Un Certainly Form Less

This brief collection of poems introduces a new and somewhat strange way of presenting poetry.

Author: C. G. Dahlin


ISBN: 0692697349


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This brief collection of poems introduces a new and somewhat strange way of presenting poetry. The "Grisingistic" style questions the very canvas of the page, resulting in a unique collection that speaks on knowledge, matters of the heart, and tales of forgotten wisdoms.


Ways in and Out of Form Patrick Crowley, Paul Hegarty ... La philosophie entière n'a pas d'autre but : il s'agit de donner une redingote à ce qui est , une redingote ... Turner's work , in Serres's reading , certainly rejects ...

Author: Patrick Crowley

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039100564

Category: Philosophy

Page: 258

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The papers in this volume challenge the concept of form and aim to set out, explore and develop different theories and examples of 'the formless'. In so doing, they raise questions of form, and notions of formlessness (as distinct from something called 'the formless'). The starting point for many of the contributors is Georges Bataille's highly influential article entitled 'informe' ('formless'). Here, in a context where art, philosophy and anthropology were merging, Bataille tried to question the idea of formlessness as simply applying to things without form. This book, through a diversity of articles in various domains, asks how and why 'the formless' is such a dominant idea from the nineteenth century onwards and it asks the question: 'what is formless?'

Boring Formless Nonsense

Certainly one can imagine slips in intonation or uneven bowing and breathing as moments of “excitement” in the ... Works such as Three Voices and Barone's Piano Installations extract an affective response that is decidedly un-sublime.

Author: Eldritch Priest

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441124081

Category: Music

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Boring Formless Nonsense intervenes in an aesthetics of failure that has largely been delimited by the visual arts and its avant-garde legacies. It focuses on contemporary experimental composition in which failure rubs shoulders with the categories of chance, noise, and obscurity. In these works we hear failure anew. We hear boredom, formlessness, and nonsense in a way that gives new purchase to aesthetic, philosophical, and ethical questions that falter in their negative capability. Reshaping debates on failure as an aesthetic category, eldritch Priest shows failure to be a highly dubious concept. The book frames recent experimental composition as a deviant kind of sound art whose affective and formal elements reflect on current issues in contemporary culture, and offers analyses of musical works and performance practices that are rarely heard, let alone considered as significant cultural phenomena - showing the role that obscurity and the esoteric have in articulating current cultural realities. Ambitious in content and experimental in its approach, Boring Formless Nonsense will challenge and fracture your views on failure, creativity, and experimental music.

Mobilities and Foucault

Does this mean that space is reduced to a formless stretch, un-structured because it is not structurable? Certainly not. Although space is definitely conceived as a stretch, it is punctuated with sites of attraction in relation to which ...

Author: Katharina Manderscheid

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317445074

Category: Science

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Although Foucault’s work has been employed and embraced enthusiastically by some ‘mobilities’ scholars, discussion across these two traditions to date has mostly been partial and unsystematic. Yet Foucault’s work can make critical contributions, for example, to thinking about governing mobilities in contemporary societies, while conversely mobilities research opens up new perspectives on Foucault. In combination these bodies of work can illuminate issues as diverse as: the greater interdependencies between mobility systems (e.g. transport, tourism, trade, internet use); the proliferation of the undesired mobilities of viruses, of natural phenomena like fire, of (what is taken to be) criminality and other seemingly inevitable by-products of globalisation; the perceived threats to desirable forms of mobility as constituted by climate change, peak oil and energy security, and terrorism and warfare; and the increased popularity of logics of governance premised on choice, responsibilisation and the (re)coding of phenomena in economic terms under neo-liberalism. Against this background, this book brings together the first major collection of contributions from across the social sciences with a shared interest in both mobilities and Foucauldian thinking. This book was published as a special issue of Mobilities.

Esu Elegbara Chance Uncertainly In Yoruba Mythology

including Bascom and Idowu, subscribe to the theory of Èzù as a phallic symbol, and some less wellYknown Yoruba ... prepackaged symbols and that interprets a form of sculpture in general and foreign terms, completely ignoring the ...

Author: Ogundipe, Ayodele

Publisher: Kwara State University Press

ISBN: 9789789275908

Category: Social Science

Page: 278

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This original work is a two-volume study of Èṣù Ẹlégbára, a Yoruba deity. Volume one consisted of six chapters, three appendices, and a bibliography. The texts of praise poems (orìkí), songs, and narratives selected from research in the field comprise volume two.

Musical Form in the Age of Beethoven

Even the melody in Example 2.4 closes uncertainly and thus insufficiently — at least in the rhythmic domain.We call this sort of tone formation a Gang.“ close of the antecedent close of the consequent '2 [Marxz].

Author: A. B. Marx

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521452740

Category: Music

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A selection of the writings of A. B. Marx, one of the most important German music theorists of his time.

Nietzsche on Tragedy

Furthermore , it is implicit in his presentation that Wagner is the destroyer of pre - existing form , the ... in the Wagnerian tradition such as Richard Strauss , and is certainly not associated with the formless avant - garde .

Author: M. S. Silk

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521272556

Category: Philosophy

Page: 441

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The first comprehensive study of Nietzsche's earliest (and extraordinary) book, The Birth of tragedy.

Romanticism and Form

Certainly (or uncertainly), Romantic-era writers were quickened by the possibilities of producing a semantics of form. ... modernist gesture of self-constitution is less important here than noting the chosen ground: formal practice.

Author: A. Rawes

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230206144

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 231

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This book offers new analyzes of canonical texts, contextualizations of Romantic forms in relation to war, nationalism and empire, reassessments of neglected and marginalized writers and explorations of the relationship between form and reader. It showcases a range of new approaches that are informed by deconstruction, theology and new technology.


I would certainly prefer , if one were going to do this , to do it as part of a package which would also establish the basic outlines ... for payments to a U.N. fund which would then go to the benefit of the less developed countries .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs


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Outer Continental Shelf

I would certainly prefer , if one were going to do this , to do it as part of a package which would also establish the basic outlines ... for payments to a U.N. fund which would then go to the benefit of the less developed countries .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Special Subcommittee on Outer Continental Shelf


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Outer Continental Shelf

I would certainly prefer , if one were going to do this , to do it as part of a package which would also establish the basic outlines ... for payments to a U.N. fund which would then go to the benefit of the less developed countries .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Interior and Insular Affairs


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Because we expect the heat to change the Cs and Sr into a less soluble form , the expected value is somewhat lower than for the impact - dissolution case . The uncertainly limits are intended to account for lack of data and the ...

Author: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission


ISBN: MINN:31951D00830828Z

Category: Nuclear energy


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Jews in the Hellenistic and Roman Cities

Actual and implied readers of Jewish texts With regard to an ancient text, we have access to an author's intention only through the text, and then somewhat uncertainly. That intention may be more or less clearly expressed in the form ...

Author: John R. Bartlett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134663989

Category: History

Page: 264

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Articles examine the city of Jerusalem and other Jewish communities of the Mediterranean diaspora, as reflected in the writings of Luke, Josephus and Philo. Topics covered include social identity, everyday life and religious practice. This will be of interest to students of Roman history, biblical studies, ancient Judaism and Hellenistic history.

The Lower Eocene Floras of Southeastern North America

The family is remarkable for somewhat uncertainly determined fruits from containing no less than 9 monotypic genera . ... Since the group is scarcely if at all repanother form from the Upper Cretaceous or resented in the existing or ...

Author: Edward Wilber Berry


ISBN: NYPL:33433011683640

Category: Paleobotany

Page: 481

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Classics of Buddhism and Zen Transmission of light Unlocking the Zen Koan The original face Timeless spring Zen antics Record of things heard Sleepless nights

Do you consider it to have form ? Do you consider it formless ? He was clinging uncertainly to the views of existence and nonexistence ; that is why Kapimala taught him as he did . Actually , even if it is a worldly jewel , when you ...

Author: Thomas F. Cleary

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 1570628343

Category: Religion

Page: 912

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Presents instructions, meditation guides, quotations, letters, essays, dialogues, and other writings by Zen masters over the centuries that were translated and published over a period of thirty years.

Distrusting Educational Technology

Thus we need to pursue a critical form of scrutiny which is perhaps less forward-looking, often less obvious and certainly less confirmatory than is usually found in academic writing on educational technology.

Author: Neil Selwyn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134607693

Category: Education

Page: 196

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Distrusting Educational Technology critically explores the optimistic consensus that has arisen around the use of digital technology in education. Drawing on a variety of theoretical and empirical perspectives, this book shows how apparently neutral forms of educational technology have actually served to align educational provision and practices with neo-liberal values, thereby eroding the nature of education as a public good and moving it instead toward the individualistic tendencies of twenty-first century capitalism. Following a wide-ranging interrogation of the ideological dimensions of educational technology, this book examines in detail specific types of digital technology in use in education today, including virtual education, ‘open’ courses, digital games, and social media. It then concludes with specific recommendations for fairer forms of educational technology. An ideal read for anyone interested in the fast-changing nature of contemporary education, Distrusting Educational Technology comprises an ambitious and much-needed critique.

The Shag Incident

he asked, uncertainly. Stambach's only response was to mark the form once more. 'One hundred less seven?' He had not yet given the patient any eye contact, Franca observed wonderingly. It was if he intended to engender deeper anxiety in ...

Author: Stephanie Johnson

Publisher: Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited

ISBN: 9781869796365

Category: Fiction

Page: 295

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Darkly satirical and wickedly funny, this prize-winning novel takes a tilt at a wide range of contemporary matters. What happened that connects a diverse group of characters, along with an ex-All Black and an elephant? The people who committed the act of revenge in 1985 thought it was perfectly executed. Twenty years on, the truth is revealed, the truth about the deception that started it all. From sexual stereotyping to militant feminism, the machismo of the All Blacks to new age beliefs, psychiatry to womb burial and naming ceremonies, nothing is safe from the razor-sharp wit of this superb writer. This novel won the Deutz Medal for Fiction in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards.

The Routledge Companion to Historical Studies

... Hempel's scientific model described above) surely must give way to another form of argument, a fuzzier, less deterministic model? Explaining why, for example, the process of capitalist industrialisation tends to occur uncertainly, ...

Author: Alun Munslow

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134667628

Category: History

Page: 288

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With twenty-nine new entries, and updated existing ones, this new edition provides a much-needed critical introduction to the key issues, historians and philosophers and their ideas and theories which have prompted the rethinking of history.

The European Research University

European case, however, the massive growth of the higher education systems took the form, not of structural renewal ... at least not during the last 25 years and certainly not in comparison to other higher education systems (Kerr 2001; ...

Author: Guy Neave

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137100795

Category: Social Science

Page: 190

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In a modern Europe, even with 900 years of history and learning behind it, the European Research University faces major challenges on multiple fronts. This book maps out both the present and the long-term issues that the European Research University must now tackle.

The Golden Lyre

neglected by contemporary poets , to dismiss the form as obsolete would be precipitate , to say the least . ... They have usually resulted in hybrid forms that waver uncertainly between prosaic verse and poetic prose .

Author: Louis J. Fattorosi


ISBN: UOM:39015041748313

Category: Drama

Page: 165

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