Tudor Textiles

Another reason for the ubiquity of textiles in Tudor décor and ceremony lies in their portability. The royal court moved on a regular basis, and the ability to reconstruct magnificent surroundings quickly in different locations was ...

Author: Eleri Lynn

Publisher: Yale University Press

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A detailed study of Tudor textiles, highlighting their extravagant beauty and their impact on the royal court, fashion, and taste At the Tudor Court, textiles were ubiquitous in decor and ceremony. Tapestries, embroideries, carpets, and hangings were more highly esteemed than paintings and other forms of decorative art. Indeed, in 16th-century Europe, fine textiles were so costly that they were out of reach for average citizens, and even for many nobles. This spectacularly illustrated book tells the story of textiles during the long Tudor century, from the ascendance of Henry VII in 1485 to the death of his granddaughter Elizabeth I in 1603. It places elaborate tapestries, imported carpets, lavish embroidery, and more within the context of religious and political upheavals of the Tudor court, as well as the expanding world of global trade, including previously unstudied encounters between the New World and the Elizabethan court. Special attention is paid to the Field of the Cloth of Gold, a magnificent two-week festival—and unsurpassed display of golden textiles—held in 1520. Even half a millennium later, such extraordinary works remain Tudor society’s strongest projection of wealth, taste, and ultimately power.

Writing Mary I

Tudor Textiles. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2020. Paranque, Estelle. “Mary Tudor: A Reassessment of 'Bloody Mary.” Art UK, July 20, 2020, https://artuk.org/discover/stories/mary-tudor-a-reassessment-ofbloody-mary.

Author: Valerie Schutte

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Tudor England

Here a Tudor textile worker But not everybody prospered . The gap between rich and poor widened markedly . The cost of food and other essential goods required by the average artisan family increased fivefold during the 16th century ...

Author: Peter Brimacombe

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The Tudor age was a pivotal period of English history. In little more than a century, the nation was transformed from a medieval kingdom to a modern state, from an insignificant offshore island to a major world power.

Tudor Stuart Fabrics

Any representative collection of Tudor fabrics must include a number of garments of both men and women ; especially rich were the kirtle , or gown , with its ' pair ' of bodies , the stomacher or ' forepart of the women ; the doublet ...

Author: Cyril George Edward Bunt


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Embroidering Her Truth

... Tudor Textiles (London and New Haven: Yale University Press, 2020) Mikhaila, N., and J. Malcolm-Davies, The Tudor Tailor: Reconstructing Sixteenth-Century Dress (London: Batsford, 2006) Reynolds, A., In Fine Style: the Art of Tudor ...

Author: Clare Hunter

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I felt that Mary was there, pulling at my sleeve, willing me to appreciate the artistry, wanting me to understand the dazzle of the material world that shaped her. At her execution Mary, Queen of Scots wore red. Widely known as the colour of strength and passion, it was in fact worn by Mary as the Catholic symbol of martyrdom. In sixteenth-century Europe women's voices were suppressed and silenced. Even for a queen like Mary, her prime duty was to bear sons. In an age when textiles expressed power, Mary exploited them to emphasise her female agency. From her lavishly embroidered gowns as the prospective wife of the French Dauphin to the fashion dolls she used to encourage a Marian style at the Scottish court and the subversive messages she embroidered in captivity for her supporters, Mary used textiles to advance her political agenda, affirm her royal lineage and tell her own story. In this eloquent cultural biography, Clare Hunter exquisitely blends history, politics and memoir to tell the story of a queen in her own voice.

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Novel Smart Textiles

Paul, G.; Torah, R.; Beeby, S.; Tudor, J. The development of screen printed conductive networks on textiles for biopotential monitoring applications. Sens. Actuators A Phys. 2014, 206, 35–41. [CrossRef] 8. Mondal, K. Recent Advances in ...

Author: George K. Stylios

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The sensing, adapting, responding, multifunctionality, low energy, small size and weight, ease of forming, and low-cost attributes of smart textiles and their multidisciplinary scope offer numerous end uses in medical, sports and fitness, military, fashion, automotive, aerospace, the built environment, and energy industries. The research and development on these new and high-value materials cross scientific boundaries, redefine material science design and engineering, and enhance quality of life and our environment. “Novel Smart Textiles” is a focused Special Issue that reports the latest research of this field and facilitates dissemination, networking, discussion, and debate.

Medieval Clothing and Textiles

Portuguese ships would load up with rare textiles of all types, including bed canopies and quilts, and bring them back to ... like Arthur Tudor, his wife's dowry, which technically became his property, would thus be controlled by his ...

Author: Robin Netherton

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The best new research on medieval clothing and textiles, drawing from a range of disciplines and with a special focus on reconstruction.

Rich Apparel

Signs of Self Definition : Textiles in Henry VIII's England a Clothing was central to the way that a person presented ... establishes the social , religious and national significance of textiles in the lives of Tudor men and women .

Author: Maria Hayward

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

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English dress in the second half of the sixteenth century has been studied in depth, yet remarkably little has been written on the earlier years, or indeed on male clothing for the whole century. The few studies that do cover these neglected areas have tended to be quite general, focusing upon garments rather than the wearers. As such this present volume fills an important gap by providing a detailed analysis of not only what people wore in Henry's reign, but why. By combining considerations of primary sources with modern scholarly analysis, this book is invaluable for anyone with an interest in the history of fashion, clothing, and consumption in Tudor society.

Interior Decoration

... 233 Temperament and colour , 29 Textiles , Elizabethan , 179 Textiles of Henry II , 136 Textiles of Louis XVI , 168 Textiles of the regency , 156 Textiles , Tudor , 184 Textures , 103-107 Wall , ceiling and floor , Law for , 33 Wall ...

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