Try to Get Lost

Explores the quest for place that compels and defines us through the author's travels in Europe and the United States

Author: Joan Frank


ISBN: 0826361374

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â oeTry to Get Lost is a bold, engaging disquisition on the perils and promises of travel: both cranky and wise, worldly and cultivated, humorous and rueful, its every sentence sparkles. All in all, it is thoroughly entertaining, a sophisticated pleasure.â �â "Phillip Lopate, author of A Motherâ (TM)s Tale

Looking To Get Lost

You might talk to a technician, and he might tell you how pitiful the mix was and
all that—but goddamn, but goddamn, boy, ... “He told me one time, they were
trying to get us to change, to do something different to try to get ahead, and he
said, ...

Author: Peter Guralnick

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316412643

Category: Music

Page: 576

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By the bestselling author of Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll and Last Train the Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, this dazzling new book of profiles is not so much a summation as a culmination of Peter Guralnick’s remarkable work, which from the start has encompassed the full sweep of blues, gospel, country, and rock 'n' roll. It covers old ground from new perspectives, offering deeply felt, masterful, and strikingly personal portraits of creative artists, both musicians and writers, at the height of their powers. “You put the book down feeling that its sweep is vast, that you have read of giants who walked among us,” rock critic Lester Bangs wrote of Guralnick’s earlier work in words that could just as easily be applied to this new one. And yet, for all of the encomiums that Guralnick’s books have earned for their remarkable insights and depth of feeling, Looking to Get Lost is his most personal book yet. For readers who have grown up on Guralnick’s unique vision of the vast sweep of the American musical landscape, who have imbibed his loving and lively portraits and biographies of such titanic figures as Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and Sam Phillips, there are multiple surprises and delights here, carrying on and extending all the themes, fascinations, and passions of his groundbreaking earlier work.

Growing Up Without Getting Lost

About ten minutes after Anne would leave the house, her mom would get a
phone call. Sure enough, it would be Anne, panicky, frustrated, and lost. “Mom, I
need your help. Which way do I go?” Anne wasn't dumb. She wasn't trying to get

Author: Melissa Trevathan

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310862383

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

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There was a time, not so long ago, when everything in life seemed pretty simple. You had great friends, you got along with your parents (most of the time!), and you were pretty happy with the way your life was. But suddenly, it seems like everything is changing. Your friends expect way too much from you, and often let you down. You fight with your parents more than you’d like, and they never seem to be happy with you. You just don’t understand why your life seems so chaotic now. Melissa and Sissy, the authors of this book, think they can help you figure out some of the big questions inundating your mind:• Who am I? • What do I want? • What should I do? • Who do I want to be? While they’re no longer teenagers, Melissa and Sissy remember a bit about their entry into teenage life. But more than that, they talk with girls who are a lot like you every day—girls who are feeling pressure from everyone around them, who are feeling like they’re changing in ways they don’t understand—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and they feel like their lives are out of their own control. If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions above, or if you just don’t know why you feel like everything is changing and you miss the “good old days” of Barbies and board games, this book can help you understand who you are and give you hope for who you are becoming.

LIFE searching for the handle and trying to get a grip

From the darkness the voices sound out more clearly, “Stay here with us, we are
many! The way is easy ... I reason, “There is comfort in the darkness if I have
company.” Comfort... but ... And when I try to run ahead of the light, I get lost. If I
don't ...

Author: Lilly Bigelow


ISBN: 9781411606463

Category: Poetry

Page: 124

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SOMETIMES LIFE JUST HURTS.... THIS BOOK IS ABOUT HOW TO COPE AND WHY TO HOPE. The underlying theme of the book is that life is complicated and sometimes downright painful... but there is hope. If we don't give up the search for a handle on LIFE... we will "get a grip." (CLICK ON BOOK COVER FOR MORE INFORMATION)

Arcane Forest Get Lost in Worlds of Fantasy and Awe

“Why are they doing this?” “I don't know,” said Amy. “We were all brought in here
within the last twentyfour hours.” “Have you tried to escape?” I said, lowering my
voice as I eyed the barn door. Tara snorted. “Hell no, genius. That didn't cross ...

Author: W.J. May

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing


Category: Fiction


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ARCANE FOREST Get Lost in Worlds of Fantasy and Awe! Read 9 different first books from 9 different Fantasy (romance) series. We hope you enjoy the books you are about to read and meet some new characters to love! Book 1 by W.J. May – Rae of Hope Book 2 by Chrissy Peebles – Eternal Vows Book 3 by Kaitlyn Davis – The Golden Cage Book 4 by C.J. Pinard – Eternal Immortals Book 5 by Kristen Middleton - Wicked Book 6 by Karin De Havin – Jin in Time Book 7 by Natasha Brown – Fledgling Book 8 by Emma Shade – Finding Obscurity Book 9 by Kate Thomas – Resounding Truth NOTE: These are all First-in-a-Series books. Some may end on cliff hangers. Keywords: Free, Freebie, Vampire, Wolf, werewolf, sexy alpha, free fantasy, supernatural, comic book, free paranormal, witch, paranormal romance, fantasy series

Hope Is Not Lost

There are many teens and young adults trying to find their identity by our culture.
Others have their identities wrapped up in work. For men, this is an important
topic, as men often develop their identities based on what kind of work they do.

Author: Derrin Drake

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449753450

Category: Religion

Page: 130

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Are you depressed? Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel distant from God? There are many Christians who suffer from depression, but many feel alone in their struggle with it. There is still much stigma attached to the illness of depression, but this stigma is two-fold for Christians. They have stigma attached to them not only from society as a whole, but also in the place where they are supposed to find support and understanding-the church. Those suffering from depression may see the cause of their depression attributed to being weak, not being a good Christian, not having enough faith, or having some hidden sin. If a Christian is receiving care through a community agency that provides counseling, psychiatric services, or case management services, there is a tendency to find limited support for their Christian views or encouragement from the Bible. In this guide, author Derrin Drake relies on his twelve years of work experience in the mental health field as well as the Bible to provide hope, encouragement, stability, and direction through the illness of depression. Regardless of where a person is at in dealing with the illness of depression, "Hope Is Not Lost: Staying Connected with God in the Midst of Depression" can help you once again feel connected to God, find encouragement, find strength, and find hope for the journey.

Get Lost

will be consumed with inviting others to love Him too. So why didn't I try to solve
the theological confusion in my friend on the airplane? Well, I did. Let me explain.
A Sunday Smackdown or Was It? No one has ever won someone to Christ by ...

Author: Dannah Gresh

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 9780307730640

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Have you ever ditched a friend for a guy? Filled your journal with more thoughts about guys than God? Found yourself jealous because that other girl gets all the dates? Maybe it’s time to get lost—in God. Discover how to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find you. Dannah Gresh traces God’s language of love through Scripture to help you pursue your heart’s deepest desires and seek love the way God designed it to be. Because once you identify your true longings and let God answer them, you’ll know just how to respond when romantic love comes along. With a guided ten-day Love Feast Challenge, Get Lost will help you see for yourself how getting lost in God opens the door to lifelong fulfillment.

Saving Lost Souls

“Listen here you Bastard, I'd watch your ass if I were you” “Oh, and you think that
you can scare me, well since I saw you on the news, I've learn more about you
than you know and if you ever try to get close me, the next victim will be your son.

Author: Manon Riendeau

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469149547

Category: Fiction

Page: 387

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Who know what life hold for us, for Jackie Johansson her life change after a life threatening car accident gave her a new ability, to communicate with the dead, however she wasnt expecting that her own life would be in danger just by helping out ghosts. A change for better or for worse? Only time will tell what her future hold for her and her son as she embark in an adventure of finding a serial killer while keeping her sanity. Will she make it out alive? Or will she become a ghost herself?

You Choose Can You Survive Being Lost at Sea

Kat and another diver, Ian, are struggling with an inflatable lifeboat. It's so large
that each time they try to get it into the water, the wind pulls it away. You grab one
side, and together you manage to get it upright. As you try to drop the boat ...

Author: Allison Louise Lassieur

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9781476542317

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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You're in the middle of the ocean. The blazing sun beats down on you mercilessly. There's water everywhere but you can't drink it. How will you stay alive until help reaches you? Will you: Work to save yourself and others when your small airplane crashes at sea? Battle a fierce storm as a passenger on a chartered sailboat in the Caribbean? Try to survive alone on a small fishing boat stalled off the coast of Maine?

Lost Patrol

“You are truly a man of valor, Major Boyd Locklin! This man lies about you, tries to
get me to kill you while letting him live, and when all you have to do is let him fall,
you go the trouble to spare his life for a little longer! You amaze me, killer of my ...

Author: Morgan Hill

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9780307779670

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Lieutenant Boyd Locklin's assignment to escort a wagon train through Apache territory ends in the massacre of those around him - but he emerges with a pretty young woman, the lone survivor. He goes on to acquire bitter enemies and face life-or-death duels - unharmed. But what will happen when he leaves his family for the unknown horizon of the Civil War? Will he emerge from prison camps and rattlesnake pits with the same carefree courage as before? Follow Locklin on an incredible itinerary of hair-raising battles with death! A Man Who Laughs at Peril When Lieutenant Boyd Locklin arrives at the wagon train he is supposed to escort through Apache territory, what he finds is a massacre. Later, Locklin withstands yet another Indian attack to find a pretty young woman - the massacre's sole survivor - by his side. What will happen next, as he leaves his growing family for the shadows of the Civil War? Who can say how long Boyd's carefree courage will last, through close encounters with men and rattlesnakes...

The Lost Fleet Dauntless

They'll try to slip some ships past you.” A minute later, Michael Geary shook his
head again. “They won't make it. I'll have clean shots at their flanks when they try.
” The grin finally wavered and went away. “This isn't easy, is it? I understand a bit

Author: Jack Campbell

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101158565

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Captain John “Black Jack” Geary’s legendary exploits are known to every schoolchild. Revered for his heroic “last stand” in the early days of the war, he was presumed dead. But a century later, Geary miraculously returns from survival hibernation and reluctantly takes command of the Alliance Fleet as it faces annihilation by the Syndic. Appalled by the hero-worship around him, Geary is nevertheless a man who will do his duty. And he knows that bringing the stolen Syndic hypernet key safely home is the Alliance’s one chance to win the war. But to do that, Geary will have to live up to the impossibly heroic “Black Jack” legend...

Lost Boy Lost Girl

I was trying to get us to America, she wasn't afraid. Whatever I was doing was fine
with her. I was getting really excited. I just wanted to get away. I was running
away from marriage. Within the month, I found out that our applications had been

Author: John Bul Dau

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426307294

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 128

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One of thousands of children who fled strife in southern Sudan, John Bul Dau survived hunger, exhaustion, and violence. His wife, Martha, endured similar hardships. In this memorable book, the two convey the best of African values while relating searing accounts of famine and war. There’s warmth as well, in their humorous tales of adapting to American life. For its importance as a primary source, for its inclusion of the rarely told female perspective of Sudan’s lost children, for its celebration of human resilience, this is the perfect story to inform and inspire young readers.

The Lost American

'We had lunch at the embassy.' 'Can you believe it!' 'Professionally, yes,' said
Brinkman. He was trying to be fair as well as guide the conversation. 'But he
knew how I felt!' 'It's a very important time here, just now,' said Brinkman, steering

Author: Brian Freemantle

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781453226544

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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A new British operative in Moscow becomes mired in a web of deceit The KGB is never surprised. When Jeremy Brinkman’s file lands on the director’s desk, informing him of the new British cultural attaché, the spymaster knows what it means: The Queen has a new agent working in Moscow. To the director, Jeremy is simply another small concern—something to be contained and controlled. But this new spy is not one for control. Jeremy joined the secret service to get away from his father, and he took an assignment in Moscow because it was supposed to mean autonomy. What he finds there is something else: a suffocating world of expatriates who each night hold the same cocktail parties and tell the same anecdotes. Beneath the façade something big is brewing, but to get to the truth Jeremy will have to navigate a strange society where the diplomats are never as dangerous as their wives. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Brian Freemantle including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.

Lost Truth

That you're madness. That I might go feral if I listen to you!” “Silla!” Alissa cried,
seeing in her the desire to flee. “Ask Keribdis about Lodesh Stryska. He's a
Keeper. He's here at the Hold. Blond hair, green eyes, always trying to get me to

Author: Dawn Cook

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440620008

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Fourth in the sensational series featuring Alissa, a young student of magic whose rebellious nature puts her life in danger.

The Year s Best Science Fiction Twenty First Annual Collection

“How have you tried to locate him?” “Credit card records—they end on June 17,
when he buys a lot of euros at American Express in Paris. After that, he must
have paid for everything with cash.” “He really did try to get lost, didn't he?”
Michelle ...

Author: Gardner Dozois

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429903844

Category: Fiction

Page: 704

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The stories in this collection imaginatively take readers far across the universe, into the very core of their beings, to the realm of the Gods, and to the moment just after now. Included are the works of masters of the form and the bright new talents of tomorrow. This book is a valuable resource in addition to serving as the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination and the heart.

The Lost Civil War Diaries

Our conscience was easy for we had not a d----d thing. I tried to go to sleep. Jim
didn't try at all - he just fell into it naturally. The more I tried to sleep the more I
couldn't do it. I heard, not far off, something I knew was a wounded man, and as
long ...

Author: Timothy J. Regan

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781553956563

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 367

View: 441


Now after 141 years, these diaries originally compiled in two manuscripts, are being published for the first time unedited and in thier entirety. Rarely are any new discoveries made of the written material on the American Civil War and this may be the last major find of Civil War period literature.

Lost at School

Why Our Kids with Behavioral Challenges are Falling Through the Cracks and
How We Can Help Them Ross W. ... Mr. Bartlett: I think he knows enough about
how our classroom works to know that you aren't trying to get him into trouble.

Author: Ross W. Greene

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416583677

Category: Education

Page: 304

View: 520


From a distinguished clinician, pioneer in working with behaviorally challenging kids, and author of the acclaimed The Explosive Child comes a groundbreaking approach for understanding and helping these kids and transforming school discipline. Frequent visits to the principal's office. Detentions. Suspensions. Expulsions. These are the established tools of school discipline for kids who don't abide by school rules, have a hard time getting along with other kids, don't seem to respect authority, don't seem interested in learning, and are disrupting the learning of their classmates. But there's a big problem with these strategies: They are ineffective for most of the students to whom they are applied. It's time for a change in course. Here, Dr. Ross W. Greene presents an enlightened, clear-cut, and practical alternative. Relying on research from the neurosciences, Dr. Greene offers a new conceptual framework for understanding the difficulties of kids with behavioral challenges and explains why traditional discipline isn't effective at addressing these difficulties. Emphasizing the revolutionarily simple and positive notion that kids do well if they can, he persuasively argues that kids with behavioral challenges are not attention-seeking, manipulative, limit-testing, coercive, or unmotivated, but that they lack the skills to behave adaptively. And when adults recognize the true factors underlying difficult behavior and teach kids the skills in increments they can handle, the results are astounding: The kids overcome their obstacles; the frustration of teachers, parents, and classmates diminishes; and the well-being and learning of all students are enhanced. In Lost at School, Dr. Greene describes how his road-tested, evidence-based approach -- called Collaborative Problem Solving -- can help challenging kids at school. His lively, compelling narrative includes: • tools to identify the triggers and lagging skills underlying challenging behavior. • explicit guidance on how to radically improve interactions with challenging kids -- along with many examples showing how it's done. • dialogues, Q & A's, and the story, which runs through the book, of one child and his teachers, parents, and school. • practical guidance for successful planning and collaboration among teachers, parents, administrations, and kids. Backed by years of experience and research, and written with a powerful sense of hope and achievable change, Lost at School gives teachers and parents the realistic strategies and information to impact the classroom experience of every challenging kid.

Pow Wows Or the Long lost Friend

Take a black chicken, in the morning or evening, cut its head off and throw it upon
the ground ; cut its stomach out, yet leave it altogether ; then try to get a piece of a
shirt which was worn by a chaste virgin during her terms, and cut out a piece ...

Author: John George Hohman

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 9781616403843

Category: Fiction

Page: 98

View: 245


An invaluable relic of early 19th-century Americana, this collection of spells, incantations, and remedies is an example of that fascinating blend of Christian prayer and folk magic known as "hoodoo," which is still practiced in some areas of Pennsylvania Dutch country. In this classic work, first published in the German language in 1820 and translated into English in 1828, Hohman shares his secret magic for: curing hysterics protecting oneself against slander attaching a dog to a person making a wand for searching for iron or water preventing malicious persons from doing injury curing the poll-evil in horses mending broken glass making cattle return home destroying rats and mice making a candle wick that is never consumed charming guns and other arms and much more. Folk enchanter JOHN GEORGE HOHMAN emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1802. Not much is known about his life prior to then but once in the US he settled in a Pennsylvania Dutch community. He was a book printer and collected herbal remedies while studying charms and different ways to heal with magic.

Get Lost

Maoz Falafel (see Restaurants, below) are delicious and one of the best deals in
town: You can stuff yourself for only €4. Burp! The quality and origin of the meat is
a little dubious, but for shoarma take-away try the Damstraat (just east of Dam ...

Author: John Sinclair

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9789076499086

Category: Travel

Page: 200

View: 838


Get Lost! is back. The new, 11th edition sizzles with the freshest and most exciting things to do in Amsterdam. Opinionated, but never irreverent, Get Lost! remains the only guide to cover Amsterdam's underground culture accurately and extensively. Get Lost! leads travelers to the cheapest, funkiest and most delicious spots in town: Inexpensive organic restaurants, cool bars and clubs, an array of alternative museums and galleries, mind-expanding cafes, one- of- a-kind shops, theme hotels--even the kinkiest Red-Light-District corners. Readers trust the Cool Guide for practical information that every visitor needs--accommodation, transport, weather, etc. But they also read it for the lowdown on more obscure topics, like local pirate radio, fair trade cannabis and the Amsterdam squat scene. As always, Get Lost! is printed on post consumer paper and uses soy-based ink. With this legendary guide, every traveler has a cool friend in Amsterdam.

Lost Voices from the Titanic

A moving account comes from Celiney Decker, married only fifty days earlier,
who lost her husband, Antoni. She describes their moment of parting—his
attempts to join her in the lifeboat, followed by her struggles to get back on board
the ...

Author: Nick Barratt

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 0230106269

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 646


On April 15, 1912, the HMS Titanic sank, killing 1,517 people and leaving the rest clinging to debris in the frozen waters of the North Atlantic awaiting rescue. Here, historian Nick Barratt tells the ship's full story, starting from its original conception and design by owners and naval architects at the White Star Line through its construction at the shipyards in Belfast. Lost Voices From the Titanic offers tales of incredible folly and unimaginable courage—the aspirations of the owners, the efforts of the crew, and of course, the eyewitness accounts from those lucky enough to survive. In narrating the definitive history of the famous ship, Barratt draws from never before seen archive material and eyewitness accounts by participants at every stage of the Titanic's life. These long-lost voices bring new life to those heartbreaking moments on the fateful Sunday night when families were torn apart and the legend of the Titanic was cemented in our collective imagination.