True Bums

Dick and Cliff CLIFF My next door neighbor's a bum , collects welfare and he don't look like a bum . FRANK He's not a real bum . A true bum never begs ...

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 0916367266

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 124

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Comedy screenplay. Three rich men become railroad hoboes in search of utopia, until the wives find out and the great railroad chase begins. A romantic Christmas story. If you like trains, you (TM)ll love True Bums.

Bums Tums Bingo Wings

Replacing healthy, real foodswith synthetic, lowcalorie powders that contain sweeteners and artificial additivesjust doesn't make sense for longterm results ...

Author: Karl Henry

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444743487

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Does the thought of giving up carbs fill you with a sense of empty longing? Do you laugh out loud at the notion of strutting your stuff in a bikini? Are you tired of trying the latest quick-fix diet only to fall off the wagon and regain weight? Yet you know that you could do with shedding some pounds and shaping up? If you answer yes to any of the above, then Bums Tums and Bingo Wings is the book for you. Specially devised by TV fitness expert and personal trainer Karl Henry, The BTBW Plan motivates you to get off your ass and implement an exercise routine that won't ruin your life - but is guaranteed to produce clear results within four weeks - along with a healthy diet that's delicious and satisfying. So why wait? The new you starts here and now - fitter, more fabulous and finally fitting the clothes you love.


When we were sparechange kids on the streets of Manhattan, this was the real bums viewpoint of the passing by welldressed marks.

Author: Red Jordan Arobateau


ISBN: 9780557495115

Category: Transgender people


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Retro Ball Parks

The Bleacher Bums became synonymous with Cub fans in general . ... Being a true bleacher bum requires one to think him or herself but an accidental member ...

Author: Daniel Rosensweig

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 1572333510

Category: Social Science

Page: 210

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Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore opened in 1992 as an intentional antidote to the modern multiuse athletic stadium. Home to only one sport and featuring accents of classic parks of previous generations. Oriole Park attempted to reconstitute Baltimore's past while serving as a cornerstone of downtown redevelopment. Since the gates opened at Camden yards, more than a dozen other American cities have constructed "new old" major league parks - Cleveland, Detroit, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Houston, Arlington, Texas, and San Diego. In Retro Ball Parks, Daniel Rosenweig explores the cultural and economic role of retro baseball parks and traces the cultural implications of re-creating the old in new urban spaces. According to Rosenweig, the new urban landscape around these retro stadiums often presents a more homogenous culture than the one the new park replaced. Indeed, whole sections of cities have razed in order to build stadiums that cater to clientele eager to enjoy a nostalgic urban experience. This mandate to draw suburban residents and tourists to the heart of downtown, combined with the accompanying gentrification of these newly redeveloped areas, has fundamentally altered historic urban centers. Focusing on Cleveland's Jacobs Field as a case study, Rosenweig explores the political economy surrounding the construction of downtown ball parks, which have emerged as key components of urban entertainment-based development. Blending economic and cultural analysis, he considers the intersection of race and class in these new venues. For example, he shows that African American consumers in the commercial district around Jacobs Field have largely been replaced by symbolic representations of African American culture, such as piped-in rap music and Jackie Robinson replica jerseys. He concludes that the question of authenticity, the question of what it means to simultaneously commemorate and commodify the past in retro ball parks, mirrors larger cultural issues regarding the nature and implications of urban redevelopment and gentrification. Daniel Rosensweig is a professor in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Program at the University of Virginia

Apostasy Devotional A Daily Guide Exposing False Shepherds

THEATRICAL STAGE PLAY s TRUE PIONS TRUE BUMS -A COMEDY SCREENPLAY ISBN - 10 : 0-916367-26-6 ISBN - 13 : 978-0-916367-26-8 118 pp . , 8x11 , $ 12.95 .

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 0916367622

Category: Religion

Page: 168

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This is the first daily devotional published that is specifically dedicated to exposing false Christian pastors operating within the great modern day, end-time apostate church system. Each day of the year a paragraph is given to instill within you Biblical wisdom to help you discern the truth from a lie and to recognize deception within your church. This is the hidden, but now revealed, Biblical knowledge that will set you free from the damning heresies being taught inside modern day church pulpits. Today, more than ever, this book is needed as millions of Christians are being duped by a multitude of dishonest pastors preaching a different gospel that is deceptively somewhat Biblical in nature, but is clearly not Christian! Don't let them deceive you. Get this book before it is too late! 365 paragraphs, 73 illustrations, 160 p.p. 6x9 size perfect bound book.

Professional Target Shooter s Diary Journal

THEATRICA STAGE PLAY TRUE BIONS TRUE BUMS - A COMEDY SCREENPLAY ISBN - 10 : 0-916367-26-6 ISBN - 13 : 978-0-916367-26-8 118 pp . , 8x11 , $ 12.95 .

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 0916367606

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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This combined diary and journal is ideal for recording competitive events andpractice sessions to increase scores and address shooting problems.

True Story

We're like two pervert bums who go to the park in the day and abuse the facilities and corrupt youths.” “Yeah,” Buck countered, “but there's one big ...

Author: Bill Maher

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743293419

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Bill Maher, the hilarious, irreverent star of the hit ABC talk show Politically Incorrect, is one of America's hottest comics. But like many of today's late-night humor kings, Maher began his career navigating New York City's seedy stand-up comedy circuit. He was there back in the Golden Age of comedy, when everybody wanted to be Eddie Murphy, and even the laundromat had its own open-mike night. True Story is Maher's debut novel about the wild and crazy life of the stand-up comedian -- a bawdy, rowdy tell-all report from the front line. Set in New York, circa 1979, in the late-night, neon-lit comedy clubs when the comedy boom was just heating up, True Story features five would-be comics, their shticks, their chicks, their rampant egos. These guys are desperate for celebrity, desperate for money, and -- what else? -- desperate to get laid. Which means they're also required to become "road comics," shacking up in low-rent condos provided by sleazy club owners as the comedy scene spreads to the heartland in the early '80s. The result is a hilariously funny novel about the peculiar world of stand-up, where the ultimate prizes are fame, fortune, and fornication -- and the ultimate aspiration is, quite simply, to be laughed at. Dick, Shit, Fat, Chink, and Buck -- so stage-named for their specialty jokes -- can't begin to fathom the idea of a day job. Hey, they think, it might actually be possible to make a living from comedy! Their crises -- on stage, on the road, and with the ladies -- provide ideal set pieces for Maher's tongue-in-cheek riffs and observations. With perfect-pitch delivery, in classic sardonic style, Maher gives us a bona fide look at these resilient comedians and the scumbag promoters, hostile audiences, and die-hard groupies who make up their warped and twisted world. Only Bill Maher could have written True Story. And lucky for us he did. Because True Story is hilarious. It's offensive. At times it's even touching. So sit back as Maher puts you stageside at the very birth of the comedy boom. You'll laugh in all the right places. Hey, it's a True Story.

The Real 40 Year Old Virgin

“Throw the bums out,” they cry. “Throw all the bums out!” Wait a minute. Don't throw all of the bums out. Throw some of the bums out.

Author: Anthony Tarquinto

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 145002310X

Category: Fiction

Page: 215

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Youve seen the movie. Now read the book! We found one. A real live forty-year-old virgin, in Orange County, California, of all places! So if youve ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a forty-year-old straight male whos never . . . well, you know . . . read on! From politics, to business, to religion, and culture, the Virgin covers it all. But youd better have your homework done because its fast and furious. For more, check out and click on the blog for the latest updates.

The Dharma Bums

she yelled staring at me with big wide sincere eyes trying by crazy telepathy to make me believe that what she was saying was absolutely true.

Author: Jack Kerouac

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141972060

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 819


THE DHARMA BUMS appeared just one year after the author's explosive ON THE ROAD had put the Beat Generation on the literary map and Kerouac on the best-seller list. The same expansiveness, humour and contagious zest for life that sparked the earlier novels sparks this one too, but through a more cohesive story. The books follow two young men engaged in a passionate search for dharma or truth. Their major adventure is the pursuit of the Zen way, which takes them climbing into the high sierras to seek the lesson of solitude. With an Introduction by Kerouac expert, Ann Douglas.

Mae West

Yes, the night manager's story was true. There really was a Diamond ... One recalled, “She didn't want actors to play the part of bums. She hired real bums.

Author: Jill Watts

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190289713

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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"Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" Mae West invited and promptly captured the imagination of generations. Even today, years after her death, the actress and author is still regarded as the pop archetype of sexual wantonness and ribald humor. But who was this saucy starlet, a woman who was controversial enough to be jailed, pursued by film censors and banned from the airwaves for the revolutionary content of her work, and yet would ascend to the status of film legend? Sifting through previously untapped sources, author Jill Watts unravels the enigmatic life of Mae West, tracing her early years spent in the Brooklyn subculture of boxers and underworld figures, and follows her journey through burlesque, vaudeville, Broadway and, finally, Hollywood, where she quickly became one of the big screen's most popular--and colorful--stars. Exploring West's penchant for contradiction and her carefully perpetuated paradoxes, Watts convincingly argues that Mae West borrowed heavily from African American culture, music, dance and humor, creating a subversive voice for herself by which she artfully challenged society and its assumptions regarding race, class and gender. Viewing West as a trickster, Watts demonstrates that by appropriating for her character the black tradition of double-speak and "signifying," West also may have hinted at her own African-American ancestry and the phenomenon of a black woman passing for white. This absolutely fascinating study is the first comprehensive, interpretive account of Mae West's life and work. It reveals a beloved icon as a radically subversive artist consciously creating her own complex image.


Bums. They call them "dragworms" in Austin because they hang out on "the Drag," Guadalupe Street, which separates the University of Texas from the real ...





Page: 72

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From the concert stage to the dressing room, from the recording studio to the digital realm, SPIN surveys the modern musical landscape and the culture around it with authoritative reporting, provocative interviews, and a discerning critical ear. With dynamic photography, bold graphic design, and informed irreverence, the pages of SPIN pulsate with the energy of today's most innovative sounds. Whether covering what's new or what's next, SPIN is your monthly VIP pass to all that rocks.

Stuck Between Two

In my mind something about my life became too good to be true. ... That's where all the real bums and crack heads were and I didn't want me or my child ...

Author: Nakiya S. Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462861113

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 135

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What a life for Naomi Brown who has been dealing with the life struggles and diffi culties of trying to get out of a disrespected relationship with her present boyfriend. Watch as her past relationship somehow interrupts her present. Naomi is stuck mentally between Anthony James (present boyfriend) and Mark Tate (ex) who have truly hurt her. Will she ever chose or stay with either one even though one has proven hes changed?

Do Turtles Really Breathe Out Of Their Bums And Other Crazy Creepy and Cool Animal Facts

We all know it is true though, so let's look at some of the most epic facts about it... Do you think you could you tell the difference between the embryo of ...

Author: Noel Botham

Publisher: Dino Books

ISBN: 9781784181703

Category: Humor

Page: 300

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DID YOU KNOW THAT. . .The SMELLIEST animal on earth can be SMELLED up to HALF A MILE AWAY?DO YOU WANT TO KNOW . . .How much ELECTRICITY is generated by an ADULT ELECTRIC EEL?AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS . . .By telling them about VENOMOUS FROGS and SHRIMPS so LOUD they can SHATTER GLASS!Do Turtles Really Breathe Out Of Their Bums? is the ultimate collection of totally awesome, totally useless animal facts.Ever wanted to know how much electricity an electric eel generates? Want to amaze your friends by telling them all about the world's most venomous frog?No animal is too crazy and no trivia is too trivial for Noel Botham, author of the hugely successful Book of Useless Information.Decorated throughout with eye-catching hand illustrations, this book is packed with the wildest, weirdest, funniest, grossest, fastest, longest, brainiest and best facts about animals!

The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour

TRUE BUMS -A COMEDY SCREENPLAY ISBN-IO: 0-916367-26-6 ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-26-8 1 18 pp., 8x1 1. $12.95. Three movie executives burned out on life escape ...

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 0916367177

Category: Religion

Page: 108

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Self-guided 60 mile automobile and motorcycle tour of Arizona rock formations resembling Biblical scenes near Oatman, Arizona. A new tourist attraction near Laughlin, Nevada. The tour is on Route 66 and entirely accessible by paved roads. A Christian book with Bible verses for each rock formation scene brings the experience close to the heart. There are 105 pages and 60 full-color photographs. No other tourist attraction in the USA has more Biblical rock formations than in Oatman, Arizona.

The Lost Gospel of John

TRUE BUMS - A COMEDY SCREENPLAY ISBN-10: 0-916367-26-6 ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-26-8 118 pp., 8x11, $12.95. Three movie executives burned out on life escape ...

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 9780916367671

Category: Fiction

Page: 305

View: 728


Discover a different, more powerful and entertaining Jesus you never knew existed. Experience strange and unusual parables, incredibly wild miracles, intense wisdom and fabulous sermons that will lift you to heavenly realms. Relive John's eye-witness commentaries never before published until now. Visit the awful bowels of hell and witness Christmas and special festivals Jesus of Galilee commanded his apostles to observe. The Gospel of John in the King James Holy Bible is only 15 pages, but this new Gospel of John is a massive 305 pages! It is packed with intense knowledge every Christian needs to read, especially in this end-time era. The false teachers and religions are exposed. Do you dare learn who they are? As the story goes, this Gospel was found in Jerusalem and it is a great novel guaranteed to keep you fully entertained, turning the pages and yearning for more. The Lost Gospel of John - A New Testament of Jesus of Galilee.

Mozart and Leadbelly

Now, you take bums, sir. To be a true bum, it takes real talent, a genius. He knows man better than the psychologist. More clever than the novelist, ...

Author: Ernest J. Gaines

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307426956

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 192

View: 973


The beloved author of the classic, best-selling novel A Lesson Before Dying shares the inspirations behind his books and his reasons for becoming a writer in this collection of stories and essays. Told in the simple and powerful prose that is a hallmark of his craft, these writings by Ernest J. Gaines faithfully evoke the sorrows and joys of rustic Southern life. From his depiction of his childhood move to California — a move that propelled him to find books that conjured the sights, smells, and locution of his native Louisiana home — to his description of the real-life murder case that gave him the idea for his masterpiece; this wonderful collection is a revelation of both man and writer.

Ultimate Book of Adventure

TRUE OR FALSE? Novelist Jack Kerouac was a paid fire spotter. Washington in months two spent Kerouac1950s,earlythe In True. Bums.

Author: Scott McNeely

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452164250

Category: Travel

Page: 304

View: 419


From tracking gorillas in Uganda to cliff diving in Brazil, surfing a volcano in Nicaragua, or starting a tomato fight in Spain, this action-packed guide is bursting with inspiring ideas for trying the unfamiliar, taking risks, or pursuing a new experience. Containing in-depth descriptions and logistical information for each activity, this handbook also features trivia, survival skill tips, and an adventure kickstart guide. Ranging from death-defying stunts to easy and safe family vacations, Ultimate Book of Adventure has an escapade for everyone and welcomes travel junkies and armchair travelers along for the ride.

Haunted by Shadows

Real bums. Down and outs. They gave him a good perspective on things. No matter how poor he was right now, at least he had his health, his youth and his ...

Author: Brenda George

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514462782

Category: Fiction

Page: 778

View: 857


In 1950, Tony Bettellini is seven years old when his hauntingly beautiful mother, Clothilde, becomes the mistress of a powerful Harlem drug lord, Royston Carter, to escape a life of prostitution on the streets. Tony harbors deep inside him hidden terrors stemming from his early childhood. As the only white boy in a poor Negro gang, Tony experiences the colorful streets of Harlem. However, he despises the enigmatic Royston and runs away at the age of twelve, hanging around Times Square, where he struggles to survive, but develops his passion for acting. In 1967, Tony, a handsome, young Irish-Italian, is outwardly warm, funny and happy-go-lucky. He works in a famous old restaurant in Times Square, which attracts movie and Broadway stars, showgirls and celebrities. Unable to afford decent accommodation, he lives in a slum tenement on the Lower East Side, His best friends are long-haired Sonny Gracia, a Vietnam vet and anti-war activist, who lost a lower leg and his Vietnamese sweetheart while serving in the war, and a cute, feisty, seven-year-old Negro boy, Billy, who is a street child. Tony is having a tumultuous affair with glamorous, international model and heiress, Veronica Idlewilde, when he falls madly in love with a beautiful blond girl from Virginia, Shenandoah Buchanan. Sonny, too, falls hopelessly in love - but with his best friends girl! Terrible things start to happen, which culminate in Tony being arrested for a brutal murder of a drug dealer. In the sensational trial that follows, the ruthless District Attorney for Manhattan, John Sirilli, is pushing for the death penalty ... Set in the 1950s and the radical upheaval of the 1960s, Haunted by Shadows, is another unforgettable epic novel by the author Brenda George!

American Haiku

The Dharma Bums was dedicated to Han Shan, the legendary Medieval Chinese poet.5 ... off by himself and live purely and true to himself” (Dharma Bums 22).

Author: Toru Kiuchi

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498527187

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 364

View: 924


American Haiku: New Readings explores the history and development of haiku by American writers, examining individual writers. In the late nineteenth century, Japanese poetry influenced through translation the French Symbolist poets, from whom British and American Imagist poets, Amy Lowell, Ezra Pound, T. E. Hulme, and John Gould Fletcher, received stimulus. Since the first English-language hokku (haiku) written by Yone Noguchi in 1903, one of the Imagist poet Ezra Pound’s well-known haiku-like poem, “In A Station of the Metro,” published in 1913, is most influential on other Imagist and later American haiku poets. Since the end of World War II many Americans and Canadians tried their hands at writing haiku. Among them, Richard Wright wrote over four thousand haiku in the final eighteen months of his life in exile in France. His Haiku: This Other World, ed. Yoshinobu Hakutani and Robert L. Tener (1998), is a posthumous collection of 817 haiku Wright himself had selected. Jack Kerouac, a well-known American novelist like Richard Wright, also wrote numerous haiku. Kerouac’s Book of Haikus, ed. Regina Weinreich (Penguin, 2003), collects 667 haiku. In recent decades, many other American writers have written haiku: Lenard Moore, Sonia Sanchez, James A. Emanuel, Burnell Lippy, and Cid Corman. Sonia Sanchez has two collections of haiku: Like the Singing Coming off the Drums (Boston: Beacon Press, 1998) and Morning Haiku (Boston: Beacon Press, 2010). James A. Emanuel’s Jazz from the Haiku King (Broadside Press, 1999) is also a unique collection of haiku. Lenard Moore, author of his haiku collections The Open Eye (1985), has been writing and publishing haiku for over 20 years and became the first African American to be elected as President of the Haiku Society of America. Burnell Lippy’s haiku appears in the major American haiku journals, Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku (2013).Cid Corman is well-known not only as a haiku poet but a translator of Japanese ancient and modern haiku poets: Santoka, Walking into the Wind (Cadmus Editions, 1994).