Traditions of Writing Research

Schools of research have been formed5 With the rapid development of “writingology,” several influential schools of research on writing have formed in China. The first consists of those who focus on textual analysis, especially on ...


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Traditions of Writing Research €reflects the various styles of work offered at the Writing Research Across Borders conference. This volume, like the conference that it grew out of, will bring new perspectives to the rich dialogue of contemporary research on writing and advance understanding of this complex and important human activity.

International Advances in Writing Research

The authors report research that considers writing in all levels of schooling, in science, in the public sphere, and in the workplace, as well as the relationship among these various places of writing.

Author: Charles Bazerman

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The authors report research that considers writing in all levels of schooling, in science, in the public sphere, and in the workplace, as well as the relationship among these various places of writing. The authors also consider the cultures of writing—among them national cultures, gender cultures, schooling cultures, scientific cultures, and cultures of the workplace.

Translation of Thought to Written Text While Composing

in reading are unaware of the sizable body of existing writing research. First, researchers in different writing traditions use terminology, concepts, and methods often unfamiliar to those in other traditions; or the research in one ...

Author: Michel Fayol

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Translation of cognitive representations into written language is one of the most important processes in writing. This volume provides a long-awaited updated overview of the field. The contributors discuss each of the commonly used research methods for studying translation; theorize about the nature of the cognitive and language representations and cognitive/linguistic transformation mechanisms involved in translation during writing; and make the case that translation is a higher-order executive function that is fundamental to the writing process. The book also reviews the application of research to practice -- that is, the translation of the research findings in education and the work-world for individuals who interact with others using written language to communicate ideas. This volume provides a rich resource for student, theorists, and empirical researchers in cognitive psychology, linguistics, and education; and teachers and clinicians who can use the research in their work.

Teenagers Literacy and School

how individuals acquire and use the skills and abilities required for reading and writing. Within such a tradition there have been many and conflicting positions. One major strand of psychology-based research into reading has been ...

Author: Ken Cruickshank

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This unique and timely book follows the experiences of four Arabic teenagers, their families and their community, focusing on the role of literacy in their daily lives and the differences between home and school. The author looks at the conflict between expectations and practices at school and in the home, arguing that problems are inevitable where class and cultural differences exist. Emerging themes include: how literacy practices in the community are undergoing rapid change due to global developments in technology how the patterns of written and spoken language in English and Arabic in the home are linked with social practices in logical and coherent ways how many of the family practices that differ from school culture and language become marginalised. Built around these insightful case studies yet grounded in theory, this book is of immediate relevance to teachers working in multicultural contexts and students and lecturers in language/literacy or on TESOL courses.


fuTuRe diReCTiOns fOR WRiTing deveLOPmenT ReseaRCh More cross-culture, cross-language research on writing development is needed like the study of developing composing in which 11 countries participated that was featured at a conference ...

Author: Elena L. Grigorenko

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This book captures the diversity and richness of writing as it relates to different forms of abilities, skills, competencies, and expertise. Psychologists, educators, researchers, and practitioners in neighboring areas are interested in exploring how writing develops and in what manner this development can be fostered, but they lack a handy, unified, and comprehensive source of information to satisfy their interest. The goal of this book is to fill this void by reflecting on the phenomenon of writing from a developmental perspective. It contains an integrated set of chapters devoted to issues of writing: how writing develops, how it is and should be taught and how writing paths of development differ across writing genres. Specifically, the book addresses typologies of writing; pathways of the development of writing skills; stages of the development of writing; individual differences in the acquisition of writing skills; writing ability and disability; teaching writing; and the development and demonstration of expertise in writing.

Discourse Analysis

(2010), 'On textual silences, large and small', in C. Bazerman, R. Krut, K. Lundford, S. McLeod, S. Null, P. Rogers and A. Stansell (eds), Traditions of Writing Research. New York: Routledge, pp. 419-31. Hughes, R. and McCarthy, ...

Author: Brian Paltridge

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This is the new edition of Discourse Analysis: An Introduction, an accessible and widely-used introduction to the analysis of discourse. In its 10 chapters the book examines different approaches to discourse, looking at discourse and society, discourse and pragmatics, discourse and genre, discourse and conversation, discourse grammar, corpus-based approaches to discourse and critical discourse analysis. The book includes the following features: -A full companion website, featuring student and lecturer resources -A new chapter on multimodal discourse analysis -Chapter summaries outlining the key areas covered -Updated examples drawn from film, television, the media and everyday life -Explanations of technical terms in each chapter -Discussion tasks and data analysis projects at the end of each chapter -Student exercises and answer keys for each chapter-Suggestions for further reading This engagingly written introduction to discourse analysis is essential for students encountering discourse analysis for the first time, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level. It should be on every reading list.

Understanding and Creating Digital Texts

The write motivation: Using the Internet to engage students in writing across the curriculum. ... Uses of activity theory in written communication research. ... (Eds.), Traditions of writing research (pp. 353–364). New York: Routledge.

Author: Richard Beach, Professor Emeritus of English Education, University of Minnesota

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

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This book provides activities and examples that use technological tools to help students learn how to create digital texts. This book also provides a basis for creating novel classroom activities that encourage students to define purpose and audience, make textual links, collaborate, gain new perspectives, and construct identities through writing. ies.

Teaching Information Literacy and Writing Studies

several articles on Cleveland food and culture by Plain Dealer food critic Joe Crea, who also visited the class and ... I also asked them to conduct library research on those food traditions as secondary material to help them place ...

Author: Grace Veach

Publisher: Purdue University Press

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This volume, edited by Grace Veach, explores leading approaches to foregrounding information literacy in first-year college writing courses. Chapters describe cross-disciplinary efforts underway across higher education, as well as innovative approaches of both writing professors and librarians in the classroom. This seminal work unpacks the disciplinary implications for information literacy and writing studies as they encounter one another in theory and practice, during a time when "fact" or "truth" is less important than fitting a predetermined message. Topics include reading and writing through the lens of information literacy, curriculum design, specific writing tasks, transfer, and assessment.

Research Methods in Creative Writing

One of the key challenges of creative writing research lies in successfully articulating the relationship between the creative work and ... This formulation recognises a range of influences: the traditions they write within and against, ...

Author: Jeri Kroll

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A guide to the modes and methods of Creative Writing research, designed to be invaluable to university staff and students in formulating research ideas, and in selecting appropriate strategies. Creative writing researchers from around the globe offer a selection of models that readers can explore and on which they can build.

A Rhetoric for Writing Program Administrators

... she has published in journals including The Journal of Basic Writing, Pedagogy, Research in the Teaching of ... of the value of European writing research traditions and the depth and breadth of this work on higher education writing.

Author: Rita Malenczyk

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Influenced by Erika Lindemann’s A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, A Rhetoric for Writing Program Administrators delineates the major issues and questions in the field of writing program administration and provides readers new to that field with theoretical lenses through which to view those issues and questions. In brief and direct though not oversimplified chapters, A Rhetoric for Writing Program Administrators explains the historical and theoretical background of such concepts as “academic freedom,” “first-year composition,” “basic writing,” “writing across the curriculum,” “placement,” “ESL,” “general education,” and “transfer. ” Its thirty-nine contributors are seasoned writing program and center administrators who, in a range of voices, map the discipline of writing program administration and guide readers toward finding their own answers to solving problems at their own institutions.

Music and International History in the Twentieth Century

Speaking to the Department of Culture, luthier Włodzimierz Kamin ́ski deployed Polish music's strength of identity as a bait ... to Democracy: Literacy Education and Politics in Poland, 1945–1999,” in Traditions of Writing Research, ed.

Author: Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht

Publisher: Berghahn Books

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Bringing together scholars from the fields of musicology and international history, this book investigates the significance of music to foreign relations, and how it affected the interaction of nations since the late 19th century. For more than a century, both state and non-state actors have sought to employ sound and harmony to influence allies and enemies, resolve conflicts, and export their own culture around the world. This book asks how we can understand music as an instrument of power and influence, and how the cultural encounters fostered by music changes our ideas about international history.

Why Writing Matters

Issues of Access and Identity in Writing Research and Pedagogy Awena Carter, Theresa M. Lillis, Sue Parkin ... talking with the co-researchers about their institutional culture to understand the micro politics of their institutions.

Author: Awena Carter

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This book brings together the work of scholars from around the world – UK, Pakistan, US, South Africa, Hungary, Korea, Mexico – to illustrate and celebrate the many ways in which Roz Ivanic has advanced the academic study of writing. Focusing on writing in different formal contexts of education, from primary through to further and higher education in a range of national contexts, the twenty one original contributions in the book critically engage with theoretical and empirical issues raised in Ivanic's influential body of work. In their exploration of writers' struggles with the demands of dominant literacy the authors significantly extend understandings of writing practices in formal institutions. Organized around three themes central to Ivanic's work – creativity and identity; pedagogy; and research methodologies – the twelve chapters and nine personal and scholarly reflections reveal the powerful ways in which Ivanic's work has influenced thinking in the field of writing and continues to open up avenues for future questioning and research.

Israel s Past in Present Research

(1) The writing down of Old Testament traditions in the form of documents was a late stage in a long process, and the writers of ... Von Rad contributed four perspectives that were to be influential in traditio-historical studies in the ...

Author: V. Philips Long

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9781575065137

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The debate over history, history-writing, and the scientific study of history is reaching an apex in the late twentieth century and shows no signs of abating in the near future. The literature on the topic is prodigious. The time is thus ripe for an anthology of essays of the sort that Professor Long has collected, essays that trace the history of the issues that have fed into the debate. The classic and contemporary essays presented here provide an overview and introduction to the topic, bringing together the most essential of these in a handy compilation. The book is organized in six sections: (1) The State of Old Testament Historiography (2) Ancient Near Eastern Historiography (3) Ancient Israelite Historiography (4) Method in the Study of Ancient Israelite Historiography (5) The Historical Impulse in the Old Testament (6) The Future of Israel’s Past Long’s goal is to provide a context for Israelite history-writing within the milieu of the ancient Near East, expose the methodologies and assumptions of various approaches and perspectives on historiography, and provide access to essays that examine the contribution of the Hebrew Scriptures themselves to the origins of history-writing. The final essay, by Long, points the way to future research and topics that will move the discussion forward into the next millennium. Professor V. Philips Long teaches Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis.

Qualitative Research for Physical Culture

Narrative inquiry: Experience and story in qualitative research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Clifford, J. & Marcus, G. (1986). Writing culture: The poetics and politics of ethnography.

Author: Pirkko Markula

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230230248

Category: Science

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Qualitative Research for Physical Culture is a practical guide to qualitative research methods in the multidisciplinary field of physical culture. This innovative, unique and clearly-written book provides a complete one-stop manual to designing, researching and writing an effective research project. The authors identify the '7 Ps' of research which allows the reader to navigate a clear pathway through the research process. The '7 Ps' are divded into three areas: - Design which examines the Purpose of using qualitiative methods; Paradigms of approach; and the Process of putting together a project - Doing which looks at a range of different methodological Practices and the Politics of Interpretation of such approaches - Dissemination which examines the Presentation of research and the Promise - how to judge the quality of research Exploring interviewing, textual analysis, narrative analysis and field methods such as ethnography, case studies and participatory action research, the text also includes invaluable advice on the writing process and how to critically assess the quality of research, and will be invaluable as a teaching tool or essential reference for experienced and inexperienced researchers alike.

Writing Traditions

Texas A. & M-Writing Programs Office. Research and Writing Selecting Appropriate Sources. n every discipline within an academic organization , what counts as information will change . Research is the development of information according ...

Author: Texas A. & M-Writing Programs Office


ISBN: 0757521495

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The Writing Scholar

We have limited information about the variety of tasks that adult , nonprofessional writers must perform and still less ... into the linguistic organization of reports has taken place within different traditions of writing research .

Author: Walter Nash

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: IND:30000000252100

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There is a popular image of academic writing as obscure, convoluted and replete with jargon. Some academic writers conform to this image, while others transform it. Academic discourse is clearly influenced by many factors, conventions and motives. These essays, by internationally-noted researchers and theorists in the field, bring varied insights to bear on the question of what happens, linguistically and psychologically, when academics set out to report facts, explain phenomena, propound hypotheses, argue, persuade and rebut. The contributors look critically at the assumptions and principles underlying academic writing.

Nature in Literary and Cultural Studies

Familiar traditions of writing about place and setting are now being reexamined from environmental perspectives – for example Medieval European narratives of pilgrimage, Old Irish poetry of place – dinshenshas –, the European pastoral, ...

Author: Catrin Gersdorf

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042020962

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 490

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Nature in Literary and Cultural Studies is a collection of essays written by European and North American scholars who argue that nature and culture can no longer be thought of in oppositional, mutually exclusive terms. They are united in an effort to push the theoretical limits of ecocriticism towards a more rigorous investigation of nature's critical potential as a concept that challenges modern culture's philosophical assumptions, epistemological convictions, aesthetic principles, and ethical imperatives. This volume offers scholars and students of literature, culture, history, philosophy, and linguistics new insights into the ongoing transformation of ecocriticism into an innovative force in international and interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies.

A Synthesis of Research on Second Language Writing in English

In G. Brindley & C. Burrows (Eds.), Studies in immigrant English language assessment, vol. ... Comment on Ann Raimes's “Out of the woods: Emerging traditions in the teaching of writing”: Up the garden path: Second language writing ...

Author: Ilona Leki

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135601539

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'I applaud the authors for this sizeable undertaking, as well as the care exercised in selecting and sequencing topics and subtopics. A major strength and salient feature of this volume is its range: It will serve as a key reference tool for researchers working in L2 composition and in allied fields.' – John Hedgcock, Monterey Institute for International Studies Synthesizing twenty-five years of the most significant and influential findings of published research on second language writing in English, this volume promotes understanding and provides access to research developments in the field. Overall, it distinguishes the major contexts of English L2 learning in North America, synthesizes the research themes, issues, and findings that span these contexts, and interprets the methodological progression and substantive findings of this body of knowledge. Of particular interest is the extensive bibliography, which makes this volume an essential reference tool for libraries and serious writing professionals, both researchers and practitioners, both L1 and L2. This book is designed to allow researchers to become familiar with the most important research on this topic, to promote understanding of pedagogical needs of L2 writing students, and to introduce graduate students to L2 writing research findings.

Discipline Specific Writing

While the ESP tradition grew out of a linguistic approach to genre, it has been common from the beginning for Rhetorical Genre Studies to emphasise a more ethnographic approach. Finally, the Sydney School approach to genre is based ...

Author: John Flowerdew

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781315519005

Category: Education

Page: 218

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Discipline-Specific Writing provides an introduction and guide to the teaching of this topic for students and trainee teachers. This book highlights the importance of discipline-specific writing as a critical area of competence for students, and covers both the theory and practice of teaching this crucial topic. With chapters from practitioners and researchers working across a wide range of contexts around the world, Discipline-Specific Writing: Explores teaching strategies in a variety of specific areas including science and technology, social science and business; Discusses curriculum development, course design and assessment, providing a framework for the reader; Analyses the teaching of language features including grammar and vocabulary for academic writing; Demonstrates the use of genre analysis, annotated bibliographies and corpora as tools for teaching; Provides practical suggestions for use in the classroom, questions for discussion and additional activities with each chapter. Discipline-Specific Writing is key reading for students taking courses in English for Specific Purposes, Applied Linguistics, TESOL, TEFL and CELTA.

Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design

This book explores the philosophical underpinnings, history and key elements of five qualitative inquiry traditions: biography, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography and case study.

Author: John W. Creswell

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: UCSC:32106018402054

Category: Social Science

Page: 403

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This book explores the philosophical underpinnings, history and key elements of five qualitative inquiry traditions: biography, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography and case study. John W Creswell relates research designs to each of the traditions of inquiry and compares each of the research strategies for theoretical frameworks, writing introduction to studies, collecting data, analyzing data, writing the narrative, and employing standards of quality and verifying results. Five journal articles in the appendix offer fascinating reading as well as examples of the five different qualitative designs.