Traditions of Writing Research

The work of writing researchers today crosses many geographic and disciplinary
borders. Researchers who view writing as a complex human activity in Asia,
Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and North America are increasingly ...


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Traditions of Writing Research €reflects the various styles of work offered at the Writing Research Across Borders conference. This volume, like the conference that it grew out of, will bring new perspectives to the rich dialogue of contemporary research on writing and advance understanding of this complex and important human activity.

The Anthropology of Writing

Preface This is a book about the study of writing from a cultural and social
perspective. ... What is referred to Literacy Studies or New Literacy Studies (NLS)
is nowadays a well established tradition of research developed in Britain and
North ...

Author: David Barton

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The studies included in the book examine quotidien acts of writing and their significance in a textually-mediated world.

Past Present and Future Contributions of Cognitive Writing Research to Cognitive Psychology

Moreover, each of these pioneering writing researchers expressed a strong belief
that the future of cognitive writing research will depend on collaboration that
reaches beyond a single discipline, single tradition of research within a discipline
, ...

Author: Virginia Wise Berninger

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This volume tells the story of research on the cognitive processes of writing—from the perspectives of the early pioneers, the contemporary contributors, and visions of the future for the field. Writing processes yield important insights into human cognition, and is increasingly becoming a mainstream topic of investigation in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Technological advances have made it possible to study cognitive writing processes as writing unfolds in real time. This book provides an introduction to these technologies. The first part of the volume provides the historical context for the significance of writing research for contemporary cognitive psychology and honors the pioneers in cognitive and social-cognitive research in this field. The book then explores the rapidly expanding work on the social foundations of cognitive processes in writing and considers not only gender differences but also gender similarities in writing. The third part presents a lifespan view of writing in early and middle childhood, adolescence, higher education, and the world of work. There follows an examination of the relationships of language processes –at the word, sentence, and text levels—to the cognitive processes in writing. Part V covers representative research on the cognitive processes of writing—translation and reviewing and revision—and the working memory mechanisms that support those processes. A review of the current technologies used to study these cognitive processes on-line as they happen in real time is provided. Part VII provides an introduction to the emerging new field of the cognitive neuroscience of writing made possible by the rapidly evolving brain imaging technologies, which are interpretable in reference to paradigms in cognitive psychology of writing. The final section of the book offers visions of the future of writing research from the perspective of contemporary leaders in writing research.

Translation of Thought to Written Text While Composing

in reading are unaware of the sizable body of existing writing research. First,
researchers in different writing traditions use terminology, concepts, and methods
often unfamiliar to those in other traditions; or the research in one writing tradition
is ...

Author: Michel Fayol

Publisher: Psychology Press

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Translation of cognitive representations into written language is one of the most important processes in writing. This volume provides a long-awaited updated overview of the field. The contributors discuss each of the commonly used research methods for studying translation; theorize about the nature of the cognitive and language representations and cognitive/linguistic transformation mechanisms involved in translation during writing; and make the case that translation is a higher-order executive function that is fundamental to the writing process. The book also reviews the application of research to practice -- that is, the translation of the research findings in education and the work-world for individuals who interact with others using written language to communicate ideas. This volume provides a rich resource for student, theorists, and empirical researchers in cognitive psychology, linguistics, and education; and teachers and clinicians who can use the research in their work.

University Writing

Writing in universities around the world is ubiquitous: students write, teachers
write, scholars write — all for a ... a window on to a number of traditions of writing
research and pedagogy, which is an important accomplishment in itself; we
cannot ...

Author: Montserrat Castelló

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University Writing: Selves and Texts in Academic Societies examines new trends in the different theoretical perspectives (cognitive, social and cultural) and derived practices in the activity of writing in higher education. These perspectives are analyzed on the basis of their conceptualization of the object –academic and scientific writing; of the writers—their identities, attitudes and perspectives, be it students, teachers or researchers; and of the derived instructional practices - the ways in which the teaching-learning situations may be organized. The volume samples writing research traditions and perspectives both in Europe and the United States, working on their situated nature and avoiding easy or superficial comparisons in order to enlarge our understanding of common problems and some emerging possibilities. In addition, the volume promotes a dialogue between these perspectives and traditions and, by addressing the identified needs and unsolved questions, bridges gaps and move forward in our knowledge regarding academic writing activities in higher education settings. University Writing: Selves and Texts in Academic Societies is addressed to researchers, advanced students and those academics interested in learning about European and North-American writing research traditions in dialogue and about how to take the individual and social perspectives in writing into account.

Handbook of Writing Research

Children, like adults, write for a range of purposes (Bissex, 1980; Chapman, 1994
, 1995; Dyson, 1999; Graves, 1975; Newkirk, ... studies from this third tradition
ground themselves not in a theoretical frame but in the review of related research

Author: Charles A. MacArthur

Publisher: Guilford Press

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Presents a collection of essays discussing the theories and models of writing research.

A Short History of Writing Instruction

After the 2008 Writing Research Across Borders conference, Charles Bazerman
et al. published Traditions of Writing Research, an edited collection on
quantitative and qualitative composition research from around the world.120 ...

Author: James J. Murphy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136481444

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Short enough to be synoptic, yet long enough to be usefully detailed, A Short History of Writing Instruction is the ideal text for undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in rhetoric and composition. It preserves the legacy of writing instruction from antiquity to contemporary times with a unique focus on the material, educational, and institutional context of the Western rhetorical tradition. Its longitudinal approach enables students to track the recurrence over time of not only specific teaching methods, but also major issues such as social purpose, writing as power, the effect of technologies, the rise of vernaculars, and writing as a force for democratization. The collection is rich in scholarship and critical perspectives, which is made accessible through the robust list of pedagogical tools included, such as the Key Concepts listed at the beginning of each chapter, and the Glossary of Key Terms and Bibliography for Further Study provided at the end of the text. Further additions include increased attention to orthography, or the physical aspects of the writing process, new material on high school instruction, sections on writing in the electronic age, and increased coverage of women rhetoricians and writing instruction of women. A new chapter on writing instruction in Late Medieval Europe was also added to augment coverage of the Middle Ages, fill the gap in students’ knowledge of the period, and present instructional methods that can be easily reproduced in the modern classroom.

Handbook of Writing and Text Production

Based onknowledge fromsuch real-life writing research, writing education
develops contextualized models of goodwriting ... why all the sections
reachbeyond traditional categoriesof writing research, and why every chapter is

Author: Eva-Maria Jakobs

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Writing matters, and so does research into real-life writing. The shift from an industrial to an information society has increased the importance of writing and text production in education, in everyday life and in more and more professions in the fields of economics and politics, science and technology, culture and media. Through writing, we build up organizations and social networks, develop projects, inform colleagues and customers, and generate the basis for decisions. The quality of writing is decisive for social resonance and professional success. This ubiquitous real-life writing is what the present handbook is about. The de Gruyter Handbook of Writing and Text Production brings together and systematizes state-of-the-art research. The volume contains five sections, focussing on (I) the theory and methodology of writing and text production research, as well as on problem-oriented and problem-solving approaches related to (II) authors, (III) modes and media, (IV) genres, and (V) domains of writing and text production. Throughout the 21 chapters, exemplary research projects illustrate the theoretical perspectives from globally relevant research spaces and traditions. Both established and future scholars can benefit from the handbook’s fresh approach to writing in the context of multimodal, multi-semiotic text production.

Qualitative Methods for Health Research

... of interdisciplinary journals , such as Social Science and Medicine and
Qualitative Health Research . The various social science disciplines have their
own traditions of writing , and each journal has its own favoured styles and
approaches .

Author: Judith Green

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 076194771X

Category: Medical

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Using examples from health research projects in a wide range of settings, this book introduces public health, health services research, nursing and health promotion professionals and students to: the key debates in qualitative methodology; issues in designing ethical and feasible projects; the main methods of collecting and analyzing qualitative data; and ways of reading and writing qualitative research.

From the Margin

More than shedding light on social problems, a culture's writers, especially its
early writers, can tell us much about a storytelling ... This essay first establishes
the interaction of oral and written traditions in literary study and then examines
the ...

Author: Anthony Julian Tamburri

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 1557530084

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This anthology, hailed as a significant contribution to American ethnic studies, features the short stories, poems, and plays of more than thirty Italian American artists. Drawing on their individual and collective backgrounds and experience, these writers convey another vision of American fife. A section of critical essays by established scholars in the field, with topics ranging from specific works and authors to broad literary movements and film studies, analyzes the Italian American phenomenon and the role of ethnicity in literature. The extensive bibliography treats creative works, critical essays, and films dealing with the Italian American experience and promises to be an invaluable research tool.

The Researching Teaching and Learning Triangle

A study of reform of undergraduate writing in Norwegian higher education. In:
Bazerman C, Krut R, Lunsford KJ, Null S, Rogers PM, Stansell A (eds) Traditions
of writing research. Routledge/Taylor & Francis, New York, NY Lauvâs P. Handal
G ...

Author: Miguel A. R. B. Castanho

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461405688

Category: Science

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It is impossible not to ask ourselves how to cope with the role and impact of scientific research in teaching and learning. The researching, teaching and learning triangle explores a growing trend among top universities across the world to focus attention on the quality of post-graduate education and the success of the educators, using pioneering examples, ranging from classroom-level initiatives to university-wide projects. This book will be of interest to all scientists, from the budding beginner to the seasoned supervisor.

Research Methods in Creative Writing

One of the key challenges of creative writing research lies in successfully
articulating the relationship between the ... This formulation recognises a range of
influences: the traditions they write within and against, relevant literary, social,
and ...

Author: Jeri Kroll

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137272546

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A guide to the modes and methods of Creative Writing research, designed to be invaluable to university staff and students in formulating research ideas, and in selecting appropriate strategies. Creative writing researchers from around the globe offer a selection of models that readers can explore and on which they can build.

Text and Tradition in Performance and Writing

The results of this research suggest that the distinction between the official
tradition and the popular tradition may be more widely relevant for understanding
the considerable diversity among ancient Judean and Galilean groups and ...

Author: Richard A. Horsley

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630870652

Category: Religion

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Embedded in modern print culture, biblical scholars have been projecting the assumptions and concepts of print culture onto the texts they interpret. In the ancient world from which those texts originate, however, literacy was confined to only a small number of educated scribes. And, as recent research has shown, even the literate scribes learned texts by repeated recitation, while the nonliterate ordinary people had little if any direct contact with written scrolls. The texts that had taken distinctive form, moreover, were embedded in a broader and deeper cultural repertoire cultivated orally in village communities as well as in scribal circles. Only recently have some scholars struggled to appreciate texts that later became "biblical" in their own historical context of oral communication. Exploration of texts in oral performance--whether as scribal teachers' instruction to their proteges or as prophetic speeches of Jesus of Nazareth or as the performance of a whole Gospel story in a community of Jesus-loyalists--requires interpreters to relinquish their print-cultural assumptions. Widening exploration of texts in oral performance in other fields offers exciting new possibilities for allowing those texts to come alive again in their community contexts as they resonated with the cultural tradition in which they were embedded.

Crafting Qualitative Research Working in the Postpositivist Traditions

... conventional dualisms in Western social theory.1 Writing quite independently
and making few references to each others' work, Giddens and Bourdieu have
initiated a tradition of scholarship in which the resolution of many enduring
tensions ...

Author: Pushkala Prasad

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317473688

Category: Business & Economics

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Courses in management research have traditionally focused on quantitative techniques, and no available text adequately covers the many different perspectives within the qualitative model or shows which qualitative techniques work best in different settings. "Crafting Qualitative Research" fills this need. In clear and readable prose, this comprehensive text offers a detailed guide to the rich diversity of qualitative research traditions, with examples and applications specifically designed for the field of management. Each of the book's four main sections includes a descriptive "tree" diagram that lays out the historical origins of that section's traditions. Each chapter is devoted to a specific methodology and includes historical origins and development; techniques and applications; current controversies and emerging issues; and a summary box highlighting that method's utility. With its detailed and easy-to-understand coverage, this will be the text of choice for any instructor who wants to include the qualitative approach in a research methods course, as well as a useful resource for anyone doing research in the post-positivist traditions.

Writing Instruction That Works

The disciplines of science have long-standing traditions of making observations,
experimenting, developing claims ... Traditional writing tasks such as research
papers, notes, and lab reports are central to all good science teaching (Metz, ...

Author: Arthur N. Applebee

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807772072

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Backed by solid research, Writing Instruction That Works answers the following question: What is writing instruction today and what can it be tomorrow? This up-to-date, comprehensive book identifies areas of concern for the ways that writing is being taught in todays secondary schools. The authors offer far-reaching direction for improving writing instruction that assist both student literacy and subject learning. They provide many examples of successful writing practices in each of the four core academic subjects (English, mathematics, science, and social studies/history), along with guidance for meeting the Common Core standards. The text also includes sections on Technology and the Teaching of Writing and English Language Learners.

The High School Student s Guide to Writing a Great Research Paper

Many aspects of modern Pagan religions overlap with Christian traditions and
holidays. This helps add to the allure of these New Age religions and is one of
the many reasons modern urban people are starting to convert to Paganism.

Author: Erika Eby

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781601386045

Category: Education

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Presents a guide to writing a research paper, covering such topics as finding sources, taking research notes, creating an outline, writing the first draft, and completing the final version.

Research on Composition

First is the research on reception and circulation of texts that does not discuss its
production . These generally are termed literacy and reading — by far the most
predominant foci of historical research on writing . Of the several traditions of ...

Author: Peter Smagorinsky

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807746371

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Covering the period between 1984 and 2003, this authoritative sequel picks up where the earlier volumes (Braddock et al., 1963, and Hillocks, 1986), now classics in the field, left off. It features a broader focus that goes beyond the classroom teaching of writing to include teacher research, second-language writing, rhetoric, home and community literacy, workplace literacy, and histories of writing. Each chapter is written by an expert in the area reviewed and covers both conventional written composition and multimodal forms of composition, including drawing, digital forms, and other relevant media. Research on Composition is an invaluable road map of composition research for the next decade, and required reading for anyone teaching or writing about composition today.

Indian Women Writing in English

22 Sharpened Sensibility in An Exiled Woman Novelist : A Study of Bharati
Mukherjee - Smt . M . Nalini In every age a tussle between tradition and
modernity goes on . What is current at a particular period is considered modern ;
whạt has ...

Author: Sathupati Prasanna Sree

Publisher: Sarup & Sons

ISBN: 8176255785

Category: Indic fiction (English)

Page: 217

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Contributed articles presented at a seminar hosted by Andhra University on 20th century women authors from India.

Middle East Garden Traditions

This study has pointed to the major contribution of the production and use of
manure to the agriculture of the region . It has also ... These practices are attested
by written sources of the period and confirmed by archaeological research .

Author: Former Director of Garden and Landscape Studies Michel Conan

Publisher: Dumbarton Oaks

ISBN: 088402329X

Category: Architecture

Page: 363

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This book unites new information and surprising results from the last fifteen years of garden research, at a remove from the clichs of Orientalism. Garden archaeology reveals the economic importance of Judean gardens in Roman times and the visual complexity of gardens created and transformed in Moorish Spain. More contemporary approaches unravel the cultural continuities, variations, and differences between gardens in the Middle East since Roman times and in the Islamic world. Scholars present new sources for studies of gardens in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, the Ottoman world, Judea, Morocco, and Moorish Spain. They explore the interplay of conflicting influences, the cultural reception of gardens in religious and mystical societies, and the political uses of gardens, presenting an unexpected diversity of garden forms in all levels of society.

Feminist Studies

All research involves communicating results in writing, but nevertheless the
writing process is often considered to be external ... many feminist researchers
write in the styles and genres that are common to their respective disciplinary
traditions, ...

Author: Nina Lykke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136978982

Category: Social Science

Page: 258

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In this book, feminist scholar Nina Lykke highlights current issues in feminist theory, epistemology and methodology. Combining introductory overviews with cutting-edge reflections, Lykke focuses on analytical approaches to gendered power differentials intersecting with other processes of social in/exclusion based on race, class, and sexuality. Lykke confronts and contrasts classical stances in feminist epistemology with poststructuralist and postconstructionist feminisms, and also brings bodily materiality into dialogue with theories of the performativity of gender and sex. This thorough and needed analysis of the state of Feminist Studies will be a welcome addition to scholars and students in Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology.