True Bums

I'm a bum and I'll always be a bum . ... Long procession of remorseful BUMS , each holds a dandelion , slowly step along platform into cab , exit other side without ... SD - 80 ENGINE CAB DAY BUMS lay True Bums - A Comedy Screenplay - 112 -

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 0916367266

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 124

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Comedy screenplay. Three rich men become railroad hoboes in search of utopia, until the wives find out and the great railroad chase begins. A romantic Christmas story. If you like trains, you (TM)ll love True Bums.

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

This self - serving tale did not ring true . Bums must have known that it was Saturday , and that he was not scheduled to work beyond 11:30 a.m. that day . He had not worked on Saturday for more than a year , and , apparently , was ...

Author: United States. National Labor Relations Board


ISBN: OSU:32437000751699

Category: Labor laws and legislation


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True Story

We're like two pervert bums who go to the park in the day and abuse the facilities and corrupt youths.” “Yeah,” Buck countered, “but there's one big difference between those kind of bums and us.” “What's that?” Shit giggled.

Author: Bill Maher

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743293419

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Bill Maher, the hilarious, irreverent star of the hit ABC talk show Politically Incorrect, is one of America's hottest comics. But like many of today's late-night humor kings, Maher began his career navigating New York City's seedy stand-up comedy circuit. He was there back in the Golden Age of comedy, when everybody wanted to be Eddie Murphy, and even the laundromat had its own open-mike night. True Story is Maher's debut novel about the wild and crazy life of the stand-up comedian -- a bawdy, rowdy tell-all report from the front line. Set in New York, circa 1979, in the late-night, neon-lit comedy clubs when the comedy boom was just heating up, True Story features five would-be comics, their shticks, their chicks, their rampant egos. These guys are desperate for celebrity, desperate for money, and -- what else? -- desperate to get laid. Which means they're also required to become "road comics," shacking up in low-rent condos provided by sleazy club owners as the comedy scene spreads to the heartland in the early '80s. The result is a hilariously funny novel about the peculiar world of stand-up, where the ultimate prizes are fame, fortune, and fornication -- and the ultimate aspiration is, quite simply, to be laughed at. Dick, Shit, Fat, Chink, and Buck -- so stage-named for their specialty jokes -- can't begin to fathom the idea of a day job. Hey, they think, it might actually be possible to make a living from comedy! Their crises -- on stage, on the road, and with the ladies -- provide ideal set pieces for Maher's tongue-in-cheek riffs and observations. With perfect-pitch delivery, in classic sardonic style, Maher gives us a bona fide look at these resilient comedians and the scumbag promoters, hostile audiences, and die-hard groupies who make up their warped and twisted world. Only Bill Maher could have written True Story. And lucky for us he did. Because True Story is hilarious. It's offensive. At times it's even touching. So sit back as Maher puts you stageside at the very birth of the comedy boom. You'll laugh in all the right places. Hey, it's a True Story.

True Stories of Old Houston and Houstonians

The bum asked for a ride to town, but as that was almost a capital offense in Mr. Pannell's eyes, Rick wisely refused. Then the bum offered him ten cents to take him to town. Rick was tempted and fell, but he insisted that the bum get ...

Author: Samuel Oliver Young

Publisher: Copano Bay Press

ISBN: 9780982246757

Category: Houston (Tex.)

Page: 292

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This volume compiles 105 stories of Houston's history originally written by Dr. Young for his column in the Houston Chronicle. This is history at its most entertaining. He brings early Houstonians to life, describing their personalities, their admirable traits and their many eccentricities. His stories of boyhood in Houston read like something out of Tom Sawyer. There are also stories of early citizens and their day-to-day lives, of the Civil War and Houston's fighting men, of slaves and former slaves, of rigged elections and reconstruction days. Dr. Young gives vivid descriptions of Houston's many saloons and gambling dens. You'll read about what a mischievous undertaker did with the Yankee dead during a Yellow Fever epidemic, about the superstitions of the day, about ghosts and haunted houses. There are stories of gentlemen and of scoundrels, of hangings and jail breaks. Even a little cross dressing.

Night Moves Pop Music in the Late 70s

... metaphorical—and, for allwe know, actualbums on the Union Jack—and people were getting used to angry posturing. ... turned his attentiontoMyAimIs True, surely among the best two or three debutsinrock's now substantial history.

Author: Don Breithaupt

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781466871380

Category: Music

Page: 240

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The late 1970s brought us an eclectic mix of popular music--everything from big hits (and even bigger hair) to cult favorites, along with the dawn of disco and punk, the coming of corporate rock, the rise of reggae and new wave, and some of the most progressive, inventive songwriting of the century. Whether you cranked up your radio for Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Supertramp, the Bee Gees, Talking Heads, Rickie Lee Jones, or Earth, Wind and Fire, you'll relive those heady days with this compulsively readable, behind-the-scenes account of the "Frampton years," an era when pop became very big business. It's all here, from ABBA to Zevon. Night Moves by Don Breithaupt and Jeff Breithaupt is a feisty, funny volume that will leave pop fans of every stripe feeling Reunited, Afternoon Delight-ed, and Still Crazy After All These Years.

Congressional Record

I do not think there has been , but I know there is a suspicion in the country that the charge is true . ... and discerns keenly the futility of the suggestion that farm labor can be cared for by the bums or saloon loafers .

Author: United States. Congress


ISBN: UCR:31210026472843

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Where the Water Is Cold

The important thing is to keep Bum tied whether the rumor is true or not.” “Why would anyone throw out meat with poison in it?” asked Allison. “I just don't understand that. It makes no sense at all.” “Someone has a female dog in season ...

Author: James E. Ryhal

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9780805972818

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 88

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A collection of stories about life in small-town Western Pennsylvania, told to the author by his father (James W. Ryhal). The stories include the adventures of James W. and his four best friends (as well as his beloved dog).

Children s Books in Print 2007

6.25 ( 978-1-58342-130-7 ( 0 , TE4 ) True Bums : The Romantic Comedy Screenplay . James True Crimes & How They Were Solved . Anita Trucks : Giants of the Highway . Ken Robbins . Illus . by Ken Dramatic Publishing Co. Russell . 1999.



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Real Power

James M. Bums' seminal book called Leadership cites two types of leaders: transactional and transforming. Transactional leadership means one person contacting others to exchange valued things, whether economic, political, ...

Author: Janet O. Hagberg

Publisher: Sheffield Publishing

ISBN: 9781879215719

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 311

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Janet O. Hagberg has written a dynamic book about power -real, personal power- for forward-looking people and organizations who want to harness their own power for the common good. "I wrote this book," says Hagberg, "to transform the way we think about power and leadership. It takes people on a journey beyond achievement and sucess to a stance in which power comes from their inner core and they lead from their souls." There is no doubt that the world is ready for a new model of leadership. In this third edition, Janet Hagberg addresses much that she has learned from her readers. The result is a deepening of the descriptions of each stage, a new way to think about the dark side of each stage, new stories of each stage derived from her readers, a connection to the spirituality expressed at each stage, as well a description of "The Wall" between Stages Four and Five. Throughout the book, the author adds more of her personal story to illustrate her experiences and observations of each of the stages of power.