Un Certainly Form Less

This brief collection of poems introduces a new and somewhat strange way of presenting poetry.

Author: C. G. Dahlin


ISBN: 0692697349


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This brief collection of poems introduces a new and somewhat strange way of presenting poetry. The "Grisingistic" style questions the very canvas of the page, resulting in a unique collection that speaks on knowledge, matters of the heart, and tales of forgotten wisdoms.

Esu Elegbara Chance Uncertainly In Yoruba Mythology

including Bascom and Idowu, subscribe to the theory of Èzù as a phallic symbol,
and some less wellYknown Yoruba ... of an approach that comes with its own
prepared, prepackaged symbols and that interprets a form of sculpture in general

Author: Ogundipe, Ayodele

Publisher: Kwara State University Press

ISBN: 9789789275908

Category: Social Science

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This original work is a two-volume study of Èṣù Ẹlégbára, a Yoruba deity. Volume one consisted of six chapters, three appendices, and a bibliography. The texts of praise poems (orìkí), songs, and narratives selected from research in the field comprise volume two.

The Literary panorama

... however , does not conceive thewe infer with certainty their shape , size , deep
antiquity attributed to this instru - and general form . ... Dublin ) , to be un - ven
strings ; it appears to be proper for questionable ; although in construction it a
female to carry ; she might eveo ... insolent and plete state ; for in its less perfect
conabusive , even to ladies of quality , it was struction three strings is the pumber
frenot ...



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The Literary Panorama and National Register

A difference of no less than sixty to His “ Works ” have formerly come un one
between two writers , both mathe der our notice , and certainly form vo - maticians
, both demonstrators ! lumes of high importance to a man Sixty to one , is a
fearsul ...



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Musical Form in the Age of Beethoven

Could periods also be formed with an opposite shape, with a descending
antecedent and ascending consequent? ... Even the melody in Example 2.4
closes uncertainly and thus insufficiently — at least in the rhythmic domain.We
call this sort ...

Author: A. B. Marx

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521452740

Category: Music

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A selection of the writings of A. B. Marx, one of the most important German music theorists of his time.

A Dictionary of the English Language

Go , mortals , now , and vex yourselves in vain Let him fly far : For wealth , which
so uncertainly must come : Not in this land shall he remain uncaught ... that
cannot be known at all , or but very imperUNCA'utious . adj . Not wary ; heedfectly
and uncertainly . Locke . less . ... As the form of our publick service is not
voBlackmort . luntary , so neither are the parts thereof un UNCHANGED . adj .
urtain ; but they ...

Author: Samuel Johnson


ISBN: NYPL:33433070243393

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Gaulish Personal Names

In these it is possible to recognize , albeit uncertainly , a few forms which are
probably Celtic personal names . ... They have , therefore , been preserved in a
more or less garbled form , a fate which not infrequently attends the early
discovery of ...

Author: D. Ellis Evans

Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon P

ISBN: UOM:39015028567306

Category: Names, Personal

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Classics of Buddhism and Zen Transmission of light Unlocking the Zen Koan The original face Timeless spring Zen antics Record of things heard Sleepless nights

Nagarjuna asked , “ This jewel is the ultimate treasure of the world ; does it have
form , or is it formless ? " In reality , Nagarjuna knew to begin with . Do you
consider it to have form ? Do you consider it formless ? He was clinging
uncertainly to ...

Author: Thomas F. Cleary

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 1570628343

Category: Religion

Page: 912

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Presents instructions, meditation guides, quotations, letters, essays, dialogues, and other writings by Zen masters over the centuries that were translated and published over a period of thirty years.

A Compendium of the Cybele Britannica

Such will be the case when the distribution of the aggregate , as before set forth ,
will too uncertainly represent that of any ... aggregate would perhaps less well
represent that of the segregate retaining the like name , as its typical form , than it

Author: Hewett Cottrell Watson


ISBN: BL:A0017590738

Category: Botany

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The American Standard of Orthography and Pronunciation and Improved Dictionary of the English Language Abridged for the Use of Schools

To Forfend , för - find ' . v . a . to pre- Formless , fòrm'lés : a . shapeless . vent , to
fórbid . [ sive . Formula , för'mů - lå . s . a prescribed ... Forgot , för - gót. 2 p . pass .
of Forsooth , fồr - sdóth . ad . in truth , Forgotten , för - gôi'un . S forget . not
certainly , very well . remembered , To Forswear , fór - swåre ' . v . a , to reFork ,
förk ...

Author: Burgiss ALLISON


ISBN: BL:A0019426985

Category: English language

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Cobbett s Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Present Time

... and cordial love , did form and compose , or did assist in forming and true and
due obedience , which they , as and composing an army ... to say to which of
these mooths , much public and solemn manner as king of these less to what day
of either of these months , the realms . ... My lords , can any thing manner would
be ; this being a proceeding of be more uncertainly alleged , than to say that the
same ...

Author: Thomas Bayly Howell


ISBN: BSB:BSB10394024

Category: Trials


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The Lower Eocene Floras of Southeastern North America

The family is remarkable for somewhat uncertainly determined fruits from
containing no less than 9 monotypic genera . ... Since the group is scarcely if at
all repanother form from the Upper Cretaceous or resented in the existing or
fossil floras ...

Author: Edward Wilber Berry


ISBN: NYPL:33433011683640

Category: Paleobotany

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The Golden Lyre

neglected by contemporary poets , to dismiss the form as obsolete would be
precipitate , to say the least . As Levin reminds us ... They have usually resulted in
hybrid forms that waver uncertainly between prosaic verse and poetic prose .

Author: Louis J. Fattorosi


ISBN: UOM:39015041748313

Category: Drama

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The Garden

The motilidge are very ovenly never be very widely grown , for it is very un
certainly no other Sweet Pea anything like it ... Beacon is a carmine and cream bi
- colour of There is less purple in it than in either of the Its size and shape are
also ...



ISBN: UCAL:C2580151

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The Concordance to The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud

CERTAINLY . CERTAINLY 1917 just as she did her father , certainly emanated
from the which meets the most ... thing would certainly follow from the to us than
the truth , and certainly , for most of us , than mountain - top ; but they certainly
form a ... it will certainly have been in the course of my complaint , I should
certainly have been less fitted though they too must ... two processes , which
certainly have to be kept was to appear , I should certainly have written : We may
un chat un chat .

Author: Samuel A. Guttman

Publisher: New York, N.Y. : International Universities Press

ISBN: UVA:X000824494

Category: Psychoanalysis

Page: 5512

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KWIC concordance to James Strachey's English translation of Freud's complete works.

The academy

His mother was as honest a essay , is partially favourable and partially un-
certainly are more than 100 exceeding in ... a way of speaking less appropriate
than It may interest some of your readers to learn fore feel convinced " that
Chabas ( L'Antiquité he would otherwise have chosen . ... though the term may
not be I can learn is unique , forms part of the library of and that stone weapons
and implements ...



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The Academy and Literature

There is Weld , " just as Acotain , Amalain , Ilundain , Zu- heads , and the smallest
of them does certainly not thus a curious ... favourable and partially un certainly
are more than 100 exceeding in size two woman as ever broke bread ; she and I
have ... IobBut , wonderful to relate , there was found among jected less to his
adoption of the term , than to that them a bronze battle - axe , the shape of which
re ...



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The Book of Disquietude

Symphony of a Restless Night Everything was sleeping as if the o universe were
a mistake ; and the wind , wafting uncertainly , was a formless flag unfurled over a
non - existent army post12 . The high , strong gusts rent nothing at all , and the ...

Author: Bernardo Soares

Publisher: Sheep Meadow Press

ISBN: UOM:39015047056653

Category: Fiction

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"There is a distinguished mind at work beneath the totally acceptable dullness of clerking. The mind is that of Pessoa. We must be given the chance to learn more about him."-Anthony Burgess, "Observer" Seated at his desk in the Lisbon's Rua dos Douradores, Bernardo Soares, an assistant book-keeper, writes his diary-a self-deprecating reflection on the sheer distance between the loftiness of his feelings and the humdrum reality of his everyday life. "This is a prize-winning translation of a classic of existential literature-a book acknowledged by the critics as "the most beautiful diary of the century." Fernando Pessoa grew up in Durban, South Africa, where his stepfather was Portuguese consul. He returned to Lisbon in 1905 and worked as a clerk until his death in 1935.