The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Training Development and Performance Improvement

In the second section, we focus on trainer behaviors that are effective within an e-learning environment. ... By encouraging personal growth and emphasizing development of knowledge rather than diffusion of information, trainers can ...

Author: Kurt Kraiger

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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The latest Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Organizational Psychology uses a psychological perspective, and a uniquely global focus, to review the latest literature and research in the interconnected fields of training, development, and performance appraisal. Maintains a truly global focus on the field with top international contributors exploring research and practice from around the world Offers researchers and professionals essential information for building a talented organization, a critical and challenging task for organizational success in the 21st century Covers a diverse range of topics, including needs analysis, job design, active learning, self-regulation, simulation approaches, 360-degree feedback, and virtual learning environments

Development of a Refined Staff Group Trainer

Staff group trainer : Development of a computer - driven , structured , staff training environment ( ARI Research Report 1718 ) . Alexandria , VA : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences .



ISBN: UVA:X004399529

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"This Staff Group Trainer (SGT) project was a research and development effort sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences in coordination with the Force XXI Training Program. As a follow-on effort to the previous SGT project, the goal was to refine a brigade-level staff training program to more effectively and efficiently coordinate the activities within and between the individual staff sections in the brigade command post. The program was designed to deliver training to newly formed, inexperienced staffs conducting the staff functions that support the military decision-making process within the execution phase of the brigade area defense mission. Program design and development were based upon lessons learned from the previous SGT effort, structured design methodology, instructional systems design techniques, adult learning principles, as well as team and mental model research. The refined training program further demonstrated the capability of structured, computer-driven, collective staff training. It advanced the techniques for development of structured staff training and integration of technology into the training process. The program incorporated innovative features including automated performance measures and structured feedback. This report provides details on the SGT background, design concept, technology development process, training support package development process, formative evaluation techniques, lessons learned, and conclusions."--Stinet.

Follow on Development of Structured Training for the Close Combat Tactical Trainer

Simulation - based mounted brigade training program : history and lessons learned ( ARI Research Report 1689 ) . ... Staff Group Trainer : Development of a computer - driven structured staff training environment .



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"This report describes the work done on the "Structured Training for Units in the Close Combat Tactical Trainer-2" (STRUCCTT-2) Project, a follow-on to the STRUCCTT Project. The purposes of this project were to (a) develop additional exercises for inclusion in the initial training support packages (TSPs) and (b) develop an orientation course TSP and exercises which are necessary to support the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) complete system fielding. This report first summarizes the background (the use of structured simulation-based training in CCTT) and identifies the technical objectives for the project. The development section discusses the processes used to create the TSBs. The formative evaluation section details the project evaluation strategy and method and includes a description of exercise and TSP testing and modification. Following this segment, the lessons learned present issues regarding this project's processes and product development which provide insight and direction for additional developemtn work. The final section of the report contains a discussion of recommendations for future TSP development."--Stinet.

Training and Development Methods

For a traditional instructor-led project, this may include participant and trainer manuals, projection slides, ... During the training development phase, Intulogy produces training materials with two key characteristics: the training ...

Author: Rishipal

Publisher: S. Chand Publishing

ISBN: 9788121936569

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Introduction To Training And Development | Human Resource Development And Career Planning | Training Need Identification | Learning | Strategic Training And Development | Organising The Training Function | Training Programme Design | Training Climate | Training Methodlogy | Training Methodology | Training Methodology | Transfer Of Training | Training Aids | Training Evaluation | Employee Obsolescence And Training | Training Perpectives And Trends

Development and Use of Training Simulators

The Air Force requires that the integration of the training system be spelled out in the Training Development Plan ( TDP ) . The TDP is produced concurrently with the conceptual stages of a new weapon system and updated as necessary ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services. Subcommittee on Tactical Warfare


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The Effective Evaluation of Training and Development in Higher Education

Where: AU = monetary value of the development activity T 2 Duration and number of years of a development ... deviation of performance of the untrained/ developed group in monetary terms C =1 Cost of training/ development per employee It ...

Author: Bob Thackwray

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135364700

Category: Education

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This text puts forward the argument that higher education must develop better and more consistent practices with regards to the evaluation of training and development. Most evaluations are valueless unless they start by clarifying the puropse they are intended to serve, and this usually means clarifying whose puropses are being served. This text provides a guide to best practices and uses examples and case studies from both the UK and abroad to show the benefits that can be gained from using evaluation effectively.

Using Evaluation in Training and Development

E21 Evaluate training and development programmes . E31 Evaluate and develop own practice . Five options are to be taken from a list of 19 , including : B31 Design , test and modify training and development materials .

Author: Leslie Rae

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749428058

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Practical in tone, yet firmly based on sound theoretical foundations, the book clearly shows how evaluation can and should be applied before, during and after training Guidelines are suggested, methods described and practical, tried and tested, resources detailed. Structured to allow trainers to develop evaluation models that are ideally suited to their individual needs, this definitive handbook gives practical advice on all aspects of training evaluation, including knowledge tests and the use of ranking scales; behaviour observation and self-reporting; the use of questionnaires; interim evaluation; the evaluation of open and distance learning programmes; and cost and value effectiveness.

Automated Training Development Systems

... 196 Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), 25, 76, 187-88 Computer-Based Training (CBT): computer aided instruction, 35, 40, ... 79 sources of, 155-62 H Hardware incompatibilities, 135-38 Human Resource Development (HRD), 27 I INDEX INDEX.

Author: Jon William Toigo

Publisher: Yourdon

ISBN: IND:30000009168760

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Training for Development

view the emphasis given in training and development of various levels of people in the organisation , training - development continuum can be presented as depicted in Figure 1.1 : Training Development Manual skills Specific job ...

Author: R.K. Sahu

Publisher: Excel Books India

ISBN: 8174464476


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A comprehensive book from Dr R K Sahu, a passionate Corporate Trainer for all those who have passion for Training.A complete guide for Trainers, HR Professionals & Consultants, Professors of Human Resource Development & Management Students, Training Managers and all individuals who aspire to make a career as a Trainer or in Managing Training Function.A practical treatise covering all facets of Training including:v Managing Training Functionv Training Needs Identificationv Aligning training with organizational goalsv Designing Training Programmev Training Methodologiesv Delivery of Trainingv Measuring Impact of TrainingA masterpiece detailing all finer elements of Training with a practical approach.