Transforming Texts

This collection of four essays is the result of a humanities symposium presented at Bucknell University in 1987.

Author: Robert Paul Metzger

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838752160

Category: Meaning (Philosophy)

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This collection of four essays is the result of a humanities symposium presented at Bucknell University in 1987. Sponsored in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the collected papers encompass science and the visual arts as well as literature, history, philosophy, and religion. The transformed texts provide a continuity with the past and a revitalization of Western civilization for the future. Because of their durability and sustaining transformative efficacy, the classic texts continue to be of interest and concern in the late twentieth century. The contributors to this volume expand the world we inhabit through their pursuit of elementary or universal truth. They have presented contemplative, insightful overtones of the past in the hopes of increasing awareness of the infinite possibilities of the present. All four papers are rooted in ancient texts whether they be in the Homeric poetry of Ulysses (John Wheatcroft), the Greek myth of Orpheus (Varujan Boghosian), Old Testament archetypes (Robert Jewett and John Lawrence), or the Mayan astronomers of pre-Columbian Mexico (Anthony Aveni).

Transforming Texts

WRITING Nancy Nelson Spivey Carnegie Mellon University Writers construct
meaning when they compose texts , and readers construct meaning when they ...

Author: Nancy Nelson


ISBN: STANFORD:36105033229878

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Textual Transformations

over the reliability and accuracy, and undermining the authority, of published
texts. Baxter's argument in many of ... as much as professional ones. Indeed,
friendship could play a key role in initiating, shaping, and transforming published

Author: Tessa Whitehouse

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198808817


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Early modern books were not stable or settled outputs of the press but dynamic shape-changers, subject to reworking, re-presentation, revision, and reinterpretation. Their history is often the history of multiple, sometimes competing, agencies as their texts were re-packaged, redirected, and transformed in ways that their original authors might hardly recognize. Processes of editing, revision, redaction, selection, abridgement, glossing, disputation, translation, and posthumous publication resulted in a textual elasticity and mobility that could dissolve distinctions between text and paratexts, textuality and intertextuality, manuscript and print, author and reader or editor, such that title and author's name are no longer sufficient pointers to a book's identity or contents. This collection brings together original essays by an international team of eminent scholars in the field of book history that explore these various kinds of textual inconstancy and variability. The essays are alive to the impact of commercial and technological aspects of book production and distribution (discussing, for example, the career of the pre-eminent bookseller John Nourse, the market appeal of abridgements, and the financial incentives to posthumous publication), but their interest is also in the many additional forms of agency that shaped texts and their meanings as books were repurposed to articulate, and respond to, a variety of cultural and individual needs. They engage with early modern religious, political, philosophical, and scholarly trends and debates as they discuss a wide range of genres and kinds of publication including fictional and non-fictional prose, verse miscellanies, abridgements, sermons, religious controversy, and of authors including Lucy Hutchinson, Richard Baxter, John Dryden, Thomas Burnet, John Tillotson, Henry Maundrell, Jonathan Swift, Samuel Richardson, John Wesley, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The result is a richly diverse collection that demonstrates the embeddedness of the book trade in the cultural dynamics of early modernity.

Transforming Texts

1 Why transforming texts is valuable 3 Transforming texts 4 2 Transforming Texts
for Different Audiences and Purposes 9 Introduction 9 How language varies and
changes: selection and combination 9 The functions of language 11 ...

Author: Shaun O'Toole

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134448746

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Transforming Texts: considers why language changes, and how we transform it covers the key factors we need to take into account when transforming texts, including audience, register, mode, historical period, source and genre explores a wide variety of texts from a range of genres and periods, from Macbeth and Sense and Sensibility to Fever Pitch and The Bill offers a step-by-step guide to re-writing text; can be used as both a course text and a revision tool. Written by an experienced teacher, author and AS and A2 examiner, Transforming Texts is an essential resource for all students of AS and A2 level English Language and English Language and Literature.

Transforming Texts

Looking at the revisionary power of language this thesis will turn to examples of adaptation and revision in the work of each poet.

Author: Kay M. Cunningham


ISBN: OCLC:857999409



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This thesis will explore the historical inheritance and use of adaptation and ekphrasis in the poetry of Derek Mahon and Paul Muldoon. Both poets include other texts in their work to perpetuate dialogues on history, aesthetics and poetic form, using images, symbols and formal structures to question what poetry can or should do. Looking at the revisionary power of language this thesis will turn to examples of adaptation and revision in the work of each poet. In the poetry of Mahon, it will show how ekphrasis engages with questions of history and aesthetics through the relationship between visual and verbal forms. The result is a poetry that develops temporal and spatial qualities connected to the poet's sense of self and to his philosophical and intellectual concerns for poetry. In his later collections, ekphrasis contributes to Mahon' s metaphysical landscapes as they resist the symbolic or unified vision of cultural archetypes to focus on the 'harsh realities' of a contemporary world at war. In the poetry of Muldoon, the visual and verbal components of language develop a conscious boundary between the image and the ideological and historical dialogues that surround it. Muldoon develops stories out of objects that establish a dialogue on the formal qualities of language and of the poet's relation to it. His poetry self-consciously engages with the structural and conceptual problems of representation, adapting the ideas of philosophers, writers and poets to develop a poetry that expresses what it cannot state. His resistant form demonstrates a responsibility to both himself and the present time in which he is writing.

Computational Models of Argument

... Transforming Texts to Argument Graphs Mirko LENZ 1, Premtim SAHITAJ,
Sean KALLENBERG, Christopher COORS, ... the automated extraction of
components of argumentative information and their relations from natural
language text.

Author: H. Prakken

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9781643681078

Category: Computers

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The investigation of computational models of argument is a rich and fascinating interdisciplinary research field with two ultimate aims: the theoretical goal of understanding argumentation as a cognitive phenomenon by modeling it in computer programs, and the practical goal of supporting the development of computer-based systems able to engage in argumentation-related activities with human users or among themselves. The biennial International Conferences on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA) provide a dedicated forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest advancements in the field, and cover both basic research and innovative applications. This book presents the proceedings of COMMA 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, COMMA 2020 was held as an online event on the originally scheduled dates of 8 -11 September 2020, organised by the University of Perugia, Italy. The book includes 28 full papers and 13 short papers selected from a total of 78 submissions, the abstracts of 3 invited talks and 13 demonstration abstracts. The interdisciplinary nature of the field is reflected, and contributions cover both theory and practice. Theoretical contributions include new formal models, the study of formal or computational properties of models, designs for implemented systems and experimental research. Practical papers include applications to medicine, law and criminal investigation, chatbots and online product reviews. The argument-mining trend from previous COMMA’s is continued, while an emerging trend this year is the use of argumentation for explainable AI. The book provided an overview of the latest work on computational models of argument, and will be of interest to all those working in the field.

Opening Texts

Engaged with texts in this manner , students do not , at first , perceive themselves
as being in conflict with the original . Chapter 6 , " Imitating and Transforming
Texts , ” looks at the classical uses of imitation writing and suggests ways in
which it ...

Author: Kathleen Dudden Andrasick

Publisher: Boynton/Cook

ISBN: UOM:49015001247379

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Opening Textsis a book for classroom teachers who have been frustrated by their students' inability to respond critically to literature. Without being prescriptive, Kathleen Andrasick offers a flexible model of a collaborative, interactive classroom that can be readily applied to a teacher's particular needs and students. She gives concrete examples of lessons and student work that show ways in which students can engage with literary texts and then distance themselves in order to act critically. She provides both theory and practice based on success with real students in real classroom situations. Opening Textsis not a collection of formulas, but a presentation of the best we know about how readers and writers make meanings. It is written for secondary and college teachers who want a practical model for their classrooms.

Transforming Literature into Scripture

study is that it can only be executed upon texts that have been preserved in more
than one ancient copy. Obviously, for the most reliable statistical results it is
preferable to have texts that exist in as many ancient copies as possible, but ...

Author: Russell Hobson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317544975

Category: Religion

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Transforming Literature into Scripture examines how the early textual traditions of ancient Israel - stories, laws, and rituals - were transformed into sacred writings. By comparing evidence from two key collections from antiquity - the royal library at Nineveh and the biblical manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls - the book traces the stabilisation of textual traditions in the ancient Near East towards fixed literary prototypes. The study presents a new methodology which enables the quantification, categorisation and statistical analysis of texts from different languages, writing systems, and media. The methodology is tested on wide range of text genres from the cuneiform and biblical traditions in order to determine which texts tend towards stabilised forms. Transforming Literature into Scripture reveals how authoritative literary collections metamorphosed into fixed ritualised texts and will be of interest to scholars across Biblical, Judaic and Literary Studies.

Transforming Talk into Text

... was—what they should be able to hear and see among the learners—and
referred to this identified function to judge whether students were demonstrating
the kind of thinking that would support their writing and their study of connected

Author: Thomas M. McCann

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807755884

Category: Education

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Author Thomas McCann invites readers to rethink their approach to teaching writing by capitalizing on students' instinctive desire to talk. Drawing on extensive classroom research, he shows teachers how to craft class discussions that build students' skills of analysis, problem-solving, and argumentation as a means of improving student writing. McCann demonstrates how authentic discussions immerse learners in practices that become important when they write. Chapters feature portraits of teachers at work, including transcripts that reveal patterns of talk across a set of lessons. Interviews with the teachers and samples of student writing afford readers a deeper understanding of process. Students also report on how classroom discussions supported their effort to produce persuasive, argument-driven essays.

Text as Picture

higher or lower degree texts transforming pictures may interpret a picture as a
dynamic reality . While reading , however , a reader ' s frame of reference is the
picture as a static artefact . Thus it is important to differentiate between literary ...

Author: Hans Lund

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: UOM:39015025225163

Category: Art

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This work is arranged in two sections, the first presenting the international debate concerning the theoretical prerequisites for the study of the relation of literary text to pictorial art. The second explicates the author's concept of iconic projection, which is the human disposition to perceive reality as if it were a picture.

Textual Transformations in Children s Literature

This book offers new critical approaches for the study of adaptations, abridgments, translations, parodies, and mash-ups that occur internationally in contemporary children's culture.

Author: Benjamin Lefebvre

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415509718

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 223

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This book offers new critical approaches for the study of adaptations, abridgments, translations, parodies, and mash-ups that occur internationally in contemporary children's culture. It follows recent shifts in adaptation studies that call for a move beyond fidelity criticism, a paradigm that measures the success of an adaptation by the level of fidelity to the "original" text, toward a methodology that considers the adaptation to be always already in conversation with the adapted text. This book visits children's literature and culture in order to consider the generic, pedagogical, and ideological underpinnings that drive both the process and the product. Focusing on novels as well as folktales, films, graphic novels, and anime, the authors consider the challenges inherent in transforming the work of authors such as William Shakespeare, Charles Perrault, L.M. Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and A.A. Milne into new forms that are palatable for later audiences particularly when—for perceived ideological or political reasons—the textual transformation is not only unavoidable but entirely necessary. Contributors consider the challenges inherent in transforming stories and characters from one type of text to another, across genres, languages, and time, offering a range of new models that will inform future scholarship.

Transforming the Medieval World

Author: Franz-Josef Arlinghaus

Publisher: Brepols Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105122414522

Category: History

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When viewed retrospectively, the period between the eleventh and the fifteenth centuries was a phase of European history that was characterized by a radical and fundamental media transformation. Before this time, the vast majority of the population had never encountered the written word in their day-to-day activities. From the beginning of the second millennium, however, texts began to appear in, and influence, almost every sphere of human life. Medieval written texts were subject to revision, copying, embellishments, and deletions; they were read silently and aloud, and they were recited in a variety of contexts. This CD-ROM and book, Transforming the Medieval World, presents these changes dynamically by linking texts and images from this period, and by providing detailed commentaries on each of them. The multimedia environment offered on the CD visualizes these textual transformations and illustrates the adaptability and dynamism of writing and its reception. The uses of writing in this early phase of intensive European literacy are analysed in eleven separate multimedia presentations, which are almost all based on research carried out by the Special Research Unit (SFB) between 1986 and 1999. The CD also contains an anthology of important essays, which provide the user with further reading materials, as well as a general bibliography. The book which accompanies the CD-ROM facilitates the use of the CD itself, and provides the various multimedia presentations in written format. As such, Transforming the Medieval World will be invaluable to both scholars and students interested in medieval literacy.

Francis Bacon s Legacy of Texts

Bacon intended a legacy for his transforming texts and a continuing audience
ready to be transformed . This volume offers such a legacy and , like the 1971
issue on Bacon for the Georgia State University journal Studies in the Literary ...

Author: William A. Sessions

Publisher: Ams PressInc

ISBN: STANFORD:36105038680265

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Thiselton on Hermeneutics

CHAPTER FIVE Speech - Act Theory as One Tool Among Many : “ Transforming
Texts ” ( 1992 ) This is a very short ... upon speechact theory as one major
explanatory tool for transformative texts , other strategies and functions take their
place ...

Author: Anthony C. Thiselton

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754639258

Category: Religion

Page: 827

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Hermeneutics is an interdisciplinary study of how we interpret texts, especially biblical texts, in the light of theories of understanding in philosophy, meaning in literary theory, and of theology. This volume brings together the seminal thought of a leading contemporary pioneer in this field. Thiselton's The Two Horizons was a classic on how horizons of biblical texts engage creatively with the horizons of the modern world. The author's later New Horizons in Hermeneutics explored still more deeply the transforming capacities of biblical texts, while his massive commentary on 1 Corinthians interpreted an epistle. This volume collects many of Anthony Thiselton's more notable writings from some seven books and 70 articles, to which he adds his own re-appraisals of earlier work. It uniquely expounds the thought of a major contemporary British theologian through his own words, and includes his own critical assessments.

The Transforming Word

The first language employing cuneiform was Sumerian , but most texts in the
script are in Akkadian , a language distantly related to Hebrew . Cuneiform was
also used for writing Hittite , a language in Anatolia . Perhaps 1,000,000
cuneiform ...

Author: Mark W. Hamilton

Publisher: Abilene Christian University Press

ISBN: IND:30000124503818

Category: Religion

Page: 1117

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This is the first one-volume Bible commentary edited by ACU faculty. More than 30 contributors from various branches of the Stone-Campbell movement were selected, all of whom hold or are pursuing a doctoral degree in biblical studies. Readers will find a usable introduction to each book and each section without being bogged down by every possible detail. A bibliography will direct those who want to explore topics more in-depth. In illuminating the biblical texts, the authors of this commentary draw on their knowledge of the original languages and a deep awareness of the literary shape and flow of the Bible, the relevant archaeological and textual evidence from the ancient Near East or Greco-Roman worlds, and the history of biblical interpretation, ancient, medieval, and modern. - Publisher.

New Horizons in Hermeneutics

The Theory and Practice of Transforming Biblical Reading Anthony C. Thiselton
... The capacity of readers and texts to transform texts : different notions of
intertextuality All the same , if texts can transform readers , readers can and do
transform ...

Author: Anthony C. Thiselton

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0310217628

Category: Religion

Page: 703

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This book explores the rapidly growing interdisciplinary area of hermeneutics and its significance for biblical studies, combining wide, fundamental, rigorous, and creative theoretical concerns with practical questions about how we read biblical texts.

New Points to Old Texts

It is not merely in being able to transform a situation , as a beast cannot . Even
when this is impossible , we still have power to transform a character . Our
circumstances ... The power of the spirit is , first , in transforming necessity into
freedom .

Author: James Morris Whiton



Category: Congregational churches

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Transforming Classroom Discourse

I decided to focus on literacy events that featured students : bridging popular
cultural texts and academic texts or concepts , discussing canonical or academic
texts or concepts , relating popular cultural texts to their every day lives , and ...

Author: Ernest Davis Morrell


ISBN: UCAL:C3479423


Page: 618

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Transforming the Hermeneutic Context

Texts. With. and. Without. Nietzsche. Eric. Blondel. In the likeness of its subject,
the title of this essay carries a double meaning, in that it offers itself precisely as
something which must be interpreted. Why? Because the title does not possess ...

Author: Gayle L. Ormiston

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791401359

Category: Philosophy

Page: 306

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This book presents contemporary analyses of interpretation by some of the most prominent figures in contemporary philosophy and literary criticism. These essays question and transform traditional statements on the aims, methods, and techniques of interpretation. The essays demonstrate how contemporary discussions of interpretation are necessarily sent back to the hermeneutic tradition. Emphasizing the importance of Friedrich Nietzsche’s influence on the contemporary debates concerning current interpretive practices, this volume traces the differences in interpretive perspectives generated in the writings of Michel Foucault, Eric Blondel, Julia Kristeva, Jacques Derrida, Manfred Frank, Werner Hamacher, and Jean-Luc Nancy. The essays by Foucault, Blondel, Frank, Hamacher, and Nancy appear here for the first time in English.

Transformation of Public Text in Totalitarian System

... in humanistic terminology : discourse , subjectivity , and context . Quantitative
analysis and positivism . There are different reasons for transforming texts and
their grammatical , semantic and semiotic types . The usage of qualitative
analysis ...

Author: Maarja Lõhmus


ISBN: STANFORD:36105111618786

Category: Censorship

Page: 287

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