Co trending A Statistical System Analysis of Economic Trends

The co-trending rank is r, if there exist r linearly independent co-trending vectors but there cannot be more. The co-trending rank is the number of linear relations that hold among the deterministic trends of n variables.

Author: M. Hatanaka

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9784431659129

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 115

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In macro-econometrics more attention needs to be paid to the relationships among deterministic trends of different variables, or co-trending, especially when economic growth is of concern. The number of relationships, i.e., the co-trending rank, plays an important role in evaluating the veracity of propositions, particularly relating to the Japanese economic growth in view of the structural changes involved within it. This book demonstrates how to determine the co-trending rank from a given set of time series data for different variables. At the same time, the method determines how many of the co-trending relations also represent cointegrations. This enables us to perform statistical inference on the parameters of relations among the deterministic trends. Co-trending is an important contribution to the fields of econometric methods, macroeconomics, and time series analyses.

Trending Psychology

Dr. Lalit Mohan Narula. Trending Psychology by Dr. L.M. Narula Trending Psychology Copyright © 2020 Dr. L.M. Narula. All rights Front Cover.

Author: Dr. Lalit Mohan Narula

Publisher: Lalit Mohan Narula

ISBN: 9781711504254

Category: Education

Page: 110

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In this thin edition, Dr. Narula describes and illustrates the importance of human psychology. He emphasizes the importance and purpose of dreams, Jung's concept of the structure of the mind, which has evolved over centuries with its fragile, consistent and esoteric components. With spillover topics from Astrology, Health, and Science, this book provides a complete understanding of psychological transcendence.

What s Trending in Canadian Politics

Social media services, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, often provide users with one or multiple lists of topics for discussion or digital material deemed to be “trending.” These trending news items have fast-growing traction ...

Author: Mireille Lalancette

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774861182

Category: Political Science

Page: 340

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What trends are shaping contemporary political communication and behaviour in Canada, and where are they heading? What’s Trending in Canadian Politics? examines political communication and democratic governance in a digital age. Exploring the effects of conventional and emerging political communication practices in Canada, contributors investigate the uses of digital media for political communication, grassroots-driven protest, public behaviour prediction, and relationships between members of civil society and the political establishment. Original and timely, this interdisciplinary volume lays robust theoretical and methodological foundations for the study of transformative trends in Canadian political communication.

Trending Toward Justice

... TRENDING TOWARD #JUSTICE Trending Toward #Justice Also by Kenneth Jost The Harvard Strike. Front Cover.

Author: Kenneth Jost


ISBN: 9780578152431


Page: 350

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In the 21st century United States, law is the continuation of politics by other means, perhaps more so than at any previous time in American history." For the past 25 years, veteran legal affairs journalist Kenneth Jost has had a front-row seat in Washington as legal issues, big and small, came before the U.S. Supreme Court. In this collection of columns over the past decade, Jost examines the working of the Supreme Court and profiles the nine justices of the current, ideologically divided Roberts Court. Jost explores in the columns such issues as the war on terror, racial justice, and gay marriage with insight and dispassion but with the abiding conviction that in the United States the arc of the law trends toward justice. A veteran Supreme Court reporter sheds valuable light on one of our nation's most powerful yet least understood institutions through a collection of insightful, provocative, and historically informed essays. David Lat, managing editor, Above the Law

Trending Topics in Multiple Sclerosis

Alina Gonzalez-Quevedo. IntechCPen Trending Topics in Multiple Sclerosis Edited by Alina González-Quevedo TRENDING TOPICS IN MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Edited by Alina González-Quevedo Trending. Front Cover.

Author: Alina Gonzalez-Quevedo

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789535126560

Category: Medical

Page: 338

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by progressive demyelination and neurodegeneration of the central nervous system (CNS), constituting the most common demyelinating disease of the CNS in humans. Although intensive research over many decades has unveiled many pathophysiological mechanisms in the development of MS, the cause is still unknown. Nevertheless, it does seem clear that genetic susceptibility and environmental factors play crucial roles. Trending Topics in Multiple Sclerosis is a book that provides an insight into some of the main problems currently debated in this area of research, focusing on topics that deal with genetic and environmental risk factors, pathophysiological mechanisms, neurocognitive findings, and neuroprotective strategies.

Rifle Trending Circle

Even though a shot may fall within a particular quadrant that you still have to take into account the quadrant adjacent to its left and right. Even though a shot may fall within a particular quadrant. Rifle Trending Circle • 5 ...

Author: David Trosclair

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480971578

Category: Self-Help

Page: 30

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Rifle Trending Circle By David Trosclair and Adam Harris For a Marine, being able to properly identify a hostile target and remove the threat through fire and close combat is an essential skill. Authors David Trosclair and Adam Harris sat down together and got to talking about how to best fix problems with shooters. As they began to work together more and more, they began to see trends and the Rifle Trending Circle started to take shape. It is designed as a tool to assist new and old shooters to teach and learn how to become proficient in rifle marksmanship.

Delilah Now Trending

Pamela Power. DELILAH NOW TRENDING Pamela Power (`) PENGUIN B00ks Published in 2017 by Penguin Random House South Africa (Pty)

Author: Pamela Power

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

ISBN: 9781485903215

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

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Single mom Delilah is thrilled when her darling daughter Daisy is tipped to become head girl of her prep school. But things don’t turn out quite as expected, and mother and daughter soon need to deal with much more than disappointment when Daisy’s long-time rival, Rosie, is seriously injured. Was it an accident or is someone to blame? Accusations are flung at Delilah’s daughter, both in the school’s corridors and on social media. With the help of her business partner, Henry, and her best friend, Cass, Delilah attempts to clear Daisy’s name. But pressure from the school is mounting and Delilah’s in a state. Did Daisy do it? What other secrets has her daughter been keeping from her? And what kind of mother has she been to Daisy? Featuring a useless ex-husband and a dashing widower who is more than a little interested in Delilah, Pamela Power’s new novel takes a darkly humorous look at school life, a modern-day battleground for parents and pre-teens alike.

Customized Parenting in a Trending World

“Richard and Carrie Blackaby share inspiring truths on parenting our children to thrive in Customized Parenting in a Trending World. In a society in which parents strive to keep up with 'conventional wisdom,' this father and daughter ...

Author: Carrie Blackaby

Publisher: Elevate Publishing

ISBN: 9781937498382

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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Customized Parenting in a Trending World invites parents and their children to recognize that conventional wisdom is not always the best way to go. This book will help you find the courage and creativity to challenge cultural norms and customize your parenting so each of your children can thrive. Father and daughter duo Dr. Richard and Carrie Blackaby offer informative, engaging, and thought-provoking content from both sides of the parenting equation. The pages are filled with humor, inspiration, and encouragement. God takes great delight in creating unique individuals, so why do we teach our children to conform and be complacent?

You re Trending in My Dreams

PENGUIN METRO READS YOU'RE TRENDING IN MY DREAMS Sudeep Nagarkar has authored eight bestselling novels—Few Things Left Unsaid, That's the Way We Met, It Started with a Friend Request, Sorry, You're Not My Type, You're the Password to My ...

Author: Sudeep Nagarkar

Publisher: Random House India

ISBN: 9788184007336

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

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Four friends . . . four lives . . . one decision Four college students, who couldn’t be more different from each other, move into a flat in Mumbai. Varun is sloppy yet lovable, Ahana is gutsy and reckless, Malvika is the group’s selfie queen and Garima is the reserved one. Yet, all four get along like a house on fire. Although each of them is battling personal demons, their commitment to the friendship they build over time binds them. However, things take a turbulent turn when one of the four is caught in a mess. Will they stick together or fall apart? You’re Trending in My Dreams is a true story that will rearm your faith in the magic of love and friendship.


... us overwhelmed Remote Viewing- A phenomenon in which a person becomes physically aware of the happenings at a distant unknown location. The USA army had been using " Remote viewing" as 16 PARAPSYCHOLOGY TRENDING TOWARDS CAUSAL RESEARCH.


Publisher: RED'SHINE Publication. Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788195110025

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 177

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You Can Be the Cream That Rises in a Down Trending Economy


Author: Antoneth L Williams

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462068494

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 56

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Imagine having a rewarding high paying job with advice from a life coach on how to achieve success in your work, relationships and life! You'll get a guidebook and more, from this book. It's replete with knowledge and experience from business and education professionals on how to prepare, be creative, find jobs, and be progressive whether you are a student, professional or specialist. Where to find jobs, how to research, how to interview, how to work hard and smart to be extraordinary, get managers attention are promotion, and how to overcome challenges! You should not leave home without this book!

Trending of Low Level Events and Near Misses to Enhance Safety Performance in Nuclear Power Plants

... Safety Manuals and Practical Radiation Technical Manuals. Security related publications are issued in the IAEA Nuclear Security Series. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN LIBRARIES IAEA-TECDOC-1477 Trending of low level events and near misses to.

Author: International Atomic Energy Agency

Publisher: IAEA

ISBN: UOM:39015069128422

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 73

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This publication contains guidance for maximising the operational safety performance of nuclear power plants through the collection and study of low level safety events and near misses, in order to identify potential safety concerns at an early stage. It sets out examples, methodologies and suggestions to plant operators on how to implement a procedure to detect, select and process such events which can help prevent major incidents from occurring as any latent weaknesses can be identified and corrected.

Modern Fashion Illustration

Modern Fashion Illustration is a how-to book that offers step-by-step the art of fashion illustration, and how to promote it in today's world of social media.

Author: Holly Nichols

Publisher: Centennial Books

ISBN: 1951274547

Category: Design

Page: 192

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Modern Fashion Illustration is a how-to book that offers step-by-step the art of fashion illustration, and how to promote it in today's world of social media. It also includes a collection of whimsical fashion illustrations by the author, featuring illustrations waiting to be colored in by novices and practiced illustrators alike.

Big Data and Social Media Analytics

This edited book provides techniques which address various aspects of big data collection and analysis from social media platforms and beyond.


Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030670443

Category: Big data

Page: 246

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This edited book provides techniques which address various aspects of big data collection and analysis from social media platforms and beyond. It covers efficient compression of large networks, link prediction in hashtag graphs, visual exploration of social media data, identifying motifs in multivariate data, social media surveillance to enhance search and rescue missions, recommenders for collaborative filtering and safe travel plans to high risk destinations, analysis of cyber influence campaigns on YouTube, impact of location on business rating, bibliographical and co-authorship network analysis, and blog data analytics. All these trending topics form a major part of the state of the art in social media and big data analytics. Thus, this edited book may be considered as a valuable source for readers interested in grasping some of the most recent advancements in this high trending domain.

Mojave Desert

GEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF AN ACTIVE MARGAN TRIP 11 1994 G.S.A. CORDILLERAN SECTION GUIDEBOOK trending faults and northwest - trending faults showing a high degree of clockwise rotation ( MacFadden and others 1990b , Ross and others ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822026230128

Category: Geology

Page: 672

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Stratigraphy Sedimentology and Structure of the Goler Formation Paleocene El Paso Mountains California

EAST-NORTHEAST-TRENDING FAULTS Faults that strike roughly parallel to the east-northeast-trending basement ridge of the El Paso Mountains are locally present near the southern side of the Goler outcrop belt. Paired east-trending faults ...

Author: Brett Forrest Cox


ISBN: UCAL:B4171247

Category: Formations (Geology)

Page: 248

View: 723


Trending Careers

Specially written for modern Indian students, their parents and teachers, this book is an informative and insightful guide to career planning As a student of Class 11th and 12th, are you worried about choosing a career that you are sure to ...

Author: Deepti Sharma, Aarti Sharma, Shiv Kumar

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781649518859

Category: Education

Page: 248

View: 168


Specially written for modern Indian students, their parents and teachers, this book is an informative and insightful guide to career planning As a student of Class 11th and 12th, are you worried about choosing a career that you are sure to be successful at? As a parent or teacher, won’t you like to guide your child/student in the right direction? In that case, this is the book for you! While providing everything one needs to know on various career options, this book also empowers students with techniques for preparing for entrance tests at professional colleges, valuable tips and advice to make sure you take the best decisions. You will learn how to introspect, and identify your strengths and weaknesses to choose a successful career. Covering over 110 career options, traditional and unconventional, in Trending Careers, you will find: • Methods to recognize your skills and choose suitable academic subjects in 9th and 11 classes • Information of the best colleges in the country • Various entrance tests, their syllabi and strategy to crack these tests • Futuristic National Education Policy • Examination schemes of CBSE, ICSI, IB, IGSCE and other education boards • Useful Tips for Parents • Professional Colleges for children of Army personnel • National level scholarships • Vocational courses under NSFQ Written by professionals, all of whom have had several years of indelible experience in teaching and working with students of CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and other state educational boards, Trending Careers is a thoroughly researched, up-to-date and important book for every student, parent and teacher who is serious about career planning.