The Changing American Theatre Mainstream and Marginal Past and Present

Shakespearean travesties formed a standard part of nineteenth-century theatre's repertory and were performed by notable actors such as W. T. Mitchell, John Holland, and John Brougham. Titles of these travesties include Much Ado About a ...

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Aquest llibre d'assajos presenta una panoràmica del desenvolupament del teatre nord-americà des de principis del segle XIX fins a l'actualitat. Mostra els canvis que el teatre va reflectir a mesura que creixia el país i es modificava la societat. Amb cada dècada, una expressió més completa de la cultura nord-americana, amb la seva gran varietat, apareixia en obres de teatre, musicals i revistes. Els assajos analitzen els esforços de figures marginals -sobretot dramaturgs i productors no comercials, afro-americans i dones- per dur a terme una ampliació de l'espectre del teatre nord-americà quant a la dramatúrgia, disseny, representació i construcció dramàtica.

Dramas of the Past on the Twentieth Century Stage

Michael Coveney, review of Travesties, by Tom Stoppard, Financial Times, 11 June 1974. Michael Billington, Stoppard: The Playwright (London: Methuen, 1987), 99. This is the argument made by Hayden White, whose work on the philosophy of ...

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This book defines and exemplifies a major genre of modern dramatic writing, termed historiographic metatheatre, in which self-reflexive engagements with the traditions and forms of dramatic art illuminate historical themes and aid in the representation of historical events and, in doing so, formulates a genre. Historiographic metatheatre has been, and remains, a seminal mode of political engagement and ideological critique in the contemporary dramatic canon. Locating its key texts within the traditions of historical drama, self-reflexivity in European theatre, debates in the politics and aesthetics of postmodernism, and currents in contemporary historiography, this book provides a new critical idiom for discussing the major works of the genre and others that utilize its techniques. Feldman studies landmarks in the theatre history of postwar Britain by Weiss, Stoppard, Brenton, Wertenbaker and others, focusing on European revolutionary politics, the historiography of the World Wars and the effects of British colonialism. The playwrights under consideration all use the device of the play-within-the-play to explore constructions of nationhood and of Britishness, in particular. Those plays performed within the framing works are produced in places of exile where, Feldman argues, the marginalized negotiate the terms of national identity through performance.

Tom Stoppard s Stagecraft

42 26 Stoppard , Travesties , p . 26 . 27 Ellmann , p . 744 . 28 Stoppard , Travesties , p . 64 . 29 Ellmann , p . 744 . 30 Stoppard , Travesties , p . 29 . 31 Stoppard , Travesties , p . 91 . 32 Stoppard , Travesties , p . 92 .

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Since the widely acclaimed premiere of "Rosencrantz and" "Guildenstern Are Dead" in 1967, Tom Stoppard has continued to provide an intellectual depth to his works that is uncommon in Broadway or West End theatrical productions. As a capable playwright, Stoppard effectively manages the full range of the elements of theatre to work as integral points in his rhetorical statements. This study presumes that one cannot understand a dramatic composition in isolation from a context of playgoer activity and analyzes the meanings that arise in Stoppard's plays from sets, furnishings, properties, lighting, music, sound effects, vocal delivery, "mise en scene, " actions, movements, gestures, costumes, and dramatic structure."

The Function of Song in Contemporary British Drama

Just as Stoppard in this drama parodies the genres of the detective thriller and musical comedy , this aspect of his coda also parodies the conventional happy end of musical comedy Travesties ( 1974 ) also contains elements of music ...

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This comprehensive study formulates an original theory that dramatic song must be perceived as a separate genre situated between poetry, music, and theater. It focuses on John Arden, Margaretta D'Arcy, Edward Bond, Peter Barnes, John Osborne, Peter Nichols, Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard, Peter Shaffer, and John McGrath.

Multiple Authorship and the Myth of Solitary Genius

2 For the collaborative character of modern play production, where information is much more plentiful, consider the examples of Tom Stoppard's Travesties, first staged in London in the summer of 1974, and William Gibson's Two for the ...

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This is a study of the collaborative creation behind literary works that are usually considered to be written by a single author. Although most theories of interpretation and editing depend on a concept of single authorship, many works are actually developed by more than one author. Stillinger examines case histories from Keats, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Mill, and T.S. Eliot, as well as from American fiction, plays, and films, demonstrating that multiple authorship is a widespread phenomenon. He shows that the reality of how an author produces a work is often more complex than is expressed in the romantic notion of the author as solitary genius. The cumulative evidence revealed in this engaging study indicates that collaboration deserves to be included in any account of authorial achievement.

Tom Stoppard

A number of critics, notably – and hurtfully – his friend and erstwhile mentor Kenneth Tynan, criticised Travesties' frivolity and its portrayal of Joyce as 'the artist for art's sake ... far above the squalid temptations of politics'.

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The key book for all time on Tom Stoppard: the biography of our greatest living playwright, by one of the leading literary biographers in the English-speaking world, a star in her own right, Hermione Lee. With unprecedented access to private papers, diaries, letters, and countless interviews with figures ranging from Felicity Kendal to John Boorman and Trevor Nunn to Steven Spielberg, Hermione Lee builds a metiucously researched portrait of one of our greatest playwrights. Drawing on several years of long, exploratory conversations with Stoppard himself, it tracks his Czech origins and childhood in India to every school and home he's ever lived in, every piece of writing he's ever done, and every play and film he's ever worked on; but in the end this is the story of a complex, elusive and private man, which tells you an enormous amount about him but leaves you, also, with the fascinating mystery of his ultimate unknowability.

The Cambridge Introduction to Tom Stoppard

Travesties: art. in. an. apocalyptic. nutshell. Incidentally, you may or may not have noticed that I got my wires crossed a bit here and there. Travesties (64) Travesties (1974) is an inside-his-head play. Henry Carr is a British World ...

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An engaging overview of one of the most dynamically entertaining and intellectually challenging British playwrights of the past fifty years.