly reconnaissance missions had gone undetected by the International Guard units and their drones which constantly swept the area.

Author: Bryan M. Powell

Publisher: New Life Publications On-Line

ISBN: 9781704345420

Category: Fiction


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The Trace O’Reilly Detective Series Book 5They said it couldn’t be true. They said it couldn’t happen … but it did! The epidemic which wiped out nearly half the nation, left Trace, Cami, Lily, Troy and Will separated and alone. Facing a deeply entrenched enemy with vast political and financial resources, they not only have to find one another, but they have to find the faith to believe saving their nation is possible. Riddled with political overtones and possible scenarios, Author Bryan M. Powell has spun a tale of intrigue and suspense which will keep you turning the next page until you reach the final explosive conclusion.


“I was figuring that.” Childers smiled, and Baxter saw an uneven row of nicotine-stained teeth. But the smile was genuine. Many months later, following the exhumation and the subsequent finding 141 UNDETECTED.

Author: Jeffrey Marshall

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457570452

Category: Fiction

Page: 232

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Suzy Perry, a lovely, accomplished older woman, has married into a new family in Westchester County, NY, after being widowed not long before in Atlanta. Her new husband, Dean Perry, is besotted with her, but his son, Alex, and daughter-in-law Lisa are troubled by how little they know about her. Who is she? Little by little, clues and tidbits of information persuade Alex that he needs to know more. As the questions pile up, Alex, a journalist, elects to hire a private detective to probe Suzy’s past, without informing his father. Over time, it becomes clear that Suzy changed her name when she moved to Atlanta – and that she had been married for many years to a car dealer in Missouri who died suddenly shortly before she left. Is all this innocent, or something more sinister? Once circumstantial, the evidence becomes more concrete – and then Suzy is on the run.


sounded like a smart way to stay undetected. She needed to get out of Boulder, Colorado. Gina Gray peeled an orange and studied the night sky through the window above the kitchen sink. The conviction had been growing over the course of ...

Author: Dee Henderson

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441264534

Category: Fiction

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When asked what he does for a living . . . Commander Mark Bishop is deliberately low-key: "I'm in the Navy." But commanding the ballistic missile submarine USS Nevada, keeping her crew trained and alert during ninety-day submerged patrols, and being prepared to launch weapons on valid presidential orders, carries a burden of command like few other jobs in the military. Mark Bishop is a man who accepts that responsibility, and handles it well. And at a time when tensions are escalating around the Pacific Rim, the Navy is glad to have him. Mark wants someone to come home to after sea patrols. The woman he has in mind is young, with a lovely smile, and very smart. She's a civilian, yet she understands the U.S. Navy culture. And he has a strong sense that life with her would never be boring. But she may be too deep in her work to see the potential in a relationship with him. Gina Gray would love to be married. She has always envisioned her life that way. A breakup she didn't see coming, though, has her focusing all her attention on what she does best--ocean science research. She's on the cusp of a major breakthrough, and she needs Mark Bishop's perspective and help. Because what she told the Navy she's figured out is only the beginning. If she's right, submarine warfare is about to enter a new and dangerous chapter.

Murder Undetected

~Kate Mele, Associate Professor of Writing Studies, Roger Williams University MURDER UNDETECTED. .. “A fast-paced murder mystery. You'll be rooting for Brittany Thornton from the very first sentence to the very last.

Author: Roxanne Dunn

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509238699

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

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The moment psychologist Brittany Ann Thornton thinks she has her life all dialed in, her perfect little family falls apart and the FBI seizes all her assets. Trouble follows her from Seattle to Paris to the south of France. Viane Thibaudet, darling of a quaint hilltop town in Provence, has been getting away with murder. But when she attempts to poison her husband, Brittany steps up to stop her.

The Undetected Narcissist

These types of narcissists can easily fool people and go undetected because they display false empathy and compassion when it is selfserving. My ex is a covert narcissist, and he displayed all these traits.

Author: Angela Myer

Publisher: Angela Myer

ISBN: 9798985897906

Category: Self-Help

Page: 366

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Do you have a hard time grasping the difference between normal and abnormal behavior? Has anyone suggested that you need to educate yourself about narcissistic abuse, traits, and behaviors? This book will wake you up and answer your confusing questions. Written for everyone, even the narcissist. A must read for all mental health professionals, people within the legal systems, medical professionals, law enforcement, and anyone that works with families. The Undetected Narcissist is the most comprehensive and enlightening book on the topic of narcissistic traits, behaviors, and how tips and how to reduce trauma. This book conveys: • Learn to read between the lines with written documents • Tools to support law enforcement, mental health professionals, and family law attorneys • Decode and detect the difference between a victim and a narcissist • Decode and detect traits and behaviors, so you are not blindsides or left in the dark • How to create a victim profile and what questions to ask • Discover the difference between normal and abnormal relationships • Realize what a healthy relationship looks like • Learn the differences between an NPD and a covert narcissist • Examples of real-life stories to prove what these traits look like when dealing with a narcissist • Connect the dots between childhood trauma and how a narcissist is created The Undetected Narcissist is a novel of shocking narrative, jubilation, and resiliency. If you are a narcissist, it is never too late to stop hurting the one's you care about. This book can change your life as well as someone you love. It is time to start living instead of existing. We need to stop being trauma ignorant and become trauma informed. This book reveals how one covert narcissist fooled over a dozen professionals within the system. I wrote this book to save lives, empower people, and support families in living a better life. Become empowered with a newfound strength and awareness. I know because my son and I are survivors. This book will change your reality and give you a newfound sense of HOPE!

23 Years of Undetected Crime

Undetected. Crime”. After Boot Camp and ITR (Infantry Training Regiment), I went to my first Duty Station, Jet School (School to become a jet mechanic) at Naval Air Station Millington, TN., just north of Memphis.

Author: Jim Owens

Publisher: Loose Cannon


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 109

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“These stories are all true—TRUST ME.” After a distinguished 20-plus year career with the US Marine Corps, M/Sgt. Jim Owens has gone on to train and inspire new generations High Power Shooting competitors. Passing on his knowledge and expertise via his popular books and videos on markmanship technique, safety and coaching methods. In this autobiography Jim shares his background and upbringing as well as his formative early years in the Marine Corps. Jim went on to both serve on various Marine Corp competitive teams and also coached numerous Marine Corp Rifle teams, including the winning 6-Man Team in the All USMC Championship Matches in 1983. This humorous volume is packed with amusing anecdotes and wild adventures as only Jim can tell them. PRAISE FROM ADVANCE READERS: I read it straight through and laughed, and was well entertained. As I read from story to story I was laughing and laughing and in awe of a lifetime spent in the Marines. —Brian Fitzgerald "Jim's honesty, humor and wit is a perfect blend to make this a great read for any former military person or retiree to relate to." —V.E. Wolfenbargel

The Undetected Enemy

Author: John Robert Nordell

Publisher: Williams-Ford Texas A&M Univer

ISBN: UOM:39015034430226

Category: History

Page: 248

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The French Indo-China War of 1946-54 was one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts of the twentieth century. Dien Bien Phu became the site of the decisive battle of the French Indo-China War. Indeed, the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu set the stage for America's own military involvement in Viet-Nam a decade later. Yet despite its historic importance, there is still uncertainty about why the French chose to fight in a location that, in hindsight, involved such risks. In The Undetected Enemy, John Nordell examines that question by telling the full story of the strategic, tactical, logistical, and intelligence considerations that underlay the French decision. This book also gives close attention to the reaction of the Eisenhower administration to the French seizure of Dien Bien Phu, an important part of the story that, until now, has been overlooked. Using war memoirs, press coverage, and archived documents only recently declassified, the author weaves a compelling narrative of rapidly unfolding developments in Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi, Saigon, and Washington, D.C.

IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin

The probability of correct operation witfi a s-a-l failure is a/j , the probability of a detected error is b/j (two outputs of different parity are activated) and the probability of an undetected error is (j-a-b)/j.

Author: International Business Machines Corporation


ISBN: STANFORD:36105001079040


Page: 534

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